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Common reasons you still don't workout and how to solve it?

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022


Fitness is directly associated and linked with your health quality. It basically makes the level for you about how much healthy and unhealthy you are. You can't achieve good and needed fitness without involving some exercises in your daily routine. With healthy eating and exercise, you can boost your health but also can improve your living quality and life status.

These days many peoples avoid or they don't do exercises or physical activities due to different reasons. Avoiding these activities can cause problems and many life or health-related risks are associated with it. Modern humans just like you may not get benefits from exercise due to some reasons and some of them are discussed below in the article. Solutions for them also discuss which you might find helpful.

Common reasons people don't exercise

Here are 16 basic and common reason which can prevent people to do exercise:

Too much busy in jobs

Jobs, Jobs, and Jobs this is the common cause why you and others might not get time for exercise. In today's modern world when there is tough competition in every field of life, people are just rushing towards every empty seat of jobs. Some are doing 2 to 3 jobs and they find no time for any needed physical activities.

As you may know nowadays for the most of the work machinery are used and humans operate them by mostly in sitting position. Some even sit for the whole day in front of a computer to just do or perform their work at jobs. This might cost you or a person who has to do it on daily basis without any physical activities.

Studies and researches conclude that remaining or spending too much time while sitting can cause fatal diseases or issues like heart diseases, strokes, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure. Being obese, diabetic or hypertension can increase the risks of strokes and heart attack several times in affected person. (1)(2)

There are a lot of people who find very little time for even sleep how they can take time for exercise it may become for them a hard task to perform. In a lot of developed or developing countries, the majority of people are working for 12 to 14 hours a day. After a long and hard time at the job, they find nobody effort to do some exercises that why most refrain or avoid them.

How to deal with it

There are solutions of everything, not complete but treatment for every problem or issue is present and nature or human need always find or generate the issue resolver. Some tips that may help you to deal with busy jobs problem and to get time for exercise are mentioned below:

· Do that many jobs which your body or strength can handle

· Remember jobs are not everything but you have life to enjoy also

· Always do that job which provides suitable break time

· Some companies prefer their workers to keep engage themselves in physical activities and they have gyms also, you may need to prefer those.

· Always do some walk after every 30 minutes of working while sitting.

· Never hesitate to move or walk whenever you get a chance.

· Always chose stairs instead of lifts because using stairs can turn into exercise.

· 30 minutes of exercise is enough, you can get that time easily especially in the morning time which is the best time to do exercises because that time presence of noise, pollution, work or job pressure can be less in most areas and for people.

Bad eating habit

Eating habits also matter a lot and put reasonable pressure on your daily workout routines. Overeating habits can make you lazy and you may find it hard to remain active for most of your day. Moreover, it can also lead to obesity which furthermore can lead to several other high-risk issues.

High consumption of fried, refined, or processed, sugar-rich foods is more dangerous and can produce several diseases and risks. These foods often come in high calories which can reduce your body activeness and can promote fatigue or laziness.

Moreover, if you do exercise but eat that which you should not then you ain't going to see any proper needed or achievable goals. Not getting results from exercises can make you leave them early or after some time. With the signs of good results Motivation increases but with bad results Motivation degrade.

Natural foods like whole-grain foods, chicken, beef, fish, eggs, dairy products, lentils, chickpeas, etc. are those foods that most athletes consume as their benefits to achieve a healthy and fit body are a lot. That is why you may need to avoid added sugar-rich foods, processed or refined grains foods, or too much salty and fried foods to prevent many overall health-related damages.

Lack of interest

Everything is based on the person's interest. If you are not taking proper attention and not taking interest in work then you are not going to get reasonable success in them. Lack of interest is the main reason for defeats in not today's world but also in the past many rulers lost their rules mainly due to their ignorance and lack of interest in important matters or issues.

If you have no interest in doing exercise then you are not going to work out for more than 2 weeks in most cases. There are a lot of people who go to gums by following others but they don’t like to make effort and mostly they spend time talking and stalking others. Not only do they waste their time but also disturb others.

Lack of interest is related to the mind and this matter needs a proper way to handle. You may need to get motivation from some sports personalities who you may like. Follow them how they get benefits by doing exercises and their looks look impressive with physical activities. You may get interested in these activities by keeping yourself engage in sports or fitness-related activities or information, which may help you.

