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Tough School life - 10 health issues linked with it

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022


Schools are educational institutes that taught early age education to children. There are millions of schools on this earth planet and almost 1 billion children go there for study purposes. Schools play a very critical role in the upbringing of children. Positively and Negatively both affects school life can put on students.

Here in this BlogPost, I will discuss the negative impact that schools are generating and is affecting children's health.

This Article does not condemn any educational institutes or policies but the purpose of it is to bring to put some shades of light on health issues that children are facing in schools. Proper work to solve these can work better in making little heroes stronger to work for themselves, loved ones, and for their country.

Here are 10 negative impacts schools are putting on children health:

Too much load of study

The main purpose of schools is to provide needed education to students. This education is useful as it provides knowledge to little ones about how to live in this world properly.

Many schools are following good and effective techniques to provide needed education help to their student but there are many other which are not following the right standard of teaching facilities. Especially in developing countries, unprofessional ways can be found common in these educational institutes.

One thing that most schools are currently doing is they put too much burden of studies on their students. Children who are in their early period of life can face problems completing the heavy study tasks that most schools give.

It is very common to see a schoolboy/girl with a heavy bag with a lot of books. Even a student of college or university does not carry that heavy load of books when they attend their classes.

Children are often provided a lot of study task at school but for home teachers also gives a lot of educational work as homework. All of this study load can keep a child engage and may not provide time that they need for other activities like for sports or games that also plays a very important role in the upbringing of them

Education is necessary for a child but pressuring to use most of the abilities to cover heavy study tasks can put a serious impact on student health or life. According to the studies pressuring a child to study more and more can cause mental issues to rise. A mental health survey on school life found that 8 in 10 children report that they get stressed sometimes or frequently due to the study load. (1) (2)

Although many schools are shifting to modern technology and a load of books is getting down. But study tasks have not decreased. Keeping the children engage to educational needs for most time may provide them disadvantages instead of Advantages as a person needs entertainment, leisure or other needs also.


Some years back schools were very notorious for giving serious physical punishment to children. Harsh levels of punishment physical and mental draw the attention of Authorities and in many countries, the government has banned the punishment culture in schools. But in many developing countries punishing a child to teach is still very common.

Take an example of a 12 years old student who was from swabi, Pakistan, his teacher beat him so badly just to not learning the lesson that he has to go for medical help. (3)

Millions of children leave their education early mainly due to less financial resources and the punishment-friendly culture of schools.

This type of torture can go more violent. As in one case, a teenager named Huznain Bilal lost his life after he took the violent punishment from his teacher just due to a study base issue. (4)

In short cases of physical and mental abuse in schools are still rising even in the presence of strict rules. That is why an internationally-based action is needed to make the school environment better for students or children.

High fees to get admission

In most countries, Government-owned schools provide education to students but a large number of private school sector is also contributing their role. Usually in Government schools fees to study can be free or it may be easy to pay for most of the children caregivers. Whereas in private sector school feeses are generally too high which can create a financial issue for parents if they want their children admission in those.

Just take an example of the private schools in Pakistan where a minimum wage limit set by Authorities is almost $130 monthly but to get admission in private school parents needed to pay $10 - $100 or more per month. For an average person to pay for their children and live properly can't be possible in that expensive world. (5)

Not just in Developing countries but issues of high school feeses are also a very common issue in Developed countries. In some areas of USA private school admission is costing $3000 - $31000 to the parents or caregivers of a child. (6)

Too much financial pressure of school feeses not only gives mental problems to parents but also to children. When a middle-class person gets admitted children in the private school he/she consider good or excellent educational progress.

Caregivers often remind their children that they are paying heavy fees so they are expecting good results. Too much pressure from parents and teachers to study can cause child health issues. As studies found that 3 students out of 10 get serious health issues due to being facing pressure for study. (7)


Children often face torture situations in schools. Harassment being bullied by their school colleagues or from teachers is not a new thing in these educational institutes. A lot of cases are reported in which children face mental trauma die to bad dealings at schools.

Studies found that bullying behavior which is common in almost every school is causing great risks of mental issues in school students. Bullying means teasing, harassing, physically, verbally, or mentally. (1)

Research says that being frequently bullied at school can make a child get mental health problems and may also lead to making the victim illegal and unhealthy substance abuser. The expert also finds that the suicide ratio is high in those high school students who often do drugs or substance abuse. (7)

Schools education is mostly based on reading and writing. With very little practical-based study learning loss can happen.

