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11 tips for a healthy lifestyle

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022


Health means your body's condition, which shows in which state is your body mentally, internally, and physically. Good health shows your body in a good state with the least risks from diseases or other related complications. To live a healthy lifestyle you need to reduce your illness, injuries, or other related risks that harm your health.

Your physical health tells you what type of life you are living. Physical health means your overall health status. To achieve or live a healthy lifestyle you need to work on your health. You can get a taxi towards your physical health goal if you make some changes in your life. If you want to live a healthy life then improve your way of living.

Risks of bad lifestyle

  • Dangerous diseases can catch you
  • You may get weak
  • In daily works, your capability can reduce
  • You may lose work or job promotion opportunities
  • May lead to severe mental illnesses which go for life
  • You may lose your society importance
  • You can lose your value
  • The opposite gender may don't like you
  • Your life numbers can reduce

If I try to discuss bad lifestyle disadvantages in detail then it can cover many pages. Above mentioned risks are expressed by using the compress technique. In this article, you may learn healthy lifestyle tips that can help you to live a healthy life.

Tips for a healthy lifestyle

Here are 11 tips for a healthy lifestyle:

Do exercise daily

The main thing that improves your lifestyle is your physical health. You can't improve your health without any physical activities. These activities are called exercises which promote your fitness and wellbeing. In our human community, no one can live a good life without doing any type of physical exercise. Even animals need it to live the least risky life.

A lot of peoples prefer money over their health. They mostly work 12 hours, only to earn more but they complain to have no time for 30-minute exercise. The main reason to avoid exercise is their high attention towards making money. Some peoples also consider that good health demands some reasonable expenses. It is true that healthy lifestyle demand some expenditures but these are very low as compared to risks that are associated with a person who lives a bad or sedentary lifestyle.

A sedentary lifestyle increases the risks of many diseases. If a person is lazy and has no attention to participate in physical activities then a gate towards that person's health can be opened for illnesses and health complications. Some peoples get these risks immediately during their bad lifestyle and some get it in their old age. The simple way to explain it is, you can get diseases while living bad or you can get it in your older age.

Don't destroy your health to save money. You can lose your money if you got into serious health conditions. As medical expenditures are very high in most countries.

I have visited many doctors, almost every time that medical expert asks me to make some changes in life to achieve good health. To do exercise was the first recommendation from most of them.

Medical researches and studies have also recommended the peoples to perform exercises. Researchers have found that regular exercise decreases the risks of many diseases like stroke, heart attack, mental illness, cardiovascular complications, high blood pressure, diabetes, and many more. (1)

Some researhers have called exercise a drug that treats many diseases at once. To do exercise is not so costly, you only need a gym membership and healthy foods. You can also do these activities in your home and in parks. It is your choice where you want and for benefits. Daily exercise is a free dose towards your healthy lifestyle goal. (2)

Eat healthy foods

You can't live a healthy lifestyle if you eat mostly bad foods. Bad foods are those that provide less or no health benefits. Processed, fried, sugary, or artificial foods with high refined carbs are some examples of unhealthy foods. Too much consumption of them can cause many health issues.

The main thing you need to understand that when you eat something it goes in your body, with no healthy way to get out. Foods generate effects in your body according to their nutrition value. The main nutrients are carbs, protein, and fat. Too much consumption of even each one of these can cause trouble. Like eating too many carbs may lead to diabetes or obesity while eating oily or too many fats from the food may raise cardiovascular issues. Eating too much protein can lead to weight gain and kidney problems.

So what type of foods you need to eat? The answer is to prefer natural foods and limit the consumption of fried, processed, or sugar-rich foods.

It is sad to say that the modern way of advertising is favoring issue generating foods. A lot of celebrities are promoting these. Big names are associated with the advertisement of big companies.

Like, take the example of the 2 biggest cold drinks companies who are paying too much for their advertisements. Athletes, politician, actors, and businessmen are promoting their brands. But you may need to know that in real life these celebrities may not even touch these unhealthy foods. You may start thinking about how you can say it? My answer is celebrities' health, fitness and appearance don't show traces of too much consumption of these.

Nature has made our foods according to our needs. It is we who have disturbed our food chain, not just the food chain we are trying to change everything that is made according to our needs.

Eating tips

  • Try to eat your foods by making balance in nutrients intake.
  • Increase your knowledge about foods.
  • Know the nutritional value of your foods.
  • Limit the consumption of refined carbohydrate-rich foods
  • Limit your sugar intake from foods or beverages
  • Always eat natural foods
  • Homemade foods have no alternative in the market
  • Don't go for a taste
  • Do cheating one time per week (like eating whichever food you like)
  • Avoid fried foods
  • You can follow this nutrients intaking plan – Calories: 35% from protein, 45 % from carbs, 20 % from fat
  • If you are obese then Increase your protein and decrease carbs and fat consumption. Don't avoid carbs and fat completely as they are also essential for your body
  • Eat fruits and vegetables also, don't avoid them as these are rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Eat meat, don't avoid it completely as these foods are rich in protein. Use boiling or steaming method over frying it.
  • Eat every food in limit

Keep your hands clean

Hands are the main part of your body that you use for different purposes. You touch bacteria, parasites, and virus full places during the day. So by keeping your hand clean you protect yourself from these diseases generating parasites. Some soap and hand sanitizer provides 99.9 percent protection for a long time.

