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Best tips against coronavirus

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Table of Contents


Coronavirus is causing a lot of problems in our life. It is the name of the disease that is caused by the spread of a particular virus. This severe disease is named after the coronavirus (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-SARS-COV-2). This virus mostly affects your respiratory functions. You may feel Mild to severe symptoms by contracting this virus. The scientific name of this disease is Covid-19.

First notable cases

This virus huge spread was firstly noticed in Wuhan China in Dec 2019. Most of its early cases were linked with the Huanan seafood wholesale market. It was a huge animal food market in which seafood and other wild animals were sold on a huge scale. Huanan seafood market soon become famous all over the world due to its link with early corona cases. It was closed on 1 Jan 2020 by authorities for the disinfection process.

corona virus pandemic
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

In a small time, this virus was spread to the whole world. From China to Italy, the USA, Spain, UK, Brazil, Sweden, India, and in many other countries this virus is causing millions of deaths and several million are affected by this virus. This virus spread mostly from humans to humans but some researchers believe that humans contract this virus from animals like bats.

There are a lot of discussions are going on about the coronavirus origin. Some believe it was present in animals and through them, it spread to humans. The dangerous efficiency of the coronavirus is that it can spread from one person to another. Due to easy human travel facilities, this virus spread all over the world.

How coronavirus spread

  • By sneezing
  • Cough
  • Respiratory droplets
  • Highly interaction with patients
  • Sneezing
  • Touching the patient
  • Not using the mask in infected areas
  • Touching the mouth or face without washing hands
  • Less habit of handwashing
  • Through breathing
  • By getting exposed to virus place
  • By neglecting the guidelines of corona prevention
  • By not taking its vaccine

It mostly spread through sneezing, cough, talking, touching, respiratory droplets, and touching the skin of an infected person. Cough and sneezing of patients are more dangerous in terms of coronavirus spread because through this patient can throw the infected particle in the air or towards the other peoples. Coronavirus particles can stay in the air for some time that is why using masks during the pandemic is highly recommended by the WHO. (1)

Some authorities believe that coronavirus is the result of some laboratory test and somehow this virus has spread from the laboratory area. (2)

Above mentioned spread reasons are mostly considered as the top reasons that have spread coronavirus all over the world. There are a lot of cases that have been registered in which whole family members have contracted this virus from a single patient.

Many coronavirus vaccines are now available and WHO has called them safe. Some side effects of these vaccines are also reported but most peoples are getting benefits from them. Not getting a vaccine can increase exposure to coronavirus and its risks. (3)

Top 3 affected countries


Top 3 affected countries by coronavirus
Image by marcinjozwiak from Pixabay

According to the data, this virus was spread from China to other countries. In January first case of it was registered in the United States. With fast speed, this virus starts creating its place in the United States. Even the 8.3 billion dollar emergency fund doesn’t stop the growth of coronavirus cases. (4)

The world meter data says the United States is currently the most affected country by the coronavirus. More than 3.4 million cases and 0.6 million deaths are reported as of 31 May 2021. California, Texas, Florida is the most affected states by the coronavirus. (5)


Corona hit the United States economy severely. Unemployment’s rates sour to more than 14 percent which was high since the depression era. More than 25 million people lose their jobs. Health care cost was also increased to 251 billion dollars. According to the data of statista the United States economy lost $3.94 trillion due to the effects it receives from the corona pandemic. (6)

As compared to last year growth of corona spread has shrink perhaps due to the availability of the corona vaccine this year.


Top 3 affected countries by coronavirus
Image by Raam Gottimukkala from Pixabay

As of May 2021, India is the second affected country by covid-19. A high number of cases are being reported in this country. In a small period of time coronavirus has caused a huge number of deaths in India. Experts believe that a new dangerous type of coronavirus is affecting India. Daily high numbers of deaths are being reported. The numbers of unregistered deaths are very high. Peoples are finding it hard to provide regular behave to the corpse as huge numbers of patients’ corpses are being seen in Indian rivers and the media has also reported these cases.

