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10 benefits of physical activity

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022


Physical activity means the movement of your body that it makes during work. It is your bodily movement that requires energy to perform. Generally, peoples think this activity means exercise but it is not. Exercise and physical activity generate the same results like from both you get health benefits but their meaning is not so similar.

Exercise is the activity that you perform for the motive to enhance your health and fitness while physical activity includes any of your body's skeleton movements that burn calories and during performing it your body parts move. Physical activity's health benefits are numerous as it protects your health from serious risks.

Types of physical activities

  • Weight lifting
  • Running
  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Performing work using body parts
  • Moving body or its parts
  • Throwing something...

The Health benefits of these activities are a lot. You can gain an advantage over health risks that cause problems in the general population. Risks of various diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, respiratory issues, and many others health complications can be reduced. Here this article will discuss the health benefits of physical activity that you can get.

Physical activity benefits

Here are 10 health benefits of physical activity with scientific evidence proof explanation:

Cardiovascular health benefit

Cardiovascular health means the health condition of your heart and blood vessels. Your heart pumps the blood while blood vessels provide the blood to your heart and also to the other parts of your body.

Any issue in your heart or blood vessels can become fatal as cardiovascular issues are leading to causing most overall deaths in people in terms of diseases. WHO has mentioned this issue as the top contributor that promotes death. Even most fear disease cancer is behind this in causing deaths. (1)

Not only in the world in the USA this health issue is also the no.1 cause of premature death. (2)

Studies and researches have found that least or no physical activity increases the risks of bad cardiovascular incidents. If you are living a sedentary life then you may put yourself in the danger zone of high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.

All of these are the major diseases that promote heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases and incidents. A study says without moving the body while sitting for prolong period sufficiently raises the risks of cardiovascular incidents.

In 2015 17.9 million people becomes the victim of cardiovascular diseases. (3)

According to studies, death from cardiovascular diseases can be reduced by 90 percent. Approximately we can stop 9 deaths out of 10 if we make some simple effort like start eating healthy and doing physical activities. Both of these steps can help you to achieve good fitness and health. Healthy foods and physical activities also reduce your high blood pressure and diabetes risks. When these risks decrease, your cardiovascular risks also automatically decrease as both of these are issue generators. (4)

So what type of physical activities you need to do. Here is the answer…

Studies have said that running improves your cardio health a lot. Other exercises also improve your heart health but during running, all of your body parts make the effort that is why every inch of your body gets benefits from it. You can lose weight sufficiently through running. Obesity or high weight gain is highly associated with cardiovascular diseases. This exercise is best if you want to prevent heart diseases.

HIIT workout is also beneficial for your heart health as it also engages your whole body parts well

If you have high blood pressure or you are a heart patient then you may need to prefer brisk walking instead of running. Walking is also a beneficial physical activity that can provide you with numerous health benefits.

Benefits against Blood pressure problems

High Blood pressure is also known as hypertension. Mostly this type of blood pressure causes more damage to people's health as compared to low blood pressure.

According to WHO, 1.13 billion peoples have this disease worldwide. It is believed that this disease has prevailed too much in our society that according to experts every 1 person in the group of 4 to 5 people can be a high blood pressure patient. This disease is on the top list that is causing early deaths in people. (5)

If you have a systolic blood pressure of more than 140 mmHg and diastolic more than 90 mmHg in two or three readings then you may have this disease. Try to check it early in the morning as that time there may be less effect of diet, medicine or exercise on your body.

Studies have shown that all types of exercises can help you to lose weight. Even if you are obese or overweight, with physical activities you cannot only lose weight but your blood pressure may also reduce many times. (6)

Another study on 641 old women whose ages were between 50 to 89 years shows the effectiveness of physical activities in lowering blood pressure. The study found that women who were involved in light, moderate, or high-intensity activities lose many blood pressure readings as compared to those who were living a sedentary life. (7)

Physical activities improve your heart health and the blood flow throughout your body

A short time period study on 87 hypertension patients concluded that staying away from sedentary life and doing light physical activities can prevent the risks of high blood pressure as it is the main cause of cardiovascular diseases so these findings have great value. (8)

You may wonder by knowing that most religious peoples have good health. It is mainly due to their daily religious activities that have a resemblance with exercise. Studies on these peoples found that who regularly pray or do their pious duties, have lower blood pressure as compared to people who do less religious activities. Religious activities involve several movements of the body that can provide you health benefits. (9)

Physical activities promote healthy blood pressure which in results promote good health. Try to add light or medium activities in your daily life to get benefits.

