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25 simple tips help you to live happy and healthy life

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022


Good health means having less risks of diseases or chances that can cause harm. It is very necessary to live a better, awesome, valuable, meaningful, and healthy life. A person can't live a proper required life with bad health.

Your health status basically depends mostly on you and your living style. The diet you eat, how you spend your day, what is your hobbies or how you spend your daily life can be called your living or lifestyle.

Almost every human dream is to live a happy and healthy life. For that many tried to find ways but very less people try to follow the steps that can improve their living.

Perhaps they may see most of the tips hard to follow, for them and for all others this article is going to be very helpful because in this different simple tips and steps are explained which required very less effort to follow.

Most of these can suggest some lifestyle tips to follow that can be basic, easy but essential to follow to live a happy and healthy life.

Lifestyle tips to live a healthy life

Here are 27 tips backed by scientific evidence that can provide great value and help for your health goals:

Sleep on time

Sleep is a very crucial natural need of all living organisms and humans are not excluded. Taking enough and proper sleep is very essential to live a healthy life. It can be impossible for you to get good health without sleeping well especially at night time.

During sleep, your body performs several essential or needed functions that play a crucial role in improving your body's health.

Studies and researches say or concluded that having a good sleep is beneficial for the heart , brain, and for overall body health.

It protects a person and decreases the risks of several diseases like cardiovascular, high blood pressure, diabetes, mental disorders like it decreases depression, anxiety, bipolar, or other related mental diseases symptoms and also can be beneficial in reducing the future symptoms trigger in patients. (1) (2)

Good sleep provide help against diseases but sleep deprivation or lack of sleep can be dangerous as these can increase the chances of above mentioned and other diseases or health issues catching you.

These issues may be very dangerous for you and also can be fatal.

Insomnia is also a sleeping problem in which patients find a lot of trouble in falling asleep and it can require medical help in most cases. (3)

Taking proper sleep which is 7 hours per night for Adults is very needed because it is your natural needed and you will not able to reduce your health risks by taking enough sleep.

Studies say people who sleep 5 or fewer hours per night can face a lot of high chances of getting bad heart-related incidents.

A health survey on school students found that children who don’t sleep on time and make delays in sleeping can be left behind in terms of performance and school grades from others who sleep and rise on time.

Moreover, depressive behavior, fatigue, sleepiness symptoms were more common in those who don't follow a healthy sleep time routine. (4)

So sleep is a crucial need and you need to make some proper changes in your lifestyle as needed quality bedtime for your rest.

When you sleep less then you can also feel your energy level down and your focus, motivation, and ability to work can reduce whereas sleeping well can keep you energetic, motivated, and ready to engage in daily work routines. You can easily feel the difference by yourself.

Rise early in the morning

“EARLY TO BED, EARLY TO RISE MAKES A MAN HEALTHY WEALTH, AND WISE”. This sentence has a very deep meaning. It totally defines the importance of sleep, moreover, it also tells rising early in the morning is also beneficial.

Getting up early provide you many benefits like you can get extra and free time for walk, and other exercises.

Many peoples faceless free time for athletic activities but in the morning most of them can get that time as during that time they got free from school or jobs timings.

Avoiding such activities can cause health issues and following some sports-related activities help you to gain wellness.

Morning time exercise is also more beneficial and some athletes like “Mike Tyson” was famous for his early morning workout routine.

Perhaps that is why he was full of power and his “knock out” punch and winning ratio with it was impressive.

Brush teeth daily

Brush them daily, yeah it can be in your health favor if you brush your teeth daily. Not just yours but also advise your loved ones to brush their teeth on daily basis.

It can be beneficial for their oral health and can reduce the risky percentage of tooth lose.

Daily brushing your teeth early in the morning or before the meal can be very good for your overall health.

When you eat without brushing then a bad smell or ingredient on your teeth and tongue can mix with fresh foods.

Studies say rotten or smelly ingredients from your teeth if mix with fresh foods can cause many health problems including heart issues. (5)

Moreover, if your mouth is smelly and your teeth color looks bad due to avoiding brush then it can reduce your status in people around you, no matter how much fashionable clothes or other make up you done.

Peoples also likes to tease or complain about people with yellowish teeth as it can be shameful for most.

Wash hands frequently

Hands are the main body parts that you use most to do many daily works. You eat, exercise, pick, drop, push, pull, lift, clean things and perform several other daily works with these.

All of these can make them full of viruses and bacteria’s and that is why these needed to clean frequently with soaps or sanitizers etc.

