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Dangerous Zoonotic diseases and preventive measurements

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022


Diseases can create the most troublesome chapter in our life. We, humans, get affected by the disease because of various factors.

One of the main roles is being played by animals who cause and transmit the different type of dangerous bacteria, viruses, or pathogens that causes illnesses after getting transmitted into our bodies.

Here this article will discuss dangerous and deadly diseases caused by animals to humans and their severity and impact on lifestyle and human population.

In medical terms, these diseases are called "Zoonotic Diseases".

What is Zoonotic disease?

Word "Zoonotic disease" or plural "Zoonosis" is used to refer to the diseases caused by animals to humans. These diseases are transmitted from pathogen-infected animals to humans.

Like 'rabies' which can affect if someone got bitten by an infected mammal especially a dog. Zoonotic diseases are highly infectious animal-transmitted illnesses that can produce fatal results to humans in most cases.

An infected human can infect other humans or can become the reason for the prevalence of Zoonotic diseases.

Causes of Zoonotic diseases

Zoonotic diseases are caused by Virus-infected animals that live near the human population.

Especially pathogens infected domestic animals are mostly involved in the prevalence of such disease in modern human colonies or in city populations.

Here is the list of animals that are known for transferring or infecting humans with bacteria and viruses that causes Zoonotic diseases:

  • Mosquitos
  • Dogs
  • Pigs
  • Birds
  • Horses and donkeys
  • Chicken
  • Flies
  • Rats or mice
  • Fox
  • Cat
  • Bats
  • Kangaroos
  • Sheep
  • Monkeys
  • Rodents etc.

Humans can also transfer the pathogens to others like close contact relatives or to their domestic animals.

Diseases spread by animals

Here are the 15 most dangerous zoonotic diseases that are causing a great disturbance in human society.

Tips are also mentioned so you can take protection in your life against such pathogen that causes diseases and get transmitted from infected animals:

[su_quote]Almost 1451 pathogens that infect humans are been known by scientists and in these 61 percent of pathogens cause Zoonotic diseases. [/su_quote]

Ebola virus

Ebola virus is a deadly disease caused by infected animals or humans and is mostly prevailed in Africa. It is caused by pathogens or Ebola viruses present in living or dead animals and humans after direct contact with them.

Mostly "Bats" and their species are known as the main agent that transfers the Ebola virus to humans in such areas where the cases are and were recorded in abundance.

Some most common symptoms of the Ebola virus are:

  1. Fever with pain
  2. Weakness because of diseases and loss of interest in foods
  3. Fatigue
  4. Soreness in throat
  5. Vomiting
  6. Diarrhea
  7. Abdominal pain
  8. Abnormal bleeding
  9. Skin Rash
  10. Eyesight or redness issues etc.

To prevent yourself from the Ebola virus, you have to push yourself away from infected animals or humans.

Like, reduce your exposure to bats especially fruit bats are behind the most cases of the Ebola virus.

Do not try to make direct contact with an infected or dead person as you can get infected or may be exposed to the Ebola virus.

Also beware of the people or the area where such dangerous diseases have or had flourished and avoid going there for the sake of your health, life, and for prevention measurements.


Rabies is also a dangerous and deadly disease that causes almost 60000 deaths annually. According to the research and data children or underage people becomes mostly the victim of the Rabies virus.

It is mostly caused by the bite and the saliva of animals like dogs, cats, coyotes, bats, foxes, skunks, and raccoons.

Rabies is a fatal disease and mostly in all cases, it causes death for the infected person.

Here are the symptoms of Rabies that you should not ignore if you observe an animal or a human dealing or suffering from it:

  • Hyper Activity like running or moving here and there abnormally
  • Excessive saliva or its production that looks abnormal by seeing them
  • Insomnia
  • Fear like feelings
  • Paralysis like often for a short or median period
  • Agitation
  • Hallucination
  • Nausea
  • Water and food swallowing difficulty

To prevent your exposure to Rabies, you have to be careful near the animals. Contact your doctor immediately if you got bitten by any animal even that one is healthy and has no sign of any disease.

Avoid getting close to "bats" as their bite and saliva can cause Rabies including other dangerous and fatal Zoonotic diseases.

Also, if you observe an animal behaving abnormally particularly if it is a dog then contact the Experts and Authorities.

If there is no help available and the dog is behaving and showing signs of illness like "excessive saliva production and is trying to bite everyone" then shoot down that animal for the sake of yourself and other people.


Tuberculosis or TB is an infectious disease that mostly affects the lungs. It is caused by the Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria.