At the end of May 2021, 2.8 million positive corona cases and 329127 deaths were registered in India. Currently, the Indian government has to provide corona vaccine doses to the peoples but even now the situation is very critical. As of May 2021, there is a  shortage of oxygen cylinders and others equipment that helps the corona patient treatment. {tooltip}[ 5 ]{end-texte}Trusted ✔️ CITATION: Worldometer{end-tooltip}


Top 3 affected countries by coronavirus
Image by Alexandre C. Fukugava from Pixabay

Brazil is the third most affected country as of May 2021. Huge numbers of deaths due to corona had been registered. As of 31, May 2021, 1.65 million peoples are diagnosed and 461931 peoples have died after contracting the coronavirus. Moreover, Brazil’s GDP also shrinks more than 4 percent during the pandemic. Loss is still rising as there is no reasonable control over the coronavirus spread. (5)

Loss due to coronavirus worldwide

As of 31 May 2021 here is the loss that the world has received due to covid-19:

Global Health loss

  • Total 170957477 registered cases
  • 3555057 deaths reported
  • Average daily cases more than 300000
  • Average daily deaths being reported more than 6000
  • Recovered patient 153172263
  • Active cases 14230157 (5)

Global economy loss

  • Globally $3.5 trillion lost
  • More than 400 million job loss

Symptoms of coronavirus

The main symptoms that corona patients may have are:

  • Fever (mostly)
  • Cough (mostly)
  • Fatigue
  • Runny nose
  • Headache
  • Shortness of breath
  • Diarrhea
  • Muscles aches
  • Body aches
  • Loss of taste
  • Loss of smell
  • Vomiting
  • Respiratory issues

Emergency symptoms

  • Difficulty in walking
  • Weakness
  • Persistent pressure or pain in the chest
  • Bluish lips
  • Bluish face

In many cases, corona does not show any symptoms. A person with a Symptomless condition can become the cause of the high spread of the virus to healthy peoples.

Diagnosis of coronavirus

Health experts usually diagnose the coronavirus with the help of symptoms history and with some medical tests like CT scan, Nucleic acid test or with some others tests that are mentioned below. Unusual fever or breathing problems can also help to diagnose the patient. During the pandemic, if you or your loved ones are facing some unusual or above-mentioned symptoms then get health emergency help or go for a coronavirus test. Take time for the corona test and after the results do accordingly what physicians say.

Corona Tests

Here is notable coronavirus diagnose tests:

  • The most used corona test is “Nucleic acid tests”(detect viral RNA-usually through the nose)
  • Serological tests (detect body struggle against virus or unusual health change-)
  • CT scans
  • Chest X-rays

Tips against coronavirus

Here are some tips that are very useful against the coronavirus. Many studies and researches have also proved their effectiveness in terms of coronavirus protection.

Here are 11 ways to protect yourself from the coronavirus:

Get vaccine


Best tips against corona virus
Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels

The first and perhaps the only efficient way to control the coronavirus is a vaccination for everyone. Health authorities have provided prevention guidelines to peoples, but most of us have failed to accept or apply. Even strict rules of governments about corona preventions have also failed in impressing the people and their attention to controlling this pandemic. The only thing that is left is the corona vaccine.

WHO has also said that vaccine is now the only way to prevent the coronavirus. They are working with highly qualified scientists and researchers who are working hard in developing effective and healthy vaccines for peoples. WHO has called vaccines healthy and effective and many of these are being used in a lot of countries. (3)

The sad thing is that some peoples are spreading their false believes about vaccination. There are indeed some cases of vaccine side effects but these are very minimal in numbers. Just like other medicines these vaccines also generate some side effects but for most these are very mild symptoms side effects.

You may need to remember that antipsychotics that are used to treat mentally ill patients generate much worse side effects as compared to corona vaccines but they are being used by peoples. The latest corona vaccines are safe and WHO and other health authorities have recommended them.

