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Sport Injuries Popular Games With Severe Injuries Risks

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022

Sport Injuries

Here is the popular sports list that is famous for causing most sport injuries.

This list is prepared with the help of various United States hospital's patient attendance data.

Most of these include international-level sports or games which are played significantly all around the world.

Bike or motorsport Injuries

According to the "Insurance Information Institute," most people get injured or receive medical treatment from various hospitals because of bike-related incidents.

Not just young people but many children and older adults also face injuries because of bike or motorsports activities.

Not just in the USA, but bike sport included at the top of the list that causes most injuries and fatalities worldwide.

Because of the least protection on the bike, a biker usually remains vulnerable to severe outcomes due to any faults or accidents that happened or remained on the possibility list.

The speed, light bike weight, and most miniature protective measurements make a bike sport more lethal or injury friendly.

As compared to cars, motorbike racing causes most injuries and fatalities. Most families have it, and every type of bike can be used for racing.

A person doesn't need a costly bike for a race.

The home bike can also perform well for racing purposes, which is why bike racing is more prevalent in human society than cars that cost higher and everyone can't buy it due to budget issues.

Usually, in bike sport, participants have to cross the line with fast speed.

A person who crosses the finish line first gets the winner title.

The weight of the bike is very light compared to cars or other vehicles, but their speed level is almost the same as heavy vehicles.

When a bike travels at a fast speed, its weight reduces more of its value.

A light touch or side of other vehicles can push to fall with the conclusion of high impact on the asphalt or with some obstacle like walls or footpaths.

Even though in most competitions rubber tires are used around the racing track to reduce the impact but still many athletes get injured because of falling during the competition

According to the research data, 655,884 people got injured, and 1089 died in the USA because of motor vehicle-related activities.

Motorbikes, bicycles, ATVs, mini bikes, and mopeds were the vehicles that were primarily involved in accidents, reports say.

Most people get injured because of avoiding the head helmet. Mainly head injury causes most fatalities in motor vehicle accidents.

As on bike or bicycle helmet is the only protective way to cover the head, avoiding it can increase the flawed conclusion risks much to a worrying level.

So if you want to race on the bike, then consider wearing all types of protective gear.

Well, value helmets should be your top priority as low-level helmets do not provide expected protective help.

Bike racing injuries

  • Head Injuries like inner brain bleeding
  • Coma situation
  • Bones fracture
  • Broken ribs risks
  • Ankle, joint dislocation
  • Mild to severe Bleeding
  • Broken neck risks
  • Shoulder fracture
  • Severe pain, especially while the treatment
  • Significant Skin damage risks
  • Body Organ damage issues
  • Death mostly die to brain injuries

Tips to prevent injuries

Here are some tips that may help to reduce the risks of bike injuries or fatalities:

Avoid racing if possible

Race on the track instead of on a narrow open road

Wear protective gear like a helmet or bike-related Stuff

Tour the path before the race, especially in mountain racing

Stop the race if you observe the technical issue in the bike

Check the fuel before race or travel

Always check your "bike chain" condition before your activity

Avoid the race in traffic

Call for help if needed

Avoid stunts during the race especially lifting the front wheel or being a gymnastic on the bike.

Never touch the bike after drinking alcohol or if you have a sleep-like condition.

Keep the bike in a suitable condition. Repair, tune, and maintain it according to the needs.

Never let the children drive the bike.

Lift the bike stand before the race if it is not automatic; otherwise, you can fall badly.

Don't try to kick or harass your opponent during the race. Avoid it as this act can cause severe injuries and fatalities.

Don't race at night, as few people will be available to help you in an emergency. A dark environment or visibility can cause disturbance while traveling at high speed.

Never let the children participate in racing-like activities.

According to research, bicycle or motorbike racing causes most injuries, disabilities, and fatalities to children.

In the USA, more than 200000 children receive medical treatment because of just bicycle injuries.

Exercise equipment malfunction

The definition of exercise equipment that is used while performing specific or various workouts or physical activities.

For different games or sports, many types of equipment can be used.

Malfunction or error in the equipment also plays a destructive role in causing significant injuries.

In sports and other life work and activities, fault in the related equipment contributes to the financial, physical, or life-related loss.

