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How to lose body weight naturally fast

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022


Weight loss means the reduction of body weight due to some reasons. Weight loss can happen due to diet, exercise, or some illness.

Losing excess fat from the body with changes in lifestyle, foods, and physical activities is called healthy weight loss.

Keeping a stomach empty for a long period of time also reduces weight but it is not considered a healthy option to lose weight.

Moreover, weight loss due to disease is called health loss, not health gain. Losing extra fat from the body is not hard, only consistent change in lifestyle is required for it.

If you are overweight or obese and need to lose your extra weight then this article is for you. It will provide you with information about how to lose weight. Read this article it will be useful for you. Information from scientific studies and researches is provided here.

Weight loss industry

The weight loss industry is earning billions. The business of selling weight loss products and services is very huge.

Even in the corona situation, this market loses no speed in making money. 2020 was a terrible year for many industries but that year weight loss industry makes $262.9 billion.

Not this according to business experts the market value of this industry will make huge jumps and in 2027 it is expected that the weight loss industry will generate $423.2 billion. (1)

Business in the USA and Europe

In 2018 only in the USA, people spend 1.6 billion USD on weight reduction products. American weight loss industry earns 33 to 55 billion USD in 2018 with services, medicals, and products. (2)

In Europe products and medicines related to weight reduction are selling in huge numbers. In 2019 European weight loss industry generate 1.4 billion USD by selling products and medicines. Commercials are being used extensively to promote the products for fat loss. (2)

The marketing level of the weight loss industry is also on another level. A huge number of celebrities and powerful brands are promoting weight-loss products and services. Millions of people are doing jobs in this industry and they are earning well. (3)

Natural ways to lose weight

Natural weight loss is the most healthy and the best way to lose weight. You don't need to spend heavy money on products to lower weight.

To lose weight naturally you need consistency with a change in lifestyle and diet.

Here are some natural ways to lose weight:

Avoid strict dieting

Many people believe dieting can help to lose fat from the body but it is not true in most cases. During dieting, people add strict rules to their eating routine. They mostly eat less or special diets that promote weight loss.

Keeping your stomach empty for a long period of time is not good for your health. Dieting indeed helps in shedding body weight but only during the dieting period.

It is possible for you to gain more than your starting weight after stopping dieting.

Strict dieting usually puts the person in starvation mode. Due to dieting metabolism of the body slows down and moreover, starvation due to it leads to muscle loss. Both muscle loss and slow metabolism can lead to unhealthy weight gain. (4)

Studies on body weight have shown that a strict diet plan can increase the risks of weight gain. A review of many studies concluded that a strict dieting habit can increase the risks of weight gain even in those people who have normal BMI. More than every food has its own specific nutrition value. (5)

Different types of essential nutrition are present in different foods. These nutrients improve health and protect the body against many health problems. With dieting, you may not get these nutrients for health benefits.

The healthy option of dieting is to avoid processed foods, These foods have little or no health effects. Like carbonated drinks, cola, sugar-rich juices, etc.

Avoid refined carbs or processed foods

If you like dieting then try it against refined carb foods and then it will be better for you. Refined carbs are produced by using high processing methods. Refined or processed foods often contain less healthy nutrients.

Processing methods separate the health-friendly nutrients from the food source. Most refined foods contain a high value of sugar. These are high in empty calories and most of these calories come from unhealthy added sugar.

Popular refined carbohydrates-rich foods like pasta and white floor have no or very less value of fiber.

Fiber is a very essential and health-friendly nutrient. These nutrients promote weight loss and help the person to control the overeating habit.

A high quantity of processed foods in your diet can prevent you from getting benefits from fiber and other healthy nutrients like protein, potassium, whole carbs, and many more. Some of these nutrients also help the body against weight gain. Protein also promotes weight loss.

Natural foods contain a very high value of protein as compared to processed foods.

The bad effects of the consumption of refined foods are proved in many scientific studies and researches.

Many studies have concluded that the consumption of processed foods has a strong link with obesity. These foods consumption can increase blood sugar levels. A high glucose level in the body increases hunger due to which a person eats a high quantity of food. (6)

Moreover refined or processed carbs-rich foods consumption not only leads to weight gain but also increases the risks of type 2 diabetes. (6)

It does not mean you need to avoid those foods completely but you need to eat in limit.

Eating them a few times a week and preferring natural foods over them is best for you. Whole foods or carbs will also help you to maintain or to get normal weight.

Do exercise daily

Exercise is one of the most effective and health-friendly ways to lose weight. Exercise means physical activity in which a person burns calories.

