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Evidence based health benefits of eating egg

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022


We are eating eggs of chickens(a hen), ducks, and other birds for thousands of years. The most commonly consumed eggs are chicken eggs. Eating an egg daily has many health benefits. The egg is known as a superfood. It is a versatile type of food and there are many types of egg recipes that we can enjoy.

Additionally, eggs are uses in many other food products. An egg is loaded with healthy nutrients that provide healthy effects and are very essential for our body to function well.

Many health experts recommend eating eggs daily due to their heavy nutrition value. A whole egg contains that much nutrition that makes the alive chicken. An Egg is a source of cheap, high quality, and fast observe protein which makes it a favorite food in the fitness world. Egg protein is a complete source of protein. Eggs are also filled with essential vitamins and minerals that boost good health status.

Egg health benefits

Here is why eating eggs is very beneficial for our health:

Eating eggs improve muscles mass

Eggs are very famous in the fitness industry due to their help in the improvement of muscle mass. Protein in the egg is the fast-absorbing nutrient that helps the muscles to recover fast after a workout. You can maintain and recover muscle tissue fast by adding eggs to your diet. A whole egg contains 6 gram of protein and also have other healthy vitamins including vitamin A, K, E, b12, folic acid, and riboflavin.

Egg white which is pure protein is a favorable diet for athletes. Athletes particularly bodybuilders prefer to eat eggs with their diet. There are huge numbers of bodybuilders who eat many eggs in a day but eating too many eggs may cause problems. As egg white contains no fat nutrient that is why it is liked by many athletes but eating yolk can also provide health benefits. The yolk contains fat but its amount is adequate. Only high consumption of yolk is bad for health which may raise the cholesterol level that is why eating 3 eggs in breakfast or after the workout is enough for muscle benefits. (1)

Eggs consumption can help weight loss

The egg is a very healthy and effective diet if you want to shed extra fat from your body. As eggs are filled with high-quality nutrients like protein. Protein is one of the most satiating macronutrients that keeps the person full for a long time and prevents overeating. Manu studies and researches have concluded that protein is very effective in satiating nutrients that can help in maintaining and losing weight.

Like a study on the 30 young and aged women who eat eggs in breakfast showed a significant cut in calories. These studies have concluded that satiety achieved due to egg consumption can lead to weight loss. Another 8 weeks study on young and old men and women shows that eating eggs daily with other fat loss diets can help in the reduction of BMI. A combination of eggs and other calorie deficit foods were very effective in losing waist circumstance(34% reduction and body weight(65% reduction).

Eating eggs daily can help to raise hormones that keep the body satisfied after meals. These heavy satiety effects keep the person full for a long time which in results reduce hunger and prevent the person to eat more which leads to weight loss. (2)

Some eggs provide Omega-3

Some famous egg production companies have increased the nutrition values of eggs by feeding special foods to chickens. As the quality of the egg nutrients depends on the food and environment of chicken that is why this special diet adds the value of Omega 3 fatty acids in eggs.

Omega 3 is present in only those chicken eggs that are fed with a special diet. Omega 3 is very helpful in lowering the blood levels of triglycerides. Triglycerides is a type of fat in our blood and their high level in the body can cause many health problems like strokes, heart attacks, heart diseases and can contribute to fast-developing inflammation in the pancreas like Acute pancreatitis.

Many studies and researches have shown the healthy effects of omega 3 on the body. A study on 25 people who eat omega 3 rich eggs in their diet for 3 weeks shows that omega 3 rich eggs are very beneficial in decreasing the levels of triglycerides. Another study in 1993 concluded that omega 3 enriched eggs can provide more health benefits as compared to regular eggs. Some studies have shown that omega 3 can improve the reading capabilities and behavior of children. (3)

Eggs are good for the heart

It is the reality that the egg is high in cholesterol and all of its cholesterol is present in the yolk area of the egg. A single medium-sized egg contains 200-milligram cholesterol which is more than the half value of recommended (300mg) cholesterol. But scientific studies and experiments have shown that eating dietary cholesterol-rich foods does not generally increase cholesterol levels. (4)

Study results on the peoples of some European and Asian countries where most peoples consume more cholesterol than recommended shows eating more cholesterol than health experts recommended are not so much dangerous. And study recommended that the current recommended value of cholesterol for people should be changed.(5)

Another study which was done on the relation of cholesterol and its effectiveness on the body concluded that high consumption of dietary cholesterol does not affect everybody equally and instructions of not eating eggs should not implement on everyone. (6)

Note: Peoples with serious health disorders like familial hypercholesteremia ((health problem in which bad cholesterol level increases at a high level)may need to avoid the consumption of eggs.

Eggs are healthy foods that can raise the level of healthy cholesterol like HDL-C which is also known as a lipoprotein. HDL is health-friendly cholesterol. It performs various health-related functions for the cardiovascular system.

