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This is what smoking do to your healthy body, quit it

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022

What is smoking?

Smoking is an unhealthy habit in which people breathe the smoke of different plant leaves usually after burning them. They enjoy the smoke of burned leaves that provide them some serious narcotic taste to their bodies after mixing with the bloodstream.

Stopping smoking can prevent many diseases, and preventive measures can reduce large numbers of human deaths.

Today right treatment for a regular smoker is available in almost every country. These can help the regular smoker to quit and live smoke-free life.

Types of smoking

There are many types of smoking like people use marijuana, tobacco, sheesha, and hashish to fulfill their narcotic desire. The most used product for smoking is "Tobacco”.

Smoking Tobacco

Generally, tobacco is used as a name for those plant leaves that are used to make smoking products. Tobacco can be obtained from over 70 species of plants.

Tobacco leaves are used after drying and it is extensively used in cigarettes, cigars, smoke pipes, shishas, hookahs, and in other products that are used to inhale the smoke. Tobacco is the most used product to smoke.

Several diseases have been linked with tobacco product usage, including chronic heart diseases, cancer, lung diseases, teeth problems, bone fractures, and a lot of other health problems are also associated with it.

Tobacco smoking products are causing 8 million deaths annually. Over 20 types of cancers have links with their inhaling practice or effects.

You may need to know that if you don't smoke, then you are still at the risk of premature death if you have a habit to sit in the company of regular smokers. Yearly 1.2 million non-smokers are dying only because they inhale its effects from nearby smokers.

Because of less knowledge about its unhealthy effects and high advertisement for tobacco products, the young generation is catching the attraction of smoke products at a high level.

Studies say almost 65,000 children ate losing their lives yearly only because of smoking or by inhaling its smoke from the tobacco smoking places. (1)

Worldwide business of smoking products

The business of smoking products is going up at high speed. The extensive usage of advertisements is pulling huge numbers of youth or young generation towards the usage of these products.

According to Statista, tobacco products are going to generate 793,439 Million United States dollars of revenue in 2021.

The most selling products are cigarettes that are over 80 percent of tobacco products 2021 selling value. It is estimated that 698,687 million United States dollars worth of cigarettes sold in that year.

In the past, people of china were famous for using narcotic products, and some claims that they have gained control over their bad habits of using narcotics and smoking but according to data china is the number one in buying tobacco products worth 239,959 million United States Dollars put serious questions on the claims of “china is free from narcotics”. (2)

Reasons why smoking is bad

Smoking is bad for your health and its unhealthy collaboration in generating various chronic diseases is proved by many scientific studies and researches.

Inhaling the smoke of tobacco or its related substance can cause several health disorders like Chronic heart diseases, 20 or more types of cancers, obesity, lung issues, immunity problems, diabetes, and many other diseases that can fit in the very long list of issues resulting from smoking.

Smoking affects not the only smoker but it can also affect you equally if you have a company of a lot of smokers.

List of diseases that smoking causes

Here are some notable diseases that smoking causes.

This list can be huge but we have discussed some most common and dangerous diseases that a smoker or his colleague who sits near him/her can get:

It causes depression, anxiety, and stress

Anxiety is a health issue that usually triggers due to stress, too much fear, restlessness, unable to do daily routine work, or not able to make judgments or decisions before any work, especially competitive work are some symptoms of anxiety.

Anxiety disorder rarely goes away and can become a serious health issue if not treated well.

On the other hand, depression is a mild to severe mental illness which affects your emotions and feelings. It can make you sad and you may lose your interest in those activities which you enjoy when you were healthy.

Both depression and anxiety symptoms can get a boost because of smoking.

According to some researchers, regular smoking can lead to panic disorder but its contribution to anxiety and depression is limited. But these beliefs received a serious blow by a study that proves it a little wrong. (3)

A study on some smokers and non-smokers found that smoking increases the risks of panic disorders but it also increases the risks of depression, anxiety, and high-stress risks more in regular smokers as compared to non-smokers.