Studies say that people around you and the environment put high effects on human personality and daily life interests also. Having friends that like exercise or sports activities can also help you to gain interest in physical activities.

Heavy responsibilities

Being a responsible person for something or need can be tough at most times. A person who has high responsibilities can be called a busy person with the least extra or free time. Due to these he or she might get less time for physical activities.

Job and family-related responsibilities can make you live an extra busy life. To deal with heavy responsibilities you can do some steps like getting help from others so they can share or guide you to deal with your daily life needs related to your family and work-related issues also.

Bad schedule of sleep

Sleep is a natural process and proper time of it is very crucial for your body to work well. Moreover, it also affects your fitness a lot. Not having the required sleep for a long time can make you weak, motivated less, stressed and also can increase the risks of many diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high BP, Mental illnesses, cancers, and much more. Perhaps smoking and sleep deprivation can cause a lot of health harm.

Not getting enough sleep can prevent you from the workout in many ways. Like your motivation, interest and body strength can lose before the activity or during the physical works. Muscles improvement is also linked with rest or sleep timing. During rest, muscles boost and grow bigger while not sleeping can cause muscles to shrink or reduce in size and strength.

The main thing is that sleep is not only needed to do proper exercise but it is needed for the overall good health and fit body. Most high authority health organizations recommend adults to take 7 hours of sleep per night for benefits.

Sex or masturbation addiction

Addiction to everything is bad. Sexual addiction is also not good. Perhaps it produces the most severe issues related to personal health and issues in the general public. In today's modern days this addiction is on rising due to the high availability of explicit media which is why a great concern is rising.

Too much sex or masturbation can increase tiredness or fatigue and a person may take less interest in daily works as only sexual desires can be present in his/her mind most times. Sexual activeness is good for health but too much of everything is bad. (3)

A person who is a masturbation addict can become weak if he or she doesn’t take the proper required diet. The main reason for addiction in modern days is the high prevalence of adult media on the internet which is available to everybody who has access to online search engines. After masturbation people can feel guilty which may also lead to stress which can reduce their interest in exercise. (4)

Nightfall problems can become common due to highly watching routines of adult movies. Nightfall is the process of automatic ejaculation while sleeping which can be the result of a dream in which that person may face a sexual encounter.

By watching less or avoiding adult media especially from the internet you can reduce many issues. Instead of masturbation by watching explicit movies, sex is better and healthier. Most athletes do one time per week but some do it many times a week, it can depend on the needs. By avoiding too much of it you can take interest in other activities like exercises which can boost your sexual performance or issues also as these can also help you to get a good erection and can act as a natural remedy against erectile dysfunction. (5)

Lack of fitness knowledge

Knowledge or information I needed to complete a task. Exercise can also not be done properly if you have no or less knowledge about how to do it with proper techniques and how to increase their effectiveness in terms of benefits.

Fitness trainers are selling information by charging heavy prices but here on Address4Health, these are easily accessible for you for your usage. You can check our fitness page for much more data.

Being raised in a less active family

Your environment and the people who raised you to put a lot on your personality. Perhaps both of these are the most affected factors on a person's life and their effects can go for life.

If you are raised in a family which has less involvement in physical activities then the chances are high that you may also don’t take interest in exercise. If you are also raised in rest friendly environment of family then your chances to remain the same as your caregivers and people's likes can be increased.

To deal with these problems you need to do some effort yourself. By increasing friends who like exercise or other sports-friendly activities, you can also boost your interests. Remember peoples around you matters a lot in making you engage in activities that can be any types of activities.


Obesity means highly presence of fat tissues on a body. A person who has 30 or more BMI reading is called obese. Obesity not only decreases exercise ability but increases the risks of several mortality-related diseases.

An obese person can't spend a reasonable time in exercise. Breathing problems are also common in those people. Moreover, they don't take part in physical activities much. Too much fat on their bodies can prevent their body move better. They can get tired with some small physical effort. That is why their interest in exercise can be reduced.

To deal with those problems you need to reduce your body weight. For that purpose, healthy natural foods and eating habits along with physical workouts can help a lot.

Being parent

When a couple becomes parents then their responsibilities can increase many times. That is why most peoples leave their exercise routine when they conceive children. Due to lack of physical activities, they can also become obese and in most cases, they turn into obese, which is why it is famous that when a person does marriage his or her body weight boosts up.

