What to do after overeating | Tips

What to do when you overeat | Tips

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 Overeating means the consumption of excess calories from food than normal. Overeating is very common these days. Overeating can become a problem. So a question arises “what to do after you overeat“. Read this article and you will find it useful.

 Regular overeating can make a person overweight or obese. It can cause eating disorders. It can also cause many chronic diseases.

Here are many reasons for overeating. One of the main reasons is easily and large availability of food sources at a cheap rate. As compared to the past in today’s world peoples have more food to eat.

 One can get Cookies, biscuits, chicken, cake, pizza, rice, burgers, and other food sources easily. 

Most of these foods have good tastes that is why most peoples eat these foods too much.

Many peoples also eat too much on occasions. It is not uncommon to overeat on occasions. Many peoples do it.

Some peoples gave very importance to their fitness. They always take a proper and healthy diet. They always avoid high calories foods. But sometimes they eat too much.  Then they start taking tension like, I will become overweight, my BMI will increase, my fitness will decrease, will I lose my muscularity and much more. My advice for them is that do not to take stress or tension.

 Just a few simple steps can work for you.

Here is what you need to do after overeating:

Take no stress

Stress will not create any good effect for you. It will make things even worse. 

If you overeat then don’t take any stress or tension always remain calm. overeating once or two times a week then that is not gonna harm you.

 Don’t make habit of overeating because it can affect your health. 

Just one or two days cannot create unhealthy effects. Many athletes take cheat meals once or more a week and still they don’t lose their performance.

 Keep calm and decide that I will not overeat next time.

No sleep

After eating a huge amount of calories the worst thing you can do is sleep. Never sleep after overeating.

 It can slow down the process of digestion. During sleep, our body burns very few calories. Excess calories can store as fat if you sleep after overeating.

 And much more your chances of getting acid reflux disease like GERD will increase. When your body will store extra calories in your body that it can increase your risks of getting obese.

Give time to your body to digest food. Do some walk, burn some calories. For sleep wait for 3 to 4 hrs after eating.

Go for a walk

Go to a road or park for a walk. Walking is considered best after overeating. 

You can’t do high-intensity exercise after overeating but you can do walking. 

The walk will help your body to digest food fast. That will create health benefits for you. 

Don’t run otherwise your body’s attention will shift to other muscles and the process of digestion will slow down.    

No fizzy drinks

Fizzy drinks or soft drinks are the worst to drink after overeating. 

Many peoples have the habit of drinking these drinks. But they don’t know that this can create dangerous effects on their health. 

These types of drinks can fill your digestive system with gas and you will feel uncomfortable. That situation can affect digestion. 

By drinking carbonated drinks after overeating can cause or worsen bloating.

Apple cider vinegar is helpful

After overeating, if you want to digest food fast then apple cider vinegar can be helpful. Apple cider vinegar can help you to digest food fast. It will aid the digestive system and will restore the gut mechanism. It contains many healthy probiotics that will strengthen your gut and your gut will work properly. To get these benefits just add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and drink it. 

Drink lime water

Lime water has many health benefits.  Lime water has an acid that is very helpful in digesting foods. 

Lime water will help you to digest food fast. Lime water’s acid will push food ahead and will speed up the process of digestion and your food will digest in less time. 

Some sip of water will help to flush the extra sodium out of your body. 

But make sure you don’t drink too much water after overeating because too much water can create huge health problems for you.


Do not work out immediately after overeating. This is not good for you. 

Wait for a workout after overeating. The proper time to wait after overeating is 3 to 4 hrs.

 Then after this time do some sweat-drenched exercises. Run, lift weights, do a HIIT workout, or whatever exercise you like.

 You need to burn these extra calories. When you will burn extra calories then your body will not store these calories as extra fat. 

Exercise creates healthy effects for you if you do it on time. Exercise will boost your metabolism and your body health and fitness will improve.

Eat your next meal

Never skip your meal even if you overeat. You need to eat your next meal. Don’t skip it. 

Most peoples don’t eat their next meal after overeating. This is a mistake that they make. This can affect their health and fitness. Our body needs nutrition after some hours. This nutrition helps the body to keep fit and healthy. By not eating a meal a person can create problems for his health.

Eat your next meal. It will be good for you. Eat it in low quantity but do not skip it. Consider eating protein-rich foods with fiber-rich vegetables. 

Eating meals will increase your metabolism and will maintain your strength.

Eat protein and fiber

Try to eat protein and fiber-rich foods in your next meal. Protein-rich foods are best for you if you don’t want extra fat. 

By eating protein and fiber-rich foods you will feel full and will not take extra food. 

Protein will increase your muscle mass. These muscles will burn more calories than fat. 

Even at a rest position, your muscles will burn calories and you will get rid of extra calories. 

