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5 best abs exercise you can do anywhere

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022


Exercises help your body to enhance health and fitness level. It is the second name of physical activity. So the meaning of exercise is any physical activity is, which improves your health quality is called exercise. Abs exercises are those which target your core and abdominal muscles. These abs-related physical activities help your abdominal area to get toned and shredded.

It is the dream of almost every young person to get six abs. Especially males who daily see the mirror for any changes in abs. Most peoples join the gym just to get six-pack abs. They make a lot of efforts there and some even achieve their goals in small time. It is possible for anyone to get six abs. Only a highly obese person may face difficulties getting it because if that person loses enough weight then extra skin may become a problem against the visibility of the abs.

There are peoples who didn't get good-looking abs even they do good efforts in the gym. Perhaps they make some exercise mistakes or they don't eat those foods which they need to eat like protein-rich foods boost the gain of muscles, and abs are also muscles.

There are a lot of benefits that a person can get by having six abs. The first benefit for men is many girls love these muscles. Men also know that girls like their boyfriends to have abdominal muscles. This is the main thing that pressurizes men to go to the gym so they can please their women. The second benefit is person's strength, stamina and fitness improve after having shredded abs because abs only show when a person does a lot of physical and diet-related effort for them.

Men and women both can have abs. In men, abs are more visible and huge looking while in women abs look good but not as good as they look in the abdominal area of men. Personally, I don't like women to have highly shredded abs because according to me women muscles always looks better with some fat and men muscles looks good with less fat and I think many peoples may agree with this opinions. Anyhow in this article, we will discuss the 5 best abs exercises that you can do anywhere, at the home, ground, park, or at the gym.

These exercises are highly effective and can help you to build hot six abs. Here are these:

Sit ups

Sit-ups is a physical activity that targets your abdominal area. This exercise improves your endurance and helps your abs to get strong and big. Situps are one of the most famous and effective exercises that target the whole abdominal muscles area of your body. As compared to other abs exercises, this exercise target more muscles as other related exercise targets few muscles of abs.

There is a great misperception found in peoples who use the name of situps for squat. Even a gym owner who considered him self a champion (SELF CALLED) told me that sit-ups are for legs and I mention IT wrong. I say him yeah you are champion you may know better

This exercise is used to check the health, fitness, and endurance of candidates during the recruitment process in the armed forces. Almost every armed force physical test included this exercise. Candidates must need to do to pass the test.

You can call this exercise a pushups workout for abs. Pushups are one of the highly famous and effective exercises for chest muscles while situps and crunches are famous for abs muscles. Even amateur peoples with the least exercise-related knowledge may tell you the name of these exercises.

How to perform situps

To perform the situps you need to have a space in which you can lay, so you can do your activity. You can perform situps anywhere where you find someplace but to do situps under the mat or at the grassy ground area is recommended. It is because your back may get hurt if you perform high numbers of situps on a hard surface. Especially if you are wearing a belt then you may get some bruises due to the hardness of flour and by the friction of the belt with your body. Here are steps wise ways to perform situps:

  1. Lay on a soft place
  2. Bend your both knees and put your feet on the flour
  3. You can lock your feet under the ab exercise machine or you can get help from your friend
  4. You can perform these exercises without even locking your knees but that required some more fitness
  5. After that put your both hands on the chest like you are greeting someone
  6. You can also do this exercise by keeping your hands attached to your ears
  7. Now you need to lift your upper body by using your core or abs muscles
  8. Make your effort slowly, don't make a sudden and fast effort, just bring your upper body slowly upward towards your buddy
  9. After reaching the maximum position, lower your upper body towards the ground
  10. Now your one repetition has completed. Do more reps and increase them after you find you start feeling them easy to perform


  • This exercise is a bit risky as it may hurt your back area while you perform this exercise
  • An inappropriate way to perform situps may cause back pain or injuries so do it in a soft place
  • Don't do too many situps in a day. 20 reps of 3 situps are enough. If you want to do more then keep an eye on your body, if it hurt due to it then do them in limit
  • If you get continuous pain due to this exercise then avoid it and choose other related workouts for abs.

Situps video


Crunch is also a very famous exercise for abs. This exercise is performed by peoples all over the world. Due to its benefits and fewer injury risks, it is recommended by fitness experts over situps but situps target more abs muscles as compared to crunches which usually target your obliques and rectus abdominal muscles.