Benefits against diabetes

Diabetes is a disease in which your insulin production gets stop which promotes the high glucose level in your body. According to WHO, it is a dangerous disease that WHO kill 1.5 million people in 2019. Heart diseases, kidney failure, and blindness are some major results that diabetes produces in your body. With the combination of physical activities, diet, and medicines you can manage this disease. (10)

Just like hypertension studies and researches have found physical activities very effective in managing, controlling, or treating diabetic patients.

A study on 897 middle-aged men concludes that 40 minutes of physical activities are very effective to prevent insulin irregularities in your body. This study also says that people who do 40-minute activities successfully reduce 64 percent of the risks of NIDDM as compared to those who do not engage in physical activities. You may know about type 2 diabetes, NIDDM is the second name of this. (11)

Another research has concluded that physical activities are very beneficial against type 2 diabetes especially those people who are at high risks of this disease can get benefits from these activities. (12)

Health experts have sent warnings to the people due to not taking part in healthy activities. According to the data published in the diabetes journal majority of the United States peoples doesn't care much about physical activities. Studies found that only 239 percent of diabetes patients take the show to care about exercise or healthy activities and another percentage shows no reasonable intention to get benefits from healthy activities. (13)

Many health experts believe that lack of physical activities, an unhealthy diet or not taking the required diet can increase or worse the risks and symptoms of diabetes in people. (14)

You have a normal blood glucose level if your sugar is less than 140 mg/dL.

Weight lose benefit

Obesity is the root of many diseases. Heart diseases, blood pressure, and diabetes are the risky results that obesity produces. High consumption of sugar, processed, fried foods are prevailing the obesity rate. Too much weight gain can even make you unable to move so always go for an immediate check-up if you find any noticeable change in your body weight.

Almost everybody knows that through exercises one can achieve weight loss. You can boost your fat loss if you do some changes in your diet and follow some physical activities plan.

Studies on 44 overweight women found that a good diet and physical activities effectively lose and maintain body weight. Especially you can remove your extra body fat by healthy eating and with proper physical exercises. (15)

Physical activities are highly effective against weight gain. If you want to lose weight then add some exercise plans or routines in your daily life. You may see results soon with good effort.

According to the researched data of PubMed exercise or physical activities promote preventive behavior against cardiovascular diseases. Research also says that 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of hard physical activities can promote significant weight loss from your body. (16)

Fitness benefits

It is the main benefit of health activities. With exercise, your fitness can improve many times. Perhaps physical exercises are one of the top activities that promote your fitness level. You can get a good fit body even if you avoid any type of dieting. You may have seen some athletes who don't do any type of diet, they eat what they get but still, they have awesome fitness. The main thing that makes this happen is their tough exercise routines. They do their physical activities like you eat your tasty foods.

Research on Korean adults found that physical activities improve fitness and promote weight loss. Those Koreans who participate in these activities get noticeable fitness gain and good fat loss as compared to people who do less or didn't take part in the activities. (17)

Good fitness is very essential to perform different activities like if you are in good shape and has some stamina for hard physical or mental work then you can cross many peoples in terms of progress.

"Due to some antidepressant, I gain huge bodyweight, my fitness graph drop so much that I was unable to perform even 10-minute jogging. As I also stop doing physical activities during my treatment which add more loss to my fitness level. Before my treatment, I was able to cross even 45 minutes in jogging. During this, my activity time drops to 6 to 7 minutes."

How I come back to my original fitness level? Here is how…

The real thing is that doctor lowers my dose due to improvement in symptoms then after that my tiredness or fatigue due to medications reduces significantly and I again start my physical activities. I make a workout plan, with the combination of weight lifting, running, and healthy foods I not only lose my weight but I also get awesome fitness. Now I can do non-stop physical activities for more than an hour. I drop my waist from 38 to 30 inches and get a boost in my chest from 38 to 42 inches. All of this happened due to my vigorous routine of physical activities and healthy eating habit.

Muscles benefits

Another benefit of physical exercises or activities is it helps your body to improve or gain the muscles mass. Having muscles on the body instead of fat is a signature of awesome health and fitness. Only a natural way to get muscularity is healthy not with illegals ways like using anabolic steroids or other unhealthy substances.

The healthy way to get muscles on your body is by physical activities or exercises and eating protein, carbs, and fat-rich foods. Eat protein more while taking less fat and carbs from your diet but don't ignore later two completely.

