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Health benefits of watermelon you may need to know

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022


Watermelon is a tasty sweet fruit. It has more than 1000 varieties. We get it from the flowering plant which belongs to the Cucurbitaceae plant species.

This fruit is rich in many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which can provide many health-related benefits.

It is rich in water like 91% of its content is water that is why you can extract its juice to enjoy its taste in liquid.

Here in this article, you will get a lot of information about its health benefits and much more about it.

Health benefits

Just like other fruits, there are many health benefits linked with this fruit. Here is a list of its benefits:

Blood pressure friendly

Watermelon is effective in lowering blood pressure. It can help to make your arteries functions well by decreasing their stiffness and may also reduce systolic blood pressure. Even obese people can get or lower their BP by eating this fruit. (1)

A six-week study in which 40 peoples participate concludes that watermelon is found as very beneficial that effectively lower the blood pressure in HBP patients. However, this study also says that this fruit does not reduce other cardiac-related big issues. (2)

Watermelon contains “citrulline” and after eating this fruit your body converts it to “Arginine”. Arginine plays important role in widening blood vessels and lowering blood pressure. (3)

Your ankle blood pressure means that reading that you obtained by using the BP checker tool on your ankles.

Brachial blood pressure involves a regular Blood pressure checking method in which you get your reading by covering your arm brachial artery with an apparatus cuff. It is the regular method of checking blood pressure.

A study that compares the watermelon supplements and placebo effects on an aged group of men and women conclude that these fruit supplements are more helpful in reducing blood pressure as compared to placebo. Citrulline and Arginine play a very important role in these beneficial effects. (4)

L-citrulline in watermelon improves the L-arginine functionality in your body. With a healthy combination of these, you may find it useful that can lower your resting blood pressure. Not only this, these watermelon supplements can increase the physical output of adults. (5)

Reduces body weight

The nutritional value of watermelons not only helps you to get healthy blood pressure but these provide beneficial effects in your weight maintenance or loss struggle.

A study on 33 people tries to find the watermelon and cookies effects on their bodies in terms of blood pressure and body fat ratio. Here is what they find...

Peoples who consumed watermelon daily for straight 4 weeks were victorious in losing weight, body fat, and their belt size was also significantly reduced. Whereas peoples who eat cookies see high-fat gain and impaired or high blood pressure as the results. (6)

Watermelon reduces your hunger level and increases your satiety-related feelings which can prevent overeating and can help you to reduce your BMI and also this fruit is useful for your weight management goal.

Good for skin and body hair

Studies say that the antioxidant properties of this fruit not only decrease the risks of many big diseases but also cause improvement in your skin and hair quality. (7)

A study on a small group of men and women found a beneficial link between watermelon juice and skin health.

People who drink blended watermelon juice see a good improvement in skin health. Stable glucose and insulin, satiety, and moisturized skin were the results of drinking its juice. The study concludes that the juice of this healthy fruit improves your skin tissues and decreases the overeating, obesity, and diabetes risks. (8)

L-Arginine and L-Citrulline present in watermelon increase the hair quality of your body.

Cancer enemy

The watermelon color is red mainly due to “lycopene” which is present in many fruits and vegetables. Lycopene plays an important role against several diseases like cardiovascular, cancer, and oxidative stress.

Lycopene, Arginine, and other carotenoids improve your body efficiency, and your body gains power against diseases and illnesses. Watermelon is found as good and healthy food that reduces cancer risks. (9)

An experiment on rats found watermelon supplements very effective in reducing the risks of colon cancer. The nutritional value of this fruit was very effective in reducing the growth of cells and that was the reason how it helps against risks of colon cancer.(10)

A scientific study found that fruits and vegetables that contain dietary lycopene and carotenoids play a significant role in lowering the risks of prostate cancer. With the consumption of fruits and vegetables rich in lycopene and carotenoids, cancer dangers can be reduced study suggests. (11)

Some studies were done to check the association of fruits and vegetables with low dangers of cancer. (12)

Studies on Chinese women found that watermelon and apple were good in reducing breast cancer risks. Vitamins and fibers present in these fruits played an effective role in this regard. Lycopene and carotenoids play a crucial role against cancer. (12)

Anti-inflammatory properties

L- Arginine in this fruit can help you to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress and it helps to lower further damage to your body.

Furthermore, this fruit has a good value of carbs, L-citrulline, lycopene, and arginine which can reduce inflammation that your body might face as a side effect of physical activities.

The anti-inflammatory properties of watermelon not only reduce inflammation and oxidative stress but also cause gain in your body's physical properties. (13)

Citrulline and carbs value in watermelon improves exercise performance but also increases the air availability or oxygen to your body. As an anti-inflammatory fruit, this not only reduces unhealthy factors like oxidative stress but it cause performance gain during your workout. (14)

Many other studies and researches have concluded that diabetes and cardiovascular patients can get benefits by consuming this fruit as it can help them to decrease the disturbance factors like inflammation and oxidative stress. LA-Citrulline and L-Arginine in watermelon plays important role in providing anti-inflammatory effects and many other health benefits. (15) (16)

Good for kidney health

Watermelon is a healthy fruit that provides many health benefits to your body. Your kidney's health can be improved very much by eating this fruit.