Fiber-rich foods will also make you full and you will take fewer calories throughout the day.

Visit doctor

If your eating behavior is not in control and you are eating a large amount of food after some hours. Then you may have a binge eating disorder. 

Visit your doctor and tell your doctor about your problem. Don’t hesitate because it is a matter of health. This habit or disease can affect you physically and mentally. So follow your doctor’s advice because the doctor knows how to treat you.

It is possible to prevent overeating. Preventing overeating is not a hard task. You just need to take some simple steps. Here is some information about how you can prevent overeating:

How to prevent overeat

  • First, you need to notice which foods often cause overeating. By avoiding these foods you can reduce overeating. There are many types of foods that usually cause overeating in peoples. These foods often have good taste and look. When peoples started eating them then they like their taste. So they eat it in large quantities. Some examples of foods that peoples often overeat are ice cream, cake, pizza, burgers, cookies, candies, chips, and much more. If you want to control overeating then you need to take some steps like if you often eat ice cream too much then don’t store it in your fridge. So when these things will out of your sight than your chances of overeating them will reduce. For snaking you can choose healthy options like sliced apple, peanut butter, humus, and veggies, or homemade trail mix.
  • One of the things that can cause overeating is eating less at day. Yes, it is true because when you will eat less at day then you will more likely to overeat at night. Eating less in the day time is the recipe for overeating at night.
  • With fiber-rich foods, you will remain full for the whole day and you will not feel hungry. A recent study has found that peoples who consume fiber-rich oatmeal at breakfast feel fuller and ate fewer calories than those who eat corn flakes at breakfast.
  • By preferring protein-rich foods you will remain full for the whole day and you will take fewer calories. By eating protein-rich foods you will reduce your habit of overeating. For example, it is been observed that eating protein-rich food at breakfast can reduce hunger and snacking later in the day.
  • Always eat meals with friends or peoples that don’t often overeat. Because when your friend will overeat then your chances of overeating will also increase. Many studies have found that peoples habit is greatly influenced by the habit of the peoples with whom they eat. Always eat with those friends and family members who have a healthy eating habit.
  • Overeating is very common in peoples. It may be simply the results of emotions, circumstances, and environment. Many peoples face the problem of overeating. Some peoples can control overeating habits on their own. But for some peoples, it is hard to control overeating. They don’t need to get sad. There are a lot of ways through which they can control the habit of overeating. They need to talk with health experts. Health expert advice will work better for them.
  • Drinking required water is very essential for the functions of the human body. But it can also help you to eat less in a day: Try to drink 10 to 13 glasses of water a day. By doing this your body will remain hydrated and your hunger level will decrease and you will feel full most of the day. Make it a habit of drinking water before meals. By drinking 1 to 2 glasses of water before a meal will clear your stomach and will fill it with no calorie liquid. By doing this your stomach will feel full and you will consume fewer calories.
  • Chewing food slowly is very beneficial for your health and it will help you to get rid of overeating habits. If you want to get rid of overeating then it is very important to eat food slowly. Because it takes time for your brain to decide when to feel full. By chewing food slowly you will provide enough time for your brain and you will eat according to your need. Chewing slowly will also speed up your digestion process.
  • Always try to manage your stress because when a person is stressed than in this condition he often overeats. Stress can cause many other health problems like depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety also make the person eat more. Try to do some exercises to get rid of stress and depression. Listen to music or make a historical place visit so your stress level will reduce.
  • Try to eat vegetables while snacking instead of high calories foods. Vegetables often have low calories. They don’t have any harm. Eating vegetables is a healthy way to stop overeating of high calories foods. Always keep some veggies in your reach so when you feel hungry then you can eat veggies.
  • Try to eat when you feel hungry. Hunger feelings include hunger pangs, an empty pit feeling, lightheadedness, irritability, or an empty feeling. If you are not feeling these symptoms then you must be eating for other reasons. Avoid eating or snaking if you don’t feel the effects of hunger.
  • Always stop eating food when you feel satisfied. Feeling satisfied or sated means your body is telling your brain that you are full and don’t need any more calories.
  • Most restaurants offer large meals for customers. That is not good for you if you want to prevent or stop overeating. Whenever you go to the restaurant always choose a small meal. If the small meal is not available and they bring a large meal that can feed two peoples easily then eat half and put the other half in a to-go container.

Bottom line

We hope this article discusses well ” what to do after you overeat”.

Many peoples face the over-eating problem. Overeating is not an uncommon issue. 

There are ways through which a person can control the over-eating problem.

There are also doctors, health care professionals, psychologist, or dietician that can help a lot against overeating habit.

Overeating habit is hard to break but it is not impossible to get rid of this habit. 

Above mentioned simple tips will help you to control your overeating habits. 

These tips will help you to establish a new and healthy routine. Always seek the help of a professional if you need it.

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