Evidence from scientific studies and researches concluded that these activities can help you to build and maintain your body muscles. A medical study on 102 women and 101 men in which they measure the effectiveness of physical activities on muscle mass. Scientists found that peoples who do daily exercises gain or maintain muscles efficiently, as compared to those who didn't participate well. This study also says that these healthy activities can help to reduce the speed of muscle loss due to aging. (18)

In short, all physical activities engage many muscles of your body which in results improve and get better. You can get healthy with good foods but to get some noticeable muscles gain you need to do some effective physical activities like weight lifting or strength training.

Immune benefits

Your body's immune system helps you against various diseases. It fights against various causes of illnesses in your body. To achieve these benefits, your body needs to have good immunity.

As coronavirus also affect your body's health. Millions are dead due covid 19. To show resistance against this virus, your body need to have a good and healthy immune system. As old peoples have less effective body functions that are why coronavirus is affecting them badly. While young peoples have good immunity because they are young with more body's capability against bacteria and viruses that is why death rate in young generation is very low as compared to old peoples. (19)

Studies have said that physical activities improve your immunity as some researchers have found evidence of physical activities' effectiveness against covid 19. They found that peoples who do regular exercises face less severe respiratory issues due to coronavirus. They say that moderate activity is enough to make immune cells efficient against pathogens that cause diseases in peoples. (20)

Mental health benefits

Good Mental health is very crucial for your well-being. A person cannot live a good life with mental disease. Mental diseases can destroy the patient career but it also affects other family members of the ill person because this illness affects the behavior of the patient. Moreover, sometimes due to unstable mental health, violence cases are also reported in media. (21)

Science has done a lot of studies on different topics which are somehow associated with humanity. Just like that scientists have also makes effort to find the link between physical activities and mental health improvement.

A study on a large group of men and women found that these activities boost numerous health-related benefits for men's health. Light intensity physical activities like cycling, and walking can be effective to achieve good mental health in this gender. This study found no significant mental health benefits in women. (22)But other below studies have said whole general human population can get benefits from it.

Another scientific study has concluded that high-intensity physical activities can help you to curb the risks of mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. This study does not research the effect of physical activity on severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia but they found that these can help you to improve the symptoms of depression, anxiety, bad body image, and less confidence. (23)

Body image benefits

Their health benefits are a lot. These activities help your body to look well. It doesn't directly affect your body shape or image but it increases those effects that reduce the factors that make your body look bad.

Physical activities help you to lose weight and get muscles. Removing the extra fat from your body can boost your look. Too much fat can make your skin dull and a bit ugly. You may have seen some transformation photos on the internet in which peoples looked completely changed after losing fat. They mostly achieve it by doing effective physical activities and by eating healthy foods.

A weak person doesn't look better than a muscular one. With less muscularity, peoples can look you down but having a good muscular physique can raise your status in their eyes. Every man should have a muscular body because they look better in muscle form as compared to being weak or fat. Nature has given men protective genes, that is why a man remains in the front in protecting their family. Good fitness can help you, to defeat your enemies. You can achieve this capability by doing exercise or some physical activities like weight lifting or running.

Job-related benefits

The habit of doing physical activities can help you to get a good job. As these activities improve your health and fitness and almost all companies prefer those peoples who can work hard for a long time. If your fitness graph is low then you may not settle well in your job because your health can prevent you to work hard. A fit person can work for a long time without any fatigue, while a person with health problems can find it hard.

Moreover, in the armed forces, only those candidates get eligible for the job who perform well during the physical tests. They exclude those peoples from their list early, who they think are unfit. You can't get your place in the armed forces without good health and fitness.

In a hard competitive world, a lazy or unfit person has very little value in terms of progress. Even rich people are struggling these days. If you can't work hard in this high competition then you may not get a suitable place in your job or society. For hard work, you need good overall health and this can only be achieved with physical activities and healthy foods.

Just take an example of athletes who work hard for good results. A hard-working athlete always performs well in competitions. These athletes do vigorous physical activities and eat according to their needs. Their workout routines are tough than common people's and they do it routinely that is why their physique and fitness looks and give high performance as compared to a person from the general community.


Physical activity is essential for your health and fitness. After eating food you need to burn the energy that you get. Not burning them can cause health problems like obesity. The only way to burn them is by engaging in physical activities. As above mentioned tips have explained how these exercise-related activities can give you the upper hand against many problems of your life that is why always keep some activities in your daily life that can help you in various ways. Physical activities should be one of them.

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