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Interesting health benefits of drinking water

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022


Water is a colorless, tasteless, calorie less and odorless chemical substance that is found on the earth on large scale. The chemical formula of water is H2O. It is made up of two hydrogens and one oxygen atom.

The liquid form of H2O is called water. About 71 percent of the earth's layer is covered by water and that is the reality. All living organism needs water to survive on the earth's planet. Their bodies are mostly made up of water. It is found in Studies that human adult male and female bodies consist of more than 70 percent of water.

Without food, a person may survive a week or more but without water, it will be impossible to live for a few days. Because most functions of our body are done with the help of water. The Health benefits of drinking water are a lot.

Keeping the body hydrated is very important for health. Water helps our muscles, organs, and tissues to function well. It keeps the body temperature at a good level. Our body fluids almost contain water. It helps in getting rid of body wastes.

Exercise, heat, and sweat cause our body to lose water so it is very essential to drink the recommended amount of water (given below).

Here are some healthbenefits of drinking water

It removes body wastes

Our bodies use the help of water to get rid of waste materials. Usually, With the process of sweat, urine and defecation these are removed. With the help of water, our kidneys remove the waste from the blood.

With urine, we extract them out of the body. A large amount of this waste can cause harm to the body so it is necessary to remove them. The removing process of this metabolic waste is called excretion.

Constipation (in which stool becomes hard and it will become difficult for the body to remove) can be a very irritating and depressing condition. The right amount of water can also be very beneficial for constipation patients. Some researches have shown that water along with high fiber foods help patients with functional constipation. 2

It prevents dehydration

Dehydration is the result when your body loses a high amount of water. The reason for water loss can be hot temperatures, health conditions, and exercise. Very dangerous dehydration can put a person in serious trouble.

From kidney failure to brain damage it creates horrible incidents. In some countries, dehydration is one of the main causes of death. So for a healthy body and to keep it hydrated you must need to drink the right amount of water. Keep in mind that in hot weather your body will need more water to function well.

It forms saliva

Without water, saliva is difficult to create or it is not possible. You will usually feel a dry mouth if you drink less water. Saliva helps the different parts of the body to function well. It keeps the mouth, nose, and eyes moist.

Thus Saliva is responsible for reducing the friction in the eyes and other parts. That helps them to function well without damage. Saliva is 98 percent water and it consists of enzymes, antibacterial compounds, mucus, and electrolytes. That helps the body to break the solid foods and keep the mouth frictionless by keeping it moist.

Increasing water intake mostly solves the dry mouth(less saliva) condition. Some People with old age and unhealthy conditions may not get benefits from recommended water intake. They need the help and guidance of doctors. (Note: Hypersalivation in a too much saliva production condition can also be a problem).

It transfers oxygen to all body parts

Water benefits include the transfer of oxygen to the whole body. Water consists of two hydrogens and one oxygen molecule. You need to know that our blood is 92 percent water. When blood goes to the different parts of the body it delivers the right amount of oxygen to them. That allows the whole body to function well.

Note: If you have the habit of drinking less amount of water then there are high chances of your blood becoming thicker which may introduce new problems for your body. These can be high blood pressure, heart disease, or kidney problems.

It helps to improve physical performance

For an athlete right amount of water is very necessary. During a physical workout or sports, a person loses a high level of water due to heat, temperature, and sweat.

Sports like football, basketball, or rugby need good strength and power. A hydrated athlete can show good performance as compared to dehydrated because hydration increases stamina and power and dehydration reduce it.

Exercise at a hot temperature may cause dehydration, low blood pressure levels, and hyperthermia. These conditions can decrease performance and can also be very dangerous.

Results can be serious health problems or even death. So it is very necessary to drink the recommended amount of water because it will prevent dehydration and will create help the body.

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It helps the digestion

Water plays a very crucial role in the digestion of foods. It helps the food to digest fast and in a healthy way. When you will be in a hydrated condition then your digestion system will work well if you don't have other digestion-related health conditions. Water before or in the middle of eating food is recommended by many health professionals.

Some experts are advising people to drink water even after eating. They say it will help to digest the food. 3 The study has shown that when we take liquid foods then our stomach usually drain the excess water first and keep the nutrition-rich particles for the benefit of the body. 4

Note: Too much is bad for everything. So high amount of water after food is not recommendable. It may be not good for your health if you drink 3 or more glasses of water after a heavy meal.

Water help to lose weight

Water can help you if you are overweight or obese and want to lose the excess load of fats. Some studies' results have shown the good role of water in the weight loss journey.5,6

Modern science has concluded that water can play a crucial role in weight loss. It can keep the person full for most of the day that can reduce the need to eat more. Water can also help to control the overeating habit. Peoples who drink two glasses of water before a meal eat 22 percent less as compared to others who don't drink the water a research show this. 7

Drinking water may cause a boost in metabolism which in results can increase energy expenditure. That will allow the body to burn fat more quickly.

