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Addictive behavior to earn more money bad for health

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022


In today's life money has great value. You can buy almost every needed thing with it.

Having a lot of money can set your standard high and you may start getting the extraordinary attention of others. But do you know that addictive behavior to get richer may reduce your life value and make you ill also?

Yes, absolutely it can if you ignore your body wellness needs and give most of your time to jobs, business or work.

Most people are trying to earn more and more. They are not caring about their health and money has become everything for them.

It is possible to get rich while maintaining health. You just need to follow a consistent helpful, useful, and valuable daily routine.

This article will discuss why you should not deploy the craze to get more money or rich while ignoring your other needs like health and its related.

Not only this but how to manage problems and helpful tips are also in this blog post.

Why reject the craze for money?

Addictive behavior to earn more can make you ill. Here is why you need to prefer your health over money:

You can't be satisfy

The main thing you may need to know is you may not get yourself satisfy even if you got billions of dollars in your hands.

It is in human nature that it does not get full even after getting most. We like more and more with no end until death.

Just take an example of the world's most rich people like Jeff Bezos, Elon musk, bill gates, and warren buffet these people have a lot but their desire to achieve more high worth level has not decreased. They are still competing for money as they were doing at a young age.

The main difference between a celebrity billionaire and a non-celebrity billionaire is first ones take care of their health well along with business as they have to appear in public frequently whereas the second group who does not appear in public usually has health issues.

To earn money is very essential as it helps your survival but too much attention towards generating a financial tower while ignoring your health can not only affect your goals but can cause wellness issues.

Go for money but also give proper attention to your health needs.

It can be possible for you to get wealthy with good health but with health problems, you can face serious problems which may cause you life and financial loss also.

Can make you severe patient

When you will spend most of your time gaining money then you may ignore basic health and fitness needs for your body like you can avoid regular exercise or healthy eating.

In today's life, most of the work is done in front of computers or machines. People usually sit in front of computers for a long time like if the office timing is 6 hours then it is possible that most of them can spend almost 5 hours while sitting doing some job-related work.

Not just this but a lot of people are doing 2-3 jobs. One in the morning and the second in the evening. It means they spend almost 12 hours on the job and most time they remain in a sedentary position or while sitting.

According to the scientific data spending, most of the time sitting or lying like more than 6 to 7 hours can increase the high risk of developing heart diseases. (1)

Not just heart diseases but cancer, obesity, lungs issues, diabetes, high blood pressure, and many other diseases are linked with the sedentary lifestyle.

If you are spending most of your life while sitting then you are living a sedentary lifestyle which can cause many bad dreams diseases.

High possibilities or risks of diseases cannot only increase early death possibilities but may make you spend a lot of money on the treatment of various diseases.

Many rich people usually get several health issues, as most of them don’t take care of their health but they only give proper attention to their business or work.

Due to high development in the medical field an average person's life span has increased. It is possible to get needed treatment for most of the diseases but normal health can't be achieved if you have been diagnosed with serious health issues.

Moreover, treatment for diseases is also very expensive as private clinics or hospital charges are huge. In 2018 most United States hospitals were charging 123000 USD for heart bypass, $173000 for heart valve replacement, and $40364 for hip, $35000 for knee replacement surgeries respectively. (2)

Expensive medicines or treatment is not a big deal if you are rich but you may need to know that a lot of chronic disease patient needs to take their medicines on daily basis.

These drugs or medicines can improve your health but achieving normal health or lifestyle life like before severe illness, can't be possible with them.

Moreover, many drugs cause serious side effects which can create not only general problems but other health issues.

May left alone

Trying to get more money can make you leave alone. When you will give less time to your friends, family, or loved ones then your access to reliable people can reduce.

Furthermore, a lot of people go to other areas just to make extra money.

Getting to foreign places can cut your physical connection to your family and friends. And in a stranger place with a mostly unknown public, you may feel lonely.