They found a significant mental health gap between smokers and non-smokers in terms of mental issues. (3)

Inhaling tobacco smoke with cigarettes is considered the most dangerous way to get mental issues.

A high level of nicotine in cigarettes can trigger mental issues like severe anxiety and depression symptoms.

According to the research, the link between smoking and mental issues is proved, and most trusted medical sources have proved it. (4)

There are a lot of people who say they smoke because they are depressed or have anxiety-related symptoms and they also claim smoking helps to reduce some of these symptoms.

To find the truth in this claim, researchers have done some serious research in which they measure the effects of smoking on teenage smokers.

According to experts after study, they find regular smokers at serious risks of getting depression or anxiety disorders as compared to non-smokers.

People who smoke daily were at 2x the risk of getting mental issues like anxiety disorders and depression as compared to those who do not smoke frequently. This study proves those advertisements wrong that say smoking helps depressed people. (5)

Nicotine levels in tobacco products matter to smoke effects. Studies say when you smoke then nicotine in cigars or cigarettes provide temporary relief but it can stop the production of your brain dopamine that provide natural relief to your mind and body, thus if you stop or limit your smoking habit then you can get severe mental health issues because of dopamine production issue.

Nicotine can make you a serious smoker, which may cause smoking as a serious issue to leave. But the good news is if you want to leave your bad smoking habit then there are many health facilities or treatments available from where you can get help. (6)

Smoking causes excessive blood clotting

Blood clotting is a natural process that your body performs. Whenever you get injured, it helps you to stop the flow of blood outside of your body.

Normal blood clotting is fine but excessive or unwanted blood clotting production can become lethal.

Excessive blood clots can reach all of your body's sensitive areas or organs like the brain, heart, kidneys, and other body parts where they can generate serious health risks like stroke, heart attack, lungs or respiratory issues, and death.

You may need to know that smoking is the major contributor that can cause unhealthy blood clotting in your body.

If you are a smoker, then blood clots in your body can increase with speed, your blood platelets usually got great attraction for them, along with blood platelets they can reach all of your body's area where they can cause serious or fatal trouble. (7)

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a lung-related disease in which you can get great disturbance in your breathing functionality. High numbers of people are dying annually due to COPD.

Studies and researches say smoking can raise the blood clotting in our bodies significantly which in results can make the severity of heart diseases, brain diseases, and lung issues (COPD).

Researchers find that people who smoke regularly are more likely to die early because of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) as compared to those who are not smokers. They found that smokers have 2.8 times more death risks as compared to non-smokers. (8)

High blood pressure and smoking link?

Generally, hypertension issue usually appear after quitting the smoking habit

Most studies say smoking is not an actual factor of hypertension but there are some studies and researches that have found the link between them probably because other factors like obesity may increase the blood pressure. (9)

There are some researches which claim smoking can raise hypertension issue. A study on school children found that smoking friendly home environment can cause high blood pressure in children. (10)

The research on 4,001 men and women whose ages were between 24 to 65 found a link between hypertension, smoking, alcohol consumption, and khat chewing habit. (11)

The study concludes that regular smoking, drinking, and khat chewing were associated with high blood pressure in most people. (11)(12)

However, most studies say smoking doesn't affect people's blood pressure instead of that quitting smoking without proper treatment can cause a rise in blood pressure which may create trouble. Obesity can be a heavy factor in smokers that can promote hypertension. (12)(11)

We have not found enough data that claim smoking causes hypertension perhaps some other factors can raise BP in a person, not just smoking.

It causes strokes

A stroke happens when your brain loses the oxygen that is crucial for its function.

Experts and medical data show that smoking is heavily associated with the risks of strokes.

The regular smoker is in the most highly risky position as the probability of many types of strokes is high in those people as compared to non-smokers. In developed countries, 1 in 5 young adults are smokers, which is creating a serious health concern. (12)(13)(14)

A long period follows up study (26-years) on 4,255 men and women found that smoking was the top factor after hypertension and age-related diseases that cause different strokes in those people. (12)(13)(14)

Cigarettes contain more than 4000 substances

Heavy smokers face 2x more stroke incidents as compared to mild smokers. While non-smokers face few stroke incidents as compared to both of them. Studies say that after 2 to 5 years of quitting smoking, a person can achieve the same chances of stroke which a nonsmoker can face or get.