You may need to know that most illnesses generate by getting help from what you eat and how you eat.

With hands, foods are usually prepared, served, and eat.

Not keeping them clean can be dangerous as many dangerous diseases like typhoid, diarrhea, high fever, digestive problems, coronavirus, and even chronic health issues can arise. (6)

In the covid-19 pandemic WHO has provide special guidelines to keep hands washed and clear from the microscopic organism like bacteria and viruses by eliminating them by the usage of Antibacterial soap, or hand sanitizers.

It is an effective method because it can reduce the flow of viruses to not other people but can lower the possibilities of the virus reaching inside a person through the more favorable area like the mouth, eyes, or nose whenever he or she touches it.

Preparing foods after cleaning hands can be beneficial in reducing health risks.

That is why in most high-class restaurants staff take very strict measurements in terms of cleaning.

Whereas in a low-level restaurant these measurements are being mostly completely neglected which is a rising great health concern.

In short, keeping yourself clean especially your hands can be helpful for you and your overall health.

Daily bath is good

Just like cleaning hands daily bathing especially before breakfast can be a very good and probably health-friendly option for you.

Studies say that bath doesn’t only keep you clean but can also help to keep the person active, and fast in works later the day. (7)

People who do workouts or exercises must need to clean their bodies by taking a minimum of one or two times bath a day.

Bad body smell can be a problem for a person or other people who usually spend time with that one who takes less bath.

Hair and skin problems can also arise due to not taking proper cleanliness measurements.

Bath also helps you to burn some calories and makes your body stronger against some health issues because it removes bacteria, viruses, and waste from your body which can be bad for your health.

Keep nail clean or short

Always keeps your nails short especially if you are a man because long nails do not suit a male and can make the appearance dull or bad.

Moreover, these can be filled with dust, parasite full materials, or ingredients which these can get from dirty areas especially during cleaning time.

For girls keeping long nails is a fashion but proper care should be done to maintain them.

Keep them clean so health harms can be limited moreover avoid eating or biting them as this habit or need can be due to some Mental health issue. (8)

Studies say that bacteria cause many diseases and can lead to many diseases which can be severe.

That is why if your goal is to spend a healthy life then make sure you follow cleanliness rules that help.

Follow time table

Time is everything. If someone does not give value to the precious time that usually runs fast those days then it can throw in a place full of regret feelings.

A person can't be successful with following the required timetable whereas that one who does every work on time and take benefits from the time can achieve success in many fields of life.

Peoples who do works of jobs or at school on time are most liked by their company and these scores better success as compared to others.

If you didn’t want to live a loser’s life then know the time value and respect it. Time is also very important for diseases treatment as many health issues can be solved with proper treatment on time.

Eat healthily

Healthy foods make your health good. That is why it is recommended by high Authority medical Authorities to consume health-friendly foods instead of unhealthy foods.

Natural foods like whole-grain or that which contains natural ingredients and the absence of human involvement in changing the value of the food are considered best for health in most cases.

Most unhealthy foods contain high-value artificial ingredients like white sugar, fat, flavors, colors which can produce dangerous health consequences if eaten in large quantity especially on daily basis.

Cardiovascular issues, diabetes, cholesterol issues, hypertension are the main diseases that can appear as the side effects of modern sugar-rich artificial processed or refined foods.

Cakes, candies, biscuits, junk foods, white flour, refined rice, are some common examples of foods that need limitations otherwise health issues can arise.

Always prefer foods that are produced in natural ways as these provide more value for your healthy lifestyle goals.

Exercise daily

After adding healthy foods to your diet plan, regular exercise should be your choice because your health mainly depends on your foods and physical activities or exercises.

Doing exercises on daily basis can make your life happier and can lead you to live a more prominent and healthy life as compared to others.

Several kinds of research have found that involvement in exercises protects the person from main and common diseases that cause fatality in people. (9)

Here are some illnesses that can be severe in most cases but exercise on daily basis can reduce their chances or effectiveness to cause harm to your health:

  • Can reduce or maintain type 2 diabetes
  • Can maintain or reduce blood pressure problems
  • Can lower cardiovascular issues
  • Can improve mental health
  • Beneficial against obesity
  • Beneficial against sexual problems and many more benefits.

Exercises improve your health and fitness level and lead you to live a more happy life than those who live a sedentary lifestyle. You can involve in more life related activities and may achieve success in many works over other people who don't care about a healthy lifestyle.

