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12 simple tips to live longer

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022

Long-life but why and how?

Do you have a wish to live a long life? If yes then this article will describe some tips to live longer. The wish of having a long lifetime is very common in people. Some try their best to increase the expectancy of their life.

As mostly all of us love to live and don't want to leave this world too soon. We have loved ones in this world some of them depend on us.

It required some effort to get happy long life. But it is not impossible. Some peoples believed that genes plays important role in the expectancy of life. But they are wrong.

A Danish study in 1999 on mostly twin peoples found that genetic only a quarter of health issues were linked to genetics and almost all remaining health problems were linked to the environment and the lifestyle of the peoples. (1)

It is believed by experts that as a person starts aging the chromosomes of that person start losing their strength. So this causes a reduction in the ability to fight against illness. It means as we will get older we will become more vulnerable to diseases. But it has a solution.

With the change of lifestyle, we can not only reduce the process of chromosome shrinkage but on the opposite, they will increase in the size. So a proper lifestyle not only helps to improve health but also works as anti-aging. (2) (3)

Here below some tips and information are provided that will help you to increase your lifetime. With these suggestions, you can get longevity plus a happy improved life.

Eat Healthily

As we all know we eat to survive. When a person eats food then after digestion it provides energy and becomes a part of the body. So if you want to get a long lifetime then you must need to take care of your eating habit.

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Healthy foods like plant foods, fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole wheat foods, beans are some examples of healthy foods. These foods are healthy for most people. As compared to other foods these have more benefits.

Many doctors advise eating vegetables and fruits for increasing life expectancy. The role of healthy foods in increasing lifetime is proved by many studies and researches. Science has shown with its work how eating habits can increase the lifetime of people.

A study in 2004 in Europe on 1507 men and 832 women of age 70 to 90 years shows that the Mediterranean diet helped to lower the causes of deaths by 50 percent. 2 Another study concluded that this type of diet helps prevent many brain diseases that can increase the mortality rate.

3 Mediterranean diet general means vegetable, fruits, nuts, seeds legumes, fish, unsaturated fats, etc. Plant-based diets have shown many health-friendly results in studies. Like it, scientific study has shown that it helps reduce the mortality rates. These foods not only help in increasing lifetime but also reduce the causes of diseases and deaths. (4) 

A meta-analysis of seven studies on 124706 people found that vegetarians face 29 percent and 18 percent lower risks of heart diseases and cancer respectively as compared to nonvegetarians. Vegetarians are those who eat plant-based foods. (5) 

A study on 7216 men and women for 4.8 years found that consumption of only 3 servings of nuts per week can help in the reduction of the 39 percent mortality rate. (6)

More it is also concluded and believed by health experts that nut consumption is associated with 37 percent lower risks of heart diseases. Heart diseases are one of the top causes of death in the world. On the other hand, some studies have shown the bad impacts of red and processed meat on people's health.

A study published in 2009 concluded that consumption of these types of meats can increase the mortality rate associated with cancer and heart diseases. In most of these studies, processed meat causes more health issues as compared to other natural meat resources. (7)

Doctors and dieticians also advised their clients to eat more vegetables, fruits instead of fast foods, sugary diets, soda drinks, fried, salty, processed foods to get a happy, healthy, and long lifetime.

Science has shown that plant-based foods can help more in increasing life expectancy. So Healthy foods which include vegetables, nuts, plants foods, fruits are advised to eat more for long life.

Exercise daily

Physical activities or exercise can make a person healthy and strong. These types of workouts help in lowering the risks of many diseases.

Exercise can boost metabolism and improve cardiovascular health. From blood pressure, diabetes to heart and cancer diseases all of these dangers can be reduced by doing exercise daily. These diseases are one of the main causes of early deaths in the modern world.

A study that was published in 2011 found that only 15 min daily exercise or workouts can reduce the risks of all types of mortality by 14 percent and can add more years to a person's life. It was also found that inactivity can increase the mortality rate by 17 percent. (8)

Science has done a lot of studies on exercise and workout relation with life expectancy. Like another study in 2015 found that 150 minutes of moderate and high-intensity workouts can reduce the 22 mortality rate to 22 to 28 percent in people who are 60 years old or above. (9)

Exercise can help you to combat different health and fitness conditions

Many kinds of research and studies have proved that exercise not only increases life but it also makes a person healthy and fit. Like a meta-analysis of 80 studies in which experts monitor 1338143 people concluded that physical activity or workouts can improve the lifetime of people.

