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Education and Health: Why education must for healthy life

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022


Education and Health have a strong link. Both play a contributing role in living a successful life. 

The first one education helps you to do things, works, and to achieve various goals. At the same time, good Health makes you reach full potential in doing various works that lead you to achieve your life-related goals.

In short, both education and Health play a role for you to live a happy, healthy, suitable, reasonable, risk-free, and successful life that many people can dream.

What is education

Oxford dictionary defines education as learning, teaching, and training, which helps people in their fields. Word education is mainly used for educational institutes where students learn different things to behave and be successful in life.

Education is not limited to only schools, but all of the learning you get from the internet, books, TV, and social media can also be called education.

To receive the education, you don't have to be bel9ng to a specific age group. All people can get it without any border. Never consider institution-based study as education, but everything that you learn in different life intervals can be called education or knowledge that may help your needs.

You are receiving wellness or health education during your appointment with a doctor or when you read health and fitness information. Health education plays a crucial or essential role in making you healthy, fit, and well.

Not having good health knowledge can make you unhealthy because your limited health knowledge will make you less effective in making healthy choices or against harmful causes.

Education ratio in the world

The education ratio is different according to the regions, countries, or continents. Western countries are far superior as compared to most Asian and African countries in terms of education. Expert calculated that nearly 75 percent of the uneducated human population is in Africa, South Asia, West Asia, and nearby areas. (1)

People who belong to Asia and Africa face much high Health and other issues because of these areas' illiteracy levels. Available education in most of these areas is also low as it does not meet the Global standard of education set by developed nations or countries.

[su_quote]Developed countries are spending billions of dollars in research and developing, introducing, or producing new, effective, productive, and latest education[/su_quote]

According to Wikipedia, 90 percent of men are educated or literate, whereas 85 percent of women are literate. Remember these figures calculated all types of people who know and can learn, read or write. (1)

A 2013 research had concluded that 99 percent of the population of developed nations are literate. These numbers add significant value to the overall world calculation for literacy rate. (1)

Now let's talk about Health?

World Health Organization (WHO) defines Health as a "state of complete physical, mental and social wellness, without the absence of diseases or infirmity." (2)

So in the light of this definition, a person can be called healthy if that one is physically, mentally, socially well and is not facing any diseases or illnesses that cause physical, mental, and social disturbance.

Effective, valuable health knowledge plays a vital role in your lifestyle improvement as it tells you to live and behave for your Health friendly goals. You can get health education from various sources that are explained below the article.

Healthy people can score better in different fields of life and live a more happy life than unhealthy people with little knowledge or information.

Your doctors treat you because they have Health & medical education. Their knowledge makes them help you according to your needs. That is why they are different from other skilled people because doctors have essential education for treatment which others lack, thus making them a pillar stone in the Health and Medical Industry.

Why be healthy

Being healthy and well provides a lot of benefits. Perhaps your good Health is one of the main things that can give you great assistance in living a productive and valuable life.

 You can earn, clear, eat, and participate in many activities if you are a healthy person. For unhealthy people living a good life can be very hard. They can face more Health and lifestyle-related issues as compared to their healthy counterparts.

Medical researchers found that healthy people face fewer chronic diseases like heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, kidney failure, etc. These diseases risks were very high in non-healthy people. (3)

Health issues and unhealthy people face financial problems that make it hard to live everyday life. (3)

Why developed nations are healthy

Developed countries are spending billions to trillions of dollars on the health sector. Yearly, they spend a lot of money on health research, studies, and surveys, which help them find new things that support their medical, fitness, and health goals. 

Many people are unhealthy in developed countries also but not because of lack of health facilities, but it is due to their unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

Regularly new and latest health data are published there for general people, which guides them in living a health-friendly life.

In 2019 United States of America (USA) spend 3.8 trillion USD on its health system. It is almost 11582 for each US citizen. (4)

The USA is spending a tremendous amount of money on the health sector. It is also one of those countries spending a considerable percentage of their GDP on the health sector. USA spent about 117.7 percent of GDP on public Health in 2019. (4)

Where as in developing countries like Pakistan, the health sector is in a critical situation. According to a valuable source, Pakistan allocates 482.27 billion PKR in the 2020-2021 annual budget. This amount is just 1.2 percent of this country's GDP. (5)

Developed countries are spending a tremendous amount of money on their health sector, making the availability of the latest Health, medical, and fitness content flourish quickly all around the country. 

[su_quote]WHO recommends countries spend 5 percent of their GDP on their health services[/su_quote]

The latest knowledge enables people to deal with daily life health issues. Like they have a much better idea about dealing with wellness, Health, and medical problems than developing or underdeveloped nations. All of it is because of the health education and guidance they receive in their countries.

Why developing nations are unhealthy

Poor or developing nations and countries have the least financial resources to meet their health sector needs. Moreover, most of these countries spend a tiny part of their GDP on health services. Most of the budget goes for other purposes. 

Due to weak financial conditions, these countries also perform fewer medical studies, research, and surveys. They mostly get help from the developed countries.

Corruption and miss-handling in health services are also causing severe health issues in developing and under-developing countries.

Relationship between education and Health

Education and Health both play a significant role in making people well developed for themself and society. With education, people get knowledge and information, which is crucial for motives or goals.

An educated person can read and well understand the information as compared to an uneducated person. People who can read or write can get the most benefits from modern technologies like the internet.

The uneducated person may feel it hard to get authentic information because they cannot read and write. As most health data is published in English, not understanding English can also make them not benefit from the latest knowledge.

