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How to increase stamina for running

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022


What is stamina? You may know about this word. Many peoples use this during their workout or while talking about body fitness. Stamina is the ability of your body to perform physical or mental works. Good stamina makes you able to work for a prolonged time while bad stamina can make you tired after some time of activity.

Running stamina means your ability to run. If you have excellent stamina then you can run for long distances without any problems. Most peoples lose their effort after 6 to 7 minutes, it is because their stamina is not good enough.

Running is a physical activity that promotes many health and fitness benefits.

You can do weight lifting for a reasonable time on the first day but running for a distance during the first try is not possible for most people. Running demands stamina and fitness to perform well. If you have no fitness or stamina then you can't even run few meters.

People who have good stamina can run very long distances. In 2019 Kenyan athlete Eliud Kipchoge surprised the world with his awesome running stamina. He completes his 26.2 miles running in 1 hrs 59 minutes and 40 seconds. He breaks many records that day. He is the first person ever recorded who has crossed this distance. After completing the race his body was not showing any fatigue, as peoples say he may go for more distance if he needed. That is the top-class human stamina. (10)

So how you can achieve some reasonable running stamina? This article will help you to get knowledge about it. We can only provide you with information, and it depends on you and how you use or apply it in your daily routine.

Tips to increase running stamina

Here in this article, we will provide you with valuable information that can help your question “How to increase stamina for running?” Here are tips:

Run daily

That should be your first goal. If you want to achieve good fitness and stamina then give your time to running. Daily running can help you to gain health and fitness. Improved cardiovascular benefits are linked with it. Moreover, it also prevents many diseases.

Daily running can help your body to adapt well to running. A person who does some kind of activity daily for a long time then after getting experience his/her body automatically adapts itself with that physical or mental activity. This technique also works for running.

If you perform it daily then your body can also adapt according to this and you may find it easy to run long distances with good speed. You can do it when your stamina will increase.

Running for 2 miles daily was included in the early life of Kenyan runner Eliud kipchoge. He daily runs that distance while going to school.

According to a study running 5 or 10 minutes daily can help you to gain health and fitness and your mortality-related risks can also be reduced. Good health and fitness mean improvement and excellent stamina. Only a healthy and fit person can achieve these physical qualities. (2)

Regular running for long-distance is not recommended as it can raise issues. If you want to run for stamina then you need to run for a short distance first. Slowly with time increase your distance. After achieving your goal start taking rest days also. As rest is also needed so your body can recover. Never forget light warmup before and after the activity.

Do other physical exercises also

Alone running is not going to produce fast and efficient benefits. You can achieve quality stamina by doing other effective exercises like weight lifting, strength training, and HIIT workout along with your running routine.

Weight lifting and strength exercises are good for your muscles and their growth while HIIT workouts can improve your cardiovascular health and stamina furthermore.

Studies and researches have said that weight lifting is very beneficial for increasing the efficiency of your body to perform well in physical activities. It builds muscles and improves your lifting capacity.

Moreover, weight lifting makes your bones strong and powerful which in results help you during different exercises. Strong bones are also very beneficial during running because they can help you to run longer and can decrease the risks of bone pain due to running or other exercises. (3)

Many peoples usually left the running early because their legs bones start hurting after some days. This can be due to weakness or muscle soreness due to physical activities.

A review of different studies found that strength training is very beneficial to cope with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, fatigue, and many other risks. Depression, anxiety, fatigue, and low self-esteem can affect your running routine.

All of these issues can prevent a person to take part in healthy activities. Doing strength training can help you to deal with these. Moreover strength training also directly builds your muscles, stamina, and overall health and fitness. (4)

A study on older people concluded that HIT workouts are very effective for them to increase their walking speed. With HIIT workout you can also achieve speed, when you will achieve it your stamina can also be increased. (5)

A combination of different exercises works well in increasing stamina and the body's fitness. Only one exercise per day can make you feel bored and different physical activities in your routine may help your focus well on your exercise plan.