These types of activities show good results in favor of longevity. Reduction of mortality rates was more visible in women as compared to men. Perhaps women care more about health and fitness than men. (10) 

An easy form of exercise is walking which is suitable for almost every non-disabled person.

 It is recommended to do 30 to 45 minutes of exercise per day. These healthy activities will help you to live a happy long life

Exercise link with longevity is visible in daily life. We can observe the peoples who have the habit of doing workouts usually live longer than physically inactive people. Soldiers, Athletes, and Movie stars who work hard on their fitness to perform well in the field usually get more life in this world.

Lose weight

Losing an unhealthy weight means getting towards a healthy, happy, and long life goal. Being overweight or obese can affect the person's health badly.

Such a large weight of extra fat can cause many fatal diseases like cardiovascular or heart diseases, breathing problems, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, gall bladder diseases, high LDL or low HDL cholesterol, and many more diseases that mostly show results in early deaths.

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Experts have done many studies and researches on the link between overweight or obesity and lifetime. Their results show that obese persons have a high mortality rate as compared to normal-weighted persons.

The research which examines the NHI health interviews(1986-2006) of black and white peoples of the US concluded that obesity has a reasonable link with the mortality rate. It was found that overweight and obesity can increase the 5 to 21.7 percent chance of death. The results of this research also warn those peoples who think obesity is not unhealthy and dangerous. (11) 

Dangerous fat on the body is not only bad for adults' health but it also plays the same with child health. Childhood obesity is linked with many dangerous diseases that can result in early death. Studies on child obesity show that obesity is highly associated with dangerousheart diseases.

Weight loss is very hard without healthy diet and exercise

Generally, a BMI calculator is used for calculating fat on the body. But in some cases, the BMI calculator doesn't show satisfying results. Because it only gave results with the help of height and overall body weight.

It doesn't differentiate between muscles and fat weight. Many peoples have heavy muscles and less fat. But this scale shows them obese and unhealthy. And some peoples have high body fat and less muscle mass but the BMI calculator put them on the green list.

These high body fat peoples are also not healthy they are also obese. Their type of obesity is called normal weight obesity.

Studies on normal weight obesity have also shown the same bad results. This study on 6171 people of 20+ age shows that normal weight obesity is highly linked with a high prevalence of cardiometabolic dysregulation, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular factors. (12)

By losing the bad fat from the body can help a lot in improving the lifetime. By getting a normal body weight a person can increase the health and fitness of the body. A healthy and fit body has fewer risks of various dangerous diseases.

The excess weight of fat can be lost with the help of good food and exercise routine. Stop yourself from eating junk or fast food, high carbs, sugary and oily foods. Instead of them eat high protein, vegetables, and fruits for weight loss.

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Sleep well

Good sleeping time is very essential for awesome health and fitness. Sleep especially at night repairs and recover the well status of the body.

During sleeping our blood pressure is reduced which shows how much sleep is essential for lowering high blood pressure. Sleep is crucial for us. Without sleep, we can't survive. So if you want a long life then consider starting sleeping well. Science has also done many types of research and studies on the relation between sleep and longevity.

All of those results show that without good sleep good health is only a dream. Without health risks of mortality increase many times. A meta-analysis of 16 studies on 1,382,999 people shows that sleeping time less than 6 to 7hrs is highly linked with the rise in mortality rate. Results show that less sleep was associated with 12 percent of early deaths of people.

On the other hand, studies also show that excessive sleeping habits can also have the ability to increase the mortality rate. (13)

Lack of sleep can cause many diseases. Like it can cause inflammation which can show the result in diabetes, heart diseases, and an overweight body.

Science has found many unhealthy results of less sleep. Many studies have shown the link between sleep and the overall health of the body. Studies have found that almost all diseases that are responsible for the early deaths of people can be the result of less sleep. (14)

Most health experts recommend 7 to 8hrs sleep per night. This sleep time is enough for you to increase the positive status of health. With good health, your life span will increase.

Almost Everybody knows that too much of everything is bad. The same goes for excessive sleeping habits. It is proved by science that just like less sleep, too much sleep also can generate health problems.

