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Common false beliefs about gym you should know

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022


The word “gym” has an active status that can differentiate between the common person and athlete. If someone says he or she goes to the gym, then most people consider him or her as a fit and healthy person in most cases. The reason behind this is that of the availability of most exercise equipment and related atmosphere in those fitness centers or gyms.

There is a lot of misconception about these gyms that are prevailing in the general population. Especially old aged people belonging to rural areas don't like gyms but they prefer old aged ways to do exercises and some also pressurize their young ones to do exercises in their ways instead of following modern ways.

Most of these misconceptions can be called false beliefs with only fantasy roots. There is no sound logic or reason that can be called as proof to explain or to give some truth value to these views.

Here this article will discuss the 15 most common misconception or false beliefs about gyms that needs the value of truth. Answers to questions like "are gyms better or you should go to the gym or not for exercise" will also be tried to evaluate with a good effort.

Top 15 false beliefs associated with the fitness centers or the gyms:

Gyms are not for everyone

This false belief is mostly present in elders because some of them think gyms are only for young people. This can be called a false belief because the gym is a Universal name of the fitness center where basically people do exercises and all aged humans can perform theirs according to their needs.

Studies say that every person on this earth needs exercises to maintain the functionality of the body. Even a person in a wheelchair needs some types of activities that are included in the list of exercises. For humans, healthy exercise is crucial to maintain it at a healthy level and gyms are the best place for that activities. (1)(2)

Services are expensive

Expensive or cheap it mainly depends on the services types, qualities, and area where the gym is located. Mainly in developed areas, they charge more but cheap gyms are also available which only charge for equipment and building or area usage. Whereas those who provide the instructor and comfort-related services like AC demand a high value of money.

This view or belief is wrong because all gyms don't charge high, as a lot of fitness centers are present which offer services at low rates as compared to the first ones.

The main lag point of the second category is they lack high value of equipment and exercise-related atmosphere or comfort which high-end gyms can provide.

But the key thing is that mostly it doesn't matter in which fitness center you are working out as you can get benefits from both gym categories. Make sure equipment for exercise doesn't cause any issue or damage during exercise.

Only for weight lifting

You may need to know that a gym is used for those areas where people do different types of exercises in a suitable atmosphere by using different types of equipment and by following different workout routines and plans. A well-reputed gym can provide services for yoga, weight lifting, cardio like running, jogging, sprinting, push and pull, and high-intensity workout (HIIT).

This belief is prevailing because most low levels of gyms provide only weight lifting training to their clients but yoga and cardio-related services are available in most medium and in high-quality gyms.

Only for muscles gain

Many believe that the gym is the place for just muscles gains and this is also a misbelief. In today's world, muscles building and fitness have some differences because many substances like Synthol, anabolic steroids, or other related products can help to gain muscles but not fitness.

Basically, the gym is the first name of “fitness center” whose major focus is to improve the physical fitness of people not muscles gain. When your fitness will improve, then automatically your muscles will also gain improvement.

You may have seen some people who have abnormal size muscles which look heavy unnatural that is mainly caused because of Synthol or anabolic steroids that are unfortunately common even at a high level.

These illegals things help to increase muscles mass but can also lead to gain the unnatural size of different organs like the heart. (3)

“Rich Piana” was a famous bodybuilder who died mainly because of heavy substance usage which also caused his heart to grow bigger to an unhealthy or abnormal size. (4)

If you want to get maximum benefits from your gym membership, then focus on improving fitness and eating healthy foods. You will see your muscle mass improvement along with the fitness gains in natural ways.

Only keeping focus to just gain muscles can put your attention to use illegal or unhealthy substances which can lead to severe harm to your overall health and fitness. (3) (5)

Gym gives abs

You may need to know that just getting a gym membership will not give to hot-looking “abs”. You need to put the effort in terms of healthy eating and exercise.

Some people join the gym to achieve six-pack abs but they gave very little attention to their workout. At the gym, they mostly keep themselves busy talking or using mobile phones and after few months when they see no changes then they start blaming the gym or exercises.

I observe many people who keep saying to others especially beginners that good-looking muscles can only be achieved with supplements or steroids. These things can demotivate new people or it can lead to the high usage of steroids or Synthol which puts heavy harm to the body if used for muscles building purposes.

Remember steroids are being used legally in medical field.

If you want abs then eat healthily and do regular exercises with proper techniques. Do cardio, right lifting, and your body fat ratio can drop to show abs.

Feud is common

This false belief prevents some people to get the gym facility for their children. It is believed that gyms have a high level of violent atmosphere but this is basically untrue.