Lose your weight

An overweight person can find it difficult to run fast. For an obese person running may become a very difficult task. That person may not even run a few meters. Falling while running can cause serious injuries especially in obese people. (6)

It is my own experience that a lightweight person can run long distances. When I was overweight. My BMI was at 29 due to the boost it receives from antidepression medications. To decrease weight I start running. I am an athlete from my school age. Running being overweight was not too hard for me but my stamina and speed due to weight gain decreased very much. I was running at 11 min/km whereas before gain my time was at 6:00 s per km. That was a huge change. Currently, I have achieved my old normal body weight and I have come back to my normal speed.

Losing weight is not hard. Proper healthy foods and their combination with exercise can help you a lot to lose your body weight.

Research on overweight children says losing body weight can increase physical performance. They found that children who lose weight can get more endurance as compared to others who lose less weight. Endurance means your body's physical capability to perform exercises for a long time. With good endurance, your stamina in running can automatically increase. (7)

Eat healthy diet

Eating good and healthy food can produce effective and healthy benefits for your body. Your stamina and running speed can be improved with a healthy diet. Consumption of processed foods can lead to health problems while eating healthy foods produce good benefits.

A 25 years Research has found that eating healthy foods and diet can help you to lower your body weight and it is also very effective to maintain it. Being overweight can decrease your running stamina while with a normal and healthy weight you can achieve good stamina. (8)

Eat protein and carbs and reduce your fat intake. Protein will help you to recover muscle breakage due to exercise while carbs will provide you energy for running. Studies have says that eating protein after exercise is very beneficial and it increases your exercise capability. When your body's ability to perform fitness work will improve then your stamina chances to boost will also increase. (9)

Sleep well

Sleep is the very essential process that your body needs. During sleep, your body recovers the different health damages. Your body muscles got time to repair and to become bigger. Good and efficient muscles are very helpful for your running. These help your stamina to boost up and increase your running distance.

Lack of sleep can decrease your stamina and endurance in running. Research has found that only one sleepless night can damage your running stamina too much. You can lose your endurance in running by not sleeping. Sleep deprivation can cause you to run slower and cover less distance than usual. (10)

Researchers have found that 30 hrs of sleepless time can cause serious physical performance loss in athletes. Researchers say who sleep less are more likely to lose power, throwing capacity, stamina, endurance, and other physical capabilities that an athlete needs to perform well during sports activities. They say that by taking required sleep these qualities can be improved. (11)

Sleep is not only required for your physical performance but it also put an effect on your mental or complete body's health. Studies have said with less sleep mental issues can arise. With these issues, your running routine, performance, endurance, and results can go lower. 912)

Take sleep as recommended. For adults taking 7 or more hours of sleep per night is recommended. With proper sleep, you can gain good fitness and stamina.

Join a gym

A gym is a place where people perform exercises for good physical health motive. In gyms, many types of equipment and machine are available that a person needs to do exercises. Due to the large availability of equipment joining a gym can help you to gain your running stamina.

As in gyms, treadmills are also present. Some peoples don't like to run daily outside in parks or on playing grounds. They can do their running in gyms where treadmills are available that can help capability.

Moreover, gyms also have other equipment like dumbbells, barbells, weight plates, and weight machines that are also very needy for muscle gain. Good muscles on your body can help your stamina and running speed to boost up. By going gym regularly you can reduce your body fat and your muscularity can increase. With lean muscles, your running stamina can be improved.

Consume protein more

Eat protein-rich foods more as compared to carbs and fats. Protein can help you to get strong leg and overall body muscles. A muscular body with less fat can help you to perform well during running. Eat some carbs and protein value before running and after activity also take 20 to 30-gram protein along with other nutrients like carbs.

Whey protein, chicken, eggs, milk, yogurt, fish .etc are famous food sources of protein.

Remember you can't build muscles without protein.