Long sleeping time like more than 10 hrs. is associated with low energy level, high risks of depression & anxiety, obesity and can cause many health issues which you may not notice soon. With time these risks may become worse. (15)

Be careful on the roads

In this fast and modern life travel from one place to another is becoming easy. But it is creating another problem that is accidents while traveling. It is estimated that 1.35 million people yearly lost their lives in road accidents. Road accidents are no.1 in travel-related deaths.

Mostly fatalities on the roads happen due to:

  • Over speeding
  • Sleeping while driving
  • A bad condition of the vehicle
  • Driving after the use of alcohol or drugs
  • Not using protective equipment

Almost daily road accidents happen in the world. I guaranteed you that whenever you will read the newspaper you will find the news of recent accidents with fatalities and injuries. Daily High number of people are losing their lives in road accidents.

More than half of fatalities include pedestrians and those who use light vehicles like bicycles and motorbikes. So you need to be very care full on the roads. If you are a driver then avoid over speeding. It is the top cause of road accidents. If you will do over speeding then you will not only put your life in risk but you will put the lives of other peoples in danger who uses roads.

Sleep during driving is also the cause of road accidents. Sleep while driving cause accidents and fatalities in all most used travels sources like Airplane, train, and ships. So always be careful during driving. Never drive if you are feeling sleepy or you have used some drugs that cause sleep or tiredness.

Vehicle bad condition is also the major cause of road fatalities. So always make sure your vehicle or travel company vehicle is in good shape. Check the model of a travel company vehicle. Most good road travel companies use the latest vehicle that causes fewer accidents.

Don't drink alcohol before or during driving. In the US alcohol consumption cause many accidents daily. So avoid alcohol or any drugs that can cause sleep or an unconscious situation.

Always use seatbelts while driving Another main reason for deaths on the roads is not using protective equipment. Bicycler or motorbike is more likely to get a serious injury if an accident happens because most of these peoples receive an injury in their heads. Injury in the head is very dangerous. A head injury can put a person in a coma condition or the hands of death Angel

. So it is very necessary to wear a protective helmet while driving these types of vehicles. For big vehicles like cars, buses, and trucks it is good to have airbags and seatbelts. Always wear seatbelts while driving. Seatbelts and Airbags will give you protection if something bad happened.

So always take care of yourself while driving and use protective equipment while driving. These things will decrease the risks of bad incidents and your expectancy of life will increase.

Don't smoke

Smoking is one of the top contributors to lung diseases. It can destroy the lungs completely. Smoking is linked with premature death. In modern days trend of smoking is becoming famous.

Young boys and girls usually use smoking as a fashion. But this habit can push the person towards the grave door. Smoking effect all ages of peoples. An early age habit of smoking can be more lethal. Stopping smoking at any age can be good for your health. (16)

Some evidence from the study has shown that If a 35 years old smoker stops smoking then he may get 6.1 to 8.5 years more in life. Stopping smoking at an older age can also be very beneficial. Quitting smoking at even 65 can increase the number of 1.4 to 3.7 years of life. (17)

Control your stress

A long period of stress is not good for health. It can reduce the life span of a person. Stress is the cause of many illnesses. Stress is the main contributor to the cause of mental or other health problems.

Science has proof of how stress can reduce the lifetime of a person. For example, a study of 7.8 years in the Netherland on old peoples found that stress and anxiety can increase men's mortality rate by 3 times as compared to their counterparts who don't take any significant stress. (18)

You must control the stress if you want to add more years to your life. Try to watch some funny things like making some jokes, listen jokes, watch funny movies or video clips. Laughing can be a great friend against a stressed mood.

It is found that laughing can reduce stress and have the ability to increase NK cell activity. With low NK cell activity bodies, resistance against diseases decreased which as a result can open the gate for many life-threatening diseases. (19)

Control your stress and anxiety by taking part in physical activities. More try to become more social. Visit some historical and places which you like. Talk with friends and family members. Perhaps they will help you in resolving the issue that is causing stress.

Take prescribed medicine

The doctor usually treats their patients by prescribing medicines. These meds reduce or cure the disease of the person. Many peoples don't take their medicines or they don't take them as they are advised.

This can cause some bad incidents. So it is advised to take your meds on time as the doctor says. By doing this you will put your health away from danger and your chance of healthy & long lifetime will increase.

Some big diseases need lifelong treatment. For those patients, it is very necessary to take the meds on time. Don't miss it. Otherwise, a bad thing may happen.

Monitor health daily

By checking the status of your health daily you will catch the early signs of diseases. For most diseases, it is very necessary to treat them as early as possible. With early treatment, diseases cause less harm to the body.

