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Top 10 effective exercises for your health

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022

Today I am going to discuss some top-rated exercises that are famous all around the world for their effectiveness. Most of these are health friendly exercises and have fewer risks of injuries. Here are the top 10 effective exercises that you can do for health and fitness benefits:


The most famous and effective exercise is running. We are using running as a physical activity for centuries. Perhaps it is the most liked workout in the world. It is also one of the most health friendly and best exercises you can do for the motive of excellent cardiovascular and for overall good fitness level. Due to its benefits, it is on the top of the effective exercises list.

Running is a physical activity in which humans and animals move faster than usual walking. While running gap between the footsteps increases which makes the person cover the distance in less time. Walking is easy as compared to running because if you want to run long distances then you will need some good fitness and stamina.

Running types

Running can be divided into two types:


It is a form of running in which a person runs with a steady speed not fast neither low for long-distance or a short distance. In jogging, peoples can run for a long time as it also needs some fitness and experience to cover some noticeable distance.

If you want to go jogging then here are some tips. First, you need some good quality shoes and lightweight clothes. Keeping a water bottle while jogging or running is also a good option. For jogging use a treadmill or go to some pollution-free parks or grounds. Keep your body straight while jogging and don't keep your arms still during your jogging time. Try to jog for a short distance in the beginning. Increase your distance slowly with time.


In sprinting person runs with his/her full capacity. Running with full strength is called sprinting. Sprinting is possible for a short or medium-short distance but long-distance sprinting is very hard to perform because it needs a lot of effort and sprinting also increases the body temperature within little time.

Sprinting for short time is best but for a long time, it may not be suitable for you. Sprinting is the sister of running but it demands more strength. In jogging, you run at a steady or slow speed but to sprint, you need to use your full strength. Run fast as you can this is called sprinting.

Benefits of running

If you have added running to your physical activity routine then you may get some heavy health friendly benefits. Here are some benefits that you can get from this health friendly exercise:

  • It is effective exercise to lose weight
  • It can make your heart healthy and strong
  • Running is one of the effective exercises that can lower your risks of many diseases
  • Running can improve your stamina and fitness
  • It may increase your strength and power of legs
  • It improves your cardiovascular health
  • Running boost your sexual power
  • It can boost your testosterone level
  • It makes the skin healthy and reduces the aging symptoms


Second, in the top 10 exercises is pushups. Pushups are one of the best exercise which can increase your upper body strength. Pushups can give you a strong, muscular upper body. If you are unable to perform some pushups then your fitness graph is very low. Pushups are the best way to check the strength and fitness of a person that is why they are included in almost every armed force recruitment test along with running.

There are many types of pushups. Like regular pushups, wide grip, narrow grip, and many more. You can check other variations in pushups by clicking here.

To perform the regular pushups, go into a plank-like position but you need your hands' palms on the floor instead of elbows. Keep your both arms straight during your plank or prone position. Now bend both elbows and lower your body towards the surface, after reaching the ground surface pull your body upwards slowly. After reaching the starting position repeat the process and complete some repetitions. Keep increasing your reps after some days.

Benefits of pushups

  • Peoples say Redbull can give you wings but I will say pushups can give you wings as its strength-related benefits are a lot.
  • The pushup is the best exercise for the chest as it builds your chest muscles more than any related exercise
  • Pushups increase the overall fitness of your body
  • Pushups build triceps, back, biceps, shoulder, and core muscles also
  • Pushups increase your strength and power
  • It is also an effective exercise to lose weight as it burns fat well

Biceps curls

The bicep curl is the best exercise for your arms and biceps muscles. This is included in one of the effective exercises lists which can give you results in little time. Bicep curls is an exercise that torture your biceps muscles to build up. Athletes like to do this exercise during their training time.

There are many types and variations in biceps curls. Regular biceps curls can be performed by using dumbbells barbells or with the help of weight plates and machines.

To perform biceps curl take a barbell or a pair of dumbbells. Make a good grip on the part of the barbell where you find it suitable. Using a short barbell or Z-bar may create some help for you. Lift the barbell in your hands and keep your arms straight. After that make a bend in your both elbows and bring your arms forward and upward along with barbell towards your chest. Only move your lower arm from its position while lifting the barbell while performing biceps curl. After reaching the chest line, bring it to starting position slowly. Your one rep is completed and do some 12 to 15 reps for benefits.

Benefits of the biceps curl

  • It builds your biceps muscles. You may see a boost and gain in your arms muscles after some weeks of training
  • It improves the muscles of the lower arms also
  • It improves your grip power
  • It makes your arms strong and good looking

Bench press

The bench press is the best exercise for your chest muscles after pushups. Some peoples believe it is more effective exercises than pushups but I don't agree. It is a good exercise but it is behind pushups in terms of fitness and strength improvement. In gyms, this exercise is more famous as compared to every exercise that exists on this planet.

Bench press has many variations. Incline, decline, and flat bench press are its examples. The main target of these exercises is chest muscles.

The bench press is a health friendly exercise if you try to perform it within your limit. Use normal weight plates to lift. To perform regular or flat bench press gets a barbell or pair of dumbbell, lay on the flat bench while keeping both feet on the floor. Lift your barbell by making a medium grip on both sides of the barbell. Lift the weight and lower it towards your chest after reaching near the chest, push it slowly towards starting position. One reputation is complete do some more like 10 to 12 reps.

