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Useful tips to encourage and inspire child for exercise

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022


Fitness is a blessing that can be achieved by making an effort. For good health, you need to be fit.

Exercises and healthy eating are major ways to achieve these goals.

Improving fitness is hard but maintaining it can also be a problem for lazy people but not for those who know its value.

“Health is Wealth”. Almost every person tries to improve it but few works for it. In our modern society, people are becoming lazy because of the help they are getting from technology.

That is why health issues are rising.

Not just adults but children are also facing a good deal of health-related problems which were not normal in the past.

Even small teenagers are becoming type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and other diseases patients.

Mainly it is because they eat bad unhealthy foods and they keep themselves less active in sports.

Exercise and child health

Exercises which are very beneficial to reduce health risks can be a very good and effective way to reduce your and also your child's health issues.

This article will try to help you by providing tips about how you can engage children in physical activities or exercises so they can get benefits.

Engage them in exercises from childhood

In childhood age, children learn a lot of things. Their habits and routines can also affect their later life.

Some people think the key thing that a child learns at that age is language and walking.

They usually ignore other factors that can cause long-term advantages and disadvantages.

Keeping the little ones engage in exercise at an early age can be beneficial for them and can make them like or follow these health-friendly activities for life.

A person who lives a sedentary life in his/her childhood is more likely to keep following the same routine in their later life.

It can be hard for you to put the interest of exercise in the young or adult person if that one has not any sports-related history in the early life. A man or girl who was active in school-age in physical activities are more likely to live a happy and long life studies say. [ 1 ]

So if you want your child to love exercises for a long time then keeping them engage in their early life can be a good option.

Childhood learning promote can promote long-term effects whereas even good effort but in old age can be short-term in most cases.

If you were obese in your childhood, then it is a high possibility that you will remain the same at other times of your life. Physically inactivity can be the major cause of the overweight body.

Many studies and researches say childhood life can affect someone for a long time in a good or bad way and it can depend on what type of life and routines they face or follow that time. [ 2 ]

Exercises not only improve the fitness level of children but also keep their risks to get serious illnesses low.

Less active child health can be riskier as compared to an active child who likes and follow sports or exercise plans. [ 1 ]

Choose a school with ground

Schools are called those institutes in which children get their early education. These not only provide education but also play a significant role in making and improving their personalities, and habits.

A school with a large ground can promote physical activities as this place can pressurize or keep the child engage in games.

When a child will see their colleagues play different games regularly, then it can also increase the desire of him/her to follow them.

Whereas that education institute with no playground will not help children in terms of fitness due to zero availability of the needed place.

That is why many schools that are controlled by High Authorities always keep a good place for exercises where students can play or keep their engagements in sports.

As compared to home there are high chances that a child can take part regularly in physical activities at school if they provided the needed atmosphere.

Television view time matter

Children love to watch cartoons. It can improve their mood and also can help them learn different things.

Spending too much time watching Television especially cartoons can cause problems as this can reduce their engagement in studies, exercises, and other activities.

Research has found that spending too much time in front of the screen can be dangerous for health as these can put adverse effects on the eyes and a person's mind as well.

You may need to watch sports matches on television along with your children. It can help them know the sports and also may help their interest to get a grip on the specific sports activities.

Liking a physical activity or becoming a fan of sports or players can be beneficial to keep engage children in exercises. A person who likes an activity is more likely to keep the engagement in that for a long time.

Know their loved games

Interest in something makes the person makes a lot of struggles.

Just like that if someone or a kid likes specific games or sports, then he or she can try to take part in them which in result may enhance their involvement.

That is why if you want your child physically active they know which games are liked by him/her. Support as you can and try to increase their motivation.

The best way to motivate them is by praising their achievement in those exercise-friendly activities. Sports engagement can make someone fit and can help to perform the hard physical task with ease as compared to others who do like to take part.

Friend's company can matter

Friend's company matters a lot in all aged people. Having good friends can be a blessing because these friends of yours can help you a lot.

Some friends can cause problems and can lead you to follow unhealthy or bad habits. If a friend of yours has a dangerous habit like he or she do smoking or use narcotics, then it is a high possibility that you can get involved with him or her.

Just like that if friends of your child are not spending time in exercises, then your child will also not take an interest in those.

Not just exercise but other habits of your little ones can be affected because of friends. That is why it can be very helpful for you and your child if you monitor who spends time with your little angel.

Physically active child's company can make your child's presence in exercises improved and fitness level and benefits can be achieved for the long term.