Heart diseases, blood pressure problems, diabetes, cancer, and kidney diseases are some examples of dangerous diseases that must need to stop early. By doing regular medical checkups and by monitoring of health daily you can increase the number of your life span.

Avoid overeating

High calories diet has the potential to increase strength but it also has side effects. Like it can cause health issues. Heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure problems. So stopping the habit of overeating may be beneficial for you.

Eating more and doing nothing (physical activity) can be more harmful.

Eating less may be very beneficial for health. A low-calorie diet routine can help you in living a long life. Science has done many studies on communities that have high life span than others. Like Okinawan peoples who are famous for their health and long life.

Studies on them show that they eat low calories food. Due to this they usually gain less weight as they grow old that helps them to keep their BMI low for life. The habit of not eating high calories helps them to lower the risks of many life-threatening diseases. (20)

Good health and fitness, higher chances of longevity

Be careful near the animals

Human deaths and injuries due to animal attacks are very high. Wild animals and pets both are involved in the attacks on humans. As the mortality rate of these attacks is very high so you must need to be very careful near the animals. Almost 56 percent of United States people own pets. Pets' attacks on their owner are not uncommon.

Calculation of only dog attacks on the people of the US shows huge results. Approximately 4.7 million people were bitten in 1994 by domestic dogs. According to the national security council in the United States, domestic dog bites cause more human deaths than lightning.

Average attacks per year reported in the only US:

  • 45000 snakes bites
  • 1 to 2 million dogs attacks (more common on children)
  • 400000 injuries due to cat attacks

In the wild tiger, lion, leopard, crocodiles are involved in high numbers of human attacks. Tiger is more notorious for causing human fatalities. In the 19th century, this animal killed approx. 34075 people in the subcontinent only.

In the 20th century, this big cat had killed 12600 people. Approximately 700 to 800 people are being killed by tiger attacks in Asia. Hyenas, commode dragons, elephants, sharks, wild dogs are also involved in human deaths. (21)

It does not mean we need to kill those animals to keep our self safe. They usually attack when we enter their area.

It is very necessary to keep some distance from animals even if they are domestic. It does not mean domestic animals are safe. Animals are Animals. As I tell you above domestic dogs are involved in high numbers of human deaths. Always train your pets for good behavior. Get some guides from animal experts.

Get rid of those animals who are showing repetitive behavior of aggressiveness. By doing this you will reduce huge life risks for yourself and your family.

In the wild don't go in the area of animals. If you want to see them in the wild area go with good protection equipment along with professional wild area tour guards. If you live near the wild area always keep your house shut. Don't keep your door open even in the daytime.

Always keep your children in your eyesight because animals always prefer to attack the weak person. In the sea always prefer those areas which are known as safe for swimming or diving. Always keep protection or emergency equipment with yourself in any type of adventure.

Be careful in a relationship

Husband and wife or partners have a huge impact on each other life. A person who is very close to you can make your life heaven or hell. Being tortured or abuse daily can shorter your life span.

These types of bad things can make your life span shorter. It is in human nature that we care a lot about our partners. And bad behavior of them can cause huge stress and tension which can make a person patient of different diseases.

Huge numbers of bad relationship-related incidents are being reported daily. In which many peoples are even losing their life. In 2007 deaths number from the hands of victims partners in the United States were 2340. These are huge numbers. About 70 percent of these victims were women. (22)

Whenever you are getting in a relationship always check the history of your partner.

About 76 women in the USA per month are being killed by their partners. These are high numbers of cases for a highly developed country. 24 Most victims are women because they are physically weak as compared to men.

But women are also involved in killing their male partners. In 30 to 35 percent of partner murder cases, women were reported as killers. Partner-related violence can be due to health issues or financial issues etc. Mostly these two are the most involved factors.

The bad mental health of a partner can be very dangerous. If your partner is not well or that person has some mental or other health issues which are causing disturbance kindly bring him or her to the health professionals(Doctors).

The doctor will help your partner to resolve health-related issues. Treatment of health issues will make your and your partner's life easy, long, and happy. The second is a financial issue which can also be solved by managing properly. Like, don't want those things which your partner can't afford. Insisting too much for that thing can put your partner in a bad mood which may show bad results.

A good partner is the most caring person for you who can make your life heaven. Peoples who have loving partner usually live long life.


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