Healthy nutrition, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in this fruit help the health and functionality of your intestines, skin tissues, blood pressure, digestive system, and more importantly its reduce your kidney risks. (17)

A high level of BUN and creatine in your body shows that your kidneys' health isn't good and these are receiving damage or they have damaged. The research on kidney patients found a good effect of consuming watermelon on kidney issues.

The research found that eating watermelon frequently lowers the level of BUN and creatine in patients. High consumption of watermelon was associated with improved kidney functionality whereas not eating this fruit produce the results of rising creatine and BUN levels. (18)

Consumption of watermelon can prevent the prevalence of kidney diseases even in the presence of high creatine and BUN value. BUN value means “Blood Urea Nitrogen” value.

Studies and research on rats found that watermelon juice helps these animals against various health issues. With healthy nutrition value, these fruit benefits were shown as kidneys, liver, and brain health improvement in the presence of these illness-related risks and diseases. (19)

You may need to know that about 99 percent of human genes have similarities with rat genes.

Can be good for brain health

Oxidative stress is not good for your brain health. It can cause Parkinson's disease by damaging your brain cells. Excessive radical production due to oxidative stress can cause Huntington and Alzheimer's diseases also. High oxidative stress can affect your central nervous system badly. (20)

L-citrulline and L-Arginine not only provide you with help against cardiovascular diseases but are also beneficial for your brain health.

Watermelon has the good value of these micronutrients and can improve your body's anti-oxidative stress and anti-inflammation properties, both of these oxidative stress and inflammation can cause serious harm to your brain.

Eating this sweet fruit decrease their effects on your body and reduce your health risks further. (21)

Alcohol can cause serious harm to your mental health. Not just mental it can elevate your whole health system if you have a serious habit of drinking. Watermelon juice can act as an alternative to alcohol. Drinking this fruit juice will not only provide you taste but also health benefits.

Natural pure antioxidants like beta carotene, citrulline, vitamin C, are present in this healthy fruit which can reduce brain damage due to oxidative stress and inflammation.

Moreover, it also has lycopene and studies say it is very good for your overall body health as it provides significant help in lowering mortality linked factors like cardiovascular diseases, cancer, oxidative stress, diabetes, and many more. (22)

Good for digestion system

A lot of water and fibers are present in this fruit. Studies say water and fibers play a very important role in improving and in the functionality of the digestive system. This helps your body to digest food and in expelling waste.

Watermelon is rich in water content. It is 91 percent water and can provide you essential value with taste.

You may need to know that less water in your body can decrease the benefits of foods that you eat. In short words, water deprivation affects your digestive health but also overall your body health. (23)

Good for heart

Watermelon is health-friendly food as it prevents many heart-related issues.

Research says that oxidative stress can cause many heart, blood vessel abnormalities and it can lead to cardiovascular issues that may put your health at serious risks. (24)

The nutrients and antioxidant value of watermelon reduce the numbers of free radicals and prevent their imbalance which results reduce many coronary heart diseases. (25)

Moreover, the watermelon seed oil is also found to health-friendly. This oil is found as very effective in lowering blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. High BP and bad cholesterol levels are highly associated with heart diseases. By lowering them you can reduce your heart risks. (26)

Watermelon is rich in many vitamins and minerals also. Potassium, lycopene, citrulline, and arginine are present in this fruit at a reasonable value. Lycopene provides red colors to fruits and it also helps against cancer and many heart diseases like heart attacks. (27)

Against asthma

Studies say some foods can help asthma patient to manage their condition with some foods. Fruits and vegetables like watermelon, ginger, and tomatoes are known as effective in managing chronic asthma symptoms.

Vitamin A and E found in these foods play a crucial role in generating benefits for asthma patients.(27)

As obesity is also a serious contributor to making asthma symptoms worse. Eating watermelon helps you to maintain or in lowering your body weight. Check the subheading of “It lower bodyweight” for more information about how this fruit helps you in weight loss.

Beneficial against diabetes

Diabetes is a serious disease that is causing significant harm to the human population. Large numbers of diseases like heart, kidneys, eyes, and many other issues are linked with diabetes.

Nitric oxide plays an important role in your metabolism and vascular health. Less availability and less excretion of nitric oxide through urine are some signs that are found in type 2 diabetes patients.

Studies say that citrulline present in watermelons plays important role in NO (nitric oxide) synthesis. It also reduces inflammation in patients with diabetes is also associated with many health problems. (28)

Lycopene present in watermelon plays a very important role in improving diabetic patient health. Studies found that it lowers blood glucose levels. Further its effects were shown as an increase in insulin levels in the patient with type 2 diabetes. (29)

Nutrition value

Watermelon is rich in nutrients like it has valuable vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants values. It is 91 percent water which can provide you a sweet taste that you may enjoy as an alternative to water whenever you need it.

Here are the important nutrients of this fruit that provide very beneficial value to your health and body:

152 gram diced watermelon has:

  • 6 kcal energy
  • Water 139 gram
  • Protein 0.9g
  • Carbs 11.5g
  • Sugar 9.4g
  • Sucrose 1.84g
  • Calcium 10.6mg
  • Phosphorus 16mg
  • Magnesium 15mg
  • Potassium 170mg
  • Arginine .09g
  • Vitamin K .15ug
  • Lutein zeaxanthin 12.2ug
  • Vitamin A 865 IU
  • Folate 4.56ug
  • Riboflavin .03mg
  • Vitamin C 12.3mg
  • Citrulline 7.4 to 28.5 mg/g it's value depends on fruit species or color
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