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15 things that can increase your Health problems

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022


Having a healthy body is a blessing. Good health provides many benefits in all fields of life. Your powerful, healthy, and fit body provides a great ability to fight diseases and helps you to stand well even in harsh conditions. On the other hand, bad health not only makes you vulnerable to several health issues but also can be lethal for your lifestyle progress.

This article will discuss the 15 things or you can call it habits also that can deteriorate your health, may be very badly or severely. Most of these are lifestyle issues and with proper ways risks for health can be reduced.

Sleeping less

Lack of sleep, sleep deprivation, or sleeping less can generate so much damage to your health that your risks of mortality can increase many times.

Nature has made a sleep cycle for living organisms to give them time to recover. Sleep is the best way to get recover mentally, and physically. Sleep deprivation which means not getting enough time to sleep is associated with severe health cases and may lead to permanent or fatal damage as studies say. [ 1 ]

Cardiovascular issues, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, mental disorders, respiratory issues, obesity, and various other diseases or problems can arise if you take less sleep as recommended by Health Authorities. Medical experts say for Adult people 7 hours per night of sleep is a must to stay healthy, fit, and sharp against diseases. [ 2 ]

Perhaps the most major health risks can arise if you are sleep-deprived. Analysis of large scientific-based studies has concluded that people whose sleeping timetable is bad mostly get health issues. [ 1 ] [ 2 ]

Experts observe people's health with researches and they find that young people face more health problems due to lack of sleep as they remain active for life-related work even at night in which they have to take crucial sleep to remain healthy. These people mostly spend their life at the edge of getting cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, strokes, heart failure or cardiac arrest, blood vessels issues, etc. [ 2 ]

Moreover, they are also likely to get obese as sleeping less reduces energy consumption and lead to increased body fat ratio, which can cause cholesterol abnormalities also. [ 3 ]

In short lack of sleep is perhaps one of the biggest factors that can deteriorate your health. Having a good timetable for this natural need, you can improve your life quality and diseases risks. [ 4 ]


Smoking usually refers to the usage of tobacco products such as cigarettes and cigars. Tobacco products in which nicotine is highly present can make a person addicted. Regular smoking is hard on health and if a person gets a smoking addiction, it can be hard to left it as treatment is needed in most cases.

The habit of smoking can completely destroy your lungs after a short or long time period. Several types of cancer like mouth, lungs, throat, stomach, colon, liver, pancreas cervix, colon, and a lot of other cancers risks can be increases too much that a person's health can be destroyed completely. Remember people who smoke and get cancer mostly die even with treatment. Studies say smokers live 15 to 30 percent more cancer risky life as compared to non-smokers. [ 12 ]

Large health issues are associated with the use of tobacco products like cigarettes. It is a sad fact that almost 1.3 billion people in this planet do smoking. According to WHO this tobacco-addicted habit kills 8 million people per day. In these 1.2 million are usually those who are a non-smoker but usually live around smoking addicted people. [ 13 ]

The smoking habit is bad and it can be fatal for your life. As tobacco makes people addicted so it can be hard for you to left smoking if you are addicted. A lot of people return to this even after making a good mind to never touch tobacco-related products. If you are getting it hard to left smoking then get help from experts as their help can help your recovery towards health.

High sugar intake

If you like to consume sugar-rich foods then you may be working against your wellness. Too much sugar consumption especially added or white sugar can be lethal for you as it is the major contributor to CVD, dementia, liver cirrhosis, obesity, and diabetes, etc. In short, many chronic diseases that cause fatalities are linked with regular high sugar intake. [ 17 ]

Natural foods provide sugar value and your healthy natural diet can be enough for your daily sugar needs. That is why avoiding white sugar to mix with foods for consumption works better for your health goals. [ 17 ]

Some people have the habit to eat sweet foods too much that they mostly get caught in severe diseases. Like take an example of my Uncle who had a craze for sweet foods and now he is diabetic, not just a normal diabetes patient but his addiction to eat sugar once take his Blood glucose reading to 600mg/dL which is considered highly lethal or fatal.

The purpose of telling this is some people are too addicted to sugar that they don't care about themselves even in severe health conditions.

It is beneficial to not add white sugar to your foods. Fruits, vegetables, dairy products already contain sugar, and eating more by further manually adding doesn’t provide a healthy friendly logic but unhealthy side effects. Also limit the consumption of biscuits, candies, sweet cakes as too much consuming them can fill you with empty calories of highly refined sugar. [ 17 ][ 18 ]

Physical inactivity

Physical inactivity means no exercises routine or zero engagement in regular physical activities that provide health and fitness benefits. Living a lifestyle in which you mostly spend time resting, chilling, and lying is known as a sedentary lifestyle which studies say is bad for your overall health.

Avoiding mask

Humanity is going through a tough time due to the corona pandemic and WHO has given instructions to prevent this virus from spread mainly to get vaccinated, keeping masks on, and washing hands frequently. Not following these instructions can cause fatal outcomes also. Many people who opposed rules to fight covid-19 have suffered from this deadly virus. Just take the example of Stephen Harmon a LA residence, who mocked about coronavirus, who has lost his life after contracting this virus. (19)

Loving food to fry

Fried foods specially prepared ones that you get from the market usually comes drenched with highly bad saturated fat that works against your health. These foods can increase your body fat and can also cause cholesterol irregularities. Too much fat can block the blood vessels and may lead to cardiovascular incidents.