Some people have no chance but to go to other places for a job or business-related works. By managing the time properly lifestyle improvement can be gained.

Heart issues can rise

Addictive behavior to gain wealth can make you a severe health patient. Modern jobs or work demands extra hard work to get extraordinary benefits. That is why people mostly do 12 hours of work while sitting.

Data of many types of research and studies have concluded that too much attentive behavior towards sedentary jobs can make you cardiovascular or heart patient.

Most people who do mostly office-related work got very little time for physical activities or exercises.

As exercises are very essential for a good and healthy heart that is why zero or less engagement in those can trigger or cause long-term heart issues or fatality due to bad CVD incidents.

Studies find that people who mostly spend their time in front of computers or machines are more likely to get severe heart diseases whereas these risks can be minimal in those who not only do their jobs but also take the proper care of their health. (3)

Money can't buy happiness

Money can buy you most of the world's needs but it can't buy you happiness mostly. It is quite possible for a middle-class person to live a happy life as compared to rich ones.

Not just basic health issues but mental issues like depression, anxiety, or other disorders risks can increase when you will try only to gain money while ignoring your basic health needs.

A lot of people are facing mental issues. Perhaps depression and anxiety are considered as rich people's diseases.

Mental issues not only cause financial loss but can increase the severity of different lifestyle issues.

You may lose all

To get more money people like to do bets and they also invest on unreliable ways to make extra ordinary assets.

It happened many times that to achieve financial goals by investing and following betting like techniques provides complete loss.

Many people have loss their houses also just due to their crazy habit of betting.

Currently bitcoin or crypto currency is in trend. It might be good as many big names i.e "Elon Musk" are behind it.

But investing all on it can't be a clever move as it is not much stable and also receiving negative views from big business personalities like "Warren Buffet" whose views are not friendly about it.

It May make you obese or overweight

Obesity is a health issue in which a person's body fat increases too much that it causes health issues or diseases. Having a BMI of 30 or more tells that you have obesity.

Experts have found that too much time spending while sitting for the job or doing other related work is highly correlated with obesity.

When a person mostly spends daily time while sitting then this can cause calories related issues. Taking too many calories while less or no physical engagement can make you obese but also diabetic, cancer, or lungs patient.

Remember obesity is the root of health issues. Extra body fat is needed to shrink away to reduce health complications or issues.

Can reduce enjoyment

We are not here in this world just to do work but also need enjoyment in life. Fun, enjoyment, or entertainment can improve your lifestyle and mood and may also contribute to lowering many health risks.

Giving most of the attention to earn more can put your attention towards stress-related things. When you will spend extraordinary time earning money then you may not get it to enjoy life.

Bad for family goals

Earning more money can cut your connection with your family. You may have to spend most of your time at work to earn an extra high income.

A regular job can consist of 5 to 6 hours. And nowadays most of the people are doing double shift jobs.

It means they are spending 12 hours at their offices or at performing work to achieve financial goals.

When you will spend 12 hours of a day to your work then what time you can give to your loved ones or family members.

That is why too much engagement in jobs is not mostly a good option as you need many other things apart from money. Money can buy many things but a lot can't be achieved with it.

May get mental issues

Mental health issues possibilities or risks can increase as you try to put too much effort in just to earn more extra money.

Stress, depression, anxiety symptoms can trigger or become worse due to the pressure or competition you may face in your work field. (4)

Can increase enemies

To achieve or earn money you have to compete with others who have the same goals as you.

Making enemies in jobs or business is very easy. Sometimes you may don't know the person who is creating genuine problems for you.

Basically, some people try to do ugly business with others when they observe them getting more prospects than they are trying to achieve.

Bottom line

Earning money helps your survival. But desire to earn more and to get rich overnight cannot be a good choice to implement or follow. If you are earning according to your needs and have a good healthy or fit body then you are one of the luckiest people in the world. Good luck.

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