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Corona vaccine-Myth or Misconception in Pakistan

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022


Covid-19 or coronavirus is causing great problems throughout the world. Even after two or more years, its effects on humanity are not reducing. According to the visible situation, this virus is not going away too soon.

Experts say the main reasons this virus is spreading uncontrollably even in the presence of the corona vaccine are the myths and misconceptions attach to the coronavirus and its vaccine.

In this Article I will explain 10 myth and misconceptions found in Pakistani people. As according to my knowledge and discussion with common people I have found why they are avoiding to get corona vaccine doses.

The government of Pakistan is using its full potential to solve misconceptions about the corona vaccine. But still, a large number of the population is hesitating to get vaccine doses.

Corona cases and vaccination in Pakistan

Pakistan is perhaps blessed as coronavirus has not affected its population as it shows itself in Neighboring countries like India, Iran, and China. It is perhaps due to the Fast reaction of Pak-Govt against the virus spread and abrupt international reaction like the help and guidance from WHO, China, and the United States.

As Small population has received the vaccine but now the vaccination process has speed up

At the publishing time more than 1029811 confirmed cases and 23360 deaths were recorded due to covid-19. Whereas 3187 cases were critical and 8940164 people have recovered. (1)

The vaccination process is also going on as a large number of people especially in those areas where the literacy rate is high are getting vaccinations. In rural areas or illiterate people are hesitating but Authorities are doing well to solve this issue.

According to the official site of Covid-Pakistan, more than 29648055 corona vaccine doses have been given to people. (1)

Corona vaccine myth or misconception

Here are the 10 most common myths and misconceptions about the corona vaccine:

It reduces age

The main and most popular misconception about the corona vaccine found in Pakistani people is “it reduces age or makes the person die early”. Not just illiterate but a lot of literate people consider this myth true. Even though it is just a false claim, but this misconception is causing trouble to vaccinate the whole country.

"Yesterday I was talking with my friend who told me he is not going to get the vaccine as according to him it makes the person die early. He told me that people who are getting these will die after 200 days. I asked him how he can tell? Are you an expert or do you have any Evidence? He replied his Hakeem has told me. When I asked him which Hakeem then he mentioned a person who was famous as Quack Doctor and some police cases were on him"

Self-claimed or Quack Doctors have well control as areas where the illiteracy rate is high, people like to go to them instead of Professional Doctors. Everyone can find these idiot Quack Doctors.

A lot of banners even on main roads sides can be visible which claims about the specific people who can cure last stage cancer, Mental disorders, and various other non-cure health issues.

The main thing to tell is that due to these types of illegal doctors Government's work to provide doses to all people is halting or is causing issues for the vaccination process.

According to research, this misconception has no power as experts say the corona vaccine reduces mortality rate due to covid-19 as they find that vaccines can be helpful for all ages people. (2) (4)

Old people who are at more risk to get severe coronavirus symptoms can get benefits from vaccine doses.

As studies find that an old person fully vaccinated has 94 percent fewer chances to get hospitalized due to coronavirus complications. Whereas unvaccinated aged people who are un vaccinate were at 94 percent more risk to get hospitalized. (3)

Corona vaccine doesn’t make you die, people who are telling you are just misleading or misguiding you. Listen to Authorities not those who are prevailing their agendas or have no related knowledge. (6)

So for those who think the corona vaccine can kill them, might need to listen to those researches. These vaccines do not make you die but corona can. A large number of people who criticized the corona vaccination process or even covid-19 have lost their lives after been affected by this virus. (5)

It lower sexual power

Another myth or misconception flourishing in general people is that the corona vaccine can cause sexual power loss, sexual dysfunction, or Erectile dysfunction.

This misconception is completely baseless as experts say being infected with coronavirus increases sexual problems but getting the corona vaccine reduces your risks to get infected but also keeps you away from getting sexual issues due to that virus.

There is no credible evidence that says vaccines cause sexual dysfunctions but research says it is a coronavirus that causes this problem.

Talking with a doctor is far better than getting help or advice from those who knew nothing but false believes.

"A friend of mine told me that his cousin who was going to marry is saying he doesn’t want to get vaccinated. As he fears he might lose his sexual health. Even after arguing with a doctor he doesn’t get agree to get the vaccine soon as he makes a promise to get the dose after 4 months. Perhaps these types of people and their belonging environment doesn’t put bad influence on their self but also on others. I also get the vaccine but there is no change in my body power or performance."

Makes a person severe ill

Corona vaccine doesn’t make people get severe health issues.

There are some side effects of corona vaccines but they are not that troublesome which can turn the situation worse. Expert says pain in the injection area, some fever-like feelings, tiredness, redness issues may be due to vaccine dose but there are very few incidents recorded in which vaccine cause serious trouble.

Mostly those people were already severe diseases patient and might their early health issues cause trouble after getting corona vaccination.

Corona vaccine a tip against Religion

Most Pakistanis are so Religious that an illiterate Molvi can put the High Authority Officer in his pocket. This is a true fact as the influence of Religious leaders is just too much.

Not just Religious but there are many peer, fakeer, type people who called themselves “Too pious” that they can solve any problems or issue. Rural people generally go to these instead of going towards health or doctor clinic.

Personally, I have seen and observed a large number of people who like to go for treatment to religious personalities, graves, tombs, etc. In my own area where I live people are getting prevention tips and treatment of covid-19 from Quack Doctors, Or from movies.

