Home exercise equipment you need for workout

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Overview (Not complete edited article) Humans are made to do struggle. Hard work and struggle helps us to overcome the challenges and hard work during exercise improves the quality and endurance of our health. Exercise is also a combination of struggle and challenge. It is a physical type of activity that improves the health and […]

Top 5 home bicep exercises for huge gain

Top 5 home biceps exercises for huge gain

Biceps Muscles The bicep is the most attractive part of our body’s muscles. It is an upper part of arms muscles that is present between the shoulders and our elbows. Blood vessels “Brachial artery” provides blood supply to these muscles. The tricep which is also important arms muscles has place below the biceps muscles. Both […]

Advantage and Disadvantage of home workout

Advantages and Disadvantages of home workout

Overview Home workout is a very easy and simple way to enhance the fitness level. You just need some types of equipment to perform some effective workout at home. It is also possible to perform exercises with bodyweight but workout with fitness equipment like dumbbells, barbells, weight plates, and machines are more effective in terms […]

How to choose a gym-Tips

How to choose a gym

Gym A gym is usually referred to as a fitness place where peoples do exercises for a healthy and fit body. There are millions of gyms in this world. Not all provide the same services. Some are high-end branded who provide extraordinary services to the peoples and some are for middle-class peoples who deliver normal […]

How to perform bench press more safely

Learn how you can perform bench press more safely

What is the bench press? The bench press is a very famous exercise. It mainly targets upper body muscles. The major targetted muscles by bench press are pectoral major, anterior deltoid, and triceps muscles. Some other muscles also get benefits from this exercise. Most athletes use barbells to perform bench press but this exercise can […]

A complete exercise guide for beginners

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Exercise enhances health and fitness status. Doing exercise means performing any physical activity that improves our health and fitness and prevents different health problems like diseases. Peoples do exercise for good fitness, for longevity, for good health, for fewer disease risks, etc. An exercise is a free tool that can help you to live longer, […]

Evidence based health benefits of eating egg

Evidence based health benefits of eating egg

Eggs We are eating eggs of chickens(a hen), ducks, and other birds for thousands of years. The most commonly consumed eggs are chicken eggs. Eating an egg daily has many health benefits. The egg is known as a superfood. It is a versatile type of food and there are many types of egg recipes that […]

How you can build muscles

How to build muscles

Getting a muscular body is not as hard as some peoples consider. You just need some knowledge and effort with a plan.

Benefits of morning walk

Benefits of morning walk

A regular morning walk can make your mood happy and can keep you energetic for the whole day if you are facing some problems like health, disease problems. Then regular walks especially morning walks will be very effective in controlling and decreasing the effects of these diseases.