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10 huge disadvantage of big muscle to know

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022

What are Muscles

Muscles are contractile tissue of our body. One of their main work is to help during physical activity. Like these provide power, stability, or enable to perform the physical work.

There are three types of muscles:

  1. Striated – Striated Muscles are also called skeletal muscles as they remain exclusively to attach to the body skeleton. Under the microscope, significant lines can be observed on striated muscles. These can contract fast and according to our intention or needs.
  2. Cardiac – Cardiac Muscles are those which only present in our heart. These are also known as heart muscles.
  3. Smooth – Smooth muscles have no contract lines, and this type of muscle contracts slowly by following automatic procedure (1)

Body muscles not only help our work but also improves our look. Decent muscular people can look more attractive as compared to those who live in the fat category.

As too much of everything is terrible so the disadvantage of a big muscle list can increase to a reasonable size. Below is the Article; 10 disadvantage of big muscle are explained well.

Muscles importance

  • Gives strength for work
  • An essential part of different organs like the heart
  • Helps to cause movements
  • Help us to contract the body
  • Makes our body suitable for proper blood flow
  • Gives the body the necessary support and stability
  • Improves the body posture
  • Helps the respiratory function
  • Improves the digestion system functionality
  • The urination process depends on muscles
  • Also critical for the sexual part of the body
  • Helpful during childbirth process (2)

This list consists of only some significant functions of our muscles.

Now to discuss fat which, along with muscles, is the essential part of our body.

What is Fat

The body can consist low or significant amount of fat. These are fatty acids or lipids, which are made up of three molecules called “ Triglyceride.”

Our body makes the fat tissues, but these can be generated furthermore by obtaining its value from various food like oil which is used to prepare many foods product consist of the high percentage of fat ratio. (3)

Fat importance

  • Fat tissues give energy when you need
  • It protects the body organs from damage as an extra low-fat tissue ratio can increase the vulnerabilities of severe damage to the organs due to some type of injury.
  • Fat tissue helps the body's cell growth process.
  • Healthy fat helps in keeping the body's cholesterol and blood pressure regular.
  • This helps our body's absorption efficiency. It enables the body to get maximum benefits from foods by absorbing the high value of needed micronutrients from the diet.

Now e have discussed muscles and fat tissues. Now we will come to our main topic, which is “how extra big muscles can provide you disadvantages instead of giving advantages.” As the writer is an experienced athlete, the provided knowledge can benefit many answers related to the topic.

The disadvantage of big muscle

Here are ten disadvantages of big muscle:

Much extra expenditure

Gaining an extra heavy muscular body means additional ordinary expenditure to consider.

To gain muscles size with the most minor fat ratio on the body demands a particular food routine, body care, and strict avoidance.

Usually, bodybuilders eat a lot of protein-rich diets. To maintain the fat ratio low, most of them avoid the high carbohydrates diet.

Foods with high protein and low carbs come with high price tags. These foods cost muscles builders a lot compared to a person who follows the general person diet plan.

Also, a person has to eat many of these foods on time to achieve a significant boost in muscle mass. So only with nutrition, the expenditure can increase much high to the financial issue causing position.

Whey protein is considered the best protein supplement in the general bodybuilding community. But it is not so practical but only a costly brand-type thing.

Avoid it if your pocket is not suitable to buy it as you can achieve the same results with other protein-rich diets, which come with less price tag. Chicken, fish, beef, greek yogurt are few examples of cheap alternatives to whey protein supplements.

Professional muscle builders or bodybuilders get protein and muscle-building supplements from various companies, usually free or at highly discounted prices.

Because pro builders promote these companies' products, providing them free of cost gives production companies back a hefty profit. Some famous bodybuilder also launched their own named supplement by making collaborating with prominent and leading brands.

It is not just food that costs a muscles builder. To achieve maximum muscle hypertrophy, you have to get an extraordinary gym membership, especially if you have less fitness knowledge. Gym membership and instructor fees are also very high.

An ordinary or least facility gym costs less, but they only charge for the equipment used as most of these do not provide instructors only less price tag.

