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Why refined carbs are not health friendly

Table of Contents

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Refined carbs

A lot of people think all carbohydrates are the same in nutritional value but that is not true. There are healthy carbohydrates and unhealthy carbohydrates. Today we will talk about unhealthy carbs that are also known as refined carbs. Refined carbohydrates are highly processed carbs. Foods full of refined carbs are unhealthy because the processing process removes all of the healthy nutrients from the food and what is left the only taste of sugar and calories with no value.

Refined carbs are highly hated by health and fitness experts because they are the main cause of many health and fitness problems. Their high consumption or even moderate consumption can lead to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, bad fitness, and other related problems that are mentioned below.

Their unhealthy effects are a lot and almost every health and fitness expert recommends the limitation of their consumption. But instead of stopping their consumption peoples likes to eat them daily in high quantity. Huge numbers of varieties in refined carbs foods are also responsible for their huge number of sales. Brands that are selling these foods are making billion annually.

Foods with refined carbs have just empty tasty calories.  These foods contain highly processed sugars and grains that have no healthy nutrition value. Table sugar, agave, and high fructose corn syrup are such examples of sugar-related materials that are found in foods full of refined carbohydrates. The white refined flour is the result of the processing of whole wheat grains. The processing process separates all the fibrous and nutritional value from the wheat. Refined flour usually has a lot of empty calories but with no nutritional value.

The market value of foods full of refined carbohydrates is going upward day by day and peoples health is going down day by day

Here is why refined carbs are bad for your health:


Refined carbs have links with obesity

Why refined carbs are not health friendly
Edited by Address4Health staff, photos acquired from pixabay

Refined carbs cause obesity in peoples. As these are empty calories with just good taste that is why peoples like to eat them. Children and Adults both eat processed foods in high quantity. Consumption of refined carbs is not health-friendly because it causes a flood of sugar in the bloodstream which results trigger the surge of insulin in the body to clean the extra sugar from the blood.

An extraordinary quantity of insulin in the body can increase hunger and its result increases the chances of overeating and with overeating chances of obesity increases many times. Refined foods usually have low fiber and are easily digested. Their consumption is the reason for the extraordinary change in blood sugar and insulin level and due to that issue of overeating rises and continues overeating for a long time can lead to obesity. (1)

Most Refined carbs foods have a high glycemic index as compared to whole carbs. Glycemic index (GI) is usually used for the ranking of food effect on the glucose levels.

Studies have shown that foods with a high glycemic index increase the chances of overeating. It was found that foods with a low glycemic index keep the person full for many hours like 2-3hrs while foods with a high glycemic index keep the person full for almost one hour that is 50 to 75 percent less as compared to low glycemic index foods.

Medical experts also found that high glucose level due to the consumption of High GI foods causes hormones and metabolic changes in peoples especially in overweight and obese peoples. These changes promote overeating by increasing the appetite and that overeating effect makes the person obese. (2)


Large numbers of peoples are obese or overweight due to the high consumption of refined processed foods. Even in developed countries like the USA obesity is increasing day by day. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) survey (2017-2018) reports show that almost 42.4 percent of adult Americans were affected by obesity. (3)

The main reasons for this high percentage were the high consumption of refined, fast, and processed foods.

With many kinds of research and studies, experts have found that refined carbs are the real promoter of obesity in peoples. Foods full of refined carbs are found responsible for the big fat bellies in peoples. It is recommended to eat vegetables, fruits, and other natural foods for a normal and healthy weight. Refined carbs foods may cause inflammation in peoples and inflammation has a link with leptin resistance. Leptin is a hormone that is made by our body’s fatty tissues.

Providing satiety-related signals to the brain are included in their work. In leptin resistance, our brain does not receive these signals and in this condition, the brain thinks that the body needs energy and needs food thus that condition promotes overeating. (4)

Daily Consumption of processed or refined foods is strongly associated with obesity and many types of research and studies have proved it.

Refined carbs increase type-2 diabetes risks

Type 2 diabetes is a lifelong dangerous and one of the most common diseases. Type 2 diabetes is a health problem that prevents the body to use insulin healthily. Patient with this disease usually has insulin resistance. Type 2 diabetes increases the risks of many diseases like heart diseases, kidney failure, eye diseases, etc.

This disease is very common in peoples, especially in developed countries where processed and refined carbs foods are available in large varieties. In 2017 around 462 million peoples were affected by type 2 diabetes and 1 million deaths were linked to type 2 diabetes and this disease is prevailing with fast speed in American and European countries. (5)

The relation between refined and sugary foods is proved by many science-based studies and researches. A study published in 2014 concluded that consumption of refined foods like noodles and white rice is strongly linked with high glucose levels and insulin resistance in Asian peoples. (6)

An ecological study in the United States (US) found that high consumption of refined foods and low consumption of fiber-rich foods are strongly linked with the prevalence of type 2 diabetes. Corn syrup which is a refined and processed product is used in many food products. Study have concluded that high consumption of corn syrup in foods is the major cause of type 2 diabetes in Americans. (7)

Type 2 diabetes is life long disease and consumption of refined foods can cause type 2 diabetes in all ages of peoples

Refined carbs may increase the risk of high blood pressure

Health experts believe that high consumption of refined carbs can become the cause of hypertension in peoples. High blood pressure’s second name is hypertension. According to trusted and reliable health sources, a high level of insulin and leptin resistance due to the consumption of refined carbs can increase oxidative stress. (8)

Oxidative stress is the major cause of hypertension or High blood pressure. Hyperinsulinemia and leptin resistance may also prevent the excretion of sodium and water from the kidneys which in results can raise the person’s blood pressure.


A high level of insulin in the body can also lead to a deficiency of magnesium. Due to the low quantity of magnesium in the body constriction develop in the blood vessels which can cause high blood pressure.

Sugar in refined carbs especially fructose decreases the nitric oxide(NO) in the blood vessels. Nitric oxide acts as vasodilators(prevents tightness and narrowing in blood vessels) and helps the blood vessels to maintain elasticity. So when fructose will inhibit the nitric oxide then constriction and no suppression in the blood vessels will increase the blood pressure. (9)

High consumption of sugary refined carbs can increase blood pressure by causing constriction in the blood vessels

Refined carbs can create heart problems

Why refined carbs are not health friendly
Edited by Address4Health staff, photos acquired from pixabay


High Consumption of refined carbs is associated with causes of type 2 diabetes and hypertension. Both of these diseases are the top contributors to heart diseases. Sugar and sweeteners in refined foods increase blood pressure and type 2 diabetes risks and these diseases provide the open way for heart problems. (10)

Studies and researches have proved that sugary refined carbs increase blood triglyceride which can increase the risks of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. (11)

Fitness level decrease with refined foods

Most Refined carbs are only empty calories with less or no nutrition value. High consumption of these foods increases the fat in the body. Refined foods have less or no protein value, a protein which is essential for a good muscular fit body, and not providing this macronutrient to the body will decrease the muscle mass. High fat and weak muscles can decrease the fitness level and performance at the workout or any sports activity.

Bottom line

For a healthy and fit body healthy food is very necessary. Carbs which are important nutrient and source of energy for the body plays a very important role In the growth of the body. But there are unhealthy carbs too. They are refined, processed and they play a very less healthy role for the body. By avoiding them you can decrease the risks of many diseases. Add unprocessed, natural whole foods(whole carbs) to your diet for a healthy body.

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