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Be Aware, Ignorant doctors behavior cost health

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022


Doctors are a very crucial or essential part of the Medical and Health field. The basic meaning or definition of a doctor is a person who gets the required qualification to treat people, prescribes medicines, or in short to play the role of a physician.

There are many fields in Medical fields and a person who is in this field can choose according to his/her interests or goals.

[su_quote]Remember practical observations or experience teaches better as compared to listening or reading. That is why practical’s have great importance in all fields of study, experiment or even in daily life matters[/su_quote]

After completing the degree doctors usually do their house job in which they get experience in their fields. Going for more study is also considered as the best option as a lot of medical students also go for it.

To specialize in the required field Medical students visit or go to various countries to get the maximum knowledge.

A knowledgeable and experienced person can perform better in his/her work whereas a person who has less knowledge can be called as least valued as compared to the first one.

How ignorant doctor can cost you health

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The least experienced doctor can cost you health. It is true as data says Medical errors during the treatment is the third leading cause of death in the United States. (1)

Mistakes of doctors, nurses, or machinery error is casing 250000 death Annually in the US. Even experts say this data is not complete as hospitals' health officials have not kept most medical errors related data. (1)

[su_quote]Annually millions of people are dying or getting severe health issues with mistakes of doctors, nurses, pharmacies staff and mainly due to online health services - fraud which business has boost up to the sky during corona pandemic. (1) (2)[/su_quote]

Today I am going to share the story of my cousin who has depression and anxiety-related mental illness or issues. He is a very intelligent person and has a good reputation in his university. But due to the wrong diagnosis from an ignorant doctor cause him great trouble and loss.

This article will also put light on the major fraud wit the medical field that is putting people's lives in huge trouble.

Here is the story of my cousin who faces great trouble due to an ignorant doctor:

Doctor ignorance that hit badly – A real-life story

Ameer is my cousin who is currently doing his D-Pharmacy in a reputed University. He gets his admission on scholarship as he got high and reasonable marks to achieve it.

During his secondary school time, he was having mental issues. Usually, he told his parents that he thinks a lot and does not like his life. Moreover, he also explains that sometimes he tries to keep himself calm by talking with him. He says it was not a way of talk like serious mental patient usually do like listening voices and talking with him/her self is common in schizophrenic patients.

[su_quote]According to the successful and right treatment he was in bad condition due to the combined symptoms of depression and anxiety[/su_quote]

When his symptoms become worse then he stops taking interest in his daily life activities. He was also left far behind in studies as he says his school study performance hits the low grade which was unusual for him.

Due to health issues severity, his parents took him to a famous doctor who has a very high rating on an online doctor booking platform.

[su_quote]He goes towards Hell, Hell doesn’t come to him[/su_quote]

To get treatment from a reputed doctor or psychiatrist, Ameer parents start their search. He was residing in a developed area and many doctors were available but his parents were trying to find the best medical help.

A friend of his father told that there are some apps that help to get doctor appointments and large numbers of physicians are available on their platforms. After listening to that advice Aleem's father book an appointment with a top-reviewed psychiatrist.

[su_quote]That doctor rating was 4.9 out of 5. But after the appointment, Ameer saw no reasonable clue to make the review or to rate the doctor's help.[/su_quote]

When they go to that doctor then without giving proper time which is very essential to check a mental patient, he prescribes some medicines and told his parent to come next week.

That doctor also charges them 100 percent more than a general physician.

Ameer says he doesn’t get well with those medicines but he gains too much body weight and strat feeling fatigue and tiredness. Instead of improving mental health issues, those medication causes more health issues which were not present earlier.

[su_quote]He also suffers from sexual dysfunction due to wrong diagnosis and medicine prescription[/su_quote]

When they reach the doctor next week and told him that Ameer's health has not improved but it is further declining. Then that idiot doctor doubles the dose of an Antipsychotic that was famous for causing health issues and was used to treat severe mental disorders like bipolar or schizophrenia.

Meds he prescribes to the Ameer was Risperidone which is generally used to treat schizophrenic or bipolar patients.

