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Gym mistakes that cause time waste

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022


A gym is the best place to work for a muscular, fit and shredded body. Almost 2.36 people of the world have a gym membership. Alone in the United States, 64.19 million people have a gym membership. These numbers show how much role gym plays role in people's fitness.

Even in Corona pandemic gym industry is earning in billions. According to the data this industry was worth 35 billion United States Dollars in 2020. A way more then 2019 ($32.3 billion). (1)

Perhaps you are also paying to some gyms or you have their membership. Having a gym membership doesn't work for your fitness goals but your own efforts at the gym and the eating table make you good. Some mistakes which you may consider small can cause problems for you. Even after months, you may not see a reasonable change in your body.

This blog post will discuss 10 important things which you need to stop doing at the gym. Otherwise, you may not get well results and you are just wasting your time and money.

Things to avoid at the gym

Here are 17 important things to avoid at the gym:

Mobile phone using

The mobile phone is perhaps the most used device by people. It goes usually where a person goes. It is possible to have zero money in the pockets but a 500 dollar mobile phone in hand or pocket can't be exceptional for most of us.

This device is useful as it connects us with others and provides information and entertainments opportunities. But having it everywhere especially at the gym can turn your attention from your main purpose.

People are often seen busing with mobile instead of doing exercises. A lot of people just waste their time workout by keeping chatting on social media. As it is good to take 30 to 45 seconds of rest between sets but using a mobile phone after a set of exercises can break the required rest timing limits.

Too much rest between sets is not good for fitness goals. It is not good if you have done 1 set then after 15 minutes of Facebook surfing you are doing your second one. And after just a few sets and spending most of the time on mobile you are going home. By spending most of your gym time with mobile, you are making a serious mistake that can be bad for good results.

A mobile phone is a thing which you can't ignore if you have it near you. The main solution to solve this issue is that left the mobile at the home. If you do exercises or listen to songs with its help then keep focusing on them and avoid opening social sites or other related things.

Too much talk

Human loves to talk. People talk about it in the gym. Even posters to “not make the noise” doesn't mostly work for them. Loud talking is common. It does not mean you don't have to talk but too much talking and not giving proper attention to the exercise can make waste your time and you may not perform your complete workout.

Here is a gym joke which is very popular: “An overweight lady was told by her husband to join a gym as her health and look were getting dull with too much fat. After 5 months of the gym when her husband doesn't see any change then he complains to the gym owner/instructor. The gym owner tells him to come tomorrow and when he arrived at the specific time he observes his wife being busy chatting with others and avoiding exercise. Then he realizes why results are not coming”.

The main thing to tell is that spending time talking can waste your gym time in which you have to perform exercises for your health and fitness gain. Time usually runs out fast when we talk that is why focusing on the main purpose instead of others can make you victorious in achieving your goals.

Avoid too much talk and mind your business with just exercises or workouts. It is best for your gains. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time at the gym and your needed goals can't be achievable.

Keeping wandering

Keeping checking every corner of the gym is also bad for your workout or activity. Some people have the habit to keep wandering here and there. They do not like to stick to their exercise. This is also not a good habit as it can put your focus from exercises to other things and you might not give your full attention to your workout.


Gym friends are very good to have. They can guide you and also can help you with your workouts. But keep talking, chilling, laughing, and discussing topics with them while avoiding exercises is not a good option. Because it can also lead to gym time waste for you and your colleagues that is why putting your attention on the games instead of just chilling can be good as your time to gain fitness will not go waste with it.

Giving unneeded suggestions

Another bad habit of some gym members is they keep giving unneeded and boring suggestions to others. Even they are not experts but regular ones they like to become an instructor by giving meaning tips. Not with showing performance with the workout but they try to raise their status by showing others how much un ineffective knowledge they have.

A good athlete will not give advice mostly but an amateur or regular person can be seen often giving advice that does not work mostly. By doing it they don't waste their own time but also make problems for others. If you are one of those try keeping your business with your own as it can be good for you and your gym colleagues.