Even if you get married do not stop exercising because it is crucial just like you eat or sleep. Otherwise, you may get fat and your appearance can get disturbed.

Too much online presence

In today's world, high internet usage has become common. Perhaps the world has become busier with the internet or online data. A person who takes rest from general works often can be seen as using or browsing the google chrome and he or she says it is rest while it is not but an online work.

Peoples often remain busy using mobile which can lead to their absence in daily routine works including exercises. The main reason for not getting benefits from physical activities is because people don't give proper attention to them. Even at the gym and they remain busy using their smartphones.

By limiting the usage of phones especially during workout time the motivation and interest for exercise can be increased.

Rest lover

Too much rest is bad. It can increase laziness, fatigue, and risks of many issues and diseases. Moreover, it can prevent you to take part in different daily life activities including exercises.

Some peoples sleep for 9 to 10nhours per night but in the daytime, they still feel shut or their dizziness remains at a high level even in the daytime. Mainly it is due to their daily life routine which can be more rest friendly like they mostly spend time while sitting or lying which can increase their laziness several times.

Rest is good while too much is not needed in most cases for a general person. Keeping themselves busy in some works can be good to reduce the desire of taking rest as by doing it you can increase your interest in daily life-related works.

Trying to save money

The main problem of humans is they love to make money and to store them. It is believed that if a human can get all of the earth's valuable things then his or her needs for things will not fulfill. Perhaps that one may try to get the treasures of space also.

Peoples do many jobs simultaneously just to increase the bank balance. Due to that, they didn't take proper foods, sleep and avoid exercise in most cases. This way the health and fitness graph of the general population is going downward with fast speed. Yearly millions are being affected by diseases due to their less involved in physical activities.

You can live with less money but you can't live long with bad health. Exercise is needed for good health that is why almost every physician recommends their patients to do some activities that demand body movements.

Try to save money from other needs like entertainment-related but not from fitness or health-related needs. Do jobs that your body can handle and you can get reasonable time for rest and exercises also because both of them are also crucial and needed for proper life to spend.

Money will not go with you towards the grave so stop mentally run towards them but spend reasonable and valuable life that covers and gives you proper taste about living.

Health issues or being handicapped

“Health is wealth”. A person can do many things with health but with bad health, he or she cannot achieve reasonable or needed results. The prosperity of a person can reduce with the downgrade of health. Being handicapped is a health issue that can stop or limit your body's capabilities. Not having arms, legs, or other body parts functionality, being deaf or dumb, and the mentally ill person can be called handicapped.

If you have health issues like heart diseases or you are handicapped then the chances of your avoiding exercises can increase. Studies say that even in severe health conditions some types of body or physical movements are needed to keep the body function works properly. Even Experts says wheel chaired peoples who can't walk need some types of exercises. (6)

If you have health issues then talk with your doctor and he or she will tell or advise you according to the severity of your issue. Moreover, most experts advise the peoples to do light exercises even if they have severe health issues. Walking is suitable for most people who have needed body functionality. People who are handicapped can do many types of exercises with the help of their caregivers. Moreover, artificial arms, legs, and other helpful equipment for handicapped people are available in markets that can help them to do exercises.

No access to gyms

Some people or you can face the issue of not having accessibility to a gym where you can work out for your health and fitness motives or goals. The importance of a gym for exercise needs is a lot due to high availability of suitable atmosphere and equipment’s.

In rural areas, these fitness centers are not present in most areas, but in bad condition, if exist. Even in developed areas, these can be far away from your home which may result in not too beneficial for you. That is why this can be the reason for you or other people to avoiding the exercise program.

You may need to know that gym is the best place to exercise and their qualities and services matter a lot in producing results.

To deal with the least approach to a gym you can choose the “B” plan which is a home workout. Yeah, exercise at home is also a suitable way to perform physical activities if you can't go to a gym for some reason. Not too much equipment is needed but you can do many types of exercises at home with just basic or important exercise-related equipment.

Home exercise is also the best option for ladies who may need to work at jobs and homes also which can prevent them to go out for physical activities. The main tip for busy people is that they should do exercises in the Morning time because in the early morning most people can find free and extra time to exercise.


Above mentioned reasons are the top ones that may prevent you to do exercises. Some help is also explaining at the ends of each subheading which can be useful for most people. If you like our content then please share this website and follow us on social media. Thanks.

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