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Why modern bodybuilders are too big? Know it

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022


Bodybuilding is the sport in which competitors or athletes work for the maximum body muscles' hypertrophy.

A large number of competitions are being held locally and internationally in which competitors show their muscular bodies to Judges and Audiences. The person whose body gets more appraisal wins the title.

People who compete at International bodybuilding competitions are called pro bodybuilders. Men and Women both have their competitions.

Not just at competing levels but bodybuilding is very common in almost every normal culture. There are millions of gyms around the world where hundreds of millions of people regularly do exercises to boost the muscles look.

In most gyms, people do weight lifting which is an exercise form that increases muscles size, shape, and looks.

Almost every bodybuilder uses weight lifting techniques like using a dumbbell, barbell, weight machines, etc. for their bodybuilding exercise needs.

Powerlifting vs Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding and powerlifting are two different things. Powerlifters usually focus on their strength so they can lift the maximum weight.

In a powerlifting competition, the powerlifter has to lift heavyweight as compared to the opponent to win the title.

Whereas bodybuilding focuses on only Muscle hypertrophy or Muscle building. In bodybuilding, bodybuilders lift lightweight as compared to powerlifters, generally in sets form with repetitions. (8-15reps).

In competitions contrary to powerlifters they just show off the body and competitors with the best Muscle hypertrophy wins the Medal.

The biggest bodybuilding Title is “Mr. Olympia”. Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman have won 8 times Mr. Olympia title more than any other bodybuilder.

Most famous bodybuilder

It is Arnold Swarzenegar. He was a very big name in his bodybuilding career. When he was young his body looked was unmatched.

As he has won 7 records Mr. Olympia Titles. Currently, many titles are named before him such as Arnold Classic.

Arnold is a successful actor, businessman, and former Mayor. He is also the richest bodybuilder with approximately 400 million dollars net worth. (1)

Bodybuilding history

The meaning of bodybuilding is to build a body. Humans are doing various exercises that build muscles for thousands of years.

In Egyptian and Greece cultures people use to lift heavy stones just to increase their body muscles, strength, and endurance.

In the Indian subcontinent, people used to lift a big package of heavy soil to increase their muscles and strength.

These old exercise techniques were shunned away when new and modern ones develop their roots as culture develop.

Modern Bodybuilding

Modern bodybuilding form was introduced by Eugen Sandow who was born in Konigsberg Prussia modern “Kaliningrad”.

Eugen Sandow was the first one to showcase his body in front of people in which he was used to his muscles to impress the people and with it, he usually earns his livings.

When he realized that people are liking his work, then he starts promoting his work as a game and start organizing competitions.

He was the first person who organized the first bodybuilding competition named “Great competition” on 14, Sep 1901 at Albert Hall London. With this not only he get fame but he also stands it as a business and earned well with it.

Why modern bodybuilders are too huge

Today Bodybuilders are too huge. Their bodies are enormous. Even they can't handle their own body properly.

When Eugen Sandow starts organizing bodybuilding competitions that time bodybuilders who participate were not too bulky but their bodies were light and their body muscle exposure was more natural as compared to modern ones.

Perhaps just like every sector modern development has also shown the results in the bodybuilding industry.

New varieties in foods and diets and also with shortcuts, bodybuilders are at that stage in which they were never been.

Due to shortcuts, those are mentioned below this industry or sport is receiving negative reviews perhaps due to serious health risks associated with today's bad and illegal techniques to achieve results.

Here are 6 reasons why bodybuilders are too bulky or heavy these days. Know why they are too muscular which usually raise questions:

Too much foods

Large numbers of foods varieties are available in the market. Currently, a million types of foods are available in the market. This situation was not in the past. As in those days people mostly used to consume natural foods.

Today with modern experiments and techniques experts have developed so many foods that people are consuming in large quantity which is why an average person's body weight ratio has risen.

Moreover these days bodybuilding competition demands mostly a huge body with more muscles. That is why bodybuilders usually consume heavy calories to achieve it.

Most bodybuilders eat specific foods with specific plans. Their diet mostly consists of a heavy value of protein, carbs, and fat(less than protein and carbs).

A pro bodybuilder consumes 3000 to 5000 calories per day which are far high if we compare it with a normal person's recommended calories value (2000 calories).

Bodybuilders usually consume protein, fat, and carbs-rich diets. Most eat 6 to 7 times a day. Large calories they consume from their foods.