Mostly protective gear and the thing used to perform the sports activity are listed in the exercise equipment list.

Just take an example of bike racing, in its equipment can include helmet, rubber pads, or unique racing clothes and bikes.

For weight lifting, barbell, dumbbell, bench, weight plates, weight machine are some common and most famous examples of exercise equipment.

Mistakes and errors while using this equipment can appeared as severe outcomes.

Almost 390,768 people were admitted to US hospitals due to injuries caused by an exercise equipment malfunction.

Tips to prevent

Avoid the rusty and old equipment for physical activities

Always use suitable, new, and robust material made equipment

Never compromise on the equipment quality, especially for extreme sports like racing, weight lifting, trampolines, swimming, skating, surfing, etc.

Check the brakes of your bike or car as it is one of the most significant equipment or machine-related malfunctions that cause most fatalities or fatal accidents.

Wear strong material made helmets in sports where they are needed, like in baseball, rugby, hockey(goalkeeper), cricket(keeper, batsman), and ice hockey


Basketball is a trendy sport. It is played in almost every country and billions of people and awareness about it.

On the country, national and international level, different levels of basketball tournaments are held, in which many fans take their interest.

It is also a famous sport in developed countries, especially in the USA, where it is significantly played at the national, international, and club levels.

Yearly basketball pro athletes make millions as this sport makes billion-dollar revenue every year.

As this sport is exciting and a high number of people likes to play it. But this sport is also linked with causing high numbers of injuries. Injuries in marks are not uncommon, but their ratio in basketball is very significant.

Just in the United States, 214,847 people were admitted to medical centers to treat injuries caused in basketball matches.

Most injuries happen when a player moves fast with the ball and makes the abrupt move to score.

The effort for scoring contact with the opponent can make both or one of them fall, which can cause injuries most times.

Basketball sport is notorious for causing abrupt injuries. A sudden move with high impact left the player to get very little time to control or get the grip against the fall or bad injury-related outcomes.

Common basketball injuries

  • Trauma and shock risks
  • Joint pain or dislocating
  • Eyes injuries
  • Finger injuries
  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Back injuries
  • Elbow injuries
  • Joint pain
  • Head injuries(In case of impact to the head)


Build your body strength as the weak person can't stick in a basketball game or may get severed injured with destructive impact with a considerable strong opponent

Keep your eyes open, and don't lose attention.

Be sure your visual health is suitable; otherwise, get medical treatment or help.

Avoid playing in bad conditions, especially if you have a health-related issue.

If you are a child, then don't play in the game with most adults

Wear a headband if you have long hairs because hairs can cause visual disturbance by getting into the front of your eyes

Leave the game if you get injured. Trying to play with the injury can be harmful as you may not show needed physical performance, but you can get more injured because of less physical capability than opponents.


Swimming is an activity in which a person moves on the surface of the water with the help of specific arms and legs movement.

It is also included in the sports list. Swimming sports event are held worldwide and is included in the "Olympics" the world biggest sports event.

Not just as a sport, but many people like this activity because of their passion, interest, and entertainment.

Swimming is an exciting sport, but sometimes the situation can go wrong. A lot of people loses their life yearly because of drowning while swimming.

Sea creature's attacks on people are not so common, but the situation always remains tense and risky while swimming at sea.

Many people disappeared while swimming there, and authorities believe they were killed by sea predators, i.e., Great white sharks.

At home, people use the swimming pool to accomplish their interest in swimming.

It is good to swim at the pool instead of the sea but sometimes, without proper care, swimming at the pool can also turn the normal situation into a bad or lethal one.

As reports of snakes, alligators attacks are reported near the people-owned swimming poles.

Moreover, for babies or pets, a swimming pool can become a dangerous place. News, videos, and online reports of tragedy linked to little age people and pets are reported.

So it can be best to empty the pool after using it as it can be the best practice to reduce the severe risky outcomes.

According to the World Health Organization(WHO), 236000 people died worldwide in 2019 while swimming.

In the just USA, 129,708 people were injured or receive medical help because of swimming-related activities.