It causes diabetes

Diabetes is a disease in which your blood glucose level becomes elevated or reaches at unhealthy high levels. Diabetes is the major contributor to many diseases, including cardiovascular diseases.

The relation between smoking and diabetes is very strong. Smokers have 50 percent more chances to get diabetes as compared to non-smokers.

A regular smoker who has diabetes is more likely to die early because of high health-related issues that a smoker might face. Inflammation levels in those can rise, which is believed to be the reason for elevated glucose levels in those people. (16)

A review of 25 studies in which expert reviews the 1.2 million people, conclude that who smoke 20 or more tobacco cigarettes daily were at extreme risks of type 2 diabetes as compared to those whose smoking habit was not unusually high. (17)

Smokers are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. Quitting smoking also does not reduce this disease risk immediately. After stopping smoking, you may need to take care of your diabetes risks which you can face. As a smoker, you might face high diabetes risks for a long time period but after quitting this habit you may get reduction in health risks but after a while. Early detection of diabetes symptoms can help you to treat your condition well. (18)

It causes cardiovascular diseases

If you want to know which diseases cause most deaths, then here they are, cardiovascular diseases which include heart and blood vessel diseases are on the top list of diseases that generate the most deaths as compared to other diseases. Even cancer is behind in killing as compared to CVD.

Cardiovascular diseases are those which include heart and blood vessel issues that can cause health problems.

Heart diseases and blood vessel diseases or issues can cause more problems in regular smokers as compared to regular non-smoker people.

In the USA almost 30 percent of deaths because of heart diseases happened yearly mainly because of the unhealthy contribution of smoking.

Regular smoking can increase the mortality rate several times if the smoker is a CVD patient or not. As many health risks like stroke, chronic heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, and many other fatal diseases are linked with this ugly and unhealthy habit. (19)

Smoking is associated with main chronic heart and blood vessel diseases. Cigarettes are more lethal as compared to cigars or smoking pipes.

Even after quitting smoking, several high or mild risks remain with the person for several decades. That is why preventive measurements against diseases or risks are required. Early detection of chronic illness helps in terms of better treatment and results. (20)

It causes different cancers

Cancer is also on the top 10 list of most dangerous diseases that cause huge numbers of deaths annually.

It is an abnormal growth of cells in which the body loses control over cell growth and these high numbers of abnormal and uncontrollable cells can spread all over the body. In most types of cancer, an unusual number of cells can turn into tumors.

Smoking is the major factor that can cause huge numbers of cancer all alone. Here are some types of cancers that can create a place in a smoker's body and risks in those are very high to develop such dangerous diseases that have high fatality rate.

Here is a list of cancer that smoking can cause:
• Breast cancer
• Mouth cancer
• Lungs cancer
• Kidney cancer
• Throat cancer
• Colon cancer
• Stomach cancer
• Pancreas cancer
• Bladder cancer
• Rectum cancer
• Cervix cancer
• Leukemia
• Larynx
• Oesophagus
• Nose cancer, etc

Smoking causes severe problems during pregnancy

If you are a pregnant woman and a regular smoker, then you can put your and your child's life in danger. A lot of unsuccessful pregnancy cases have been reported all over the world, mainly because of the effects of this unhealthy habit.

Smoking is associated with premature childbirth, death of the baby, and many other serious outcomes that may generate in the delivery process. Not just a woman but a child she bears can face serious health issues even before and after birth. (21)

A study that measures the smoking effects on 170,254 pregnant women found that women who smoke daily face serious pregnancy issues. (22)

Experts find that the rate of issues like premature birth and growth of the child in her mother's womb was higher in heavy smoker women as compared to non-smokers or who smoke less frequently. (23)

It has been observed that a lot of women cease their habit of smoking during pregnancy as most educated moms know how many unhealthy benefits a cigarette can provide with. But according to observation and studies by experts, 70 percent of women usually return to their smoking habit. That observation put a serious question and threat on the health of both the woman and the child. (24)

Most risks of smoking don't go away after ceasing this habit as a person remains at the risks of many health issues even after leaving this narcotic habit.