Avoid soda drinks

Sweet soda and processed juices are not so health-friendly. If your goal is to achieve fast running speed, stamina and endurance then avoid these drinks. Soda drink's high consumption is associated with many health risks like obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, etc. (13)

A study on 17383 Chinese people found adverse effects of soda drinks on peoples fitness and overall health. They found that high consumption of soda drinks is highly associated with bone fractures. Peoples who drink these face more bone issues as compared to least drinkers. Healthy bones help you a lot during running.

You can't achieve good running stamina and speed with unhealthy and risky bones. Moreover during the running your bones fracture risks can also increase if you are addicted to these drinks. (14)

Make a running plan

To get success in work, you need to have a good plan. For running also you need to make a plan or routine for it. Without it, you may not generate good benefits. If you want to increase your stamina then you need to do different duration of running on different days.

Running plan

Here is a running plan that may help you to increase your running stamina or endurance:

First 3 days in 1 week:

  • Brisk walk 5 minutes
  • 1 minute running, then a 2-minute walk. Repeat this process until 30 minutes

Last 3 days in 1 week

  • Brisk walk 5 minutes
  • 2 minute running, then a 4-minute walk. Repeat the process until 30 minutes

Second-week plan (first 3 days)

  • Brisk walk 5 minute
  • Run 5 minutes then walk for 4 minutes. Repeat it for 30 minutes

Second week (last 3 days)

  • Brisk walk 5 minutes
  • Run for 8 minutes, then walk 5 minutes Repeat until 30 minutes

Third week (first 3 days)

  • Brisk walk 5 minute
  • Run for 12 minutes, then walk for 4 minutes. Repeat for 30 minutes

Third week (last 3 weeks)

  • Brisk walk 5 minutes
  • Run for 16 minutes, then rest for 4 minutes. Repeat it for 30 minutes

This plan is made for beginners. If you don't like it then there are many apps available in the app store that can provide you some suitable plans. With running routine and plan your capability of this activity can increase. When capability will increase then stamina and endurance will automatically improve.

Don't over masturbate

Masturbation means an artificial way of sexual pleasure like using hands to get an orgasm. About it, different theories are linked. If you talk about it with someone then it is high chance that he/she will say against it but according to studies, 60 percent to above 90 percent people do masturbation.

Research says the large availability of sexual data on the internet is the major cause of masturbation prevalence. (15)

This act is found in many animals also like dogs, cats, and monkeys, etc.

Few times of it is not bad but too much of it may cause problems for you. People who do too much of it, often regret after doing it. Studies say these people often take stress, tension after pleasure.

Therefore in these addicts, depression, anxiety, and other mental issues can arise. These issues can affect your running routine as you may lose your interest in physical activities and your running stamina can fall more without the presence of exercises in your daily routine. (16)

Moreover, too much masturbation can cause fatigue, which may prevent you to go outside for running. Leg pains especially in bones or joints are not uncommon in masturbating addicts. All of these things can affect your running routine and its effectiveness.

So try to reduce your masturbation acts and participate more in physical exercises. Exercises will not only help you against your masturbation habit but your goal of getting good running stamina can also be achieved.

Keep consistency in physical activity

If you are looking for success then its key is in the pocket of consistency. Make your friendship with it and get closure to your success.
Consistency means doing work without breaking or leaving it incomplete. If you want to improve your running stamina then you need consistency in the improvement of 3 things:

  • Your daily routine: Make it health-friendly
  • Exercise: Do some type of exercise daily
  • Eat healthily: Always prefer natural or health-friendly foods. Avoid fry or processed foods.

The main benefit of consistency is it gives you results. In most cases, consistent work can help the person to achieve what that person wants.

Take an example of my friend who was failed in his middle school continuously 6 times in the same class examinations. But his aim was great. He was known due to his consistency in every work. Now he is a graduate with a top-class degree. If he leaves it early then he will not achieve what he has now. Only his consistent habit and work make that possible.

If you want to improve running stamina then consistent exercises, eating healthily, and living a health-friendly life can help. Do not stop making effort. Instead of stopping, try to improve health and fitness-friendly routines. Go for more and more. Believe me, a day will come when you will start seeing yourself as a great and valuable athlete.