Keep yourself fit too

Company of friends matter but parents lifestyle and habits out serious and most effects on their children personality, behavior and involvement in different activities.

There are heavy chances that if you exercise or take the proper measurements for your fitness, then your children can follow your steps.

Instructions and guidelines from parents affect a child mostly and can improve their behavior towards essential matters.

Many children follow in their parent's footsteps automatically.

Scientific studies by experts on different families found children are more likely to follow in their parents' footsteps and their probability to like their parents' habits can increase.

That is why you may need to know that your steps can put a high effect on your children's way of living. [ 3 ]

Take them to watch sports matches

Another way to increase the engagement of children in exercises is by increasing their interest in sports-related competitions. We can watch easily almost all types of sports on Television or on the internet.

Even watching sports activities can be beneficial for fitness goals.

As when a person sees someone performing in their loved activity then feelings can enhance automatically, which as a result can help to take take part in that game.

You may have seen the fans in a football stadium and how they react and most of them also play these sports because football games can be the great interest to them.

Because of these reasons, you may need to watch sports completions in your house along with your children.

Taking them to the stadium can increase their interest furthermore as the sports-friendly environment there can motivate them to like games.

Promote healthy eating

Eating healthy foods has many benefits in terms of health and fitness especially. In childhood age required healthy food consumption is very essential as during that age child growth starts.

Malnutrition or unhealthy consumption during that time can make your children weak and at more risk of health issues.

Junk foods, carbonated drinks, processed foods, fried diets are those which can cause health harm if eaten regularly.

Studies say these foods and drinks are highly responsible for obesity, heart issues, strokes, diabetes, hypertension, respiratory or lungs complications, and even cancers.

Highly sugar-rich foods and beverages like biscuits, candies, coke, cakes are some of the most liked foods by children and their high consumption can lead to several issues including obesity.

Obese person's involvement in exercises can be usually low in most cases because of the disturbance that their body weight can generate.

Several health and fitness issues can result from unhealthy foods consumptions.

Most of these foods contain high sugar, sodium, unhealthy saturated and trans fat that can be bad for people of all ages.

Mostly your involvement can stop or prevent the consumption of those foods in your house.

Mainly you provide foods to your children that is why for health-friendly goals always buy health-friendly natural foods for your loved ones and demotivate your family members about bad food consumption by telling or explaining to them the advantages and disadvantages of healthy and unhealthy foods, respectively.

Keeping the fridge empty from foods that cause problems can be helpful as the absence of these can make your child take healthy foods in the housing stock.

The main reason how unhealthy foods conflict with exercises are because it can cause obesity and other several health issues which can prevent or reduce the involvement of a person in physical activities.

Fewer risks of health issues can promote engagement in health-friendly activities like exercise.

Limiting the pocket money of children if they have unhealthy eating habits can be an excellent step.

You can buy healthy foods for them and can provide them instead of money.

Minimize their online access

Almost every type of business good or bad is going on online. There is a lot of data available on the internet which can be not suitable for children.

That is why in most online platforms a person below the age of 12 or 18 can't register for services.

Inappropriate videos, pictures, and information can make your children trigger unimportant, bad, and unhealthy activities.

Even the internet is making modern-day children addicted and preventing them to do those activities that they should do at that age.

Just like adults nowadays little ones also like to sit in front of a computer or smartphones for many hours. In most cases, they don't take care of their food and avoid exercise, mostly.

Record physical change

Always keep notice of any irregular physical change in the appearance, health, and fitness of your boy or girl.

Weekly or monthly medical checkups can be good attentive measurements and can catch early health issues.

Not for children but a medical test routine for yourself can be beneficial for the health and prosperity of your entire family.

Take them to parks or grounds

Parks are those places where people exercise or entertain themselves.

Mostly these have a lot of grassy, leafy, and full of trees which can provide a soothing, comfortable, and cool atmosphere that can feel good.

Grounds or parks are the best options to walk, run or jog. Especially morning time exercises theirs has great value.

Less presence of traffic noise, smoke, or related issues can be good to make some physical effort. That is why it can be an excellent option if you bring your children to morning time exercise in those areas so their mood, fitness, and behavior can improve by a natural early morning atmosphere.

Promote healthy sleeping time

Sleep is very crucial and plays an important role in human growth, health, fitness, body functionality, or almost in every matter of life.

Nobody can perform well in every field of life with sleep deprivation or issues.