Swimming injuries

  • Death due to suffocation or unavailability to breathe and receive oxygen
  • Death because of the attacks by sea animals
  • Shoulder and knee injuries
  • Head injuries due to impact with solid material like rocks.
  • Swimming-like head injuries happened mostly when people dive from a high place, and the result leads them to go down the surface to get a severe hit to their head.
  • Head injury can lead to severe outcomes, as with this type of injury, a person can lose consciousness and may not get to the upper water surface at a needed time.


Swim along with your colleagues or in the presence of a safety guard

Attach a fence or any hurdle which can stop wild creatures from getting inside the swimming pool

Teach your children about how to swim so their presence near the pool can become less risky

Never let the underage children, especially those who are five years or less. At that age, they can face difficulty understanding and control the situation.

Never let them go near the swimming pool or keep your collection empty to stop the dangerous tragedy even if they know to swim.

Also, avoid swimming with small children.

Keep yourself active to help others as your effort can save someone's life.

There are many heroes' videos present on YouTube in which they can be seen saving other people.

If you feel pain in your legs, back, arms, or at any part of the body, consider avoiding swimming.

Near pressurize non-swimmers or those who don't know how to swim to get into the deep water.

Avoid that area that has the danger sign. Usually, the danger is pasted at risky regions that have a history of tragedy, incident, injury, or fatality.

Always keep your eyes on the family members whenever you go for a swim along with them, and consider it the best practice for safety.


Football is the most popular sport in the world. It is one of the sports which is watched and loved by billion of people.

The value of football is that significant that being even an amateur footballer, a person can earn well for a reasonable high-quality living.

It is a very health and fitness-friendly sport but has mild to severe physical injuries risks.

Even professional athletes receive severe injuries sometimes, which makes them unfit to participate further in many matches.

Some injury needs many months of rest to recover from the damage entirely.

Twelve thousand one hundred eighty-one people were admitted to the different hospitals of the USA due to football-related injuries.

Football is also the most played sport among the people.

Injuries in football

  • Risks of broken bones especially leg bones
  • Dehydration
  • Finger or hands fracture. Most goalkeepers face such type of issues as they have to stop the fast-flying ball
  • Risks of death. Most fatalities happen in football due to heart issues.


Wear comfortable shoes and cover your front leg bone with the light guard if possible

Avoid playing the match in slippery conditions as it might increase your risks of falling and get injured.

Avoid unneeded stunts. Some players do stunt to celebrate the goal or victory. Such types of celebration acts can be dangerous.

Some players have even lost their life due to such unconditional acts.


Trampoline is played on a bouncing device that people use for entertainment and sport-related purposes. It is made of a strong fabric which is usually attached al g with springs between a steel frame.

It is a bouncing device that pushes the person's body up in the air and gives the pleasure of entertainment.

Bouncing on the trampoline feels very good, and many people, including children and adults, take a lot of interest in it.

Due to the high bouncing effect, activity on the trampoline can be hazardous. A significant number of people face hospital trips because of trampoline-related injuries.

106358 people were treated in the United States because of such injuries in 2020.

Most injuries occur when two or more people try the activity on a sizeable short-width trampoline.

The soft or expired quality fabric also causes issues.

When a person bounces on the trampoline, this device pushes that one into the air almost 8 to 10 ft.

If things get wrong, the fall from such a height can be dangerous.

The risks of getting hit with the iron frame or on the ground from a lengthy height can cause mild to severe injuries.

People also get injured during the collision with each other.

The destructive bouncing effect can increase the collision intensity and may cause some severe damage in some cases.


  • Head and neck injuries especially collapsing with the frame or body impact to the ground, can cause such a risky health situation
  • Broken bones. Usually, these damages happen when people collide with each other or hit the ground with high impact.
  • Old and heavyweight people face these risks more because they face stability issues which significantly increase their chances of falling.
  • Bleeding, paralysis, or even fatality can happen if the injury is critical or severe.

Prevention tips

Avoid the trampoline if you are overweight or an old-age person.

An overweight body can face stability issues and can tear the fabric due to high impact. Sudden fabric tear can land you on the ground.

With the addition of the bouncing effect and your extraordinary body weight, your legs can face significant impact, which may lead you to get a high-intensity injury like broken legs.