Avoid sitting too long

Sitting for a long time period can raise issues. Too much rest is associated with health complications that can appear as heart attacks, strokes, or obesity which can cause many issues. (10)

In modern days most people do work by sitting in front of machines like computers and they get less involved in physical works.

Most of them spend a lot of time taking rest that causes harm to their health.

People who work in offices in front of computers are more likely to get obese because their job nature doesn’t allow them to move as they need.

It is been observed that physically active humans score better in most fields of life as compared to unfit counterparts.

That is why it can be crucial for you to avoid long time rest or sitting and laying position. There are many ways that can help you to keep yourself active like taking part in physical activities during break time.

Avoid sugar and salt-rich diet

Sugar-rich and salty foods are not generally accepted as healthy foods because of their involvement in causing diabetes and high blood pressure.

Moreover, most of these foods can be the results of heavy processing and refining methods of natural foods that can cause their ingredient value to lose the effectiveness to appear as health-friendly.

Added sugar or white sugar which is highly present in modern foods and drinks like cakes, biscuits, candies, fizzy drinks as needed to consume in limited quantity.

White sugar is nothing but empty calories which provide no other value of the required nutrient.

Salty foods like sodium rich can cause blood pressure problems.

That is why physician strictly recommend patient to stop and limit the sodium intake from the diet.

Fried foods which are mostly rich in fats also contain a high value of sodium which can make them even more dangerous if eaten daily or in large quantities.

That is why a limitation on these foods is needed.

Sugar-rich foods and salty foods produce such health issues that can be the source of several other top lethal diseases due to which a person can lose a life.

Internet or social media for benefits

Social media can also be useful if not used as addicted manners.

A lot of information is available on them. Search engines like Google are the bank of knowledge in which you can read a lot of useful information.

Just use these facilities as you need, never addicted to them especially without any reason, it can waste your time and also may affect your health if you get addicted.

Newspapers can be best

News channels are helping humanity a lot as these are essential sources of information.

But bad reporting especially of streaming news channels can cause depression in the general population.

Daily reporting of deaths, criminal activities, encounters, wars, political hues, and cries can cause mental issues and studies and researches have provided its evidence.

When a person speaks it puts heavy effects on others that is why video streaming news channels can generate more problems.

Reading newspapers can be the best option to avoid damage as with these you can only read and you have control to avoid or read specific news.

This may help you to reduce stress as nobody will appear like shouting news at you.

Stress causes depression, anxiety, and other mental issues that can deteriorate your health and lifestyle.

That is why important steps are needed to reduce such harms and improve the life quality.

Take prescribe medicines

Diseases need treatments and doctors provide help by prescribing or giving medicines that play a very crucial role.

If a physician has prescribed you something as treatment then take them on time and always follow the medical expert's advice.

Never stop taking and avoid medicine without doctor advice as with both of these you can cause self-harms.

Overdose of drugs or medicines can be lethal in most cases. Many peoples and celebrities have lost their lives due to it.

Make friends

Friends and families matter a lot. These important personalities can help in different parts of your life.

If you get in a hard situation then these can be with you. That is why it may be very helpful for you if you have a good company of loyal friends and families. By respecting them you can increase your status in their eyes which may give you extra value.

People who get emergency help survive in most cases because they receive help from their family members whereas alone living people mostly die because of not getting attention and help.

Mostly Lone People are found dead after many days and even celebrities cases are reported who die alone in the absence of any loved ones.

These people might had survive if they had received help from loved ones or caretakers which may take them to the hospital on time for required medical treatment. (11)

Avoid over speeding

Over speeding word is mostly used for driving vehicles at a dangerous speeds that can cause a fatal accidents. It is a major issue and is causing millions of injuries and death yearly.

On average 1.3 million people lose their lives in road accidents and injured people can be between 20 to 50 million with common or severe outcomes like large numbers of people become permanently disabled due to these.

Accidents mostly happened due to over speeding, vehicle malfunctions, and not following traffic rules. Driving while drunk is also the major cause of these losses. (12)

Keeping your driving speed slow or following speed guidelines can be beneficial.

Authorities make speed limitations mainly according to the area, road size, traffic quantity, and by checking other related factors.

That is why in most cases these limitations or rules play crucial roles in preventing dangerous incidents.

You can not control other people but by following rules and avoiding speeding you can reduce risks that you can generate.

Many peoples lose their lives due to their own mistakes or their vehicles issue can cause it.

Many celebrities have also lost their lives in road crashes like “Paul Walker” who was the main cast of the Fast and Furious series died in a car crash.