Just like situps, you can perform crunches wherever you find some extra space. Instead of situps, you can perform crunches even on hard surfaces because you lift less upper body parts in crunches as compared to situps. In crunches, your lower backward abdominal area remains on the ground. Crunches put less pressure on your back belt area which is why friction between your middle body and with surface decreases much as compared to situps.

How to perform crunches

To perform crunches here are some simple steps:

  1. Lay on an empty place just like situps
  2. Bend your knees and put your feet on the ground
  3. You can also do crunches by putting your legs on a bench
  4. Now put your both hands in the back of your head and lift your upper back muscles, I mean muscles behind your chest area
  5. Don't lift your lower back muscles as if you lift them then this exercise will turn into situps
  6. After lifting your upper back muscles, try to lift as much as possible
  7. Then lower it slowly
  8. One rep of yours is complete. Congratulation. Now do more by following these steps

Basic crunches video


Plank is the third most effective exercise that you can do anywhere you find an empty place. It is on the best abs exercise list because it targets not only your abs muscles but it also improves your body postures and helps your body to keep itself straight. Your abs, chest, arms, back, legs almost your whole body muscles get benefits from this exercise. Plank is a time-based exercise, it doesn't follow repetition rules but you can do this exercise in sets.

In the beginning, you may find it difficult to pass 1 minute time during plank. You may get some weird feeling after knowing that Guinness plank world record holder spends 8 hours and 15 minutes nonstop in the plank position. This front plank record was set by a US veteran soldier Goerge Hood who make this record on Feb 20, 2020.

There many types of plank exercises that you can do. Here I will talk about the regular plank. It is performed in pushups position but instead of using your palms for lifting your body up on the ground, you need to put the back of your elbows on the surface.

How to perform the plank

To perform a plank you don't need a special place. You can do plank at any empty place.

Here is the procedure of performing plank:

  1. Get your body in a pushup position or in a prone position
  2. Put your elbows on the ground and use feet and elbows strength to lift the body
  3. Only use your front feet power
  4. Keep your body straight
  5. Don't bend your body
  6. Keep it straight for the 30s to 1 minute or whichever time you find suitable
  7. Do 2 to 3 sets after completing the first set

Plank video

Scissor kicks

Scissor kicks are also an effective exercise for your abs muscles. It mostly targets your lower, middle abs muscles and your hip and upper leg muscles. This exercise is the sister of leg raise which is also a good exercise for your lower abdominal area.

How to perform scissor kicks

This exercise is also a bodyweight exercise and you don't need any equipment or a special place to perform it. Here are steps to perform scissor kicks:

  1. Lay on a mat and put your both arms on the floor
  2. Lift your legs upwards a little so they can disconnect from the surface
  3. Now move your one leg more upward then lower it and lift other than lower it also, just like the movement of scissor in which both of its sides comes back to original place while cutting something
  4. Only use your legs and abs power to perform the exercise
  5. Keep stick your both arms on the floor, don't lift them while performing the scissor kicks
  6. Spend time as much as you like
  7. You can count repitations or you can use the time limit in this exercise

Scissor kicks video

Airbike crunches

Here comes another type of crunches. Airbike crunch target many muscles. The reason this exercise is behind in the list because some peoples don't like it because it is hard to perform or it is an awkward type of exercise. A fat person may perform some other abs exercises but to perform air bike crunches that person may fail in it.

The main muscles air bike crunches target are upper, middle abs and your obliques, and hips muscles. Secondary muscles targetted are lower abs area which also gets benefits from this exercise.

How to perform air bike crunches

To perform air bike crunches here are steps:

  1. Lay on a mat or on ground
  2. Attach both hands with your ears and lift your head above the ground
  3. Also lift your legs upward from the surface, like in a scissor kick position
  4. Now push your one leg to the opposite elbow and try to make a connection with them while doing it pushes your other legs in the straight position while keeping lifting it
  5. Now make the connection of the other leg with its opposite direction elbow
  6. This exercise is called air bike crunches due to its similarities with a way of operating bicycle
  7. You can count reps or you can use the time for this exercise

Airbike video


I have mentioned top and best bodyweight abs workout and exercises which may help you to get tones abs. Some peoples like to learn by reading while others like to learn by watching practical. That is why along with the article videos of abs workouts are also available. You can do these exercises anywhere at home, gym or at parks without any special types of equipment.

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