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Lower belly fat with these simple fat burn exercises

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022

What is exercise

Exercise is your body-related movement that helps your health and fitness level to improve. Meaning of exercise is those physical activities that involve the movement of your body parts that do some work in order to improve your body health, strength, stamina, flexibility, and overall fitness.

What are fat-burning exercises?

Fat burn exercises are those which reduce your fat tissues and improves your muscularity. These help you reduce your excess body weight. Too much fat in the body can cause serious health risks.

That is why these activities that this article will explain below have great value in terms of fat loss benefits.

Why lose fat

Too much fat on your body can make you overweight. Being obese can be very dangerous for your health. Cardiovascular, blood pressure, diabetes, and too many mortality-related risks are associated with it.

The enormous amount of weight of fat tissue can prevent you to show reasonable performance at work or at games. A fat person rarely looks good if we compare it with a healthy weighted person.

Fat burn exercises

This list will explain the top levels of exercises that are heavily associated with body performance improvement or body fat loss.

This list involves 5 cardiovascular-friendly exercises, with them you will not only burn your body fat but your heart and vascular functions can also improve.


Running is a very efficient activity that improves your overall health. During this workout, all of your body parts get involved and they work together for benefits.

During running all of your body parts burn calories at once which can increase running effectiveness in reducing fat as compared to other exercises.

Running is of two types: 1. Jogging 2. Sprinting

  1. Jogging means an activity in which you run at a slow or medium pace.
  2. Sprinting means running in which you use maximum body power to gain high speed

Running as fat burn exercise

Running is perhaps the top-level exercise that can provide a lot of health benefits to your body.

Weight lifting improves your strength level and muscularity but it does not provide much help for your cardiovascular health. On the other hand, running is the best exercise you can do for your CVD health.

This activity boosts your body functions and improves the function of your different body parts.

A good functional body uses more energy and burns high calories as compared to an unhealthy body. Running boost your metabolism and increase the percentage of fat burn.

A young boy of 170lbs can burn 131 calories with 10 minutes of running. Peoples who love running and run more, lose heavy calories because of this physical activity. That is why most runners have very little fat on their bodies.

If you want to check how many calories you have burned by running or other activity, then you can use this calorie burn calculator.

Running helps you to lose body fat more than compared to many other exercises. Scientific researches and studies have proved its efficiency in fat burn and losing body weight.

A scientific study examines the effect of running on overweight children found that this activity helps a lot in losing body fat and burn fat more than other preventive measurements.

Experts found that with running, walking ability in those children improves and their endurance also increases which makes them work better in physical activities. (1)

Expert measure the effects of running on women's bodies. They found that in 6 weeks ladies who take part successfully lose 3.5 percent belly fat and 8 percent overall body fat. During these 6 weeks, they only work for 3 days per week and their fat burn ratio was incredible. (2)

For running you don't need any gym membership. You can do it where you find a suitable path

You may need to know that running not only helps you to burn fat but also provide many other health and fitness benefits. It is the best natural remedy that can improve your heart health and can decrease the risks of several diseases and improves your living standard by providing you valuable health and fitness. (3)

How to burn more fat by running

There are some simple techniques that can provide you help to get maximum benefits from this activity. Here are some techniques that may be useful for you:

  • Run a short distance at the beginning
  • If you are feeling hard to cover your desired distance, then reducing it can help
  • Running for a short distance, in the beginning, is helpful. You may feel easy to run more after a few weeks.
  • If you feel easy to cover a specific distance, then run more.
  • To maximize its advantage try to run 4 to 5 days per week. Take rest from running for 2 to 3 days.
  • Achieve the running time of 20 to 25 minutes and increase it to 30 minutes if you have capacity.
  • Use comfortable shoes to run as these can bring significant benefits during activity.

Skipping rope/rope jumping

With rope skipping you can burn a lot of fat.

Even with this exercise, you can burn more fat than running and cycling but because of this exercise difficulty, it is behind the running. Strength, timing, fitness, and body balance are required to perform rope skipping.

In rope jumping or skipping rope, a person uses a rope, which he or she uses to jump on it. The rope goes from the legs to the head and completes the circle over the whole body during this activity.

Rope skipping can be risky for some peoples as because of poor timing and body balance someone can fall because of the rope hanging with legs.

Ten minutes of rope jumping can burn 105 calories of your body. High-intensity skipping ropes for one hour can burn 843 calories or 3529 kJ.

Rope jump as fat burning activity

By doing this activity regularly you can achieve a significant loss in your body fat.