Cover the surrounding areas of the trampoline. Padding or such rubbery material around your trampoline can increase some safety against falls.

As compared to solid ground, a rubbery or elastic material can absorb your impact more without giving its reaction to your body, which you can feel significantly while landing on the solid surface.

Ensure the quality of the trampoline and avoid the rusty or low material made to do your fun type thing like bouncing.

Get medical help as soon as possible in case of injury and help others if they need it.


Baseball is a sport in which two teams of nine-player each play for the winning position based on the most scored runs.

In this sport, a bat and a firm ball are used. A player throws the ball with full force, and the facing player counters the ball throw by hitting it with total effort with the help of a baseball bat.

This sport also causes injuries. Several types of injuries and health issues can arise in a critical situation.

Injuries due to baseball

  • Muscle injuries like pain, tear, and swollen tissues
  • Joint pain
  • Hand and wrist injuries
  • Cuff issues
  • Elbow pain and injury


Play while wearing a protective kit

Always wear the helmet if you are a keeper or batsman

While looking for the ball or catching it, make sure to understand the position of obstacles and stands that you get hit while looking up for the ball.

Observe the ground before playing. Like before a match, a running tour of the ground can help you warm up and make you check the ground situation.

Avoid the feud or fight while the match as severe injuries risks can boost up due to fight or clash between the teams.

Try to calm the situation as much as possible. The fight will not help but make you expel the match with penalties. If you have some issue, then talk with referees.


Skating means traveling on the land surface with the help of skate boars or skate shoes. Skateboard is a vital board type thing that has wheels on its lower surface.

Whereas skate shoes have wheels or slides below them, which help the person slide on the ice or slippery surface.

Road skating and ice skating are two famous types, which prevail worldwide, and many people enjoy such activities for entertainment purposes.

Many national and international matches are also held, and many people view them online or by going to the venue to attend and watch the game.

This sport is also hazardous. Especially stunts while skating can cause significant damage to the legs joints like lower legs can face considerable damage because of sudden collapse.

In 2020 Thousands of people were rushed to United States Hospitals for treatment due to skating injuries.

According to records, 5133 people were mild or severe injuries, and they got medical help for their problem-causing situation.

Road skating is more dangerous as hitting the vehicles, footpath, or nearby hurdles can cause high injury and may cause fatalities in most cases.

People travel at high speed while road skating, and getting hit by a fast vehicle can be lethal for body protection or wellness.


  • Head injuries
  • Hand, wrist injuries
  • Shoulder and neck injuries
  • Broken bones risks
  • Ankle and joint fracture risks

Prevention tips

Wear protective gear

Use well-made shoes and skated board

Do road skating in those areas and that time in which traffic remains minimal.

First, check and observe the skating path before starting the activity.

Horse riding

Horse riding was vastly famous in the past. Almost every nation has used horses in wars, and still, this friendly animal is working with us for various purposes.

Mostly nowadays, this four-leg animal is used to play different games like polo, horse racing, and stunt-related games are some famous examples.

In 2012, 44012 people were trampled during horse riding, and they had to get medical treatment for their injuries.

The risk of falling remains very high while riding the horse. Running of this enormous animal cause stability issue for the rider.

Beginner and amateur riders face more risks of injuries, whereas professional riders mostly get the horse control even in a worse situation.

Horse riding injuries

  • Falling risks remain the top issue during horse riding, and almost all injuries happen due to it.
  • Some injuries can also occur due to horse tamper. People get injured because of horse kicks, but its risks are low as the horse is considered an amiable animal, especially its owner or rider.
  • Bones fracture
  • Broken ribs risks
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Arms, hands, and finger fracture
  • Falling from the horse can also cause death. In the past, many warriors and rulers have died due to it.


Avoid torturing the animal for performance as it may make the rider unfriendly with the horse.

Provide the horse food on needed time. With needed food, your animal will be healthy, and its performance may not be affected. Weak horses usually make most issues for riders.

Cover the feet of animals with special shoes.

Usually, these shoes are made with iron, but nowadays, resin-made shoes for horses are also available, which look more branded, beautiful, and nice-looking.

