Eating apple daily keeps doctor away

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Apple (Article not edited) Apple is a health-friendly fruit that can provide many benefits to your body. There are a lot of health benefits of apple that can keep the doctor away from you. Keeping the doctor away means your risks of diseases will reduce that is why your visits to the doctors will shrink. […]

7 Health Benefits of Eating Meat

7 health benefits of eating meat

Overview It could be said that the reason humanity has become such a successful species on this earth is may be due to eating meat. For thousands of years, our pre-human ancestors survived the hard conditions of prehistoric savannah by scavenging what other top predators managed to kill. It wasn’t until humans walked upright and […]

Kidney failure: types, symptoms, causes, treatment

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Kidneys Kidneys are pair of organs, which are present in both sides of your spine; below the ribs, and behind the belly. Each kidney is about 4 or 5 inches long, approximately as long as your large fist. The duty of the kidney is to filters your blood. It removes wastes from your blood, controls […]

Natural ways for weight loss

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Overview Weight loss means the reduction of body weight due to some reasons. Weight loss can happen due to diet, exercise, or some illness. Losing excess fat from the body with changes in lifestyle, foods, and physical activities are called healthy weight loss. Keeping stomach empty for a long period of time also reduces weight […]

Top 10 health benefits of black tea

Health benefits you can get from black tea

What is Black tea It is a famous type of tea. There are many health benefits of black tea. Peoples loves to drink it. Tea is the second most famous beverage in the world after water. This tea goes to more oxidization process as compared to other teas like yellow white and green tea. All […]

Health benefits that you can get by eating orange

Health benefits that you can get by eating orange

Orange Orange is a tasty and one of the most liked fruit in the world. It is a round-shaped citrus fruit that grows on the trees. Generally orange have smoothly textured skin which is filled with tasty juicy content. Orange is a low-calorie fruit with many essential vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. A […]

Cough: symptom, types, causes, prevention

Cough: symptoms, types, causes, prevention

What is cough Cough is basically the response or symptom produce by our body against something which causes a blockage, or something like that, in our throat or air-pathways. This thing (acting as an irritant) causes the nerves to send a message to our brain, which causes our chest muscles to contract to push out […]

Fever: symptoms, causes and preventions

Fever: symptoms, causes and preventions

What is fever Fever is also referred to as pyrexia, hyperthermia, or elevated temperature of the body. Commonly normal body temperature is around 98.6 Fahrenheit but it can vary from person to person. Any temperature above this temperature is considered a high temperature and is called fever. Fever can affect the health of all age […]

Evidence based health benefits of eating egg

Evidence based health benefits of eating egg

Eggs We are eating eggs of chickens(a hen), ducks, and other birds for thousands of years. The most commonly consumed eggs are chicken eggs. Eating an egg daily has many health benefits. The egg is known as a superfood. It is a versatile type of food and there are many types of egg recipes that […]

Evidence proof health benefits of eating banana

Evidence proof health benefits of eating banana

Banana Banana is a famous fruit that is full of healthy nutrition. It is a flowering plant fruit that has many types. Different types of bananas have different tastes, sizes, and shapes. Banana has many health benefits. This fruit grows in clusters on the top of the flowering plant. Banana is health-friendly fruit for most […]