Tough School life – 10 health issues linked with it

School life - 10 negative impact on student health

Overview Schools are educational institutes that taught early age education to children. There are millions of schools on this earth planet and almost 1 billion children go there for study purposes. Schools play a very critical role in the upbringing of children. Positively and Negatively both affects school life can put on students. Here in […]

15 things that can increase your Health problems

15 things that can increase your health problems

Overview Having a healthy body is a blessing. Good health provides many benefits in all fields of life. Your powerful, healthy, and fit body provides a great ability to fight diseases and helps you to stand well even in harsh conditions. On the other hand, bad health not only makes you vulnerable to several health […]

Doing these at gym is like only wasting time

Doing these at gym is like only wasting time

Overview A gym is the best place to work for a muscular, fit and shredded body. Almost 2.36 people of the world have a gym membership. Alone in the United States, 64.19 million people have a gym membership. These numbers show how much role gym plays role in people’s fitness. Even in Corona pandemic gym […]