Even one time of their meal nutritional value can cross the normal person recommended ratio.

Like, take an example of a protein that is recommended to an ordinary person to consume like 1.6g per body weight(kg) from foods or diets.

Bodybuilder one-time meal can cross protein recommended value for a normal person.

Just notice the clip of a Ronnie Coleman diet routine which was published on YouTube, he was seen preparing his one meal in which protein value was more than 100 grams. That was just for his one-time meal and 5 to 6 meals more were on his list to go for. (2)

The calories modern foods provide are heavier as compared to old-age foods.

Moreover, just a few nutrition-based diets are available in the market which was not common in old age.

Most pro bodybuilder doesn’t eat from their own money as many supplements or related companies heavily sponsor them.

They usually get free supplements and endorsements and in the back, they promote these companies' sales.

Just Weight lifting

Weight lifting is the best exercise for muscle hypotrophy.

Powerlifters and bodybuilders both perform these but the techniques used by bodybuilders are quite different as they mostly do repeated weight lifting whereas powerlifters use only too heavy lift for just a few times.

Almost all bodybuilders perform 5 to 6 times per week to get ready for completion.

Moreover most engaged themselves to the gym when they were young.

Like, take the example of Arnold who starts his training at 15 years old, and at 20 he wins his Mr. Universe Title.

Heavy Substance abuse

Bodybuilders are notorious for the heavy usage of synthols, Anabolic steroids, and related substances.

Even though these are banned to compete. But in most competitions, many athletes are using it and a lot of have admitted it and in those famous names are also present.

Bodybuilders usually inject synthols, anabolic steroids just to increase and improve muscle size or look.

These illegal substances work to boost muscle size that is why large numbers of Athletes that compete at a high level are using them.

Modern pro-male bodybuilder is too muscular that if you attach a paper to his back he might not able to remove it on his own.

It is because he might not turn his arms well to the back due to large muscles that can prevent needed arm bends.

Arnold Swarzenegar has also confessed in the past about using steroids and he says most bodybuilders literally remain ready to go for whatever can lead them on top of others. (3)

Not only this but a lot of bodybuilders have died due to steroid abuse as Rich Piana who was famous for his big muscular body died due to a heart issue and his autopsy declares that he died due to abnormal heart size and related issues caused by steroids or other substance abuse. (4) 

Although many natural diet based competitions are also held worldwide but experts say it is steroids, synthols, and other substances that are the big reasons why modern bodybuilders are too huge and bulky. (5)(6)

Too much rest

Rest is crucial for muscle building. That is why bodybuilder takes a lot of rest after the workout.

Many bodybuilders take 12 hours rest, it can be in the offseason to bulk up or during competition training.

As sleep boost muscle size so most prefer to like sleep in the daytime as well. Many take the massage after the workout so their body can relax and can recover from the pain.

In short just for muscle improvement they spent a lot and do many things which can't be healthy to record.


Bodybuilding supplements are playing a serious role.

Many brands are selling their products worldwide and they are earning billions. Not just bodybuilders but normal people like who do some kind of exercises use these products a lot.

Usually, this industry sponsors bodybuilders so they promote their products with their connections.

Protein supplements are famous as these are the most used supplement by bodybuilders. Its main value consists of only protein. It is called whey protein and usually extract from milk with different procedures.

One scoop of whey protein box consists of usually 24-gram protein and a pro bodybuilder can consume dozens of scoops per day.

Not just protein but supplements of creatine, and many other vitamins, minerals that promote muscles growth are also available in the market, and athletes that compete are using them for needed results.

Less cardio

Cardio exercises include walking, jogging, running, or other high-intensity workouts. Cardio exercises are those which are hated by bodybuilders.

As cardio does not help most for muscle building but it reduces muscle size if done daily or with high intensity that is why almost every pro bodybuilder who looks enormous, usually ignores it.

Ignoring cardio exercises is not good as it may cause your heart or related health decline.

Strength and muscles are good to have but bad stamina, endurance, and unhealthy CVD health can lead to many health issues.

Walking is the best they can do for their cardiovascular health as they ignore running or jogging mostly

It is also the main reason why bodybuilders look huge and bulky as they mostly avoid cardio and prefer repeated medium-weight lifting.

Bottom line

Bodybuilding is a good sport but it can be bad if done in improper ways. It is a famous sport that is supporting thousands of athletes.

By implying some strict rules and regulations the bad reviews about bodybuilding can be reduced.

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