A study in 2013 on a group of girls shows the result of weight loss when ladies start drinking two cups of water before breakfast, launch, and meals. 8

Moreover, by drinking water, your body will get rid of excess liquid and waste fast which in result scores in the favour of weight loss.

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It improves skin health

Studies have shown that water can help in getting good-looking skin. It can create a positive impact on the health of the skin. 9 Drinking the right amount of water can help to get rid of the dangerous toxins of the skin.

Water can keep your body hydrated and will reduce wrinkles. Peoples who have a habit of drinking the right amount of water usually suffer less from wrinkles, scars, and soft lines as compared to others who drink less water.

When your skin will look healthy you will look younger. Thus water can also help you to look beautiful and smaller in age.

It reduces faintness episodes

Dehydration is one of the main reasons that cause faintness in people. Due to less water in the body, the system can get disturbed. Which in a result causes faintness. Water loss can be due to excess sweat due to hot temperatures and heavy exercise.

Some health conditions like vomiting, diarrhea, and diabetes can also decrease the volume of water level in the body.

So to reduce the faintness incident and to keep the body health condition in control under bad circumstances you just need to have a good habit of drinking water. In tough condition a person who usually takes care of personal health and drink the right amount of water score better than an unhealthy person.

When a person donates or gives blood then that act can save someone’s life. Faintness during donation can be a real problem. Some experts and studies have shown that drinking the right amount of water can help to reduce the faintness incidents by 20 percent during this life-saving process.

It regulates body temperature

Water plays important role in maintaining the temperature level of the body. In a hot atmosphere or by doing a hard workout we lose water as sweat. This sweetness help in keeping the body temperature low. But a person can lose a lot of water during this process.

To recover and to keep the body temperature normal it is a must to drink the right amount of water.

Otherwise, body temperature can go up which can cause trouble. Some experts believe that hypohydration (sibling of dehydration) increases the storage of heat in the body and can decrease the natural ability of the body to tolerate the heat strain. To counter this drinking water during exercises and mealtime is recommended. 10

Moreover, some peoples sweat more than others they may need more water to drink because it not only reduces dehydration incidents.

It transfers minerals and nutrient

Another work of water for the body is it transfer essential minerals and nutrients to all the parts of the body. As above is mention water help to break and digestion of food. During this process, needy minerals and vitamins usually get dissolved in water. Then they travel with water where they are needed.

It prevents kidney damage

Kidneys work is removing the wastes from the blood. Water helps the kidneys to do these processes. To keep it working normally it is very necessary to have a normal water level in the body.

A hydrated person is at low risk of kidney damage as compared to a dehydrated person. Dehydration can cause mild or significant kidney damage. Some researches have shown that even mild dehydration can be the cause of kidney problems. It is recommended that by drinking a good amount of water risks of kidney diseases can be reduced. 11

So whether you lose you are men or women you just need to keep your body hydrated to prevent such dangerous diseases which include kidney damage.

It improves muscularity

The benefits of water are a lot for the body. One other is it help to increase the muscles mass.

Our muscles are mostly made up of water. A study in Korea concluded that an adequate amount of water can help the person especially older people to reduce the risks of dehydration and muscle loss like sarcopenia. 12

If you have a muscular body then the fat percentage on the body will be in small number.

Your body may look more shredded and the water level in your body will also be at a good level. As we know muscles are mostly made up of water so if you want to build muscles and you exercise for them. Then consider improving your water intake. By taking this step you will not only increase your muscles size but the risks of dehydration due to workouts will also decrease.

It improves the depression & Anxiety

Dehydration is the cause of many problems. One is it destroys the quality of life and mood of a person. Dehydration can increase depression and anxiety in people.

Having effective water drinking habits can help in reducing these problems. Researches on a big group of women show that less consumption of water is associated with depression, anxiety, and tension. 13

A study in 2018 on a 3k group of adults found that water can play the role in lowering the risks of depression and anxiety. It was observed that peoples who drink a high amount of water show fewer risks of depression and anxiety as compared to people who drink a lower amount of water. 14

Water improves cognitive function

Keeping the body hydrated improves the performance of cognitive functions. A study in 2012 shows that dehydration can reduce the cognitive function of a person. It affects the child, adult, and elder with the same behavior. Study shows that dehydration can reduce the focus, alertness, and memory power of the person. 15

It boosts the metabolism

The right amount of water can boost the metabolism of the person. Which in a result create great power and energy level in the body. A study in 2015 shows that metabolism can be increased by 30 percent by drinking just .5 liter water. Benefits can last for an hour and also can be increased if cold water is used to drink. 16

How much water per day

Now the question arises of how much water to drink for health benefits. Here is the Answer.

The US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recommend these amounts of water for people:

  • About 3.7-liters water per day for men
  • About 2.7-liter water for women

fluids from both drinks and foods. It is believed that peoples get 20 percent of daily water requirements from foods. The above-mentioned recommendation can be changed or modified.
Because several factors can increase the recommended amount of water. These factors can be Exercise, Temperature, health conditions like diarrhea, Vomiting, and some types of infections. If a woman is pregnant or does breastfeeding then she may need more water.

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