You may need to know that most abuse or violence happened in schools, colleges, or universities. Child abuse at schools happened in almost every part of the world even in the presence of strict rules that protect human rights. The news related to abuse in educational institutes is common but gym-related news associated with violence has very little viewership or has brief existence because it is minimum.

Exercise and good healthy foods not just improve fitness but overall health and with these activities, a person can keep control of itself. Most violent cases happened because of the formation or existence of gangs or those people who create fuss which mainly uses an unhealthy substance that can raise temper levels.

Peoples @ Gym use illegal substances

It is widely believed that people at fitness centers use Synthol, steroids, or injections for muscles gain. There is some truth value that some uses it but not everyone.

Most people use them when they compete or they have competition with other colleagues at gyms or at bodybuilding events. Substance abuse mostly affects high-level athletes as they use them frequently.

Illegal substances or unnatural ways to gain produce severe results that can cause health loss and increases the risks of mortality. (3)(5)

Remember, a person who uses these substances can put you on the same track he or she follows. Keep some distance from them and follows your professional instructor's advice. And also get the advice of a doctor before using any products for health-related or which is associated with your fitness.

Alone gym workout can give muscles

The gym is not gonna help you get gains in your muscles for a long period if you don't eat or take those foods that help. Protein-rich foods are crucial for muscles building. Protein, carbs, fibers, and fat help the muscles to grow and also provide energy or strength to perform workouts.

We also needed proper sleep for muscles gain as sleep deprivation can lead to muscle loss. The key thing is that the combination of exercise, healthy eating, and good lifestyle work in combination to build impressive muscles, and an overall fit body.

It does not help endurance or stamina

Gym workouts can be weight lifting, HIIT, or treadmill running which promote beneficial effects. Weight lifting increases strength and toughness while running or cardio exercises build stamina and endurance as well.

Some people do just weight lifting that is why most of them lack stamina and lose their normal breath after some time of workout. Because of less cardio these things mainly happened, it doesn't mean gym exercises are to blame, but it is a workout routine that has excluded the cardio from its list.

Cardio exercises like jogging, running which can be easily performed at gyms by using treadmills. 10 to 15 minutes of cardio along with weight lifting can show or produce suitable or required results in terms of overall fitness.

Supplements can help more

It is one of the widespread misconceptions that supplements are the only way to achieve reasonable muscles mass. It is absolutely incorrect and can be called an excuse to avoid doing what it takes for the required results.

The principal thing you need to know that supplements like whey, casein, or other related products are produced from natural foods. Most producers add artificial flavors, sugar, or other ingredients that can cause health problems for long-term usage.

Unhealthy or illegal substances are also used in whey protein supplements, moreover, large businesses of fake protein supplements are also on fire which is causing serious health harm.

Person can get overweight

Unhealthy or overeating causes overweight, obesity by increasing the fat tissues in the body. Many people start their gym journey with no knowledge.

When I was a kid like 12 years old, I started doing exercises at the gym. Listening to illiterate people, I started eating too many foods of every type like fried, sugary, whole foods, carbs rich, protein and almost all types of food were available in my fridge. I started drinking a banana shake daily with a lot of added sugar just because I believed that by doing this I can raise my muscle mass. Within just one month, my weight boost from 63 to 85 kg with a reasonable amount of fat which felt very bad those days. After that, I learned a lot from online instructors and ultimately got my natural looks back with improved muscles.

The key thing to express is that due to lack of knowledge people overeat after joining the gum just to increase muscles mass by following the overnight success concept. When they get fat, then they start blaming gym exercises. Your eating lifestyle is to blame not exercise or gym-related activities.

Bones and joints can get damage

Some believe that with weight lifting or other exercises, bones or joints can take effect badly. It is also false belief or misconception. These problems can arise when you will follow the wrong techniques of doing exercises like lifting too much weight or doing exercises for hours a day.

Muscular guys are more fit

Muscular guys ain't fit people, you may need to know. Too many muscles can make a person heavy, slow and he or she can lose breath after just half a mile of running.

Most bodybuilders who have very little fat on their body and huge muscles, can't even run for a mile or can struggle for a long time in sports that required stamina or endurance.

Just put the “Roonie Coleman” in-ring with prime “Mike Tyson” and I don't think Roonie is coming out on his feet. They can lose their gas even on stage and don't think about them competing in sports or activities that demand fitness or muscular catwalk.

A person who does both cardio and weight training can surpass the big guys with huge muscles if he or she follows the valuable plan as it needs to be.

