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Harmful effects of carbonated soft drinks on healthy body

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022

What are fizzy drinks?

Soft drinks or fizzy drinks are known worldwide as carbonated sweet water which provides a high-end taste due to a large amount of sugar value. There are many varieties of fizzy or soft drinks and they usually come with no or little benefits but the unhealthy risks of these drinks are too much.

In most of these drinks, natural or artificial flavor with sugar or its alternatives is usually present in these drinks. Some fizzy drinks are also rich in caffeine, color, smell, preservatives, fruit syrup, and many more related ingredients.

Its content value depends on its types or variety. But in most or famous soft or fizzy drinks sugar is highly present and provides a lot of calories. As these calories mostly come from sugar that is why there are few benefits but numerous unhealthy effects of drinking fizzy drinks or soft drinks.

Some soft drinks also use fruit juice like lemonade soft drinks, orange soda drinks, and grapes soda drinks, etc.

Soft drinks consumption worldwide

Due to taste, these drinks are being in the top-selling food items around the world. Even a large number of data is available that tells their unhealthy benefits on human bodies but instead of a reduction in their production the numbers of soft drinks manufacturing factories are rising fast.

It is believed that an average person consumes 89.8 liters of fizzy or soft drinks annually. Soft drinks manufacturing industries are making billions. According to 2021 research, the market value of soft drinks reaches 237 billion which is expected to climb towards 320 billion in 2028. (1)

It is the only sugary taste that is producing a lot of marketplace for these drinks

These drinks are available in almost all parts of the world. From the USA to Africa, from Africa to Asia, Europe, UK, Middle East, Australia and in all earth areas where humans lives have some kinds or varieties of liquids that can be put in the list of soft drinks.

Young boys drink more coke or soft drinks as compared to other aged peoples. According to research data, 63 percent of soft drink consumers are youngsters while 49 percent are adults. Most peoples consume these drinks at their houses to enjoy, during the guest visit, at the time of party or during any joyful moment these drinks are consumed as celebrations.

In developed countries, a lot of peoples drinks them many times in a single day which is why experts say health issues like obesity, diabetes, and other health risks are still rising in those countries even they have good and professional health care system. (2)(3)

Health effects on the body

There are many adverse effects of soda drinks on human bodies that are being reported and many scientific studies and researches on this topic have already proved health dangers associated with their consumption. Here this article will discuss how consistent drinking of fizzy or soda can create harmful causes for your health:


Obesity is a condition in which the body stores a lot of fat tissues and becomes bulky to handle normally. Too much fat on your body can cause serious health complications like heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, etc. The diseases it causes, generate more health risks that can become lethal in most cases. WHO recognized those people obese with 30 or more BMI readings.

You may need to know that fizzy drink consumption and obesity has a serious partnership in which they can contribute a lot in demolishing the overall health system of your body. Most damage is caused by the highly sugary content which comes with no nutritional value but only extra calories. (4)

A lot of peoples believes that overweight or obesity is only linked with rich peoples. This belief was somehow true in the past but in modern days due to the high flow of fast foods and soda drinks in the market at the low price, it has lost its value. This is because high consumption of such foods and drinks can lead to obesity and it doesn't depend on what is your income or area of ethnicity if you eat too much of them. (5)

Studies say that peoples who drink soda drinks regularly are more likely to grow fat fast as compared to those who don't drink. Researchers found 27 percent additional risks of obesity in fizzy drink lovers. (5)

Not only in adults but fizzy drinks plays a crucial role in making child obese. Child obesity due to these drinks is possible and scientific researches done by experts have proved its link.

The researcher follows the health status of 548 children for 19 months all of these were from different schools. At the end of the study, they find a horrifying link between sugary beverages or fizzy drinks with child obesity. The BMI was high in those who were regular drinkers of soda-related beverages. (6)

Snacking and drinking fizzy drinks regularly can increase the body size of women which may cause their bodily attraction to fluctuate. Health awareness in the general population can reduce serious health issues including obesity. (7)

Fructose from sugar or other sweeteners found in the ingredient value of fizzy drinks can make you consume more calories which can lead to an overweight body. Too many taste effects and different types of absorption of fructose in the human body as compared to glucose can lead to overeating which in results can put heavy calories in your body. As result, you may see a heavy fat body. (8)


Diabetes is a health issue in which body glucose level increases at highly dangerous levels. It is a serious illness that can cause severe health complications and results. Millions of peoples are being diagnosed yearly and a lot of peoples dies due to it.