Steaming, boiling are the best ways to prepare foods but these techniques don’t provide the taste that fried food preparation techniques provide. In this case, limiting the consumption of fried foods instead of completely avoiding them can be a good option for you. Fry your foods in less and healthy oil and reduce your risks. Also, remember house-made foods are far better than prepared market-based foods.


Alcohol is a beverage that can be addictive and can lose the control of a person over him/her self. On this planet sleep and alcohol drinking before/during causes most accidents. Not just on roads but due to alleged involvement of these Air crashes has also been reported.

Sodium rich consumption

Just like sugar sodium i.e. salt is part of many foods that we eat. Too much sodium intake from foods on regular basis can be risky as high blood pressure due to salty foods can appear. Many foods which mostly consist of salty nutritional value are available in the market and people are consuming them a lot, which is why a great health concern is rising.

Being a junk food lover

Junk foods are bad and studies have proved that. Mostly these come with a lot of oily and sodium-rich nutritional value. High sodium and fat value from junk foods can lead to chronic health issues which may be hard to handle. So apply limitations on your junk food consumption habit.

Being a fizzy drinks lover

Fizzy or carbonated drinks don’t work for health-friendly goals at all. These are filled with high, unwanted sugar values that provide taste but have serious health risks also. Not just in adults but due to high consumption in the general population these drinks are casing obesity and various chronic diseases to children research and analysis of studies have concluded. [ 17 ][ 18 ]

Just remember if you drink cola you are not going to get well nutritional value that works for your body in a good way but a liquid with only sugary calories can provide you harm towards illness or health issues. (17) (18)


Overeating happened when you consume too much meal. It can be a health issue that may pressurize you to eat more. In “binge eating” a person eats heavy meals in a short period of time. Overeating primarily can lead to obesity. Obesity furthermore causes severe health problems that can make your life quality worse.

Mobile friendly life

Nowadays people love to spend time in front of the TV, mobile or computer. Studies concluded that Rays from the screen of these products affect the eyes, mental health and may contribute to sleep issues.

Limiting the use of a screen can be beneficial as using it if you need. The blue light of screens affects your brain and may lead to problems in sleep at night if you have a habit to use it before sleep time.

Avoiding being social

Friends and families are blessing as they help in needed time. Not having a connection with them can make you alone. Studies say an alone or single person is more likely to get depressed. Not just mental issues but to survive and progress well in life can be a hard task for an alone person.

So always keep your connection active with your loved ones and meet them to spend time as you get the opportunity.

Avoiding Medical help

Some people do not get medical help at the needed time. With that, they usually put their life at risk. It is believed that a lot of people die mainly because they do not reach for the required medical help on time.

So if you get ill or you are feeling abnormal, get to the hospital and explain your condition to the physician for help.

Narcotic/drug abuse or addiction

Usage of illegal narcotics, drugs, or substances is bad for health goals and its addictive habit leads to health disasters. Usually, Authorities illegalize those products' usage as they consider them dangerous for public health safety and they implement severe punishment who sell these to the general population.

Narcotic or drug abuse not only can provide you health harm but can also take you to prison.

For Medical purposes use of these is legal. But many people use these drugs to fulfill their addictive needs. According to MedlinePlus more than 32 million Americas misuse Heroin, opioids, or cocaine, and worldwide almost 15 million people are involved in these drug abusive habits. Just for their desire that they say these help to “get high” is pushing them high towards death. [ 1 4 ]

Not just common people but a lot of celebrities have lost their lives mainly due to drug or narcotic abuse. Recently in 2021 DMX A famous “Rap singer” died due to overdoses of cocaine as Authorities says. [ 1 5 ]

In today's world, drug abuse is becoming common due to certain issues or to achieve certain body feel a lot of people are addicted to drug abuse. As high CVD risks and many other long-term or fatal issues can appear with these. So the main work to prevent yourself from these is to keep a distance from those who use it and get medical help from the Doctor in needed time. [ 16 ]

Not monitoring health

By not monitoring health status as you need to be, health disasters can come without your awareness. Yes, it is possible.

Many diseases can be tracked earlier even before they start affecting you badly. Like catching early symptoms of cancer, diabetes, high BP, mental disorders with self-observing or medical tests can make you get less health loss as generally, these diseases provide. If you think your lifestyle or life habits are not in your health's favor then improves these issues and contact your doctor. As physicians recommend Medical Tests then act according to the advice. Also, remember some medical tests like Endoscopy and X-rays have low to high risky possibilities so the cooperation of a professional physician matters a lot. [ 9 ] [ 10 ] [ 11 ]

Bottom line

This Informational data can help you to make needed Adjustments in your lives. All of the above data is credible as High Authorities have linked with it. You find it useful to get improve your living. Most issues mentioned can be solved with a simple but effective approach is needed.


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