A person can affect by Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria through sneezing and the presence of such bacteria in the air. In most cases, Tuberculosis usually does not show the symptoms but the main symptom or sign can be high weight loss.

Tuberculosis can also transfer from animal to human especially Bovine animals biologically known as "bovidea family of animals" species which we humans use as domestic animals for their diet or work-related needs.

Here are some symptoms that can appear as the result of tuberculosis:

  • Pain in the chest area
  • Long term or persistent cough
  • Long term fever
  • High body weight loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Blood with sputum etc.

The prevention from TB includes keeping the distance away from the infected person and with the use of a mask particularly while visiting the hospitals and patients' area.

Also, take care and get proper help of other diseases that increases Tuberculosis risks like Kidney issues, Diabetes, Cancer, Aids, etc.

Swine Influenza

Swine Influenza infection is mostly found in pigs. Although humans are not its primary target, this infection can reach human especially those who mostly lives near pigs can contract its virus.

In the 2009 flu pandemic, almost 700 million people were affected by swine influenza and 150000 to 575000 people were dead because of its complications.

Now, this disease is over as no reasonable case is observed, also World Health Organization (WHO) has declared this disease dead.

Here are the main symptoms of swine influenza:

  • Muscle pain
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Cough
  • Headache
  • Breathing issues
  • Discomfort like feelings
  • Bad feelings of tiredness etc.

The best tip to prevent this is to beware and by keeping the distance away from pigs. Contact a veterinary doctor if your animal is feeling sick or discomfort or showing unusual behavior.


Monkeypox is a virus-induced infection that can prevail from one person or from animal to others. It can occur with close contact with an infected person or with an animal who has its virus.

The monkeypox virus enters through body holes like eyes, mouth, or nose and also from the damaged and injured skin.

Monkeypox is named after "Monkeys" because of its discovery during laboratory experiments on monkeys.

Other animals like dogs, rats, mice, or other rodents and primates can carry its infection.

Here are the symptoms and signs of Monkeypox:

  • Consistent Headaches
  • Fever
  • Back body ache
  • Body chills
  • Exhausted body
  • Muscles aches
  • Swollen body parts like swollen lymph nodes

Avoid direct contact with animals and beware of any abnormality in your wellness and body health system.


Leprosy is an infection due to a bacteria species "Mycobacterium leprae".

This disease can take a long incubation time but symptoms can appear after 1 year. Early diagnosis and treatment can increase the chances to cure it.

[su_quote]Bacteria that cause Leprosy can Multiply themselves inside the infected body consistently for long period.[/su_quote]

This infection mostly affects the skin and nervous system of the body. Eyes and respiratory functionalities can also get damaged because of Leprosy.

The bacteria that cause leprosy in humans, also affect animals.

According to research the leprosy risks from animals to humans are minimal but cannot be ignored because of highly unproven results.


  • Numbness
  • Weakness
  • Joint pain
  • Body Weight loss
  • Eyesight issues or damage
  • Body hair loss
  • Disfiguring skin or abnormal-looking and feel of skin
  • Light-colored or least colored skin with patches
  • Bleeding from the skin due to infection like damage

Bats, cats, monkeys, dogs are considered as those animals which can carry leprosy causing bacteria "Mycobacterium leprae".

Such animals are also responsible for transmitting several other infections and diseases to humans and many of them are explained in this article.

Be consistent in the health checkups and contact immediately for medical support in the case of health-related issues or abnormalities.

Always avoid direct contact with an ill person and with animals.

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)

The human immunodeficiency virus - (HIV) is responsible for AIDS.

This virus-(HIV) affects the OUR body's germs and disease-fighting capability and increases the risks of damage or vulnerabilities to several other infections, diseases, or illnesses.

HIV 1 AND HIV 2 viruses can transfer from human to human and from chimpanzees, monkeys too as research have revealed.

Most infections have the same symptoms so getting a proper medical checkup can help more efficiently to find the real and authentic illness.

Anyhow the symptoms or signs of AIDS or being infected by HIV can include:

  • Mouth ulcer
  • Rash
  • Night sweats
  • Muscles aches
  • Sore throat
  • Fatigue
  • Swollen lymph nodes

Avoid the risky elements and take the prescribed meds if you have tested positive.

Bird flu

Bird flu or Avian flu is a very rare health issue but there were numerous cases in the past especially in the region of Africa, Asia, and some parts of America and Europe. It is caused by an influenza virus which later can be transferred into humans.