Studies say that rope jumping or skipping reduces your waist size, and overall body fat significantly in less time. A lot of other health benefits like cardiovascular, blood pressure, diabetes, and many other health-related issues can reduce due to it. (4)

Studies find that skipping rope can improve muscle strength, hands grip power in children. (5)

Experts say this activity is a very interesting and effective way to boost the fitness of peoples especially for children this activity can become very effective in terms of improved health and fitness. (5)

Tips for rope jump

  • Start slowly in the beginning, avoid being fast as you may fall due to it
  • Learn it properly and get the knowledge that is needed
  • Learn from a friend or watch the above video


Cycling is a physical activity involving a bicycle to perform it. It needs a good body balance on a bicycle.

Motorbike also need such type of body balance but during motorbike riding, the only motor attempts to operate but in bicycling your body attempts to cover the distance.

During cycling, you not only burn significant calories or fat tissues but you also get a good deal of other health and fitness-related benefits. (6)

Cycling as fat burn exercise

An adult young male can burn 119 calories from 25 minutes of cycling. With the use of cycles instead of motorbikes, we can improve our health but it can also work better for the improvement in the atmosphere.

Large numbers of studies on the use of cycles instead of other petrol related vehicles found that high usage of it can help to improve the health and can prevent many health risks of the peoples.

Studies found that this activity not only helps to decrease various disease risks but also causes a tremendous loss in the percentage of body fat. (7)

If you want to add cycling to your daily life then use it in a different manner as compared to the motorbike.

As it required your own strength that is why it may not be suitable for long-distance or incline paths.

To get benefits for a long time only use a cycle for short-distance travel and use a path that is for cyclists or do your activity on the low traffic side of the road.

How to get maximum benefits by cycling

Here are some tips that may cause gain in more benefits from cycling:

  • First, learn it properly. Cycling needs proper body balance on the bicycle.
  • Buy a bicycle that suits your body height. Check if your both feet touch the surface when you sit on it.
  • Just like running, start with less distance and cover more distance with time
  • Keep a water bottle or other food, safety, and tools related to the bicycle along with you.
  • Always go on foot or use a bicycle whenever you go out for a short distance. It will burn your fat further.


Generally, the rowing word is used for physical activities which involve a boat, with fixed oars. Instead of paddles oars are used to move the boat. This exercise also has significant benefits in terms of fat loss and overall body health. This activity can also be done on machines which mostly present in gyms.

Rowing as fat burn exercise

In this activity, energy expenditure is usually very high. Overweight peoples can get a lot of benefits from this exercise-related activity. With proper nutrition along with this fat burn activity, you can achieve healthy and good body weight. (8)

30 minutes of boat rowing burn 100 calories of yours and can eliminate heavy fat tissues if you do it regularly.

Studies found that with proper nutrition and along with “Rowing” a person can lose a significant amount of body fat percentage.

A study was done on people who often do this activity, experts found that with 3 races of 1800 m in different days participants lose 4 percent of their body weight when they follow a specific land strict nutritional recovery procedure. (9)

How to maximize protection and benefits of Rowing

Here are some tips you might find useful:

  • Always use a safety jacket during this activity
  • Do this in the presence of peoples or take a person along with you
  • Try to row where you find easy or at fewer dangerous places
  • Wear glasses
  • If you exhaust then take rest, don't cross your limit
  • If you are highly obese, then you may find it hard to
  • Do it as a physical activity as well. Regular or consistency is the key that can help you burn heavy fat from your body.


Swimming those activities which we perform in open water like in pools, lakes, rivers or in seas. During this activity, we use our arms and legs as pedals to stay and travel on the surface of the water. Swimming is included in many international competitions as a sport. Large numbers of techniques and varieties are present which swimmers used to perform or enjoy this healthy activity.

A person who regularly swims can have a good deal of health-related benefits. 10-minute swimming helps you to burn approximately 71 calories. Note: Calories burned measurement can change because of the intensity of physical exercises.

Many peoples believe that exercises perform on land are more effective in terms of benefits and body fat loss. But studies say it is not true. According to experts who research this topic and find that fat burn percentage is not affected whether you do physical exercises on land or in the sea but it can be changed because of intensity, and time you have spent. If these are the same, then both can burn the same calories or fat tissues. (11)

Studies say that exercises are very beneficial along with a healthy diet. Both of their combinations make your body more health-friendly. According to experts fat loss diet along with swimming or related exercises increase your health quality by making the fat loss procedure more health-friendly. (12)

While some studies claim that swimming put little or no effects on fat loss but it can reduce the percentage of fat in those areas which are mostly used during swimming or it may change the distribution of fat on human bodies. (13)

Tips to swim for better results

  • Never swim in dirty or contaminated water
  • Use pool instead of open water
  • Swim in the presence of friends as they might help in an emergency case
  • If you swim outdoor like in rivers or seas then make sure those sites have less danger and lifeguard service is available there
  • If you start feeling an early symptom of tiredness then get yourself out of the water for rest
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