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Comparison between home workout and gym workout

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022


Home workout is a very easy and simple way to enhance the fitness level. You just need some types of equipment to perform some effective workout at home. It is also possible to perform exercises with body weight but workouts with fitness equipment like dumbbells, barbells, weight plates, and machines are more effective in terms of good results.

If your target is general fitness then a home workout may not be expensive for you. Exercise at home or gym both has health and fitness benefits. Almost everything thing in this world has advantages and disadvantages. Just like that, there are some advantages of workout at home and also there are disadvantages.

In this article, I will discuss some Advantages and Disadvantages of home workouts.

Home workout Advantages

Here are some advantages of doing exercises at home:

Only one-time investment

Workout at home can save you money. It is a one-time investment that you need to make. This investment can help your health and fitness for many years. Exercise equipment is a bit costly but they can live with you for decades.

Usually, workout-related equipment lasts very long. Many gyms are currently using more than 15 years old equipment. In developing countries, some fitness centers are providing their services with even 25 years old equipment. Good maintenance can help you to keep your exercise tools for a long time. Usually, gyms charge a lot, and buying equipment to start a workout at home is not a bad option.

No time requirements

Most gyms provide their services at fixed times. Some also provide 24 hours services but most of them are too costly or mostly are found in developed urban areas. No requirement of time will help you to do exercise any time you want. You can take any time from your schedule to do some exercises.

There are a lot of people who have a busy schedule and they usually got no time for the gym. For them, workout at the job or home is a blessing. They can do some bodyweight exercise to improve their fitness level. Equipment like a light dumbbell or exercise band can be carried anywhere in a small box.

Some peoples think they can do exercise only in the gym but that is an excuse they make. Exercise can be done everywhere even sometimes exercise at home can become more effective as compared to a gym workout.

A good solution in lockdown

Home workout is the best solution in lockdown. During the lockdown, almost all gyms close their services. Especially in the covid-19 situation. Coronavirus has created a huge impact on the gym business.

In many countries, gyms are closed. The main reason for this is to prevent the coronavirus from spread by avoiding public gatherings. So home workout is a very good solution in lockdown for maintaining or improving fitness.

There are a lot of people who have to stop their routine workouts due to gyms shutdown. For them, a home workout can work as a blessing. It takes years to build a fit body but only a month of stoppage can delete the progress. So never stop your workout routine even in lockdown. Do a home workout as it is the best option in lockdown or covid-19 situation.

No monthly charges

Another big advantage of a home workout is, you don't need to pay monthly charges to gyms. Gyms charge a lot for their services. Buying equipment for yourself may make you independent for your workout needs.

One-time investment for a home workout can put some financial burden away. In the USA average gyms usually charge $58 to $140 monthly. Rates of premium gyms are higher as some luxuries gyms are offering their services annually at $25000.

Workout with family

Workout at home may also provide you a chance for a family workout. Having equipment at home can be suitable for your whole family. Your family members who don't want to go to the gym can do exercises at home.

Combining exercise with family members will not only improve fitness but it will also make the family connection strong. If you want a good healthy family then do some workouts at home with your family members. Routinely practice of this will create some fitness lovers in your loved ones. Good fitness can protect them from many health risks.

May improve focus on the workout

Gyms are not quiet places. Daily a lot of things happened. Heavy sound speakers and a lot of people can cause distraction and disturbance during a workout. Some people don't like to do exercise in front of strangers.

During gym rush hours these problems can become even worse. Peoples usually wait for some time to get hands-on equipment due to the high numbers of people. This can affect their workout routine and timetable.

At home, these disturbances don't affect much as everything is under your control. You can do your workout at home alone or with someone. It may depend on you and your mood.

No chances of the gym feud

A gym is a place where there is always a high chance of a fight or feud. Hating with each other is not uncommon at the gym. A lot of fights happened in the gym due to unnecessary hate or competition.

These things are not present during physical activities at home. Generally speaking home is the best and safe place to work out as compared to a gym or fitness center. During the home workout, you may face very few problems that can disturb you.

It may motivate you and your loved ones

By doing exercise at home you can create motivation in your family members. When they will see you busy in some sort of physical activities then they may also start taking interest in those activities.

That interest can make them to add some exercises to their daily routine. So a workout at home can help you and your family to remain fit.

May prevent the usage of illegal substances

At the gym, some peoples use illegal substances for body muscles. This usually happened when someone uses illegal substances like steroids and promotes them to other members of the gym.

For fast results in muscle improvement, many peoples start taking interest in those illegal, unhealthy substances. It is not uncommon to take information and interest in steroids at the gym. At home with no such information or promotion of these unhealthy, illegal things can prevent you from falling into the black hole of steroids.

Steroids have the ability to destroy your sexual power

Bad weather may not affect

Skipping the exercise due to bad wheather is very common. During unusual bad weather, most gym remains empty for the whole time. Heavy rain is the top hurdler that bad weather creates. You may find it difficult to reach the fitness center. At home, you may don't face any problems like it. As you can do exercise in the close area without any distraction due to the weather.

Disadvantages of home workout

There are a lot of advantages of home workouts instead of going to the gym or fitness center. But there are also disadvantage of home workouts. Here below some are mentioned:

Less exercise equipment

A gym is a place where you may find almost all types of exercise equipment. With those, you can get your hands on different equipment for different exercises. Most people can't afford such a large variety of exercise equipment for home workouts. So it is a big disadvantage of workout at home.

No guide from the gym instructor

The second disadvantage is no proper guidance from the instructor. Less, or no knowledge of exercises can lead to workout mistakes. It is not a big disadvantage if you are a good learner. Almost every type of guide is present on the internet, you can also get fitness-related information on Address4Health. But some peoples need the proper attention that fitness instructors can provide. For them, the home workout is not a suitable option.

Not a pro workout environment

The gym is the place where everybody comes for the motive of exercise. It creates a professional workout environment that can motivate people to perform well during physical activities. Home is not a pro place to exercise. You may lose your interest in a workout due to a non-pro fitness environment.

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Someway can be expensive

Buying some fitness equipment is not so expensive. A pair of dumbbells, barbells, weight plates or a bench will not cost you too much. But it will be very expensive to buy other gym-related equipment like fitness machines, weight machines, treadmills, etc.

That is a financial disadvantage. The high cost of heavy equipment cost may not affect those peoples who are more serious about their fitness like athletes or celebrities. Most of these kinds of people often have their own home gyms.

No presence of gym buddies

Having no gym friends during exercise is another disadvantage of a home workout. Exercise with friends motivates the person which helps the mood, concentration and makes the person do well during exercise. This is not a big disadvantage as you can bring some friends home.

May affect fitness level

Due to less fitness equipment, you may find some less improvement in your fitness. As gyms are full of various workout equipment and you can do many types of exercise there. Fitness trainers recommend the people change their workout plan after some weeks. So fewer equipment at home will create hurdles in performing different types of exercises. You can solve this issue also by spending some more.

When you need to prefer a home workout

Workout at home has a very big value. It can help the person's fitness during the lockdown or covid-19 related situation. Moreover, it is the best option for people who can't go to the gym or fitness centers. Here is when a home workout will be the best option for you:

  • When you can't go to the gym
  • When you need to take care of loved ones at home
  • During lockdown
  • During covid-19 related situation
  • During bad weather
  • During protest-related situation
  • During public holidays


A home workout is not a bad option. It has many benefits that can help your health and fitness. One time spending may save you huge money. Its disadvantages are not so bad. With proper ways and by spending extra you can increase the advantages and effectiveness of a home workout.

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