Sexual problems

Sexual dysfunction can lower the life quality. A person with this type of health issue can reduce the status of the sufferer in the eyes of the partner. During sexual dysfunction, your sexual ability decreases too much that you may not get the pleasure feelings that a normal person gets.

In men, erectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction in which they will face difficulties in achieving an erection to perform sex while in women not achieving feelings of orgasm can be called sexual dysfunction. In short, sexual dysfunction decreases sexual pleasure in both men and women.

If you are a regular smoker, then your chances of getting sexual problems can be increased. Men can face erectile dysfunction and women can face sexual inactivity because of the loss of interest that cigarettes or tobacco products can cause.

A study on 819 Chinese men found a strong link between smoking with erectile dysfunction. Researchers found that men who smoke 20 cigarettes a day were at greater risk of getting sexual problems.

Low levels of sexual performance, less pleasure, erection problems were more common in addicted smokers as compared with non-smokers. So if you smoke cigarettes, then stop it or get treatment if you need it, your sexual problems might reduce if you stop your ugly habit of smoking. (25)

Women are also at high risk of losing sexual power or pleasure because of smoking. Medical experts observed 518 women's health status and their life habits.

Experts found sexual problems were a lot among young women and adults. They includes18 to 55 years old women in this study and all age groups faced sexual dysfunction because of smoking.

Sexual arousal problems, orgasm, lubrication, and satisfaction problems were common in regular smoker girls and women. These women also report pain during sexual activity. Studies say that smoking, unhealthy lifestyle, and diet can play a huge role in causing such problems. (26)(27)

A survey found that the impotence rate in soldiers was very high as compared to those who were not smokers. Another study found that regular smoking in men can double the chances of sexual dysfunction whereas leaving this habit can decrease the risks. (28)(29)

Smoking cause teeth problems

It is bad for your teeth. Yeah, it is true smoking can destroy your good-looking teeth. Several studies and researches have found its link with periodontitis, a teeth infection that causes tooth loss and also causes many other related problems.

In a study, experts observe the status of 120 patients who were facing dental problems. Half of them were smokers and others were non-smokers. After analyzing them, they highly linked the smoking habit with periodontal health risks. (30)

Here is another surprise for you.

Three studies in which 1,377 people take part show incredibly dangerous results of smoking in terms of teeth health. These were followed and their health was studied. After a long period, experts find that 48 percent of people who lose teeth were smokers while only 20 percent were non-smokers. The remaining 32 percent were those who left this habit. (31)

Smokers lose teeth faster than compared to non-smokers.

You can lose your anterior teeth fast if you smoke well, losing anterior teeth at a young age can shape your mouth to look awkward. Yeah, there are artificial teeth but natural is not available in the market, and the tooth fairy doesn't replace adult people's teeth. So be super-careful about it.

Smoking causes lung diseases

Smoking causes many dangerous lung diseases. Like it can cause Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, which is a lungs disease in which tissues or fibrosis build up in your lungs, which in result can prevent the airflow of your body, and oxygen level in your bloodstream or your body can reduce. (31)

Here are some lungs diseases that smoking can cause:

  • Respiratory bronchiolitis ILD
  • Desquamative interstitial pneumonia
  • Pulmonary Langerhans cell histiocytosis
  • Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
  • Pulmonary hemorrhage, etc

Smoking is the big factor that can push a person's health towards cancer like over 20 cancers and one of them is lung cancer. A smoker has a high chance to develop lung cancer studies say. Researchers say that relatives of a smoker who have lung cancer are also at high risks of developing this cancer whereas the relatives of a non-smoker with lung cancer have few risks if we compared with the first one. (32)

It causes a hip fracture

Studies have found that smoking can decrease bone health and its fracture healing beneficial effects. A smoker's bone may heal slowly as compared to a non-smoker's. (33)

Regular use of tobacco products can cause a hip fracture, and also may generate bone density and lumbar disc degeneration problems. In old age, hip fractures can appear like a health issue because of heavy smoking in early life.