Avoid riding the horse on slippery or rainy days. Just like us, these beautiful animals can also fall due to slippery surfaces. Such incidents can make you and your horse severely injured.

Remember, when a horse fall, then its whole body weight can fell on you. Several hundred pounds of horse weight can break your bones or may even kill you in the most extreme condition.

That is why protective gear and a needed grip on your horse are required. Also, keep yourself attentive during horse riding.

Water surfing

Water surfing is a sport-related activity in which people use a board to float on the seawater layers. It is a mild to extreme sport, and many people like it.

The risks of injuries and fatalities are high in water surfing, primarily due to drowning, sea animal attacks, and the impact of heavy, significant, and oversized water layers.

In 2020 according to the various hospital data, 21754 people were treated because of water surfing-related injuries.


  • Death risk is very high because a person floats on a simple board without any reasonable protective guard in the water surfing.
  • Heavy water layers can bring the person down in the depth of the ocean.
  • A beginner should not try surfing in open water but closed more minor deep water areas.
  • Many academies teach water surfing in the presence of highly professional experts or instructors.
  • Suffocation
  • Risks of physical injuries like the attack of a sea animal like shark attack can make you suffer badly or can cause fatality


Learn surfing well before entering the open ocean for it

Wear a special surfing suit and choose a strong board along with comfortable feet support or attachment

Surf along with friends and have emergency help as the backup. Like some of your friends can travel along with you on a boat, so when you fall, they can come to help you

Do water surfing near the beach.

Martial Arts

Martial arts, a commonly used fighting technique, can be observed in many sports events.

Mixed Martial Arts or MMA, where various martial arts techniques can be used, are famous worldwide.

The transmission of various events is broadcast worldwide, and millions of people watch these types of events.

Outside of the ring or octagon, ordinary people used martial arts skills as defensive or attacking tactics or to harms others.

Ordinary or civilized people use it to defend themselves, whereas thieves, thugs, and killers use it to harm people for their specific benefits.

In 2020 15820 people in the USA were admitted to hospitals due to mixed martial arts-induced injuries.


  • Broken bones
  • Swollen body
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Suffocation
  • Head injuries are less severe as compared to boxing
  • Death risks (few risks as compared to boxing)


Wear protective gear or gloves for hitting and for practice

Avoid triggering conflict with others

Fight only in the ring if you are an MMA fighter while having emergency help nearby.


Instead of injury-causing, boxing is considered a sport.

This sport is very well prevailed and famous and produces a lot of revenue for the athletes and contributors.

Because this sport is violence-related, that is why it is not very well practice in common situations.

Outside of the ring, people use boxing tactics in a dangerous situations like fighting against those who try to harm them physically or financially.

Because of the slightest practice, the injury or death rate cited with the boxing sport is considerably less than the sports mentioned above.

Twelve thousand four hundred sixty-eight people were admitted to the USA hospital to treat injuries from boxing-related matches, fights, or quarrels.

Injury due to boxing

  • Head injury is the most common and severe injury in boxing.
  • As boxers usually target the head area and repeated strikes, there can be led to a severe head injury which can put a person into a coma or can led to the death
  • Broken bones, ribs, jaw, eye socket risks are also very high in boxing
  • Bleeding
  • Impaired visual or eye illnesses
  • Swollen body
  • Severe body pain
  • Depression or mental health issues because of pain or injuries


Avoid boxing if you are not a boxer. But practice the boxing tactics and use them in intense situations like self-defense; it can benefit you.

Wear protective gear while practicing, sparring, or even fighting the match if protective equipment is allowed. Protect your teeth and mouth with a mouth guard while fighting.

Don't participate in unusual or unneeded feuds or outside ring fights

If you know boxing, then avoid hitting people for small arguments or reasons. As hitting people can land you into jail for many years of punishment

Size matters, so don't spar or take an interest in boxing with a considerable heavyweight person

Bottom line

We concluded this list based on patients admitted to US hospitals due to sports-induced injuries in 2020.

Risks and prevention tips are also given, and you may have found them helpful.

Please give your opinion about the Article and Information by using our beautiful comment section.

We will accept your opinion with great respect and apply your helpful recommendation to our future Articles. Thank you.[

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