This antipsychotic drug is famous for its bad side effects but it reduces the symptoms in mentally ill patients that is why it is allowed to prescribe and related meds to treat patients.

When Ameer's parents asked the doctor what type of disease his son has then he does not reply with the name of the illness. But instead of that, he answers them that their son has some issues in his DNA.

Some doctors do not explain the illness or health situation to the patient but they do tell their relatives or guardian about the issue their loved one is facing. That doctor avoided telling the name of the disease to the patient but also gives not even a single hint to Ameer's parents.

Ameer parents also play a very ignorant role as they believe that doctors with closed eyes. Just the high ratings on an app put their son life, achievement, and goals on the edge of the bridge.

In the third week when Ameer visit the doctor again then he told that doctor that he is feeling no improvement and is facing more health issues due to medicine. Then that doctor replied that he has to take these medicines and needed to face those side effects in order to get mental health improvement.

Ameer was on a 6 mg risperidone dose per night and the doctor increases it to 8mg per night which is too high and health experts or psychiatrists only prescribe that to unimproved schizophrenia patients.

At the third appointment, he also told Ameer that he will see some improvement after 6-12onths of the medicine course. And he recommends him to visit him every week.

Ameer told that he visit the doctor every week and pay huge amount on each appointment for 1 year

After 1 year of treatment and seeing no improvement, the doctor changes the medicine from risperidone to olanzapine, another antipsychotic drug for severe mental disorders. He says this drug will work better and Ameer needed to complete its course as well.

It was the blind trust of Ameer's father whose family suffers a lot basically due to the online fraud.

It is very easy to buy fake reviews on various platforms and that doctor has done the same and he achieved too many financial assets with it.

According to Ameer health clinic, of that doctor mostly remains full with patients and most people get their after getting an online appointment.

[su_quote]One day Ameer listens to a patient talking about that doctor's treatment. According to him the patient was talking with his relative and was saying this doctor's medicines are not working and Why you are taking me every week to this clinic?[/su_quote]

When olanzapine boosts more side effects then Ameer's parents make the plan to change the doctor. This time they took the Ameer to the hospital instead of getting an online appointment towards a specific single-handed clinic.

The staff of that hospital Mental ward was very nice and their behavior was professional.

At the desk, Ameer's parents told that their son is in severe condition and needed urgent help from a good doctor. After listening, the hospital reception staff member makes an appointment with an experienced psychiatrist.

The psychiatrist that checks Ameer this time was the most senior psychiatrist, not just him but some junior doctors were also present when he check Ameer.

After listening to Ameer's mental issues he promptly diagnoses him with depression and anxiety.

According to him the medicine he took for more than 1 year was not basically for his illness. This doctor prescribes Ameer some Anti-depressants.

[su_quote]Hospitol charges were 50 percent less[/su_quote]

In just 1-2 weeks Ameer starts feeling well as his symptoms start improving with new medicines and moreover his fatigue and tiredness feelings s also reduce. This time he got the right to diagnose and needed treatment.

After just a few months Ameer's mental health improves a lot. His interest return to studies and others activities.

[su_quote]Due to false diagnosis and unsuccessful treatment from the first doctor Ameer also face a 1 gear study gap due to not studying because of health issues. His interest to study was completely gone due to mental issues[/su_quote]

With successful and right treatment Ameer is living a good life. He is studying well and also keeps himself engaged in physical activities which according to the psychiatrist, exercise helps a lot against depression and anxiety.

Bottom line

The main purpose to share this story is to spread awareness. Apps that provide doctor appointments or bookings are playing a good role but there is a great risk of fraud associated with these.

According to the Analyzers, it is not so hard to do online fraud at a high level. Even the medical field is not protective. You can't see the difference between real or fake doctors online. (2)

So that is why always prefer to go to the hospital or registered health clinic for treatment. Stop or avoid considering the online appointment through private apps because you don't know who can get you. (2)

[su_quote]Even a Quack doctor can open its online treatment clinic by paying or investing money[/su_quote]

The lesson that story gives is to never go for specific services especially medical services after seeing just reviews on their own or associated sites or apps.

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