Brisk walking, jogging, running, weight lifting, and some exercises that can help you to lose weight. Workouts during exercise burn huge numbers of calories. It is very necessary to burn the calories that you get from foods.

Our body uses some calories for inner bodily functions and for daily routine activities.

Heavy calorie consumption and less usage of calories can lead to excess fat or weight gain.

Exercise not only helps in losing those calories but also improves muscle mass. Our body's muscles burn more calories as compared to fat tissues. Muscles not only burn calories during exercise but they also burn huge numbers of calories during rest or sleep time.

If you want to lose weight then consider starting a workout plan. A combination of cardio and weight lifting can contribute a lot to your effort for weight loss and their effectiveness is proved in many scientific studies and researches.

Many studies and reviews of researchers have concluded that aerobic exercise like brisk walking, jogging, and running can help the body to get rid of bad fat.

High-fat tissues around the organs can lead to serious health damage and above mentioned aerobic exercise are the best and easy way to lose these fatty tissues. (7)

A combination of weight lifting with aerobic exercises can boost more weight loss.

Weight lifting is the top form of exercise that improves muscle mass. The muscular body burns huge numbers of calories as compared to the fat body. Weight training increases muscularity and boosts the metabolism of the body which in results ignite weight loss and many scientific studies have concluded this. (5)(4)

Don't eat too much carbs

Carbs provide energy to the body.

Our body uses this energy to perform daily tasks. Carbs are essential nutrients that also have many benefits. But their high consumption can be risky. As they are high in calories. Not burning enough calories can lead to weight gain. Too much carbs consumption will put a heavy amount of calories in your body and for their useful impact, you need to burn them.

Less usage of these calories will add them in your body as fat tissues which will increase your body weight.

Moreover, too many carbs in the diet can increase the risks of diabetes. It is because their heavy consumption increases the glucose levels. Experts have recommended the limitation of carbs to deal with diabetes. (8)

Some studies have shown that carbs limitation can be useful for weight loss. Eating fewer carbs not only helps the fight against diabetes but also reduces weight. (9)

Drink green tea

Tea is the second most drinking beverage in the world. There are many types of teas. One of the famous types of tea is green tea. Green tea has many health-related benefits.

Drinking green tea daily can also lead to weight loss. yes, it is true. Green tea boosts metabolism. Healthy and high metabolism are effective for weight loss.

A person with a high metabolism can burn more calories as compared to a person with low metabolism. Flavonoids and caffeine in the tea increase metabolism.

Green tea also increases fat oxidation and helps the body to maintain healthy insulin levels.

Moreover, it also contains EGCG and catechins as antioxidants. Caffeine in green tea keeps the person active. An active person with good metabolism can lose high numbers of calories as compared to a non-active person. Studies have shown that catechins and EGCG in green tea boost fat loss during the workout and even at rest. (10)

Drink 2 to 3 cups of green tea for benefits.

Drink required water

Water keeps the body hydrated. It is also present in foods. Water prevents overeating.

Overeating habits contribute a lot to weight gain. Studies have shown that water has appetite suppression effects. Drinking water before a meal can boost fat loss.

A study in which 50 overweight women participate concluded that water before meals can increase fat loss and it can help to decrease BMI. (11)

Water also removes unnecessary waste from the body. Drinking enough water can help the body in getting rid of these toxic wastes. Removal of these will result in weight loss.

Moreover, some scientific researches have shown that water increases calories burn. Like a study in 2014 on a group of people who drink 500 milliliters 3 °C. (cold) and 22°C (room) temperature water shows that ingestion of cold and hot temperature water can lead to high energy expenditure.

The study concluded that water not only increases energy expenditure but it also reduces the heart rate and workload on the heart. (12)

How much water should you drink

Limit your sugar intake

Sugar contains high calories and their high consumption can lead to weight gain and obesity. Less sugar in your diet can help you to lose weight. Added sugar works more in making the person overweight.

This sugar is added during the processing and packaging of foods. Natural sugar is best as compared to added sugar because natural foods also contain other necessary nutrients and most processed foods have very few healthy ingredients.

Scientific researches and studies have suggested people to limit the sugar intake as their high consumption can lead to weight gain.

Replacing sugar with low calories sweeteners can help you to lose weight. Like some studies have concluded that replacing sugar from foods with low calories sweeteners can help the person to lose weight.

Moreover, the long-term consumption of these sweeteners instead of sugar also helps to maintain body weight. (13)

According to experts weight gain due to eating sugar is all due to its high calories. Sugar itself is not associated with weight gain. High consumption of sugar-rich foods increases body weight.