If a person who was famous for his fast driving can die and left his own family then this can happen to everyone.

If you don't care about yourself then think about those who love you like your parents, partner, friends, children if you have, and all others who care about you.

Injuries and deaths are common due to over-speeding consequences. If you die then the chapter closes but if you get injured then you can become handicapped which is the common result of most of these incidents.

Avoid alcohol or limit it

High consumption of alcohol is linked with several diseases like heart attack, strokes, diabetes, high BP, and many others.

Moreover, alcohol consumption is highly linked with accidents on roads. Many people lose their lives yearly just due to high Alcoholism.

Quitting alcohol is a good option but due to its high presence in many human cultures, many people may find it hard to leave it that is why limiting this beverage consumption can help those and can reduce issues that its high involvement can cause.

If you left this then its causes can be eliminated. Alcohol can also make you unstable that can cause shame and you can get a target of many society-related issues also.

Never smoke

Smoking is bad and can be fatal in most cases. A smoker is more at death risk as compared to nonsmokers. There are very few bad habits that cause most health damage as compared to smoking.

A smoking habit is linked with heart issues, lung diseases, several cancers, teeth problems, throat issues, kidney issues, mental illnesses, diabetes, and several other health problems that have high linked with fatality.

Studies and researches found that peoples who do smoking and those who live or spend time near smokers are more likely to face early aged death. (13)

If you want to live a happy and healthy life then quitting smoking is a must and there is no middle option for this bad habit. Quit it if you can or get help from health care that provides proper treatment for smokers. Leaving this habit can save you from several issues and complications and can lead you to live a better life.

Find a caring partner

A good and caring partner can be a prize for your good deeds because in needed time that one can help you most. If you have parents and a kind partner then you can be a lucky person because these are the most caring, loveable, and kind personalities that nature has personally allotted to us.

Enjoy in free time

Hard work is good for success but it can be bad for your health if done on regular basis for a long time. Your body needs proper rest timing also to recover and repair the damage done due to work that can be physical or mental.

Keeping yourself busy for most of your routine can be troublesome because when you will not get the required rest then stress, depression, anxiety, or demotivation feelings can arise which may cause a halt in your progress.

Moreover, not just health issues but your physical performance can also downgrade with a lot of the pressure of work.

Always keep a time for enjoyment. In free time or vacation go to visit the places you like and also take parts in parties or family, friends ceremonies. Meet new people and enjoy your life.

Money has value but your health is more than that if there is no health or life then money can be just a paper. Never prefer money over health.

Avoiding health guides at a young age doesn’t show bad symptoms sometimes but in old age, these can appear worse and their severity can increase as compared to those who follow health guidelines in their early and young age. (14)

Know your limit

Always perform by knowing your limits in every matter or works of life. A person can easily realize his capabilities. If you can't do some works then it may be better for you to make your effort on that one in which you take interest and your ability can perform for it.

Don't be overconfident because it can cause shame and can appear you as a fool.

Moreover never go for something opposite to your attention but always follow which thing you like most.

Especially in choosing education subjects, jobs you clearly need to choose that one that you like but not those that others try to implement on you.

By doing this you can avoid future regret about the choice. These types of regrets can put you in a depression situation and further can stop your progress in the field.

Contact the health service in the needed time

Every time you need medical attention doesn't hesitate or waste your time in contacting the health services. Go to the hospital if you can otherwise call the Ambulance.

Almost every country has health emergency-related call codes that can provide services fast.

If you are not feeling well and you see some abrupt or severe changes in your health then getting medical help as soon as possible can help you to reduce the severity of your health problems.

Many diseases or disorders effects can be reduced with early treatment, avoiding treatment in the early stage can be dangerous as it can cause or increase chances of fatality like if cancer, heart, blood pressure, diabetes, bipolar, schizophrenic patient get early help then specialist says that can be very suitable to treat such diseases and possibilities to suppress their symptoms can be increased. (15)

Fever and Cough are two common illnesses but if you have it then go to the health facility for medical help.

You may need to know that these issues can be the symptom of many small and big diseases like this can be a limited health problem or it can be the symptoms of coronavirus, cancer also.

Remember: Some people especially in developing countries hesitate to get early treatment and most of them die due to this.

Like in 2020 a lot of people die due to covid-19 because they do not get the required medical help and when their symptoms severity increases then most of them visit the health facility but it was too late for most of them as many die due to this late step.

Catching the diseases early can increase your probability to live a happy and healthy friendly life.

When you will get treatment according to your needs then diseases effects and chances can automatically shrink.

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