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How to build Muscles with ease

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022

Many young peoples want good-looking muscles. They want to impress others with their muscular bodies. Especially young boys or men they have a craze for good-looking large muscles. There are many benefits of having good muscles.

Some of the benefits of muscles are described below.

Muscles benefits

Good-looking muscles always impress people especially girls. Muscular guys often have girlfriends.

A muscular man can give more happiness to women as compared to a normal guy(you know what I mean). With big and large muscles a person often feels comfortable. With a muscular body, a person can defend himself properly in a bad situation.

Peoples often hesitate to quarrel with muscular people. There are many other benefits of a muscular body like health benefits, a muscular and powerful person often has good health.

They can perform physical tasks very well as compared to a normal person. In games, muscular guys always perform better than skinny guys. That is why in most games athletes are also trained for the muscular body so they can perform well in-game against their rivals.

Muscularity increase the performance, health, and fitness of a person. A healthy and fit person is more protected from dangerous diseases like heart diseases, high blood pressure problems or low blood pressure issues as compared to an unhealthy person who can be a home to different diseases. 

Getting a muscular body is not as hard as some peoples consider. Good knowledge with the combination of body and mind effort the dream of the muscular body can be achieved.

By making some good effort you will get a muscular body fast.

Here I describe important tips about how someone easily and simply can get a powerful muscular body.

Some tips that can help you to build muscles fast:


Join a good gym

The gym is the best place where you can work out for a muscular body. In this place, you will get equipment that is necessary for building a muscular body. In this place, you will usually find people with huge muscles, fitness, and strength.

Always choose the gym which is within your budget. Before joining the gym first investigate that this gym is good for you or not. And the main thing you need to check is that is this gym has all equipment that is necessary for building muscles.

A gym with the necessary equipment will help you to do different types of exercises.

 Don't join a gym that is loaded with old or rusty types of equipment because these gyms often have bad exercise equipment that can cause serious injury or accidents in the gym while using them.

Old expire machines or weight equipment generally do not help create a healthy fit body. They can cause serious injury at any time. Many cases are reported that have links with the usage of bad material weight equipment.

Follow a good plan

A good plan is very necessary for the success of every work in life.

Make or get your workout plan from others(at the end of the article some workout plans are given). Every athlete needs a good workout plan to perform well in the field of sports. So to do the exercise properly a good workout plan will help you in building muscles fast. 

You can get a workout plan from different sources. You can take help from a gym coach he will help you in making a workout plan. He will also guide how to do exercises. By also taking help from experienced gym buddies, you can make a workout plan. Internet is also there for your help. Almost every type of information is available on the internet. Just use it and get your plan.

Do Strength/weight training

Some peoples make mistakes by doing just cardio. After some time when they don't see big muscles then they start taking stress. But for muscle building, strength or weight training exercises are best.

These types of exercise target muscles more as compared to cardio-related workouts. Lifting weights can improve the muscle's mass, can help them to become bigger, huge, and can bring improvement in muscle strength.

Do weight or strength training for huge, lean muscles. These types of exercises are more effective muscles as compared to other types of workouts. Every bodybuilder in the world does these types of exercises for big muscles. You can also do other types of exercises along with strength or weight lifting.

Lift heavy

You can lift two types of weight heavy or light. If you want to build big and strong muscles and also want strength. Then you need to go for heavyweights. 

By Lifting heavy weight your body's muscle fibers will face more pressure and tears so at the rest or at sleep time protein will start its genuine work, protein will help to repair those muscles, and as a result muscle mass will improve in size and strength.  It does not mean that you need to start lifting too heavy for benefits.

Healthy heavy lifting that produces more benefits means lifting that weight that can cause fatigue after six(6) to fifteen(15) repetitions. A fatigue situation means when you are unable to continue your work or journey and you reach the brink of failure.