Many studies have shown that a rise in HDL can decrease the risks of bad cardiovascular incidents. Many more studies and researches concluded that high levels of HDL make the heart healthy and reduce the risks of strokes, heart attack, and other heart problems. The conclusion of several studies on British aged peoples reports high levels of HDL to improve the heart health and increase the life of the person. Another study reported showing the same results of good cholesterol(HDL-C) effectiveness against cardiovascular diseases. (7)

Eggs contain choline

Egg also contains choline which is a healthy nutrient that improves the health of the body. It helps in performing various brain functions. Choline improves the brain health of adults and babies. During pregnancy, this nutrient helps in the development of the baby's brain. Health experts recommend 480mg/day of choline to pregnant women. For adults, they recommend taking 400mg of choline per day. The deficiency of choline can increase the risks of brain diseases, muscle damage, and liver diseases. A single egg that contains 100mg of choline can provide a huge portion of choline value.(8)

Eggs are good for eyes and skin

Eggs are very beneficial for eye health. Eating 2 eggs daily can help you to get good eyes health. Eggs have many antioxidants that are very effective against vision and skin problems.

Many doctors and health experts recommend their patients add eggs to the diet for health benefits. Antioxidants in eggs like lutein and zeaxanthin reduce the risks of developing different eye diseases like cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. (9)

Many scientific studies and researches have found that lutein and zeaxanthin in the eggs play a protective role against eye diseases and it also reduces the effects of light-induced skin problems. (10)

Studies have also concluded that daily consumption of one egg yolk can significantly increase the lutein and zeaxanthin in the body which helps the person's health against various health problems. (11)

As other foods also contain lutein and zeaxanthin but nutrients in eggs like particular fats increase the effects of lutein and zeaxanthin in the body. Eggs are also rich in Vitamin A.

Deficiency of vitamin A is causing huge health problems for children in developing countries. 2 million deaths and half a million blindness cases per year are attributed to the deficiency of vitamin A. Consuming vitamin A foods can lead to the reduction of blindness cases. As the egg is rich in vitamin A so eating eggs daily can provide many healthy nutrients including vitamin A. (12)

The egg is a cheap source of healthy food

The rate of eggs is low as compared to other foods. They are a cheap source of food that comes with many health-essential nutrients. Protein, fat, choline and many other health-friendly nutrients are available in eggs.

In march 2021 per dozen price of eggs in the United States was only 1.625 dollars which is very low compared to other foods. Even rates of unhealthy foods that provide very low health benefits are very high as compared to eggs. Eating eggs instead of bad foods will save you money and will make you more healthy & fit. (13)

Eggs are easily available

The egg is one of that food that easily available in most parts of the earth. Just like milk, it is one of the animal food that is consumed by billions of peoples. Eggs are available in almost every market. Everyone can get dozen of eggs by paying few bucks.

Eggs improve the brain health

An egg is a superfood that improves brain health. Vitamin D in the egg is very effective for the health of the brain especially for the gray matter of the brain. Moreover, vitamin D improves neuro health and reduces the risks of many brain disorders or diseases. (14)

Additionally eggs also have choline which is very helpful for the nerves cell of the brain. Choline plays a very important role in the growth and development of a baby's brain that is why the egg is also good for women who are pregnant or feed milk to babies.

How many eggs per day

"How many eggs per day" is a common question from peoples. Eating one egg daily is also very beneficial for you by increasing the 2 to 3 you can raise their benefits. A study result on the group of young men and women shows that one egg is also enough for generating health benefits but 3 eggs daily can help you more. Eating 3 eggs daily was associated with the rise of healthy cholesterol, the reduction of bad cholesterol, and the increase of plasma antioxidants. (15)

There are peoples who eat dozens of eggs per day. However, the consumption of high numbers of eggs does not affect every person equally. For some, it can raise some issue and for other, it may show no bad effects. Like a study that investigates a 88 years old man who was eating 20 to 30 eggs per day for decades. He was in good health with no history of heart, kidney, and other related diseases. Records of his serum cholesterol measurements were healthy 150-200mm/d. (16)

Best chicken eggs

Eggs that are rich with omega 3 fatty acids provide the best healthy nutrition value. As these hens are mostly raised in pasture and their diet is also good as compared to the caged hen that is their eggs are best for health. Omega-3 in their eggs provides numerous health benefits. (17)

Important egg FAQs

Does the color of the hen's egg matter?

No, the color of the egg does not matter. Diet of the hen matters.

How many days' eggs last?

30 to 45 days. By keeping them in the fridge you can add 3 to 4 weeks more. Generally, eggs don't survive for that long because we eat them a lot and their business is going well.

Should I put eggs in the fridge?

Yes. USDA recommends the people store eggs in the refrigerator. (18)

Not putting them in the fridge can increase the risks of salmonella poisoning.

Which came first chicken or egg?

Chicken. Because a protein that helps in the creation of chicken is only found in the ovary of chicken. This protein is not only present in a hen but also in other birds. (19)

Can I eat raw eggs?

Yes but cooked are more tasty and healthy.

How to know the egg is fresh or old?

Fresh eggs have less visible air sac and old eggs air sac shows high visibility.

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