Benefits of bench press

  • It can give you a hulk-like chest
  • It may increase your upper body strength
  • It can increase your chest size
  • Along with good foods, it may give you Tarzan shape
  • This exercise can increase your weight lifting capacity


Pullups are some upper body workouts that increase the strength and size of your upper and middle body area. Pullups are also included in the armed force recruitment test as this exercise very also beneficial to know the fitness level of the person. A fit person can easily perform 8 to 12 reps of pullups.

Pullups also have some variations. It mainly targets the upper body especially muscles of the back, biceps, and shoulders. It is usually performed on a pull-up bar. Some Peoples also perform it where they find some strong good adjustment.

Try to perform pull-ups only by using pullup bars in gyms as they are strongly attached and have fewer risks of getting a break during the workout. Put your both hands on the bar and push your whole body upwards by using your arms and upper body strength. When your neck will cross the bar area then lower your body down slowly. Your one rep is complete. In the beginning, you may find it difficult to perform even one rep. Use some bench under your legs for support or build some fitness to score better in pullups.

Benefits of pullup

  • If you want a superman like upper body then do pullups
  • It builds your back muscles, chest, biceps, shoulder, and core muscles also
  • It enhances your overall fitness level


Situp is a health friendly exercise that is considered as the best exercise for the abdominal area. It can help you to reduce your tummy and can give you a strong core.

This exercise is also included in many armed force physical tests. It is an effective exercise to lose weight as it can also give you hot six abs. It mostly targets your abdominal area and your back muscles also get some benefits from it. Situps counts show the strength of your core muscles.

To perform situps lay on a soft place. Keep both feet on the ground by keeping your knees bend. Lift your upper body without putting your hands on the surface. Do 15 to 20 reps. Watch the video below for complete detail.

Benefits of situps

  • This exercise is beneficial for your abdominal muscles
  • If you want abs then do this exercise daily
  • Situps is an effective exercise to lose weight
  • It can help you to cut noticeable inches from your waist measurements

Weighted calf raise

Calf raise is a lower body exercise that mostly targets the calf muscles of your legs. It is the best exercise for your lower leg muscles as it can help them to grow bigger and stronger. When you do this exercise you will feel a noticeable burn in your calf muscles. You will feel this burn differently but don't worry it is normal. Just take some rest when you feel the burn while performing the calf raises.

Calf raises can be performed by using barbells, dumbbells, weight plates, weight machine, or by using own body weight. A little height is needed under the feet to perform it but you can do it without it also. Calf raises makes your calf muscles strong and improves their visibility.

To perform a calf raise get a pair of dumbbells and lift them with your hands. Keep your both arms straight towards the ground while hanging both dumbbells. Now lift your only back feet area by putting your body weight on the face of your feet. Raise as you can then take them towards the first position. This is your one reps complete. Do 20 to 30 repetitions.

Benefits of calf raise

  • Good for your calf muscles
  • Improve the strength of lower legs muscles
  • Improves the visibility of calf muscles
  • Increase the running power


The squat is the best exercise for your upper leg muscles. It is included in one of the effective exercises that target many muscle parts at once. This exercise is a bit risky as it directly put the pressure of weight on your back.

You can perform squat with the help of dumbbells, barbell, weight plate or with the help of smith machine. Use only normal weight because squat is famous for causing back injuries and pain.

Check the video below for a guide

Shoulder press

The shoulder press is the best health friendly exercise for your upper body muscles, especially for your shoulders. It is included in the top 10 effective exercises list because it is the best exercise that can give you huge Arnold-like shoulder muscles. This exercise also targets your biceps, chest, and triceps muscles. Use a normal weight which you can lift. You can perform shoulder press with the help of dumbbells, barbells, smith machines, and weight plates.

To perform dumbbell press get a barbell or pair of a dumbbell in your both hands. Now lift both dumbbells near your shoulder by keeping a bend in your elbows. Now increase the heights of dumbbells by moving your both arms to a straight position slowly. When they will reach the 90° angle than lower both arms to starting position. Your one repetition is completed do some more. Watch the video you may learn better from it.

Benefits of shoulder press

  • As the name shows it press the shoulder muscles so they can look and grow better
  • It builds strength and size of your shoulder
  • If you want visibility of shoulder muscles near your collar then do this exercise
  • The shoulder press can increase your weight lifting capacity
  • The shoulder press is the best exercise for your upper body

One-arm row

Whenever you will question a bodybuilder about which are some effective exercises for back muscles then I am pretty sure that the athlete will mention one arm row. This exercise puts huge pressure on your back muscles. The main target of the one-arm-row exercise is your back wings and other backside muscles. This exercise also targets some abs muscles. As the side of your abdominal area also get benefits from it. You can perform a one-arm row by using a dumbbell.

To perform one arms row get a dumbbell in your hand and put your left knee and left hand on the bench. Keep your right leg on the floor and lift the dumbbell with your right hand. Now by keeping your left knee and hand on your bench lift the dumbbell with your right hand. Lift the dumbbell to the height of your butt area and then lower it towards the first position. Keep your speed slow during the whole process. Do 10 to 12 reps. After that do the same process by lifting the dumbbell with your left arms.

Benefits of one arm row

  • If you want visible wings from your t-shirt then do a one-arm row
  • One arm row is best for your all back muscles, from lower to upper muscles
  • Do this exercise and your back will become strong like a tortoise back skull


All of these mentioned physical exercises are top-rated and high-class athletes perform these in their daily workout routines. By doing them in proper ways you may see good-looking and feeling results soon.

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