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It is possible build muscles without supplements?

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022

Supplements vs Natural foods and muscles building

This article will discuss a belief that is originated in the fitness industry. Today's topic is “Are protein supplements are essential for muscles building or you can build muscles without them?”.

There are a lot of peoples who consider that they can't improve their muscularity because they are unable to afford or get supplements that most think improve muscle mass.

The first thing you need to know is your goal. Do you want fitness or you just want muscles? In today's world fitness and muscularity are on different pages if we compare the health and fitness status of athletes.

If someone considers that too many muscles are the signature of health and fitness then that person can be wrong.

In this modern world achieving muscles has become easier as compared to getting good fitness. Many illegal ways can turn a person into a monster muscular personality in just a few weeks or months. Anabolic steroids, injections used for injecting illegal material into the body that builds heavy muscles but put the person's health at serious risks.

You may need to know that to achieve fitness you don't need a big muscular body. A medium-weighted fit person with normal muscles and fat tissues can work better in physical activities as compared to a 260lbs bodybuilder.

The fittest athletes that currently the sports industry are producing are from football and basketball. Both sports produce highly fit and athletes with high endurance that can play for 45 minutes straight without a single break.

On the other hand, I think the bodybuilding industry is producing the worst athletes in the current situation.

In the past the health and fitness levels of bodybuilders were good but in modern times due to the high availability of unnatural processed sources of foods, they are becoming heavier with a lot of muscles on their bodies that affect them badly even while moving.

Bodybuilders usually eat a lot of foods and take a lot of calories and nutrition from these foods. Generally speaking, many bodybuilders are spending thousands of dollars daily only on their foods. The main purpose of most of them is mainly to get muscle gain and fat loss at a high level.

Whereas sportsman who plays in-ground doesn't spend too much on their foods. They mostly eat healthy foods and they avoid eating too much. Most of them take appropriate calories and nutrition from foods that keep them active.

If we compare the muscle mass and fitness level of mainstream sportsmen and bodybuilders then you may find a huge difference in both of them.

The main difference between professional sports athletes and pro bodybuilder is that the first ones do a lot of mostly cardio exercises and strength training. In cardio, they run, jog and do several types of HIIT workouts. Whereas most bodybuilders only prefer weight lifting or strength training or they do walking.

Cardio exercises are the best workouts to enhance physical fitness at a high level, along with strength training their benefits can boost high. An athlete whose mostly activities consist of different types of exercises like cardio, and weight lifting can work better or even beat the bodybuilder in many games like most bodybuilders lose their breath after only 500 m race whereas a person who does activities on grounds like playing football, hockey, HIIT or other related workout or games can run for a high time.

During football games, athletes spend most of the time in the game participating, struggling, or trying to catch the ball by making a serious effort that a pro bodybuilder can't even imagine.

With too many muscles on bodybuilders, can affect their daily life routine badly. Heavy muscle mass can prevent their fast movement or act and as result, they can become a serious type of slow.

Too much of everything is bad. Having high muscle mass with the least fat tissues can put you at health risks. A man with below the 4 to 5 percentage of body fat is considered as unhealthy and in currently bodybuilding industry peoples or athletes mostly try to reduce their fat as much as possible that mostly touch danger level during competition

Alone muscles are not the real deal but the healthy distribution of muscles and fat tissues on the body is the real deal.

Now let's talk about the main thing and that is a person can build an awesome muscular body without supplements or not?

The answer is of course yes. You can build an awesome and more healthy body with natural foods only. Most of the supplements are manufactured involving processing techniques and adding different ingredients that can cause bad health effects.

Moreover, in the market, most of the supplements have bad quality and high numbers of fake or clone products are available as original products of big brands.

Rules and regulations are very strict in most countries and some supplements companies do a lot in making their products health-friendly but their effort is being affected badly because large numbers of fake products are being sold by using the name of trusted supplements brands.

Fake supplements put the person at serious health risks. Anabolic steroids and other unhealthy substances are usually found in those fake products.

A lot of deaths are reported only because of the use of the illegal added substance in supplements that have pushed many peoples into the well of death.

Rich Piana was a famous bodybuilder but due to the use of heavy unhealthy substances, he died because of a severe heart problem.

On the other hand, natural foods like fruit, vegetables, chicken, meat, lentils, chickpeas, peanuts, oats are mostly used by footballers, basketball players, or by other people who follow the activities of common sports.

If we compare the nutrition value of some supplements with some natural foods then you may get surprised after knowing that natural foods have heavy nutritional values as compared to supplements which usually lack many nutritional values.

To get maximum benefits 0.8g to 1g per pound bodyweight of protein consumption is best. All of these essential values can be achieved easily by eating foods naturally.

A 100g chicken has more than 25 g protein whereas 1 scoop of whey protein comes with 22 to 24-gram protein but at a high price. A 30 scoop box of protein supplement can cost you 60 to 90 USD dollars which is a huge price for 30 scoops.

The daily value of natural foods provides you these values:

  • 110 g chicken provide 26g protein
  • 2 whole-wheat bread provide 8g protein, 28g carbs, 2.2g fat
  • 3 eggs consist of 18g protein
  • 510g greek yogurt provides 51g protein, 18g carbohydrates, 2g fat
  • 164 g oats provide 21g protein, 108g carbs, 10g fat
  • 3 tablespoon peanut butter gives you 10 g protein, 11 g carbs, 24g fat
  • 100 g lentils give you 18g protein, 40g carbs, 0.8g fat

There are many other foods also that you can eat. Protein is essential for muscle building while carbs and fats are also very essential as they provide you energy for activities.

The real deal is that you can build a healthy, fit muscular body by eating natural foods and by not buying costly supplements from the market.

You can build muscles with only natural foods but you may not able to get the same results with only supplements. With supplements, you also need to consume natural foods. Taking supplements along with daily foods can cause a serious financial burden on your wallet.

A professional bodybuilder is not able to run a mile but an amateur footballer or other athletes linked with sports industry can run for several miles and their bodies muscles look more natural as compared to the first ones.

Exercise and foods combine to work for your health and fitness. Good food along with exercises can build your awesome muscular body.

Supplements can also provide benefits in terms of muscle building. In bodybuilding, most peoples consume these and they get results but due to heavy consumption, their body muscles mass increase too much that they can't even walk or stand well during the competitions as many cases are reported in media in which participants falls due to dehydration, heart and other issues that in most cases mainly associated with heavy body mass.

In short, you can build good muscles by not using supplements at all. Results need some time and consistent effort. By doing exercises and by eating natural foods you can achieve good results after some time. Many peoples just want to sell their products and you may get pressure from them or they might try to convince you that muscle building is not possible without supplements but they are wrong.

In the past when these supplements were not present and peoples usually eat natural foods and their fitness levels and muscularity were incredible. It is sad to mention that modern bodybuilding sports have received a huge blow due to the high use of supplements and illegal or unhealthy substances.

During or before the Arnold era this sport was very incredible but in the current situation, this sport is losing its value only due to the highly unnatural looks of bodybuilder athletes. Just compare the stomach size of 2021 bodybuilders with 90 era builders you can find a huge difference.


It is highly possible to build muscles with natural foods. Supplements are not 100 percent safe and, in the market, a lot of bad business is going on. By eating natural foods, you can not only achieve your daily nutritional values but you can also save some money due to it.

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