Premium gym provides service for a premium fee and offers modern exercise equipment and an adequate instructor facility.

In short, food and exercise facilities can cost extra high if your goal is for a reasonable, notice, and bulky muscular body.

Aiming for a medium-size muscular body can reduce such expenditure as you will spend less on your diet. Also, a medium athletic person's fitness remains healthy and influential, whereas heavy muscular people usually have less or lousy wellness.

A lot of time waste

Another disadvantage of big muscle is a lot of time waste. To build a proper bulky muscular body, a person must spend a reasonable extra high time in physical activities. Also, a maximum rest for muscle recovery is essential for such muscle-building achievements.

In such a busy modern world where time matters a lot, spending significant time on such goals can't be a good idea.

Large muscles do not usually come with too many benefits as compared to having medium size muscular body.

[su_quote]Bodybuilder keeps only three things in mind: the gym, the second exercise, and the third is food. Day and night, these things remain in their mind cause they want maximum muscle hypertrophy to beat their competitors. Generally “Gym Alcoholic” term is used for such people[/su_quote]

So giving a bit extra time to get a large body may not give you benefits. It can cost you financially by pushing your valuable time or wasting it for such purposes, which does not give back good or proper health, fitness, and financial results.

Considering a light muscular body can be the best option as it does not demand too much time and money for fitness or athletic achievements.

Apparel issue

The third disadvantage of big muscle is apparel or cloth size and relevant issue. Due to the extraordinary length of a substantial muscular body, such people usually face difficulty getting their sized clothes from the market.

[su_quote]If a person has a 32-inch upper leg and a 32-inch waist, how will a regular 32-inch pant fit? Only 45 inches of pant waist can fit such sized body, which can look awkward on such a body[/su_quote]

The size of arms, shoulder, chest, quads, hamstring, and calves increases so much that massive bodybuilder faces fitting problems. Most pro builders get specially made clothes to wear.

Having extraordinary chest size can give the look of boobs, which can't be suitable if you are a man. If you are a woman, then a big tight chest can provide the face of men like chest, making you less attractive towards the opposite gender.

Also, clothes do not usually look better on bulky people. Most of them look better shirtless, but they look obese even with a six-pack body with dresses.

On the other hand, cloth fit very well on medium or small muscular people. With fabric or without them in both conditions, they look more hot, beautiful, and charming to the eyes.

Body Movement issue

The fourth disadvantage of big muscle is, these can cause movement issues.

Heavy muscles can make the body parts' movements and actions slow or dull. Extraordinary load due to big muscles can cause you to push outstanding effort for the external body-related process.

It cannot be strange if you find your body action like running, throwing, walking speed slow compared to even the least muscular person.

Though big people can't run long distances, whatever distance they can cover may appear and result in tortoise actions.

Not just slow speed but also body stability issues can also arise because of muscles with the most minor fat ratio. It can be pretty dangerous in most cases if a substantial muscular guy falls severely because of some reason. As fat protects the body organs, not having its average ratio and high muscularity can lead to serious injury.

[su_quote]You may know the results of when watermelon falls and when an apple fall[/su_quote]

Also, in armed forces tests, recruiters reject the extraordinary big-sized people as they know that having extra huge muscles does not help much in the physical works that their forces demand.

It is mainly because big guys usually gas out in a few minutes of aerobic exercise. Whereas performing well in this exercise is not an arduous task for a fit, less muscular guy.

Body reach issue

This issue can trigger troublesome problems and may lead a person handicapped for some of the body-related needs.

Due to large muscles, a person may face hindering to reach the different body parts. Like because of great colossal biceps, you may get it difficult to even touch your back correctly.

[su_quote]If you are Indian, then another severe body reach issue can arise. You may not sit or clean yourself well during your natural need as Indian-style toilet seats are unfriendly for the buff, heavy or bulky people[/su_quote]

Inability to curl properly also comes in the category of body reach issue. Extraordinary huge people may not bend their arms, legs properly as others can do.