Get your vaccine dose immediately and get an advantage against the coronavirus.

Wear mask

Best tips against corona virus
Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

The second is to wear a mask. It was the first prevention guideline before the discovery of vaccines. At the beginning of the pandemic prices of masks were increased too much. Availability of these masks was also reduced or shrink but now these are easily available as most countries have solved the mask production problems.


Use a mask as it may help you to stop the spread of the virus. Some peoples say these thin layer masks are not effective as they claim virus can go through the eyes or the skin but they need to know that this mask prevents the virus that they can receive from the patient cough, sneezing and can reduce the risks of the contracting virus through own hands as the mask can prevent the direct touch of your hands.

Studies have shown the efficiency of surgical masks against coronavirus. Researchers have found that surgical masks not only protect the healthy person from the virus but also prevent the virus that a corona patient can spread through his/her mouth. They found that surgical masks are very helpful in preventing the respiratory droplets of the affected persons to healthy peoples. (6)

Avoid close contact with others

Try to avoid close contact with peoples. It is also a good guideline by WHO. As corona is not going anywhere. Even after two years, cases are rising that is why applying some of this prevention on daily life may looks or feel hard. To overcome the virus you may need to get the vaccine as soon as possible and also do your corona test or check-up through a medical lab or hospital.

Avoid peoples who are sick

Always avoid those peoples whose corona report is positive. Advise them to stay quarantined until they recover. Stay away from them and accept every guideline of doctors. If the affected person is your relative like parents who need your attention then wear proper prevention suits while helping them. Vaccination can decrease your covid-19 risks. Getting your dose before caring for ill people can help you.

Stay six feet away from others in public areas

Keep 6 feet distance from peoples. In your house, you may not give proper attention to this guideline. To solve it do your all member’s corona test and take them for corona vaccination.

Wash hands frequently

Best tips against corona virus
Photo by mali maeder from Pexels

Keep your hands clean. Your hands can increase your risk to get the virus. Clean them with anti-bacterial soap or sanitizers. Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands.


Keep sanitizer in your pocket

Keep a sanitizer in your pocket as during your work or in travel it can help you to clean your hands in the absence of water and soap.

Take healthy diet

A healthy diet is very crucial against many diseases including covid-19.

Stop smoking

Just completely stop smoking. It is 100 percent bad for your health. Smoking can cause respiratory problems, making your covid-19 symptoms even worse or deadly.

Avoid drinking Alcohol

Avoid drinking alcohol there are many health risks associated with its high consumption. Avoid it or limit it for benefits.

Exercise daily

Exercise can increase your immunity, it can help you to fight against many diseases including covid-19. Do exercise daily as its benefits are a lot.


Don’t listen to idiots

Many idiots say the coronavirus is nothing. There were some who I know, usually says against coronavirus prevention guidelines but now few of them are away from this live world. I have also known some peoples who died mainly due to their ignorant behavior towards this disease. My own father came from the edge of death due to corona but after successful treatment, he has recovered but he is not physically the same as he was. His body has become weak and but he is recovering.

Some peoples say the government is killing peoples throw injections. Most of these are illiterate, they make claims which have no roots. They usually admit their loved ones in critical conditions and when they failed to recover then their false believes start coming to their minds. Remember doctors and other medical staff are in hospitals to save you, not kill you, it is coronavirus who wants to harm you.

How coronavirus affect my life

My whole family got coronavirus in the early of the 2021 year. My family was recovered without any treatment except my father whose health was gone in some critical condition. His treatment took some reasonable time and cost but he recovered. According to doctors, his lungs were badly affected due to coronavirus.

In our neighborhood, the whole family died due to this virus. Parents and their two children, one boy and a girl died due to covid-19. It was a very bad day for our whole colony.

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  5. CITATION: Worldometer
  6.  CITATION: Statista
  7. CITATION: Worldometer
  8. mask- Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)Volume 71, Issue 16, 15 October 2020, Pages 2139–2149

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