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Exercise mistakes to avoid

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022

Exercise is any physical activity that enhances the health and fitness of the person who does these activities. These types of activities can be done at work, at home, or at the gym. Exercise is the best way to reduce the risks of many bad causes that can bring sadness. Regular exercise is associated with a long healthy life.

A combination of accurate physical activities and healthy foods work best for achieving good health goals. An exercise is a powerful tool against many diseases like cardiovascular, blood pressure, diabetes, and brain diseases.

Doctors and health experts recommend that peoples do at least 30 minutes of daily exercise. As exercise is the best tool against obesity in both children and adults. But as we are humans. Just like in other works we also make some mistakes during workouts or exercise.

Exercise mistakes can be very dangerous sometimes. It depends on what types of physical activity you are doing. Doing a workout with bad technique can cause serious injury. Instead of giving benefits, the bad technique can put you on the stretcher.

Exercise mistakes you may need to avoid

Here are some mistakes that peoples make in their exercise routine:

No warm-up

One of the main mistakes peoples make is not doing any warm-up before a workout. That mistake during exercise can affect your performance badly. Our body is just like a machine and just like every machine, it needs some warmup time. Without any warmups, you may put yourself at risk.

No warm-up before exercise can cause muscle injury. We use muscles during exercise, without warmup muscle tearing can occur. I have seen many peoples who have the habit of doing exercise without warming up the body. That cost them badly. They usually take too much time during exercise due to long rest time between sets.

Exhausting early and tiredness during the workout is common in those people. Running, weight lifting, heavy cardio almost all types of hard physical activities required some types of warm-ups.

You may have seen athletes warming up before competitions. An initial light warm-up helps the body to activate the muscles. It brings blood to the muscles and increases the heat and power of muscles.

It puts the body in the ready position to perform workouts well. With warming up, our body temperature increases, and the heart works well during the workout. Even you are doing a 30 minutes workout, you need to do a warm-up. Try to do warmup for 5 to 10 minutes before exercise. Many peoples think warmup can make them tired but that is not true.

Doing some warmups like walking, brisk walking, stretching, light jogging, low intensity bicycling is best to activate the muscles of the body and you can score better at the gym or anywhere you workout.

Following bad technique to perform the exercise

You will get exercise benefits more if you perform it properly. Many peoples do exercise without even knowing how to do it. The bad technique of doing exercise can bring injuries. Joint-related injuries are very common in athletes.

Most of these injuries happened due to a bad way of doing physical activities. Just take the example of squat that is known as a risky exercise. If not performed as it needs to be, it can harm the back and leg muscles.

Just like squat all exercise needs some techniques. The benefits of Yoga, HIIT, weightlifting, are mostly associated with their performing techniques. Techniques depend on what type of exercise you are doing. If you are not doing it as it needs to be done then you are not getting its most benefits.

You can avoid this mistake with ease. Nowadays it is very easy to find ways of doing all types of exercises. Internet is full of all types of knowledge. Takes help from workout Instructor or some experienced friends if available otherwise use video streaming sites or take helps from google.

Doing Exercise with no plan

Exercise with no plan or aim is also a big mistake people make when they start the workout. Just like other daily activities or work, physical activities also need some plans to perform them. Some people don't care about workout plans at all. Exercise plans affect your health and fitness goals. If you have no workout plan then you are not getting towards your good goals.

Nothing can be achieved without a plan

If you are doing a workout and you have zero planning then you are just wasting your time. How results will be fair if you have nothing in your mind. Make some plans. Like if your goal is to lose weight then do exercises that are best for lowering weight and eat foods that are suitable for your goal. Change your lifestyle according to your needs.

Make or get a workout and eating plan and start following it. You will see results according to your plan. With a good plan, you will see awesome results and with no plan, no results will appear.

Performing too much exercise

Giving too much time to physical activities is not a good option. Too much is bad for everything. Peoples believes that by giving more time to work out, they can achieve results fast that is true but too much exercise will bring its side effects.

Normal or moderate workout intensity or timing is best for good results. Too much exercise can make you tired and exhausted.

After a long workout, you will feel trouble doing others' daily routine works. Tiredness will stop you from doing well in your job or at an education institute. Many peoples like to do training for hours. That is not good especially doing it on daily basis.

Heavy exercise for hours can bring you injuries and may affect your muscles and body badly.

If you are a beginner then you must need to take care of your workout time. Long-time exercise, in the beginning, can increase your muscles soreness at a bad level. Soreness, tiredness, and an exhausted body will affect your health and fitness badly.