When he considers himself great then he must cross some great hurdles or he is out of mind

Try to do activities that improve your stamina on daily basis. Don't lose the power of consistency. There are huge chances of your achieving your exercise capability like improved running stamina, which you can achieve by making a consistent effort.

Run with experts

You can learn a lot from people who have to achieve what you want. It is the habit of humans to teach others new things. You may find some peoples who give a lot of instructions to others.

Sometimes or most times their instructions can work better for you. The same goes for those people who have some experience in running. In their company, you can achieve good running capability. It is a huge chance of stamina improvements of yours if you start you start running training with an experienced partner or friend.

Moreover, an experienced person can help you to solve different issues and your habit of running can also become strong along with the strict routine of an experienced runner.

It does not mean that you have to find a person for an outside place like the ground, parks or for road running. You can run in the gym also. In gyms, you can use the treadmill and can get the company of some experienced person easily.

Change your running

If you want to keep your interest in running then after every few weeks change your running place if you can.

It can be easy for you to change your running path if you do ground or park site running.

In the gym, you can also make some changes, like trying to change your treadmills after every week. It may provide you new experiences on new paths or machines, which can increase or maintain your running interest. With good interest in running, you can achieve reasonable stamina in a short time.

Keep your head down while running

The best place to run is a park or sport-friendly ground. People also run on roads but that path is risky a traffic us also present there, which may cause problems for you.

The main technique to run long-distance is, keeping your head a little down without watching how much distance has left. It is the best way to run for beginners or for amateur runners.

This technique can keep you running without noticing the distance. Some peoples stop the exercise as they think the distance is too long. To solve this issue you may need to take a try at this technique. You may feel good while you are running.

A good interest will help you to complete your exercise. A reasonable performance or completing a challenging workout can help you to improve your health, fitness, stamina, and body muscularity.

Remember do not to use this technique on roads or areas where traffic is present. As it can cause a collision of you with some vehicles.

Eat before and after running

Don't eat too much before running. It can increase fatigue, which may disturb your running. After your run eats protein-rich food or shakes along with some carbs for energy.

Try to eat few bananas or other carbs and protein food before running. Carbs give you energy to perform physical activities, that energy can make you run longer and better.

Eating protein and carbs after the run can help you to recover and improve your body's muscles especially the leg muscles which you use during your activity.

Eating a few carbs before activity can provide you energy and eating protein and carbs after it can help you to build and recover your muscles and energy.

Performing well in running is associated with your recovery process. If your running recovery habit is bad then you may not gain reasonable stamina even after making effort during your activity. Sleep, proper nutrition, rest, and healthy habits boost your recovery process.

Keep yourself hydrated

Water is very essential for survival. For physical activities keeping your body hydrated is very necessary. During running, you lose reasonable water through sweat. Not recovering that water loss can cause your performance and health loss. Risks of dehydration can increase and you may fall into serious trouble.

Studies have shown that dehydration can reduce your physical performance and improvement. A study on a group of males and females conclude that dehydration can make a runner slow. People who were dehydrated shows very poor performance as compared to those who were hydrated. (16)

A hydrated body means a person whose body has enough water to function well while dehydration means lack of water in the body, it is an alarming situation that can become dangerous.

Keeping yourself hydrated can improve your physical activity performance while dehydration can reduce it. The same goes for running if your body has enough water then your stamina can improve and your performance can go up. (16)

Increase your distance

Try to increase your running distance after some days or weeks. Increasing the distance can give your body a new challenge and your performance and stamina can further improve more.

Wear comfortable shoes and run on a comfortable path

Shoes and your running path matter a lot. Because studies have said fewer un comforts shoes and bad paths of running can increase your injury risks. Injuries can become hurdles against your performance and stamina boost goal. Always buy shoes after wearing them. Try to walk a little if you feel better then buy it. (17)

Take ashwagandha supplements

Studies on ashwagandha have shown a beneficial effect of these supplements on athletes' endurance or stamina. Experts see and observe a noticeable gain in the performance of sportspersons. (18)

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