According to experts Aggressive bullying at school can deteriorate the victim's mental health. Too much stress due to harassment and being bullied may cause mental, emotional, or behavioral irregularities in children. (2)

In short bad atmosphere at school can make your child health worse. So it can be very crucial for the sake of your loved ones that you keep yourself aware of what is happening at the school. Talk with your children about how he/she spend his/her day at school or if something good or bad happened there. With these, you can help as your child needs.

Ignoring the children's complaints about the school can be bad as it can increase their risks to get into serious problems.

So be sure your children are getting an education at schools being safe and if they need help gave them your protection to stop the disaster.

Tense Environment

At schools, students have to remain attentive and well disciplined. Imposing rules and regulations with strict manners can be bad but professional teaching like behavior works best for them.

In developing countries teaching level at schools are not well and due to that teachers often use unprofessional behaviour with students

Too much time just for study while less time for physical activities can make children nervous and stressed also. So it is very necessary to lower the burden of studies with some off-page talk with them. Many teachers use this tactic to improve the student's mood. It is very necessary otherwise their interest in the study may reduce and they may get stressed due to studies-related pressure.

Mostly Sedentary friendly time

At schools, students have to spend almost 5 to 6 hours. Mostly they get just 30-45 minutes of break to eat or play some games. For other times they have to sit in the classes for lectures of school-related study things. Sitting at a place for an unusual time is bad and many bad health consequences are associated with it.

Sitting or lying for hours daily can lead to a sedentary lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle means living a life in which a person remains mostly physically inactive. Just sticking to a place without the involvement in exercises or physical movement can also be its definition.

Moreover at schools children eat a lot of bad foods like eating sugar-rich candies, cookies, chocolate, biscuits, cakes on daily basis can make them obese and may lead to severe chronic diseases.

To solve this issue it can be very good if you admit your child to that school which has a well ground for games. That type of school gives extra attention to the children's health & Fitness and they also organize many sports event within the schools. Like any schools sports weeks or competitions are held in which children participate and win the prizes.

Lack of health emergency help

This issue is more common in poor and developing countries. As in developed countries health system is good and most schools have required health facilities for staff and students. But in other countries who are not that developed situation looks completely change.

In developing countries, even at well-reputed schools medical facilities to deal with health issues are not present or are not enough for according to needs.

"My brother who was learning in the top-class school in Pakistan, got severe injuries due to some metal plate when a student freesbie it towards him. His lips were severely cut. At that time school clerk provide him a simple personal bandage as nothing health emergency related things were present. With alone that bandage we stop his blood and shift him to the near hospital."

The main thing trying to say is a serious health disaster can happen at school if there is no presence of facility to deal with Medical emergency situations.

Harassment issue

Many cases of harassment are being reported. Sexual harassment even at the school level is also common. Senior students and teachers mostly harass other students as studies say. Mental, sexual, physical harassment at schools needed a right and effective solution as it can create adverse effects on someone's health or personality.

Too many rules/regulations to follow

Schools and other educational institutes are known for their rules and regulations also. These help to sharps the children or students and make them follow needed steps that play a crucial role in making the right person. But imposing them by beating, abusing, harassing, and with strict rules that do not make any normal sense is bad not just for students but also for the institute.

Rules are made to make them better but implementing these in unprofessional or wrong ways will not bring a good change in children and the school atmosphere.

Based hate

Racism exists even at schools. People generally hate each other on the basis of race, color, or Religion. At schools, people target others mostly due to these. And harassing, abusing others on the basis of race is more common.

In the USA black community still face hate and difference. Studies reported that the behavior of school staff with black students are not generally good as they mostly treat them like 3rd class. That type of behavior needed to stop.

Religious-based hate at school is also common.  Religious fanatics people exist in almost every culture. These produce problems for others and even at schools, these types of people don't stop producing their effects.

Not just children but school staff members belong to specific communities also face bad behavior of people as studies concluded.

Bottom line

Schools are playing a very important role in the upbringing of children. There are some school issues that can cause problems and may be solved with the needed effort. Many upper-class schools have rules and regulations that provide protection to students but many still needed work to bring their environment favorable to students.

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