Take proper rest b/w sets

During exercise, you need to take a rest. By taking a rest your muscles will recover.  I have seen a lot of peoples who just comes to the gym for wasting time. They don't put real effort into their workout.

They often remain busy chatting with others, using the phone in the gym by those peoples are also very common. I see a lot of guys who take too much rest. Don't apply these habits to yourself if you want results. Otherwise, you will see less or no results in your fitness journey. Take 30-90 s rest between sets. It will help you in building muscles.

Thirty(30) to ninety (90) seconds of rest between sets are good. Rest time also depends on fitness level. Usually, 30 to 45 seconds are best for experienced people, and 45 to 90 seconds rest is best for less experienced people. Rest during sets helps the body to boost the growth of muscles building hormones like testosterone and natural human growth hormones.

Do not neglect body part

Every muscle of your body wants similar behavior. You can't train only a specific muscle. This will affect your body shape badly. Because when you will train a specific muscle again and again then this muscle will develop but your other muscles will be just like "we are gone".

Usually, many athletes have the habit of skipping the training of certain body parts, and that habit can cost them badly. That is not good for them and for those who mostly skip their legs days.

People who skip their legs day or those who usually put less effort into their lower body muscles often have a weak lower body. Appearance with weak and thin legs looks strange and awful.

Just make sure you are training every part of your body. By doing this all of your muscles will develop equally and their strength and size will improve.

Take days off

You don't need to work out for 7 days.

This type of routine will not help you to build muscles.

Because your muscles also need rest. By taking one or two days off from the gym or exercise, will help your muscles to take rest for improvement, repair, and to build in size and strength. Rest is very crucial in muscle building because during rest muscles build and recover themselves. They get bigger during rest, not during workouts. During the workout, our muscles break and during rest, they recover and get big.

Don't skip breakfast

Don't miss your breakfast. Many peoples have the habit of not eating breakfast. Missing breakfast daily is not a muscles friendly habit. By eating your breakfast on time you will get energy and necessary nutrients.

This energy will keep you full until your next meal.  When eating healthy at breakfast will become your habit then you will automatically start avoiding unhealthy foods. It is your choice what you like for breakfast eggs, yogurt, or other healthy food.

Consume protein

Protein is your best friend if you are looking to build muscles. This nutrient helps more in building muscles than other nutrients. Consuming it is mandatory if you want to build muscles. 

For muscle building, it is essential to consume protein after a workout. 20 to 30-gram protein after exercise or workout is best for benefits. Some peoples have less knowledge about what to eat after a workout. They don't take protein after a workout or their consumption is too low for benefits. That is not good for them in terms of muscle building.

If you don't take protein after a workout then instead of getting huge muscles your muscles will start shrinking.  Weight lifting breaks our muscles. To repair, recover, to improve in size and strength our body needs protein. Protein repair and make our muscles big.

80% of our muscles are made up of water and protein

 These food sources of protein are famous for muscle building:

  • Chicken  (chest 100g = 31g protein)
  • Eggs  ( one whole = 6g protein)
  • Fish  (salmon 227g = 50g protein)
  • Meat  (113g = 31g protein)
  • Turkey  (113g = 31g protein)
  • Dairy foods (Milk, 170g greek yogurt = 17g protein)
  • Seeds, peanuts, lentils, chickpeas, beans
  • Supplements like whey or casein

Eat high calories

If you want to build muscles then you need to consume more calories. You will need more calories to support your training and to build muscles.

Everyone knows Dwayne Johnson "The Rock" a famous actor who claims that he eats 5000 calories daily. This must be true because he has muscles just like 5000 calories.

So if you want a big, huge "The Rock" like body then you may need to increase the calories in your diet. You can get these calories from these main micronutrients i.e protein, carbohydrates, fat. These micronutrients especially protein plays a crucial role in building muscles. You need to eat 2 grams per kg of protein per day if you want to build a good-looking muscular body.

It means if you are 90 kg then you need 180 grams of protein. 

