Top Health Benefits of running that you can get

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Running is a physical activity in which you m9ve your body with speed. In contrast to walking, it needs more effort. During walking, you move slow and cover less distance while in running you cover more distance with high speed. Some scientists suggest our prehistoric ancestors learned this activity while chasing the animals during hunting. This activity produces very effective results in terms of health and fitness. There are many benefits of running that you can get.

This exercise demands more effort and some fitness. You may run only a little distance if you have an average fitness level. For sportsmen, it is not a hard task as they can run several kilometers without taking the rest.

Running and history

According to science when humans start walking on their two feet they start using their new physical form according to their needs. They start using their legs extensively for body movement purposes. For daily works like chasing or climbing the tree, they use their leg muscles more due to this their legs start adapting themselves as a primary way of human body movement.

Some historian says that our ancestors learn running due to some needs like first, they start moving their legs fast to chase things, like chasing the animals for hunt purposes. With time their legs adapt according to their needs and in result modern type running ability developed in those prehistoric humans.

Running as exercise

Top Health Benefits of running that you can get

Peoples are using this activity as an exercise for a long time. As this exercise improve the stamina, endurance, strength, and overall fitness of the body that is why in the past also running was included in one of the main exercises for the soldiers who makes their bodies strong and fit for wars. A good runner was considered as a good soldier and most of these good runners cause serious damage to their enemies during the competitions.

The main benefits that runner get are improved cardiovascular health

Nowadays it is still the first priority as an exercise for soldiers. You will not get accepted in the army service if you are not a good runner. A soldier’s good running speed helps in the war zone and promotes more damage to the enemies. That is why forces prefer only fit peoples who can run with ease.

Today running also exists in many sports competitions. In Olympics, it has great value as several short, medium or long-distance running competitions are held. Olympics is the world’s biggest sports event that held after every 4 years. In sports events, runners mostly represent their country, city, or community. Salaries of these athletes are huge as most of them are earning several million dollars annually.

Types of running

  1. Jogging: medium or low speed with least effort
  2. Sprinting: High speed with full effort

Health benefits of running

There are a lot of health benefits of running. You can enhance your health and fitness by it. If you do it on regular basis then it may decrease the risks of many diseases, like this activity is best for heart health. As I mention its health benefits are a lot, you can get it if you start running on the treadmill or in an open area.

Here are some health benefits of running that you may achieve:

Cardiovascular health benefit

Top Health Benefits of running that you can get
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Running is the best exercise if you want to improve your heart health. Its main benefit is it improves your cardiovascular health and reduces bad cardiovascular incidents. It improves the blood flow in all of your body, which in results boosts the blood vessel functions and also improves the condition of your other body parts.

Obesity or heavy body weight is highly linked with the causes that generate cardiovascular damage. Being a runner you may don’t need to take any tension because if you run regularly your body may contain less harmful fat which in results may lower your heart risks.

Even if you are obese or overweight, running is the best tool that can help you to shed extra pounds. Removing that extra fat from the body can help you to live a happy and wonderful life. A normal weighted person has more chances to live longer as compared to obese who always remain on the target of many risky diseases like stroke, heart attack, blood vessels clotting, respiratory issues, etc.

Many scientific studies and researches have shown the healthy effects of running on cardiovascular health. A meta-analysis of many studies which was later published on PubMed concludes that sports in which athletes mostly perform running, generate very health-friendly benefits for players like improved metabolic system, good body postures, and highly improved cardiovascular health. [ 1 ]Trusted ✔️  CITATION: Oja, P., Titze, S., Kokko, S., Kujala, U. M., Heinonen, A., Kelly, P., Koski, P., & Foster, C. (2015). Health benefits of different sport disciplines for adults: systematic review of observational and intervention studies with meta-analysis. British journal of sports medicine49(7), 434–440.

A study done by experienced researchers found that runners mostly have good cardiovascular health as compared to non-runner. They found that runners can have 30 to 45 percent lower risks of bad cardiovascular incidents while non-runners can get high risks of heart and other related problems. The study also concluded that regular running can also increase your expected life span. You may get low risks of heart diseases and more life expectancy as compared to other peoples who are not runners. [ 2 ]Trusted ✔️  CITATION: Lee, D. C., Pate, R. R., Lavie, C. J., Sui, X., Church, T. S., & Blair, S. N. (2014). Leisure-time running reduces all-cause and cardiovascular mortality risk. Journal of the American College of Cardiology64(5), 472–481.

Mental health benefits

Top Health Benefits of running that you can get
Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

The second benefit of running is it improves your mental health and stability. Due to its highly associated psychological benefits, this physical activity has a very high value in military training. As in force soldiers face heavy mind and physical challenges. To curb these challenges soldiers’ training includes high-intensity running games.