High sugar in soft drinks can cause blood glucose levels to rise. As compared to 1997 consumption of soft drinks has risen many times. Perhaps the high availability and drinking habit of these drinks are making a large number of people's diabetes patient. In many countries, the prevalence of this disease has observed by researchers and they find its link with fizzy drink consumption. (10)

Many countries have made a serious climb in technology intervention and usage. In those japan shines well but they are facing large numbers of health issues and diabetes is one of them. Japanese researchers have done effective research to find the causes of diabetes. They found that the bad habit of frequently fizzy drink usage as a beverage is a serious cause of obesity in women. For men, they didn't find these risks but other studies say both men and women may get diabetes by drinking too many fizzy drinks. {(10)

Obesity is also a big reason that can cause diabetes. Fizzy or soft drinks can lead to both or several other health issues

High blood pressure

Normal blood pressure is very crucial for good health and fitness. High blood pressure or hypertension can raise BP at dangerous levels.

Diastolic 80 or more and systolic 130 or more readings of blood pressure shows that hypertension or high blood pressure issue is present in the person who has been checked during the blood pressure measurement procedure.

Elevate blood pressure is the main reason that causes heart or cardiovascular diseases which are the most dangerous fatal diseases because these kills peoples more than any other illness or diseases.

Salt plays an important and bad role in increasing blood pressure. Soft drinks also contain a high value. Studies say heavy salty foods consumption or intake can cause high blood pressure and cardiovascular risks in adults and children also. In short, soft drinks can raise several risks in all aged peoples. (11)

Some studies say that caffeine present in cola or related drinks can raise blood pressure and its risks. Research on African Americans found that caffeine raises significant systolic blood pressure in those when they were fed 50mg or less of it per day. Diastolic blood pressure was also raised when the caffeine value reaches 100mg per day. You may need to know that a 1.5-liter cola contains 133.2 mg of caffeine value. (12)

Fructose is also present in the sugar value of soft drinks. Studies say it contributed to causing blood pressure rise. Researchers have examined the effects of caffeine on human bodies. A large group of healthy peoples with no High blood pressure history takes 74-gram fructose per day and this value raise the 77 percent risks of high blood pressure in participants. (13)

Soft drinks can significantly raise the body's blood pressure. By making some proper and healthy changes like limiting these drinks and with the combination of BP-friendly foods and light physical exercises, risks and Blood pressure can be lowered. (14)

Cardio vascualr diseases

These are those which are related to heart and blood vessel health issues. Usually, these diseases gain power when large numbers of fat tissues build up in blood vessels and block or affect the blood supply to the heart and other body parts badly. Blood clotting is also the reason for cardiovascular incidents.

Fizzy drinks cause obesity, diabetes, blood pressure which are the main causes of cardiovascular diseases. It means drinking these drinks not only contributes to making the body ill but further increases the risks of fatal incidents by causing a heart attack, stroke and other related health issues. Studies say it is fructose in these sugary fizzy drinks which causes metabolic issues and further cardiovascular diseases. (15)

Heart diseases are the number one death cause in humans

Researchers say that consumption of fizzy drinks can increase the risks of cardiovascular diseases and also can contribute in making or causing fatal incidents. (16)

The ischemic stroke happened due to oxygen reduction to the brain, it can be due to some type of blockage in arteries that supply blood to the brain. It can cause severe health results like brain damage or can destroy brain cells.

Japanese studies on a large group of peoples found that fizzy drinks and its frequent drinking habit are strongly associated with the risks of ischemic strokes in females. (17)

Consumption of soft drinks causes obesity and this issue can further increase the risks of stroke, heart attack, cancer, and several other fatal or severe health issues. (18)

High blood pressure and diabetes is also the main cause of cardiac arrest, stroke, heart attack, heart pain, kidney problems, etc.

Kidney issues

Diseases that affect the functions of kidneys and decrease or prevent the ability of kidneys to work according to needs are called kidney diseases or issues.

High fructose value in soft or soda drinks can disturb the uric acid levels in the human body. Drinking too many soda drinks can increase the prevalence of high uric acid value which health condition is called hyperuricemia. It can also promote chronic kidney disease studies says. (19)

Most peoples are unaware of the ingredients that are found in these drinks. Not even diseases but patients of chronic diseases are also less aware of these drinks' side effects.