Due to less education prevalence in developing countries, misleading information about Health is on hype. Take an example of the coronavirus; many uneducated people are still not ready to accept this worldwide problem creating virus (covid-19).

Many people are hesitating to get the corona vaccine because of misleading myths associated with these vaccines. Only education and accurate information about this vaccine can help solve the myths that make people avoid getting the corona vaccination.

Studies say that people who are educated can get the maximum Health and lifestyle-related benefits. It is because they can understand the health guide better as compared to uneducated people. (3)

Educated people also can manage their health condition well. For example, suppose someone is suffering from a chronic health issue. In that case, managing the disease can be easy to understand the health and fitness-related tips from various sources like the doctor, health blogs, or any wellness platforms that provide needed guidance.

An uneducated person can face difficulties understanding the names of the disease, how to manage the issue can be a disturbing story.

In short, education is needed for a healthy lifestyle as it helps you to take steps on time or when required.

What type of education for Health?

Health education means having basic medical knowledge about Health, fitness, wellness, and diseases.

Experts who provide health education help people to get treatment and to manage the diseases like chronic diseases.

Doctors, Fitness Trainers, and Health blogs are effective ways to get Health-related education. From them, you can quickly get the valuable knowledge which will make a considerable life improvement.

Being an educated person makes you live a happy life by following the health and fitness tips from various sources.

Basic knowledge about foods, exercises, and diseases works best for you. You don't have to read bulky books. Just having tips and understanding & managing the capability of your mind can work best for Health-related goals.

Health education and life improvement

Here is how health education can cause improvement in your life:

Understanding help

With health education, you can better understand and follow the needed guide provided by experts.

People often get failed to understand their health situation and its needs. Mostly it happens because of not understanding the issue as not having the related information and knowledge can be the big reason for it.

A person who has Health and fitness-related knowledge can perform better in health and fitness-related needs. Having knowledge, tips, and education can help to do things according to the requirements.

An uneducated person can be significantly disturbed in a complicated health-related situation.

Managing condition

Not just to understand, but education also helps to manage things.

Having health and fitness tips helps you to manage your health goals for a long time. Also, you can manage your diseases or health problems with proper medication and other related healthy tips and tricks.

Remember medicines can't cure you alone, you need a healthy diet, daily exercise and healthy lifestyle for better & results required. All of this is possible if you have considerable good Health and fitness knowledge.

 Exercise related help

Fitness knowledge provides you assistance to perform different types of exercises. If you have fitness knowledge, doing activities with needed and good techniques can be easy for you. 

An excellent technique to perform exercises is best to get fast and effective results.

Note: exercises or physical activities are essential to living a healthy life, reducing your risks of various chronic diseases.

Diet-related help

An educated person can understand the food value better than an uneducated person. 

Because being educated can helps you to read and understand the mutational value of your food. Through which you can eat and avoid foods according to your goals.

For an uneducated person, it can be pretty hard to understand the mutational value. Most of these people can fail even to understand what micronutrients are. 

Diagnosing help

Many uneducated people get failed to understand their health issues. Most of them ignore their early symptoms of diseases and live a considerably difficult period with health issues.

Living with diseases without treatment can make your life harder and risky as most conditions grew worse with time with the sense of therapy.

Being an educated person can help you to understand the diseases. It can be easy for you to know the abnormal condition. You can get to know the symptoms of diseases online. 

Knowing symptoms can assist in understanding your diseases and make you get medical help as soon as possible.

Treatment help

An educated person can get treatment for health conditions fast compared to an uneducated one as the first one knows the consequences, which makes one act fast. 

Whereas being uneducated and not understanding the illness can make a person delay the treatment. 

Delay in treatment is the top contributor in making illnesses severe. It is causing millions of injuries and fatalities that can be preventable if treated at the right time.

Lack of education & Health effects.

Lack of education can cause several burdens of problems in your life. It can be health-related or other lifestyle-related, in all these you may face great trouble because of not having the required education:

• Not having health information can make it difficult for you to understand the specific health condition. 

• You may not get to know your diet well. Not having much knowledge about the national value of your food can make you eat a lot of unhealthy foods. With that, your Health-related issues can arise.

• You may not perform well exercises without having the required knowledge. Not knowing how & when to exercise can make it very difficult to get the required benefits.

Sources to get health education

Here are some valuable sources from where you can get health and fitness-related information or education:

1. Doctors

2. Fitness Instructors

3. Nutritionists

4. Health blogs like Address4Health

5. Government Health Networks

6. Health magazines

7. Sports channels etc

How to contribute to prevail education

You can also help in prevailing the education. To help others by providing education-related help can give you inner relief but can also work best for creating a more civilized and healthy society. 

Remember, the contribution is the main thing that is making people survive on this planet. People help each other solve issues, and by assisting each other, humans are still flourishing with full potential. 

Even thousands of living species have extinct, but we still survive because we know how to contribute.

Here is how you can contribute in prevailing the education:

• By providing financial assistance to health networks that give health knowledge as you can donate to them. Your donations can help them to work more with needed potential.

• You can help people who illustrate or are uneducated. Guiding them about the issue is one of the best things that you can do.

• Take part in health awareness campaigns. Promote and support them.

• During the corona pandemic, you can guide the people who hesitate to get the corona vaccine.

Bottom line

Education and Health both play an essential role in our life. Being an educated person provides you many opportunities and makes you live a less risky life. Education helps you to understand your Health more authentically, which is not possible for an uneducated person.


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Health Diseases Preventions
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