Smoking cause kidney problems

A disease that a smoker can face is large in numbers. We have discussed some diseases and the last one is chronic kidney diseases. The unhealthy content of smoking can cause kidney problems or chronic diseases of kidneys, like kidney failure. (34)

An Indonesian-based study was conducted to find the high prevalence of chronic kidney diseases in the general population. They found that diabetes, high blood pressure, and smoking cause significant risks of kidney failure or its diseases in people. (35)

How to stop smoking

Experts can help you control your habit. In almost every city, treatment for smoking is available.

Mostly it is Nicotine that makes people addicted to smoking. There are some alternatives to tobacco products that experts say might help to stop the smoking habits of a person.

These alternatives mostly contain less Nicotine and no value of unhealthy materials like tar, carbon monoxide, or other material that you may find in the content list of tobacco.

With CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy)–This therapy (CBT) helps the person to know which elements, factors, places, or things make him/her smoke.

Experts help them by teaching them about how they can control themselves during that condition which triggers their smoking needs. In this therapy, they used some techniques that help the smoker get calm and relax whenever a stressful situation happened, which can trigger a relapse.

Mindfulness and Motivational Treatment–In Mind-related treatment patients are usually taught some techniques that help them against stress or other mind-related factors that can trigger their desire to smoke.

People praised this technique as this helps them against many other mental problems like anxiety, negative emotional behavior, and stress, etc. Whereas in Motivational treatment, experts use motivational techniques for smokers to motivate them to stop or cease the smoking habit. Motivational advice is also very beneficial for this treatment.

Online support–A lot of smoking treatment centers provide online facilities by using internet communication like web or social media or telephone services. A person can easily get guidelines and prevention tips by using these means.

Look for your near area treatment center or find them on Google Maps you may get their number so you can book your treatment date or you can get online help if they offer. In most developed countries, this facility is available in almost every city.

E-cigarettes–These contain Nicotine in vapor form but have no Tar and carbon monoxide value.

NRT–It means nicotine replacement therapy, which includes some products that can be used as an alternative for cigarettes or tobacco. These have very little value than Nicotine but with no other harmful material. Doctors may prescribe these products, these are available in pharmacies as chewing gums, inhalers, tabs, patches (skin), or in spray form.

Some other techniques like remaining physically active and knowing or controlling the need that triggers your habit of smoking can be helpful for you to control your smoking urge.

Medications–For that Receive Medical help

Why smoking is prevailing so fast

Here are some factors that are promoting smoking in people life especially in the young generation:
• Highly availability of cigarettes ads on a lot of platforms
• Eye-catchy ads that target mostly young or teenagers
• Involvement of celebrities in ads
• Billions dollar worth Advertisement
• Cool design of smoking products
• Promoting products as depression and anxiety remedies
• As a fashion a lot of people start it
• Nicotine can make a person a regular smoker

You may need to know that cigarette companies are spending a lot more on advertisements as compared to what other businesses usually spend.

In 2019, these companies spend 7.6 billion United States Dollars only on advertisements in the USA. This money is nothing if we compare it with what they get. Research says in 2019, cigarette companies in the USA generate approximately $202.9 billion. (36)

Too many ads for tobacco products are the main reason that is causing the huge flow of these products in the market.

These are available in almost every small to the big shop. By adding a high tax and spreading awareness against smoking or using advertisements against it, can help to crush their rise in the general population.


Many dangerous diseases can catch a regular smoker. It is believed that a smoker's weakened immune system because of a smoking habit can be the reason for such dangerous diseases. I explained all of this article with scientific-based evidence, hope you find have it useful.

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