If you are a runner then you can count yourself better against depression, anxiety, and other mental problems even in tough conditions. In modern days where competition is very high and pressure of work remains always on the mind which can generate some psychological problems but most of these problems can be removed automatically if you start running daily for some reasonable distance.

The benefits of running over mental health issues are proved in a lot of studies. Many researchers have done their work on this topic. They have found that even an ordinary person can get a lot of mental health benefits if he or she starts running routine. Health experts have studied some ordinary runners like amateur peoples with medium or low physical activities experience. They were not professional runners but researchers were surprised after examining them. The main thing which surprised them was the high improvement in their mental health because of running. They become highly mentally improved persons with good mood, emotions, and low depression and anxiety traces. [ 3 ]Trusted ✔️  CITATION: Markotić, V., Pokrajčić, V., Babić, M., Radančević, D., Grle, M., Miljko, M., Kosović, V., Jurić, I., & Karlović Vidaković, M. (2020). The Positive Effects of Running on Mental Health. Psychiatria Danubina32(Suppl 2), 233–235.

This physical activity does not demand any special requirement. You can perform it on parks, grounds, streets, or on empty roads. It is the cheapest tool against mental illnesses which can reduce depression, anxiety, tension, low self-esteem, mood changes, and many other issues. [ 3 ]Trusted ✔️  CITATION: Markotić, V., Pokrajčić, V., Babić, M., Radančević, D., Grle, M., Miljko, M., Kosović, V., Jurić, I., & Karlović Vidaković, M. (2020). The Positive Effects of Running on Mental Health. Psychiatria Danubina32(Suppl 2), 233–235.

There are a lot of peoples who face memory or learning-related problems. Studies on running and its effect on mental health have concluded good results in terms of memory improvement. Researchers who performed these studies say running is very beneficial for mental health as it improves the memory capabilities of the brain and prevents or delays many dangerous neurodegenerative diseases. Running improves the activities of the hippocampus which is the important brain part that has great importance for memory-related functions. [ 4 ]Trusted ✔️  CITATION: Vivar, C., & van Praag, H. (2017). Running Changes the Brain: the Long and the Short of It. Physiology (Bethesda, Md.)32(6), 410–424. [ 5 ]Trusted ✔️  CITATION: Cooper, C., Moon, H. Y., & van Praag, H. (2018). On the Run for Hippocampal Plasticity. Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in medicine8(4),

Bodyweight benefits

Top Health Benefits of running that you can get
image credit mohamed_hassan pixabay

You may need to know that healthy body weight is essential if your goal is to achieve good health. There are many exercises and physical activities that can help you to get a healthy weight and running is at the top of these exercises list.

In running every muscle part of your body move thus this exercise engages all of your muscles which boosts fat loss. Main benefits of this physical activity start showing after some time, that is why you need to wait. In only two to three weeks you may start feeling or noticing some reasonable reductions from your weight scale measurement.

According to my experience, this exercise is best for you if you have gained weight from the side effects of antidepressant medicines. I was 85 kg before my treatment for depression. The antidepressant that the doctor prescribes me cause reasonable weight gain, which was terrible because it was not normal weight gain so it was like carrying an uncomfortable load. With running I, not only lose that weight even on medications but this exercise improves my mental health also. Now again I am in my normal condition and the doctor has stopped my treatment due to the high improvement in my mental health

Just keep consistency in your way nothing else

You may need to know that running is at a high level as compared to walking if you compare in terms of weight loss. Some peoples say a long-distance walk is better than running but their claim is false. According to scientific studies, there is no comparison between them because running is far ahead in promoting weight loss as compared to walking. In a study, experts observe the runner’s and walkers’ physical achievements. They found that running is the best way to lose weight and walking is far behind. In this study runners lose 90 percent more weight as compared to walking. [ 8 ]Trusted ✔️  CITATION:Williams P. T. (2013). Greater weight loss from running than walking during a 6.2-yr prospective follow-up. Medicine and science in sports and exercise45(4), 706–713.

There is also a misperception associated with this exercise and that is some peoples says weight loss due to running can affect the eating behavior and body image. Running doesn’t affect your eating routine or body image. Most peoples who talk about eating routine change does not follow any running plan. I think most of them don’t like this exercise. They might have some living experience with some runners and by watching their chosen eating routine and physical progress they might start thinking like that.

Researchers say running doesn’t directly change your eating routine or body image, it is other factors that contribute. [ 9 ]Trusted ✔️  CITATION: Gleaves DHWilliamson DAFuller RD Bulimia nervosa symptomatology and body image disturbance associated with distance running and weight loss. Your own choice of food or too much weight loss may contribute to these, not just this exercise.

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