Most people with kidney issues also lack information about how soda or soft drinks' nutritional value can cause more harm to their kidneys or health status. Experts say wellness awareness needs to prevail at a high level not sugar drinks advertisements that are worsening the different health issues. (20)

Too much sugar in soda drinks can cause kidney stones which can disturb the kidneys' health. Extensive research on 194,095 people in which experts finds that peoples who were regular soda drinker were at up to 33 percent more high risk of developing kidney stones as compared to those who do not drink it or drink less. Studies found that Sugar rich drinks like Cola, non-cola, wine, fruit carbonated drinks, caffeine drinks, and beer were all associated with kidney stones risks. (21)

It does not mean that only heavy soft drinks consumption cause kidney issues but drinking 2 serving of these sugar-rich drinks can decrease the functionality of kidneys. (22)

Cause tooth decay and bone loss

You can lose your tooths fast if you love drinking fizzy drinks. Calcium loss, tooth decay risks can increase many times with these drinks consumption researchers says. {(23)

Soft drinks can prevail calcium excretion from the human body which in result can decrease bone mass or density which health condition is called osteoporosis.(23)

The contribution of soft drinks is a lot in causing children's health problems. Research on large numbers of children and adults found that drinking too many fizzy drinks prevailed in tooth decay in 75 percent of children and 69% of adults.

Too much use of soda drinks can shrink your front tooth fast which may give you a bad look and you may need to get artificial teeth for this reason. (24)

Fatty liver disease

Fatty liver diseases are contributing a lot to making people's health worse. Yearly many people lose their life because of this condition. Mainly fatty liver diseases do not directly cause fatal issues but their contribution in making diabetes and cardiovascular health worse is the main reason for high fatalities in fatty liver disease patients.

In fatty liver conditions, patients' bodies produce too much glucose and triglycerides levels. Impaired insulin levels are common in those patients.

Many scientific studies and researches say that too much usage of soft or fizzy drinks as a beverage is prevailing non-Alcoholic fatty liver diseases in people. That is why prevention measurements are needed to prevent or lower the risks of these diseases. Limiting or avoiding soda drinks can help a lot. (25)(26)

Mental problems

Soft drinks are also not good for the brain or mental health. Studies say that these drinks cause oxidative stress and can decrease brain efficiency. (27)

Sugar-rich carbonated beverages are linked with several health issues like brain health issues, and obesity, diabetes, high BP, eating disorders, and many more.

Peoples who are addicted to soft drinks are more likely to face high stress, hyperactivity, mental problems as compared to peoples who avoid these drinks or consume them under limitations. (28)

Heavy consumption of Artificial fizzy or soft drinks is highly linked with strokes and dementia in peoples. People who drink heavily of these drinks are more likely to die early because of the severity and harm these artificial drinks can cause. (29)

Scientific studies and researches say that high consumption of fizzy drinks can increase the risks of depression, anxiety, anger, sadness, aggression, and suicidal thoughts in peoples. (30)


There is scientific evidence that proved that high consumption of fizzy drinks is associated with cancer links. A study that monitors the health of 101,257 participants found that high consumption of carbonated drinks and fruit juices can prevail over the risks of breast cancer in women and overall cancer in both genders. (31)(32)

These sugary drinks contribute a lot to making a person obese, you may need to know that obesity is highly linked with cancer and several other fatal health risks.

Reasons why peoples drink too much

Here is why peoples drink soft drinks too much:

  • Due to taste due to high value of fructose or sugar
  • Incredible high advertisements and promotions
  • Celebrities involvement in the promotions
  • High Sponsorship from these soft drink companies for several events - Due to this most countries are not imposing a ban on them

Should you stop drinking it

Of course yea. Health should be the first priority. Without wellness, a person cannot perform well. A large number of people's health fall yearly due to fizzy drink consumption. Avoiding or limiting these drinks is very beneficial.

A large number of diseases and health issues can be generated as the side-effects of soft or fizzy drinks. Some most common are discussed above. After a long time of research and studies, the data of this article is produced. You may get a lot of information here. If you find this info useful then you can throw likes on our social accounts profiles as a Thanx gesture.

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