If you start eating foods without washing them after some work then you may increase the risks of many diseases. According to the studies every year globally 700000 peoples die mostly due to bacterial and viral infections. (3)

Here are some diseases that can catch you without handwash:

  • Diahrria
  • Common cold
  • Influenza
  • Chickenpox
  • Fever
  • Infections
  • Coronavirus
  • Norovirus
  • Hepatitis A
  • Respiratory diseases and many other diseases

Hand washing is the main tool that can reduce the risks of bacterial and viral infections. According to research washing hands protects you from infections. Some studies have reported soap and other water-related washing techniques better than cleaning hands with sensitizers or nonwater solutions. The main reason is that these sanitizers clean various bad bacteria but they are well efficient against some viruses. (4)

Moreover cleaning your hand's habit protects you from different viral infections. In the corona pandemic WHO and other Health Authorities significantly raise the awareness of washing hands in peoples. Soaps and sanitizers can remove viruses sufficiently from your hands.

Diarrhea is the leading result of not washing hands. Studies have said that cleaning your hands before a meal protects you from bacteria and different viruses and reduces the risks and episodes of diarrhea by 30 ℅. (5)

You can decrease the risks of many health issues by keeping your hands clean. Use an anti-bacterial soap to clean your hands. Always keep a sanitizer in your pocket so you can use it where water is not available. Less risky health can help you to live productive, happy and can lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Take medicines prescribed by the doctor

A doctor is a person who provides you medical help. That person or peoples prescribe you medicines according to your health needs. Always take your meds on time by following the advice of your physician.

Medicines improve your health and reduce, prevent or remove the risks of diseases. By taking it as prescribe you may become healthy, which can lead to improvement in your lifestyle.

If you are suffering from serious health issues then you need to take extra care of yourself. Bad care can destroy your lifestyle and its quality. Moreover not taking the medicines for risky diseases can increase bad consequences like death.

You may don't need to take medicine without the doctor's advice. Physicians prescribe you medicines according to your health condition at the time of appointment. Taking meds by facing past illnesses symptoms without a doctor guide can increase health risks.

Moreover, never take medicines by getting information from an online blog post. If someone is prescribing in posts or articles then don't follow the advice. Health standard doesn't allow peoples to recommend medicines for certain diseases by using publishing platforms. If someone is doing it then that person is providing death certificates. Only take wellness information from health sites, never use medicines prescribed by publishing platforms.

Avoid mainstream news media

Currently, if you want to listen to the truth about why peoples are facing too many mental issues that have affected their lifestyle and other people's lifestyle badly. I can suggest you answer and that is the high numbers of news channels all over the world. These channels mostly give the news about those topics which affect the persons' mind. Accidents, deaths, killings, rape incidents get well covered on these platforms. Most news platforms cover violent incidents on daily basis. All of this bad coverage can give you mental problems which can affect your lifestyle.

So how you can cope with these? You need to check what thing is disturbing you. If it is violence-related news then you need to avoid news channels completely because these incidents get huge attention and coverage and almost every news channel gives priority to cover these topics.

Video news streaming media is making peoples depressed. A year ago I visit a doctor due to some depression and anxiety issues. He asked me about my daily routines and he also asks me if I watch news channels. I told him that I watch it extensively. He told me that these news channels are affecting people's minds badly. He mentions 9 pm bulletin which people mostly watch is the worst time to watch the news media. As bad effects from news can affect mental health, due to which your recovery process and health benefits from sleep can reduce. He advises me to prefer reading the newspaper instead of getting news from video streaming news media.

Sleep properly

Good sleep is very important for all living organisms. Lack of sleep can cause serious health risks like high blood pressure, cancer, mental illnesses, diabetes, and many more. Proper sleeping time can give you an improved and healthy body which may improve your lifestyle because a person can enjoy life more with a healthy body.

Sleep helps your body to recover like from tiredness, muscle damage due to exercise and helps your blood pressure health. This natural activity improves your heart and stops many diseases to develop.