Now let's talk about how much time you should exercise? Health experts recommend peoples perform 75 minutes of vigorous or 300 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per day. Weight lifting for 30 to 45 minutes is enough for benefits. (1)

Lifting weights for hours can shrink your muscles instead of building.

Not drinking enough water

Water is very essential for us to survive. Without water, we can't even survive for few days. By drinking the required amount of water we can keep our body hydrated and healthy. If you work out and drink less amount of water then you are making a huge mistake. Drinking less water is unfortunately common.

Dehydration is not an unusual word for athletes.

It happens when our body water level reduces to a dangerous level. This situation can be very dangerous especially for athletes. Many athletes died due to dehydration in the past. Like henry white who was a 21 years old basketball player, died due to dehydration caused by extremely hard physical activity. (2)

Water plays a very crucial role in building muscles. It helps to improve performance during exercise. When we work out our body loses a lot of water due to sweating and by drinking the right amount of water we can recover it.

Water helps the athlete to enhance physical performance. It improves cardiovascular health. Water helps by boosting the metabolism which in result promotes fitness and also fat loss. The US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recommend the people to drink that amount of water per day:

  • About 3.7-liters water per day for men
  • About 2.7-liter water for women
  • Drink water before, during, and after the workout.

Not consuming protein after exercise

Protein is the macronutrient that is very essential for building and maintaining the muscles. These macronutrients are made up of compounds called amino acids. In muscles building eating a protein-rich diet is very crucial. During the workout, our body uses muscles, as you may know, that during exercise our muscles tissues break.

After exercise when we drink or eat protein foods then that protein builds and repair the muscle tissues. Muscles grow bigger mostly due to protein. Most people have no idea what protein is. They don't consume protein full diets even after workouts.

Many people think regular high carbs and fat full food is enough for boosting muscle mass. But that is not true. Our body needs protein as well. After exercise, our body demands protein to repair muscles, and not providing this macronutrient to the body can result in muscle shrinkage.

1.2 to 2 grams of protein per day is enough for muscle building.

Doing exercise with zero knowledge

Knowledge is a blessing. Just like every other work you need some knowledge to perform the exercise. What you will do if you have no idea about how to do exercise.

This mistake is usually made by beginners. New people generally have no clue about how to perform exercise or which exercise targets which muscles. In the beginning, some peoples usually hire a fitness instructor and most do their workouts on their own with no clue of proper technique and muscle target of the particular exercise. It is better to learn exercise knowledge before doing it.

Eating unhealthy foods

Peoples usually do exercise to improve their health and fitness. For that, they make a good effort during physical activity. But they make huge mistakes at the dining table which cost them. That mistake is eating unhealthy foods in large quantities. Fried, junk foods, refined carbs, highly unhealthy fats, carbonated drinks are a few examples of bad foods.

Try to avoid them. If you can't then make a limit for them. Instead of them add whole wheat foods to your diet. Whole wheat with protein-rich foods can create health benefits for your body. Vegetables and fruits are also good, they are rich in many vitamins and minerals.

Lifting too much weight

Exercise's purpose is to build a healthy and fit body. Lifting extra heavyweight is not an exercise, it is torture that can lead to serious health complications. Lifting too much is one of the worst mistake peoples makes during exercise. Injuries due to heavy lifting are very common. Muscle tearing, bones breaking and even deaths are reported due to the heavy lifting.

Weight lifting indeed helps to gain muscle mass but too much of everything is bad. Heavy weight lifting can destroy your muscles and whole body. Lifting too much weight is associated with long-term pain in joints and back.

Our bodies have limits try to understand it. All peoples are not the same. Some can lift heavy and some can't. It is nature. Just don't cross your limit and avoid bad competition.

No habit of cardio

There are a lot of people who just prefer to do weight lifting. Perhaps most young peoples think of the gym as a place where peoples go for muscle building but the gym word is usually used for a fitness center where peoples improve their overall fitness.

In most gyms, a person can do two types of workouts, cardio, and weight lifting. In cardio running, walking, jogging is included which can be done on the road or treadmill. Lifting dumbbells, barbells, weight plates, and weight machines are called weight lifting.

As you know most of peoples likes to have muscular bodies and they know weight lifting is best for that. So most of them usually spend more time lifting weights. This is where peoples make mistakes. Strength training or weight lifting helps to improve the strength and muscularity of the body but to achieve good stamina and high fitness our bodies need some type of cardio.