Take protein, carbs, and fats

These main micronutrients are responsible for providing energy for muscles and the body. Always eat whole grains carbs and avoid refined carbs.  Try to take healthy fat foods.

Healthy fats will help you to lose unhealthy fats. These fats usually digest slowly and can create more health benefits. Always avoid unhealthy artificial trans fats. These fats are not good for your health.

Many fitness trainers recommend the below-given ratio of calories from macronutrients like fat, carbohydrates, and protein:

  1. 30-35% calories from protein
  2. 55-60% calories from carbohydrates
  3. 15-20% calories from fat

Eat whole food

Whole food that comes in its natural form is best for your health. These types of foods will help you to get fit and healthy. Your muscle size and shape will improve with these foods.

Examples of whole foods are fish, poultry, eggs, fresh meat, vegetables, fruits, rice, oats, etc. These foods are healthy and almost loaded with all the necessary macronutrients that our body needs.

Avoid Processed food

Processed food is usually filled with sugar, refined carbohydrates, and with bad fats. These will produce unhealthy effects on your body. Your body doesn't need them for good health. By decreasing their consumption you will avoid unhealthy effects.
 Some famous examples of processed foods are cakes, pizza, ketchup, biscuits, etc.

Eat after 3 hours

If you want to build muscles then you need to take care of your eating routine. Most bodybuilders eat a lot of meals during their day. Athletes or bodybuilders usually eat 5 to six times per day.

Consuming protein-rich food after every 3 hours is very beneficial for muscle building. It will be good for you if you eat 4 to 6 meals a day. This eating habit is good for building muscles because your muscles will get all essential nutrients on time. Eating after every 3 hours will provide energy to the muscles and your muscles will become bigger and bigger.

Eat fruit and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are very good for a healthy and fit body. Fruits and vegetables contain all types of healthy nutrients. By including vegetables and fruits in your eating plans will help you to get all the healthy macronutrients that your body needs for keeping itself in a strong, healthy shape.

Drink more water

Water is very essential for a healthy body. Keeping the body hydrated helps to increase the muscle size because our body's muscles are 80 percent water and that is why drinking recommend or required water is a very healthy way to build muscularity.

It plays the main role in keeping the body hydrated. Water transport essential micronutrients to all muscles. So your body muscles get all nutrients that they need to build themselves. Water will also help you to remove the waste from the body. By keeping the body hydrated for the most time will keep you more active and your muscle performance will also improve.


You can use protein supplements to increase muscle mass. Most bodybuilders use supplements to boost performance and muscularity.
 But there are some problems with these supplements. Mostly these supplements come with huge price tags. These supplements can put a financial burden on a person with a low salary. 

Most health experts recommend natural foods over supplements. Try to prefer common natural nutrient-rich foods. These foods will provide you more benefits with less price. 

But if you think you can afford supplements then supplements are also a good choice for muscle building and nutrition sources. 

Sleep well

Lack of sleep can cause trouble for you.

A study in 2018 found that a single night without sleep can trigger muscle loss in the body. So you know if one night can cause such an ugly effect then what will happen to your muscles if you have a habit of sleeping less.  It can cause not just muscle loss but it can make you the patient of different diseases.

These diseases can close the path of your muscle building.  With good sleep, you can get many health benefits. Your muscles will boost up in size if you take proper sleep. Proper rest or sleep is very essential for muscle building.

Our muscles recover when we sleep or take a rest. Muscle builders sleep very well for muscle benefits. They always give importance to sleep just like they gave importance to work out. 

For getting full benefits from sleep you need to sleep for 7 to 8 hours. With proper sleep, your muscles will get bigger. And your dream of getting a muscular body will be achieved if you sleep well with proper exercise and diet.

Bottom line

These tips are best for you if you are looking to build muscles fast and in a healthy way. Always keep your health situation in your mind before doing any hard physical activity. If you have any bad health condition then talk with a health expert.

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