Here are some diseases that are associated with sleep deprivation:

  • Blood pressure problems especially high BP
  • Mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, stress, etc
  • Diabetes
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Obesity
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Immune problems
  • Weakness
  • Muscle loss and many other problems (6)

Proper sleep helps your body against diseases and their complications

A lot of studies and researches have done by experts on lack of sleep or sleep deprivation they say it is highly associated with many illnesses and health issues. According to a research article on PubMed, sleep deprivation can cause delirium: a mental issue in which symptoms of high confusion and disturbing emotions erupt. Research has said delirium can affect the child health in the hospital unit of intensive care. (7)

Studies have concluded sleep is very important for your brain. Your brain memory can get disturbed if you don't sleep as much as you need. During sleep, your brain does some information and memory-related work and lack of sleep can affect this essential duty of your brain, which in results can cause mental issues. When your brain will not process the information properly then this issue may raise learning problems. That is why for good memory and learning capabilities your body needs proper sleep. (8) (9)

A bad mental health can destroy your lifestyle

If you are an adult then you may need to sleep for 7 or more hours. Sleeping 7 hours per night helps your health in the right direction and with good health, your living standard and lifestyle can improve. (10)

Make friends

If you want to get progress in your life then you may need to increase your relations with other peoples. Making friends or connecting with others can help you to cope with different daily life issues. You may get help from your friends for your problems, through this your risks of stress or tension due to problems can reduce.

Making friends helps your health and lifestyle. Because you get more peoples who start to care about you whenever you fell in trouble. You can get more hands for help to deal with your issues. Make good, loyal friends who care about you, not just time passers who just wanna play with you.

Remember your friends are like diamonds while your relatives are like gold. Diamond is very strong and it doesn't break easily but when it shatter, then there is no way to bring back its first integrity while Gold can be combined after its breakage.

Don't work too much

Too much of everything is bad. If you are doing many hours of work for a long time then you may put your health and lifestyle in danger. Heavy load of your work may cause fatigue, tiredness, sleep issues, the weakness which can affect your lifestyle badly.

The main thing why peoples do a lot of work because they want to earn more. Believe me, if a human goes from 100 dollars net worth to billion-dollar then that state will also never satisfy that person's hunger. While chasing the money we lose everything because, in the end, the only grave is what we get. So enjoy your life before it is too late and good health is essential that promote happiness in your life. Give it time or spend on it.

Too much work at the job while sitting can affect your lifestyle badly. A review of studies has found that sitting too much can cause the early death of a person. High risks of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, or other cardiovascular risks are associated with prolonged sitting. (11)

Overtraining during physical activity is also associated with health problems. Working too much doesn't apple on your job work but it applied everywhere where you do some physical or mental work. Scientists have found that too much training in sports can cause injuries, illnesses, and other health issues. (12)

Give your body to rest as every machinery needs time to rest its equipment. Take an example of a laptop if we put a heavy load on it for a long time then it can get hot. Using it for a long time with this condition can cause battery damage or internal equipment fault. Just like that a lot of work can be bad for your body which also follows the rules of machinery.

Get engage and have kids

Engaging with your lover can help you in many ways. You can get a person who cares about you. Couples mostly make promises to help each other in every aspect of life. The majority of us don't break our promises and responsibilities towards our loved ones. If you are alone then you may need to find someone to start a new phase of life. You can see a good change in your lifestyle if you find a lovely and loyal partner.

Having kids with your girl can make your bond more strong. Believe me, most couples remain loyal and connected with each other due to their children. As we humans love our children so much which is why the separation rate is low in peoples with children as compared to peoples with no child.

Divorce or getting separated can affect you badly. My friend was separated from his girlfriend and now due to high stress, he is now on medications.

Manage your anger

Another thing that can destroy your lifestyle is your angry behavior. Hyper behavior can cause many problems for you, not just it can destroy your relations and reputation but it also affects your health badly.

In an angry state a person can do, what he or she can't even imagine. Many peoples start blaming themselves after they have done some bad in angry situations. You can get arrested or even can get serious harm if you get involved in violence. Jail life or injuries due to quarrels can affect your lifestyle badly, you can lose everything by just being angry in some risky situation.

Angry behaviour can effect your family and friends relations also

Moreover, studies have found health risks that are associated with your anger behavior. Numerous studies have said that anger can generate many health issues which can make your life condition bad. A lot of accidents on roads happened due to this behavior. If you are unable to control your anger then get psychological help. (13)

Improve your knowledge

Knowledge is a blessing. You can't score better in every aspect of life if you don't have the proper knowledge. It doesn't mean that you have to get information to do some physical work but you need the knowledge to establish a good personality which not only helps itself but also helps others in different ways.

Developed nations are ruling only due to high access to the latest information and knowledge. Also in the past rulers' rules on their peoples basically due to their superiority in knowledge.

With knowledge, you can easily handle problems

You not only need this for your physical work but you also need it to get healthy. Having good health and fitness information can help you against many health issues. It can help you to decrease the risks of diseases by making some steps, which can make your lifestyle quality good.


These are some general tips that can help you in various ways. Citations of scientific studies and researches are also given in the articles. You can hover over digits to check them. These tips can improve your lifestyle and may help you to cope with different issues.

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