You and videotape

Giving too much attention to video songs especially when "Beyonce" dance is bad for your exercise goals at the gym. Your feelings for exercise can shift to other things. Enjoy the songs but a strict focus on the videotapes can be an attention killer. Songs make you go harder in exercises but inappropriate or sexually charged songs and media may reduce your workout feelings. Consider listening to audio songs instead of video songs.

Finding others mistakes

As some have the habit to give unneeded suggestions while some also like to find mistakes in others. They complain to others that their exercise technique is not good or they are not lifting weight at the proper angle or their angle is inaccurate. These types of people are just for disturbance and they needed to stop.

To avoid this behavior or avoid those who do this kind of activity. Let the fitness instructor help, don't be the judge for others.

Keep looking others

There are many types of people at the gym. With different attitudes and behavior, some can be easily noticeable.

One of the strange behaviors of people in the gyms is they keep looking at others how they do exercises or without any reason, they like to observe others. This thing can make the person's behavior awkward. Without any reason judging, looking, and interfering with people is not good. This may lead to generate a bad environment at the gym.

Lifting too much

Weight lifting is the most commonly performed exercise at gyms. It is also called strength training. Weight lifting is the best exercise to build muscles. For fast results, some likes to lift the too heavyweight which their body handles very hard, or sometimes can completely fail. There is no other big injury causes factor than lifting abnormally heavyweight. Torn muscles, ribs were broken or even fractures are been recorded due to too much heavy lifting. (2)

Lifting weight can increase muscle mass but lifting too much heavy may lead to injury and that is why avoid it.

Avoiding cardio

Cardio exercises like jogging, running and HIIT workouts are best for your cardiovascular health. These can be easily performed at most gyms. On treadmills, you can do running whereas on empty spaces you can do a HIIT workout.

Many people avoid cardio-related exercises. They mostly prefer weight lifting instead of these. Weight lifting is good but it does not help much for your cardiovascular health or fitness. A person who mostly does weight lifting can lose breath early in running as compared to that of one who does both cardio and weight lifting.

That is why doing both types of exercise at the gym can be very good for your fitness gains and may lead to fast improvement.

Skipping leg days

If you are skipping your legs workout at the gym or even at the home then it is not good for your fitness goals. Your legs are almost half of your whole body and avoiding a leg workout can make your half body weak. Not doing exercises for a specific muscle can make them thin, weak, or unattractive.

You may have seen people who mostly do upper body workouts and due to that, their legs look too thin. After looking at them a common person may think he/she has health issues related to legs. Do leg workout routinely like once per week or give them attention equally as you gives to other body muscles. Legs workout also increases your testosterone which is good for muscles boost, size, and overall fitness.

Avoiding warmup or cooldown

Warmup and cool down both are essential. The warmup is usually before exercise and the cool-down time comes after exercise. Warmup activates your body for workouts and light exercises like a brisk walk and body movement exercises can be good. Whereas cooldown helps your body to get back into a normal position healthily and professionally. Light walk after the workout and 5 to 10 minutes of rest can lower your body temperature to normal.

Avoiding warm-up and cool-down can increase muscle pain or injury risks.

Taking steroids

Anabolic steroids are very notorious for deteriorating people's health. Thisincreases muscle mass but destroys the general health and fitness of the user. It can also be addictive and lead to heart issues as well. Many people at the gym use it even professional athletes have become addicted to them. Avoiding these can be good and using them can make your health worse.

Only one muscle

Never target just a specific muscle group at the gym but give time to all muscles equally. Targetting every body part and muscle of your body can lead to a strong, powerful, and muscular body which can make you an extraordinary athlete.

The lessor or no protein

Protein is very essential for your fitness goals. You can't build reasonable muscles without consuming the required value of protein from your diet. After a workout consumes the protein full shake or eats the meat as these can provide a reasonable amount of protein for your gains. Not taking protein after a workout can reduce your fitness and muscle size instead of gaining.


These mentioned mistakes can reduce your gym workout efficiency. Avoid being following these errors like mistakes that are not so useful to follow. By ignoring these you can remain on right track towards fitness.

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