Most symptoms are related to swine influenza. You can check the symptoms of swine influenza explained in the header area of the Article.

Prevention measurement can include keeping the distance from ill birds and getting the right treatment on time.

Hepatitis E

Hepatitis E is also considered a zoonotic disease. Scientists have found that deer, mongoose, rabbits, and rats can work as illness transmitting vectors to humans.

Hepatitis E is known as an illness that causes inflammation in the liver. HIV virus is responsible for this disease which kills almost 44000 people yearly.

HIV is a viral infection that can transmit from one person to others in different ways. Here are the symptoms of HIV:

  • Anorexia
  • Nausea
  • Persistent vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Skin rash
  • Body itching
  • Abnormal stool, like pale-colored feces
  • Hepatomegaly (Large, tender liver)

Symptoms can last for 1 to 6 weeks. You have to go for medical help if you consider issues with your health or if you are feeling abnormal and your lungs' functionality and feelings are disturbed.

To reduce the risks, you have to take care of yourself, like drinking clean water and disposing of and keeping distance from waste material particularly human and animal feces which are known as the main way for HIV transmission should be disposed of properly with working methods.

Lyme disease

Lyme disease is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burdorferi and Borrelia mayonii. It is transmitted by an insect bite named "black-legged ticks". Lyme disease can affect your joints, nervous and heart system. Early treatment is needed and laboratory tests also play a crucial role in diagnoses and for the proper medical help.

Symptoms can include fatigue, fever, headache, and skin issues like erythema migrans.

Prevention tips include keeping your place clear from insects, spray and the use of insect repellent material can help a lot in getting riding of black-legged ticks that causes and transmit this illness.

Lyme disease is a zoonotic disease and should be treated on time, properly with needed care. Otherwise, it can affect your body's main functionality like it can disturb the nervous system and your heart.


Glanders which is also known as "farcy" is a zoonotic disease that can cause suffering to humans.

People can get infected with it through the wastes and by the direct connection with the infected animal.

Pfeifferella mallei or Malleomyces mallei causes glanders in animals like horses and donkeys

Symptoms of Glanders include sensitivity to the light, Headache, Muscles Tightness, and Achiness, Fever with extraordinary type feelings and sweetness.

According to NCBI and WHO the only way to prevent this disease prevalence is the "slaughter of infected animal". This technique has worked as in many countries this viral infection has extinct.


It is believed that coronavirus which is medically named SARS-COV-2 has pushed itself from animals like "bats" to humans. Originated from Wuhan China, this virus has created great trouble for humanity.

Normal business and human activities are ceased partially since its outbreak. Trillions of dollars have collapsed from the business market. Even the vaccines discovery is not controlling coronavirus as it was expected. WHO says vaccines are unable to do work properly because people are hesitating to get vaccinated.

According to the Corona estimation database, Billions of people are expected to suffer from the covid-198.

Coronavirus has mild to severe symptoms. Complicated symptoms can lead to death. It mostly affects the patient's lungs capability and can transmit from person to person with the fast viral transmission.


Anthrax is a viral zoonotic disease that affects the herbivores' animals and transmits to humans with a direct or indirect connection with the infected animal. People who spend most of their time with animals remain at high risk to get infected by it.
The bacterium called Bacillus anthracis is behind the cause of Anthrax.

Anthrax is not considered as contagious as very medical history has recorded very few cases related to human transmission.

Proper checkup of animals with the help of veterinary doctors in illness cases is needed. If you have any type of domestic animal then be sure they are in good health condition.

If the animal especially herbivore animals are behaving abnormally then contact the specialist to deal with the issue and to wipe out the risks associated with your health and other people.


Babesiosis is caused by parasites through "ticks" a type of small insect. The risks of this disease can be reduced by eliminating ticks from the nearby area. For more information, you can visit the CDC-related page.

Extra Discussion


Smallpox is considered one of the top deadly diseases that has killed more than 500 million people during its existence on this earth. Now this disease has extinct as Mayo clinic says.

Experts believe that some organization has the smallpox virus as samples that they explain are been kept for research purposes. But many have raised concerns about it as someday its use for biological war has a high probability.

There is no cure for smallpox. Also, no proper treatment is included in the medical data. Smallpox vaccine exists but it comes with too dangerous side effects and is not considered best for use.

Smallpox only spread from human to human. Naturally, it is extinct or wiped out but its samples which are kept for research purposes are still threatening humanity's existence. It is that type of disease that can wipe out humanity if it spread like coronavirus.

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