A Religious type person who has millions of followers on social media was famous due to his claim to treat severe health or other issues by blowing his own mouth air towards patients, is the visible example of how much people trusted them.

A lot of people can be seen on social media who abuse different countries for donating vaccines to Pakistan. According to some, the corona is a religious war against them and they needed to keep away from the vaccine.

There is no religion-based war against anyone in terms of fighting covid-19 as the whole of humanity is suffering from it. If someone doesn’t get the corona vaccine dose then he or she doesn’t even become dangerous for his/her own health but for others also.

Experts have predicted and observed that new corona variants like the delta type are spreading fast than the previous types. Indian variant and England variant also cause a huge life loss. (7)

Now researchers say the delta variant can cause huge problems as it can spread 50 percent more faster as compared to the previous one like the alpha variant. (7)

Avoiding vaccine not only affects you but the whole of humanity. Listen to only Health experts, not to those who have no idea what corona is. Most of those have got their vaccine but they are suggesting others to not get that doses just to prevail their agenda that brings money.

In my area a Molvi got his whole family vaccinated even he pay for it when vaccines were only provided privately in Pakistan but now in people, he says the vaccine is bad as he refers to it as a religious war.

It causes infertility

Here is the most discussed topic in Pakistan. People care too much about their sexual health and fertility. People who generally have no knowledge produce or spread these types of hoaxes that the corona vaccine promotes infertility.

Studies say that getting coronavirus causes sexual health degradation. A person who is infected can transfer the virus to their partner and also to a baby who has not been born yet. As research has found that covid-19 can affect male sperm that can cause issues. In short, it is the virus, not a vaccine that promotes infertility. (8) (12)

The vaccine is to protect you and your loved ones.

Not for children or weak people

Another false belief is people think these corona vaccines are not for all aged people. As some people are preventing their children to get these perhaps they think their small or weak bodies can't handle the corona vaccine dose.

This is also just a misunderstanding that they are following. In the USA government and Health, authorities are recommending all aged people get the corona vaccine dose. As these are very helpful in preventing the virus spread and also helps to lower the risks to catch the virus. (4)

It causes coronavirus Infection

Another false belief is corona vaccine causes to get infected of covid-19. This belief is just bad and foolish. As vaccine has been made to fight against the spread of covid-19. WHO has already told that these vaccines are fighting well against the spread of coronavirus and has no reasonable issues that can turn the situation serious. (9)

Corona vaccine is made to reduce the spread and eliminate the virus from the world. Getting a vaccination is the only way to get ahead against this deadly virus. It reduces your risks to get infected and improve your chance to get into severe health condition due to coronavirus.

It promotes weakness

Many people think that getting the vaccine can make a person weak. This is also a hoax. As in Pakistan, people like to believe a thing that has no evidence or root. Listening to a person who has some reputation can make several people act accordingly, even if beliefs or views are completely wrong.

According to scientific studies, researches and medical evidence coronavirus can make you too weak that your body power to fight health issues can deteriorate. Whereas getting a vaccine can help to prevent these issues. (4)(5)(6)

It causes severe fever

The vaccine is not associated with a severe fever. As mild or little fever is the side effect of the dose but experts say it is the sign of your body to get build power against the virus. If you are feeling fever then get help from the doctor. He/she might give you a tablet to deal with fever. (10)

Vaccine is business

The vaccination process can't be called a business. It is a protection process that reduces risks associated due to corona pandemic.

In the general population of many people think that companies have spread the virus in order to sell their medicines or vaccines so they can generate extraordinary money.

Some people not only are avoiding the vaccine dose but also motivating others to not spend money to receive the corona vaccine dose. This misconception spread very well when early vaccines were allowed to treat coronavirus.

The vaccination process can't be called as business as countries where those companies belong also suffer a tremendous loss due to the covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, most Governments are sustaining the financial burden of corona vaccines as they are providing free doses to their people. (11)

As currently, Government is providing free doses to people due to that this issue-promoting misconception has almost lost its power. With the help of different countries and Organizations like the USA, China, WHO, UNICEF, and COVAX, Pakistan has got millions of corona vaccine doses for its population.

Why these misconceptions or myths are flourishing

Here are why these false beliefs are flourishing:

  • Least knowledge or awareness especially in rural areas
  • Illiteracy or illiterate elders
  • Religious beliefs or pressure. Like considering a pious person can't be affected with a virus. So no need for the vaccine
  • Following Quack Doctors
  • A strong belief that there is no virus

Government effort against these myths or misconception

The government of Pakistan is taking very strict actions for those who are not getting corona vaccines. Many limitations on vaccine-free people have been imposed.

As their sim cards are being deactivated, students, workers are not allowed to attend class or jobs, even to get proper facilities a person has to get a corona vaccine. With the help of CNIC, a person can be tracked if he or she has got the vaccine or not.

Due to these people are getting vaccines but still, a large number of the population has not to get vaccinated. Due to myths, hoaxes, and misconceptions about coronavirus and corona vaccine, a large number of the population is hesitating to get the vaccine dose.

Thank you for the vaccine

For Pakistan, It was not possible to deal with coronavirus spread without International help. Many countries and organizations provide their assistance very well to crush the spread. Here are some countries and organizations which help a lot to deal with this Global Pandemic:

  • USA (United States of America)
  • WHO (World Health Organization)
  • UNICEF, COVAX, etc

Thank you all of you and all others who are providing help against the coronavirus. Perhaps without your help, this issue can't be deal with the right hand.

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