Cardio increases heart or cardiovascular health. It makes heart muscles strong, which in result increases stamina and helps the person to work hard for a long time. If you do a daily strength workout then add 10 to 15 minutes of cardio in your routine for more benefits.

Performing only cardio workouts

A combination of cardio and weight lifting shows more best results as compared to doing just cardio or weightlifting. Some peoples prefer to do just cardio and they avoid strength training. This is a mistake they make.

I have seen some people at the gym who avoid weight lifting. They are just “treadmill guys”. Cardio workout improves cardiovascular health and stamina but it does not help much in improving strength and muscle mass. Strength workout or weight lifting builds muscles and increases strength. If you want to build a strong, muscular and fit body then consider following both strength and cardio workouts.

Not changing the workout plans

Following the same workout plan for a long time is not so beneficial. Peoples makes mistake by not changing the exercises. Old workout routines usually lose their effectiveness with time. Our body starts adapting itself to our workout plan. That is why it is good if you change your workout plan with time. Some peoples do the same exercises for years because they don't have full knowledge of how our body behaves with workouts or exercises.

Make some changes with time:

  1. Exercises
  2. Sets and reps
  3. Exercise intensity
  4. Workout duration
  5. How many days you workout
  6. The time when you workout

Now questions arise when to change the workout plan? Most athletes change their workout plans after 10 to 12 weeks. It also depends on your body. If you are feeling your workout is not hard as it was or it is not showing good results and is making you bored then consider it changing. A new plan will provide new challenges to your muscles. Your muscles and fitness level will improve with these types of challenges that the new plan will bring.

Our body adapts itself according to challenges that is why old challenges usually lose their credibility with time.

Not sleeping well

Another big mistakes exercise lovers make is not sleeping well. During sleep our body repair, recover and improve itself. Our muscles grow during rest. And to provide rest, sleep is very crucial. Do not sleep less than 6 hours. 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night is best for benefits. Sleeping less than 6 hours is associated with fitness loss and many dangerous diseases.

Using harmful drugs for performance

Some peoples and athletes use drugs to increase performance. Usage of harmful drugs for the good-looking body is a wrong choice if we look at these drugs' side effects. Human growth hormones and steroids are used as performance-enhancing drugs. In the medical field, these types of drugs are allowed but their use in sports is prohibited.

Peoples usually use these drugs for a fast improvement in muscles and fitness. Steroids indeed build muscles, steroids increase testosterone which in result increases muscle mass but if we compare the good effects and bad effects of steroids then its bad effects are horrible.

Do not destroy your body for just a good muscular look.

Here are some side effects of performance-enhancing drugs:

  1. Infertility
  2. Decrease the size of testicles
  3. Can cause prostate gland enlargement
  4. A woman like a breast in men
  5. Heart problems
  6. Blood pressure problems
  7. Joint problems
  8. Acne
  9. The heavy, deep voice
  10. Acne
  11. Reduction in sperm production
  12. Muscles weakness
  13. Diabetes
  14. Vision problems
  15. Carpal tunnel syndrome
  16. Cholesterol problems
  17. Abnormality in liver
  18. Cancer and tumors
  19. Can inhibit the growth and development in children
  20. Cause psychiatric issues
  21. Are the reason for infection
  22. HIV
  23. Increases body hair especially facial

Never use steroids or other harmful drugs for improving your fitness level. Their side effects are horrible. The list of deaths due to these illegal sports drugs is huge. A naturally fit body is better than an unnatural body. Eat natural foods, their benefits are a lot.

Not targeting all muscles

Peoples prefer to do upper body workouts and they ignore lower body workouts. Some peoples only put their focus on specific muscles. Like I have seen people who just want to do chest workouts or some likes to do arms exercises and they neglect other muscles of the body. That is where they make a huge mistake.

Every muscle of our body needs proper treatment. Giving time to just a few muscles will make other muscles weak. A good fit body means a whole strong and healthy body. So to get a strong, fit body you need to provide equal rights to all body parts(muscles).

No consistency

Consistency is the key to success in every work. A lot of people stop doing workouts because they want results fast. But results come with consistent hard work after some time. Do not stop doing exercises if you see no early results. Good results will appear but they will take time.

Not taking proper rest

Our body needs rest after work. In rest, our body repair and grow itself. Our body receives punishment during workouts and to recover from this and to grow stronger and better, our body needs rest. Try to do exercise 4 to 5 times per week and take rest for the other days of the week. Rest for the body is crucial. Do not put just a heavy load on your body, provide some good rest also.

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