In short, sleep issues or lack of sleep can affect your health badly but also can cause a serious disturbance in your daily routine work.

For a child, enough sleep is very necessary. It not only improves their fitness but also maintains motivation and strength to keep involved in exercises or physical activities.

According to NHS here is the recommended sleep pattern for different aged children:

  • 4 to 12-month-old needed = 12 to 14 hours sleep
  • 1 to 2 years old needed = 11 to 14 hours sleep
  • 3 to 5 years old needed = 10 to 13 hours sleep time
  • 6 to 12 years old required = 9 to 12 hours sleeping time
  • 13 to 18 years old children needed = 8 to 10 hours sleep

Make juices at home

You may need to avoid processed market-based juices for yourself and for your child.

These drinks can contain high sugar and these usually manufacture by refining or processing methods that can drop their healthy nutritional value.

Sugar-rich foods or beverages if consumed regularly can make your child obese and also other health issues can arise.

Obese children usually remain less active in sports as compared to healthy ones.

If your loved one's like juices then making for them at house can be a good option. You can easily extract the juice of fresh fruits by using a simple juicer machine.

Remember to avoid adding extra sugar in those as most fruits contain high natural sugar value already.

Avoid too much pressure of study

Too much pressure on studies can make a child get depressed which in result can reduce their involvement in activities that they even love in normal conditions.

Buy sporty clothes for them

Cloths or apparel can put an effect on the person's personality.

Highly fashioned clothes can make a person keep themselves clean so those clothes can look better while wearing.

Just like providing sports clothes to your children can give them to look sports person but also may help to increase their participation in games.

Sports clothes feel more comfortable in games as compared to regular clothes which can be jeans or shirts.

Sports clothes absorb less sweat and help to evaporate it fast as compared to others.

Most shirts and trousers are usually made with polyester which absorbs less sweat whereas regular clothes are generally made with high-absorbing material like cotton.

Too much sweaty uniform can cause problems, especially in a hot environment.

Get admit them in sport academy

This step can also help a child remain physically active and increase participation in health-friendly activities.

There are many sports academies and clubs are present in almost every city which provides many types of physical training to children.

Football clubs, martial arts academies, cricket club, baseball club, gym, hockey club, gymnastic club, and many related facilities are available which can the children to remain active and fit.

These clubs or academies can charge monthly or annual fees.

The major benefits of joining sport-related academies are they help the child keep daily involvement in fitness-related games and also provide them needed instructions and information.

Fitness trainers, instructors usually operate or teach in such facilities.

Fitness trainers and instructors can guide in the proper and needed ways to learn and perform the exercises for excellent results.

Gyms, sports academies, or fitness centers are playing a contributing role in improving the health and fitness of people including children and that is why the availability of these beneficial exercise-related facilities needed to be in all populated areas.

Buy sports equipment

Buy sports-related products for your children as well. This can help them keep busy in physical activities in their free time.

At a small age, a child usually shows eager behavior to move and enjoy different things that are why their involvement in exercises can be improved if you buy them some sports-related things like football, bat - ball, or other in which your loved one's take interest.

Also, have some exercise equipment for yourself also at home.

When you will do exercise in front of your children, then it can also make them take part along with you. If you are lifting a dumbbell, then give your child a plastic or light dumbbell to copy you.

Never give them heavy equipment to work out as it can be dangerous. Monitor them when they exercise.

Get online help also

There is a lot of information available online. Even free valuable and effective guides are available there that can be taught everyone a lot for their needs.

Address4Health contains a lot of fitness, exercises, health, foods, and wellness-related data and tips that can help according to your needs.

Information on search engines is helping billions of people daily. Perhaps these days it is not possible to work normally a single day without the internet. A person can learn a lot of things from there without even paying less or anything.

Remember: Avoid taking any medicines by getting information online as this step can be dangerous.

Our body shows the same symptoms even with different health issues that is why bad and adverse health effects chances can increase by taking the wrong medicine or drugs at the wrong time.

Bottom line

This article can be helpful for those who want to keep their children physically active. Tips mentioned in it are not so hard to apply but these are easy and can be followed or applied easily.

Mostly improving health and fitness doesn’t need medicines but a change in lifestyle and eating habits helps a lot.

In short, a healthy lifestyle like health-friendly food consumption and regular exercise helps all aged people to remain healthy and fit and there is no exception for children.

They can get the same benefits as adult people. A health-friendly routine at an early age helps the little one to grow strong.

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