According to some scientific studies too many calories from the food cause weight, obesity, and diabetes. Expert suggested the people limit the consumption of added sugar. High consumption of added sugar provides no health benefits, only nutrition they provide is fewer calories, and risks of weight gain and diabetes. (14)

Take proper sleep

You will see the weight loss journey as a very hard task if your daily routine habits are not health-friendly. Proper sleep reduces the risks of weight gain and diseases. A high number of the population takes less sleep than recommended sleep time. Studies have shown that people who sleep less have high numbers in Body Mass Index (BMI). (15)

Lack of sleep can lead to weight gain and well sleeping time can boost weight loss.

Eat 3 hours before sleeping and 7 to 9 hours sleep per night is recommended.

The relation between sleep time and body weight is highly investigated by science.

According to some laboratory researches and studies lack of sleep increases the ghrelin hormone in the body. Ghrelin is responsible for producing hunger effects and the high value of this hormone can increase hunger which can lead to overeating and weight gain. (16)

Sleep deprivation can lead to obesity in children and adults. Results of scientific researches have recommended the people to take required sleep for weight loss and other health benefits.

Avoid soda and carbonated drinks.

Avoid these drinks completely. They only have few benefits and their big sale advantage is their taste.

As compared to other liquids taste of carbonated drinks is far better. But their health benefits are far lower as compared to natural food juices. According to research, soda is the worst beverage and its consumption is strongly linked with the high chances of obesity. (1)

These liquids are full of tasty sugars which contain high calories that can make you overweight or obese. Consumption of soda and carbonated related drinks are not good for health. As it can lead to obesity and other health issues.

Eat protein-rich foods

Protein is a very necessary micronutrient for our body. It improves muscle mass which burns more calories than fat tissues.

Moreover, it helps in controlling overeat habits by reducing the appetite. It boosts the metabolism. High metabolism burns more calories and helps the weight loss journey.

Protein, rich diets are very helpful for weight loss. Its consumption increases satiety hormones and reduces the hunger hormones like ghrelin.

Less value of ghrelin hormones in the body reduces appetite.

Low ghrelin in the body increases the satiety effects and prevents overeating. Moreover, protein improves muscularity and burns heavy calories even at rest positions. That is why protein is very effective for weight loss because it prevents overeating by increasing satiety.

Healthy protein-rich foods:

  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Steam Chicken
  • Milk
  • Greek yogurt...

Drink coffee

Drinking coffee can also help you to lose extra weight from the body. It contains essential nutrients and antioxidants like potassium, magnesium, and niacin that promote good digestive health.

These nutrients also improve heart health and muscular functionality. A healthy heart and good muscle function can help you to perform well in workouts that may burn high calories.

Additionally, coffee is also rich in caffeine which improves the focus of the person and also boosts the metabolism, which is also very important for weight loss.

A systematic review and meta-analysis of several studies concluded that drinking coffee can lead to overall bodyweight reduction, low BMI, and loss of excess fat. (4)

Eat fiber-rich foods

By eating fiber-rich foods you can lose weight. Fibers digest slowly which result prevent overeating and increases satiety. Get fibers from natural foods as natural fibers produce fast and effective results in weight loss.

Apple, green beans, potatoes, chickpeas, pumpkin, and strawberries are some natural food sources of fiber.

Eat vegetables and fruits

Eat fruits and vegetables which also promote weight loss. These foods contain good values of fiber which promotes weight loss.

Moreover, vegetables and fruits contain fewer calories which can also help you to reduce body weight. A combination of vegetables and fruits with other healthy foods can provide you enough benefits that can work well for your goal of healthy body weight.

Add spices to your food

Herbs or spices in your foods can be beneficial for bodyweight reduction. Spices like coriander, turmeric, cinnamon, cayenne, black pepper can boost your metabolism and these also can flush the harmful impurities out of the body.

Always check nutrition value of foods

Always check the nutrition value of foods before buying them. Most foods contain nutrition labels on the packets. By doing this you will know the value of food and that will help in your weight loss journey.

Here is what you need to check on the labels of foods:

  • Check calories
  • Check its weight or serving size
  • Check how much protein it has
  • Check how much fat it contains
  • Check carbohydrates value
  • Check sodium value
  • Check sugar
  • Check how much fiber it has

Use health-related tools

There are many health-related tools available on the internet that may provide some help for weight loss.

With those tools you can measure your BMI, can check how many calories you have eaten or burn and much more. Here are some useful health-related tools:

  1. BMI checker
  2. Calories burn calculator
  3. Calories intake calculator
  4. Ideal weight calculator

Control your overeating habit

Overeating can make you heavy so to lose weight you need to control binge eating or overeating. It makes the person eat a lot of calories. If not burned well these calories will take a place in the body as extra fat which can cause weight gain.