Health issues

With a heavy body, health issues can arise as well. A lot of muscle can push vulnerabilities for the organs.

Fat tissues provide energy and protect the organs from damage, especially from the external hit, crash, or fall. Fat tissue act as rubber-type protection for organs during the falling or troublesome impact like external incident.

Having less fat and more muscle does not provide such benefits. Extra vascularity or least protection of fat tissue can cause a severe hit during the external body hit or accident.

[su_quote]Much more dangerous is that a sharp knife can cut a more visible vein easily than a covered vein with some fat tissues[/su_quote]

Also, many people use unhealthy, illegal, or lousy working techniques to achieve a substantial muscular body. Usage of synthols, steroids, and other related things is widespread in the bodybuilding industry. Not just standard builder but professional muscle builder also uses these extensively for high muscle hypertrophy.

According to Arnold Swarzenegar, most bodybuilders only care about winning as they don't generally care about the good or bad technique, help, or way they use.

Medical research says these unhealthy techniques can give very severe health results. As many of the body's organs can get permanent damage due to it.

Obese like feelings

Having extraordinary big muscles on the body can give the feeling fat or obese person. That is why it is also included in the list of the disadvantage of big muscle.

Usually huge muscle builder especially men looks some good being shirtless but with cloth, their appearance can look like an obese or fat person.

It is pretty easy to observe such issues as modern bodybuilder bellies look hilariously oversized compared to some early generation bodybuilders.

Even having a tiny waist makes their appearance fat as other huge body muscles play a significant role in disapproving the body image and posture.

BMI checking system by WHO describe such bulky people as obese

Running issue

Too big muscles on the body can lower the running performance as you may lose your breath after some minutes.

For muscle building, strength or weight lifting exercises are practical, so almost all people who set the goal to achieve muscles gives more attention to these types of workout or routines. Weight lifting is a good exercise technique, but it does not help much endurance and stamina compared to running.

A runner can perform weight lifting, but it can become a seriously challenging task for a heavy bodybuilder to cover a reasonable distance while running. Because after some minutes, the probability of risks of losing the breath increases much in such people.

Also, running provides many heavy benefits to cardiovascular health compared to weight lifting, so it can be very suitable for your wellness if you consider following a running plan and strength or weight lifting routine.

[su_quote]If you are bulky, then you may need to lose some muscle weight to run better[/su_quote]

Consider starting slow distance running and increase your mileage with time and practice experience. With that, your Stamina will build up, and your body weight will also reduce

Injuries risks

It is quite possible to get injured while training for muscle hypotrophy. To gain severe muscular mass, bodybuilders follow a vigorous weight lifting plan.

Lifting heavy, which is considered a helpful way for gaining muscles, provides many risks. Many muscle builders get injured because of heavy weight lifting. Pec tear, bicep tear, back injuries, joint issues are some common injuries that can be caused due to heavy weight lifting for maximum muscle mass.

Attraction issue

The last disadvantage of big muscle is the attraction issue. Being extraordinary huge can make your appearance a bit difficult for others to understand.

Due to being less attractive, you may find it hard to get into a good relationship.

The most man usually thinks their appearance looks better with huge body muscles. But it is not a fact as most women like average or medium size muscular guys. Also, a considerable body can make the connection of these opposite genders strange because, with large muscles and small sexual parts, a man can look awkward to women.

Women with too many muscles mostly give the man type attraction due to the male type muscles shades on their bodies. This type of body condition may make them less attractive.

If you disagree with the explanation, then check the image comparison of heavy and average muscle people.

Image comparison of medium muscles and big muscles

Normal Muscular Guy

Heavy Muscular Guy

Heavy muscular women

Normal Muscular women

Bottom line

This article has explained well the disadvantage of big muscles. So, according to the explanation achieving a substantial muscular body can't be a good idea for achieving a proper health and fitness level.

Not just your fitness graph can decrease, but you may get severe problems with it. From financial issues to health degrade, many problems can appear because of your heavy body. So the best advice is to keep your body size regular or moderate as it is the right option to consider.

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