Sexual life effect gym

This misconception is found in most young adults who mostly have more sexual attraction towards their partners as compared to old people. They also usually engage more in sexual activities like sex or masturbation. As there are peoples who think after sex or masturbation they becomes weak for exercises, which is a complete wrong concept.

Studies says that sex or masturbation improves health furthermore. Both of these are natural ways of pleasure and have beneficial effects. Only addicted nature of a person can cause problems. It s not these activities but it is addiction as these words are suitable to express the paragraph view that “too much of everything is bad”. (6)

Another misconception is exercises can shrink penis size or performance. This is also not true because when a man gain muscles penis does not grow or increase its length along with other muscles. That is why it start looking smaller along with new improvement in muscles mass. Illegal or unhealthy substances usage can dramatically reduce or affect sexual performance in both genders. Be aware.

Should you go to the gym?

Yeah, a gym is an excellent option if you are really sincere to gain physical health or fitness. Don't join the gym for just muscles but get its membership to unlock fitness and it will also generate muscles. People who join the gym just for muscles, mostly become the target of unhealthy substances that increases muscles mass in bad or not recommended ways.

How to deal with gym-related views and problems?

There is an easy and hard way to deal with gym-related problems. The easy way is to hire a professional instructor that can help you in every prospect of fitness requirements. You can get his/her help to solve your problems. Second is the hard way, it means to face the problems and try to solve them by yourself or by receiving help from the internet, trustworthy friends, or colleagues.

Authority websites are a good option but you may get wrong tips from your colleagues as people like to give advice and they mostly don't care about its authenticity. Remember Address4Health is also full of fitness or exercise-related data that can provide a lot of help for your goals.

Can you build a gym at home?

Yes, you can make a gym or fitness center anywhere you can put exercise equipment. Many people own or have gyms in their personal properties.

Can an old man exercise at the gym?

A person of any age group can join or exercise at the gym and it does not exclude old people. Exercise not only prevents the risk of diseases but also helps them to live a proper and functional time in their retirement time. Yoga, walking, slow jogging, or lightweight lifting can be beneficial for these people. Just take the example of Sylvester Stallion and Arnold Schwarzenegger who daily hit gyms even at 75 plus age.

Do women also need to join the gym for fitness or weight loss?

Why not? Women need to give proper attention to their wellness because they have to perform the primary duties which prevail over the existence of humans. In gyms, ladies can do yoga, strength training, cardio, hit workouts to keep themselves in healthy and good body shape. It is easy to achieve reasonable weight loss there because of the availability of instructors and exercise equipment or other related help.

Does an early age exercise routine help the person in later life?

Doing exercises from childhood is very helpful in keeping motivation of physical activities for the whole life. Studies say a person who has a habit of doing workouts can get a fit, good-looking body fast even after a long period of absence from daily physical works routines. Whereas a new or beginner needs much more time to achieve the same goals.

At an early age, we learn many things, and most of these keep effects on the person's personality for the remaining life. That is why if you do exercises when you were a kid, then there are high chances for you to keep continuing taking interest in physical games, exercises, or sports.

Why do celebrities have their own gyms?

Celebrities are daily highlighted on mainstream screens that is why they need to keep themselves in shape so their personal impression and special view of their body and personality go with well and professional way to the public.

For these purposes, they spend a high value of money on their fitness and most of them spend millions yearly only on keeping their looks good. Special foods, home gyms or personal gyms, and expensive makeup inventory are some main expenses they make to just differentiate themselves from the general public.

Is too much muscular body good?

A heavy muscular body can make a person's body weight boost up to a reasonably high level, which in result can make his/her body movement slow. The body naturally needs a combination of muscles and fat to perform well. Too many fat tissues are bad but normal or at healthy levels, these tissues provide calories or energy in case of emergency-related situations.

Which exercises are most famous in gyms?

Answer: Bench press, bicep curl, pull-ups, pushups, Shoulder shrugs, dips, crunches, shoulder press are some exercises that most people love to perform at gyms.

Are gym services expensive?

Most gyms charge monthly but some also charge annually with some concession as compared to their monthly plans. Location, quality, and exercise equipment matter a lot in making a fitness center expensive and non-expensive. In rural areas, gym membership can be in few dollars but in the developed or urban areas, their fees can cross thousands of dollars monthly.


Most of the problems at the gym are related to the wrong techniques that play a very important role in damaging its beneficial role in improving health and fitness. Only solid techniques can be helpful to get the maximum percentage of good results.

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