If you overeat frequently then control this habit. Here are some tips to control overeating:

  • Eat fiber-rich foods
  • Eat protein foods
  • Drink water before a meal
  • Use small plates
  • A weird but effective way to stop overeating is by consuming tasteless foods

Don't skip your meal

Skipping meals is not a productive method to lose weight rather it leads to various problems such as overeating etc.

You should eat balanced and healthy foods in order to run your metabolism smoothly. It is not vital to eat food by the clock, but eating food at regular intervals causes your body to get hungry at a specific time, so it'd be helpful in making you regular and punctual.

Overeating occurs when food is skipped, so you should eat food at regular intervals and eat when your stomach is empty and you're hungry. Some studies have also concluded that skipping meals can lead to weight gain.

Eat junk or fried food in a limit

Avoid frequent consumption of junk and fried foods. If you want to see a good change in your body weight then you must need to eat these foods within the limit. Junk or fried foods contain a heavy value of calories.

Trans-fat is also present in those foods. Moreover, several types of research and studies have also proved the link between fried foods and obesity.

A study on 9850 people for 6 .1 years concluded that high consumption of fried or junk food is strongly linked with the high chances of obesity.

It does not mean that you need to avoid these foods completely but you just need to make some limits. Like if you like their taste then try to eat them once a week only in normal quantity.

Monitor your weight

It will be very good for you if you keep an eye on your body weight numbers. Monitoring the body's weight during the weight loss journey can be very helpful and effective.

By doing this you will keep aware of the changes in your weight, which will help you to find its causes. Scientific study has concluded that weight monitoring is very effective for losing weight and this practice helps in weight management.

Manage stress

Manage your stress well otherwise it can cause weight gain or obesity. To lose weight you need to control your stress.

Stress activates the cortisol hormone in the body which usually puts the body in fight or flight mode. It also increases the appetite.

Further, increased cortisol levels can cause hunger for sweet, fatty, and salty foods.

An elevated level of cortisol can cause your body to produce less testosterone which could cause a decrease in muscle mass and can slow down the calories burns process. So managing stress with proper technique can help you to lose weight. Try to participate in physical activities or take part in social welfare activities to improve your mood and stress levels.

Avoid Alcohol

Excess alcohol consumption can lead to weight gain. Too much drinking alcohol is also the reason that creates a hurdle in your weight loss journey.

Its high consumption can make changes in your fat-burning process. Too much consumption of alcohol can lead to an alcoholic fatty liver which can destroy the liver health and body's metabolism.

As it is also filled with calories. Frequently Alcohol drinking can lead to weight gain. Alcohol mostly contains empty calories with no or few nutrients value. It is just like sugar which also contains alone calories.

If you are addicted to alcohol and can't stop its consumption then drink it in a limit. According to researches and studies, limited alcohol consumption does not affect the body weight badly but the high consumption of alcohol is strongly associated with the risks of obesity.

Stay physically active most of the day

Keep yourself active during the daytime. Try to make yourself busy in some type of light physical works.

Avoid sitting for hours on a chair or sofa. If you do most work online and have to sit on the computer for many hours then do some walk after every 20 to 30 minutes. Here are some activities that can keep you active:

  • Prefer to go to market on foot
  • Do home-related physical works
  • Use a bicycle for a short distance travel
  • Join a gym
  • Walk when you get time

Make fit friends

The person is known from its company. Friendship has a huge impact on a person's habits and life.

By making fit and athletic friends you will gain interest in games or sports. As athletes who are all fit, eat healthily and do physical activities with routine. Their habits will create a strong impact and you will also start taking interest in those habits.

You will also know what they eat and how they do their workouts. Studies have shown that the support of family and friends can help obese people to lose weight. In a company of athletes, you will not only lose weight but you will also learn how to maintain the bodyweight properly for a long time.

Don't consider weight loss a hard task

Never consider weight loss a hard task. For weight reduction, you need to make some consistent effort. Some changes in lifestyle can help you to lose and maintain body weight.

Eating natural foods instead of processed foods can be effective to shed body fat. A combination of good foods and exercise can lead to weight reduction. It is not a hard task until you are addicted to unhealthy foods or to other bad habits.

Bottom line

This article has explained many ways to lose bodyweight. It has given tips with scientific-based studies and researches.

All mentioned ways to lose weight are purely natural. You may find these tips effective. There are extremely high chances that these will help you to reduce your body weight. You just need to give your proper attention.

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