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Definition of gym and latest statistics data

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022

What is gym

A gym is a place that provides exercise-related services or facilities to people. Gyms usually provide paid but promotional and sponsored services are also common at higher or professional levels.

Most gyms accept monthly payment but nowadays yearly based payment trend is also becoming common.

Monthly-based gyms fees do not mostly give concessions but in a yearly-based fees plan, you may saw some concessions in your gym services fees.

These fitness centers provide exercise-related environments, equipment, instructors, diet plans, or workout plans to their members.

The word "membership OR member" is used at the gym as when a person gets its services then he/she can be called a gym member. Most of these provide monthly or yearly membership plans.

In the first month, you have to pay for services fees and membership fees to enroll yourself as a member. But many gyms provide 50 to 100 percent off on membership fees at specific times or events.

Gyms are located all over the world. In almost every area of this earth where humans are living, some type of gym exists. Not all provide the same type of services.

High-end provide good and valuable services while low-end gym can be bad in terms of qualities of facilities.

Gym Statistics

Here are the latest gym stats for your Information:

Total worldwide gym

The accurate number is unknown. After Analyzing studies and research data we find that more than 205000 gyms are present on this planet where a hundred million people work out on daily basis. According to credible sources, there were more than .2 million gyms or fitness centers in 2019. (1)

Worth of gym industry

According to Statista data in 2019 Global market size of gyms and fitness centers was more than 96 billion United States dollars which are expected to decline in 2021 as experts say this industry expected revenue can be $33.25 billion. (2) (3)

Many gyms are providing 12 hours services while big or high end provide 24 hours facilities or services to their members

Due to the covid-19 pandemic gym business is severely hit as during 2020 most of the gyms remain closed for many months which leads to the decline in the gym business.

Experts believe that the gym industry's worth can fall 13.20 percent due to pandemics. (3)

How many people go to the gym

Millions of people go to the gym worldwide. In 2019 more than 184.61 million people were getting benefits from these fitness centers.

Due to covid-19 experts are expecting a decline in these numbers. Perhaps the gym industry is one of those industries which has received a serious blow due to coronavirus.

If this pandemic stays for a long time or a lockdown-like situation remains for an undisclosed long period then experts are fearing a tremendous loss to the fitness centers' revenue.

At the peak of covid-19, almost all gyms around the world were shut down due to the fear of the further spread of the virus

Coronavirus has brought a lot of change in the fitness industry. Due to the closure of gyms online fitness industry has taken control as its business has risen in billions. (3)

In just 2020 fitness apps makes more than 4.4 billion USD worldwide. Home-based exercise equipment selling rate has also surged up as in 2020, 9.49 billion USD worth of equipment were sold. (3)

In 2020 experts recorder a 40.4 percent more growth rate in the business of home workout equipment as compared to 2019 in which 6.76 billion valued of home fitness-based business was done. (3)

Which country has the most gyms

There are more than 205000 gyms on this earth.

Most of the gyms are located in the USA, United states fitness or gym industry is scoring better in services quality, and earnings more than any other countries fitness industry.

Here are the top 5 countries with most of the gyms:

  1. USA – 41370
  2. Brazil – 29525
  3. Mexico – 12871
  4. Germany – 9669
  5. Argentina – 7910
  6. Italy – 7760
  7. UK – 7239 (3)

The United States is also is on the top list with most gym members while Germany is 2nd and the UK is 3rd.

Which countries have the best Industry

In terms of quality, services, facilities United states gyms are famous all over the world.

Many American Gym brands have worldwide branches also, which tells how much better the fitness industry the United States has.

Which countries have the worst Industry

African countries have the worst gym services in the world. Old and rusty exercise equipment is usually used for workout purposes.

Moreover, in most developing countries the gym industry standard is very low if we compared them with European or American industry.

Corona impact on the gym industry

Coronavirus has greatly affected the gym business. During the peak cases of covid-19 almost whole world gym business was jammed due to being shut down by the Authorities.

The 2020 year was worst for general people and different industries. The gym industry was also badly affected. Experts say that tremendous numbers of the gym get financially bankrupt due to lack of financial resources. In alone United states 17 percent of gyms or fitness centers close their business doors permanently.

Die to gym shut downs unemployment rate spike to the high and unusual level. Almost 1.4 million people associated with the fitness industry lose their jobs due to coronavirus pandemics or lockdowns.

For the year 2021 experts have expected a 7 to 13 percent more decline in the gym business. (3)

Role in people fitness

In today's world fitness centers or gyms, the industry has a great influence on people's fitness. As due to jobs and related activities people interest to take part in sports like football, cricket or in hockey is reducing.

In these situations, gyms are helping them to keep, maintain and improve their general fitness. Usually to do exercise at the gym is far easier and time-friendly as compared to playing other sports which need a big area and numbers of people to play.

Here are some main roles these fitness centers are playing:

  1. The gym provides an exercise-friendly environment due to which a person can get maximum fitness needed benefits
  2. Almost all types of exercise can be performed at most gyms. Running, jogging, weight lifting, HIIT workout, strength training are some famous forms of workout or exercises that people do at these centers.
  3. Gyms are mostly time friendly as you can do workouts almost whenever you want. As many gyms operate 24/7 per week and even in harsh climates they don't usually shit their services. But in a pandemic-related situation like the current coronavirus has greatly affected their business.
  4. To work out at the gym a person doesn't need too many friends or colleagues like in football, hockey, or other sports. A single person can do required and needed exercise.
  5. In these types of fitness centers, Instructors are often present who provide paid services. If someone has least or no knowledge of fitness and exercise then he/she can hire fitness instruction for guidelines. It is easy to get help at gyms as compared to on land or ground like sports or exercise-related activities.
  6. Various types of exercises can be performed there. If your goal is muscle building then you can go for strength training or weight lifting and if you wanna increase stamina or improvement in running then treadmills are present at most fitness centers that can help your practice.
  7. Gym operation usually goes even on rainy days. To play on the grounds on a rainy day is not possible but at a gym it is possible.
  8. There are millions of people who daily do exercises at the gym. This tells how much role and influence this fitness center has on people's fitness. If due for some reason these centers shut down then not only worldwide people fitness ratio will degrade but a lot of people can go unemployed.
  9. Almost every athlete Nationally and Internationally use private or owned gyms to get the train and to remain physically active for their games. Gyms do not have a great influence on general population but it covers all types of people worldwide who have involvement in physical games or activities. Celebrities who care about their fitness pay millions yearly just to maintain or improve their fitness, look, and muscularity.
  10. Gyms are very easy to access as these centers are present worldwide in almost all major cities where people are getting benefits.
  11. Another main benefit of the gym is you don't have to buy expensive equipment or machines for exercise. With some dollars, you can get a membership for your exercise needs.

Bottom line

The gym is playing a great role in promoting fitness. Not just it is helping people to maintain and get fit but it is also generating revenue in billions, and with this these fitness centers are generating a high and reasonable revenue worldwide.

Millions of people are associated or employed with the gym business and they are earning their livings well.

Perhaps these modern exercise facilities are playing a very crucial and needed role in promoting fitness at the low and high level of the population and that is why this industry needed to flourish more.

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