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Want to build muscles in 90 days?

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022


There are 600 muscles in the human body. These are the most prominent part of the body along with skin and fat tissues.

Muscles vary in sizes some are small or medium size like biceps while some are large like leg muscles.

Muscles can be improved in size with physical activities. Activity in which you do physical activities for muscle gain is also called as “Muscles Building”.

Having a good muscular body can improve your look. As compared to the muscular, fat body doesn’t mostly look attractive.

With reasonable muscles not only you look good but your body strength or power also improves a lot.

Every healthy person can build muscle. People who are most active in physical activities are more likely to get reasonable muscle and their muscularity can also maintain for a long time.

Muscle gain is the dream of many people and they also spend money and high body energy for it.

This article is for those people who want to build muscles in a limited time. Muscle building is not tough to work but you need to follow some proper time table.

Below some tips and tricks are mentioned which can help you to build muscles in just 90 days.

To get reasonable results you need to follow the given guidelines otherwise you may not achieve what you want.

Here are useful and effective tips to increase muscles in just 3 months(90 days):

Daily pushups

The main tip that can lead you towards your muscle gain purpose is “pushup”. Pushups are the most valuable, beneficial, and best exercise for increasing the upper body muscles size, and power.

There is no best chest muscles exercise except pushups. Moreover, you can perform pushups anywhere without the need for exercise equipment.

Generally, men do not get satisfy them self even after achieving a muscular, shredded, and awesome body. As human nature likes “more and more”.

If your goal is to gain muscles in 90 days then regular pushups can help you a lot in this regard. Your body strength may improve and you may score better in other exercises if you do reasonable pushups daily.

For most people, pushups can be a big deal. People who are less physically active cannot cross just 20 pushups mostly. In the beginning, this happened but with time a person can settle with pushup.

If you can't do many pushups then daily pushups routine can increase your limit. Do pushups by making sets like if you can do 15 straight pushups then make 4 sets of 10 pushups and do them regularly.

As you find them easier further increase your pushup or sets.

Remember to get a change in muscles in just 90 days you need to make sure you do not skip any exercise.

Protein-rich diet

Protein is a very essential nutrient and it plays a very important role in your body composition.

Muscles, nails, hairs, bones are mostly made of protein. Just take this thing in mind that without a protein-rich diet you can't achieve a muscular body.

This micronutrient is found in meat, dairy products, legumes, beans, chickpeas, peanuts, etc.

Whey protein is very famous as most athletes use to consume its shake after the workout. Whey is extracted from milk with various specific techniques.

To gain muscles in less time you have to be very cautious about your body's protein needs.

To get a maximum muscle gain in limited time you have to consume 2x/day protein of your body weight(in kg). Like if you are 70 kg then consider following that meal plan that has a 140-gram protein value.

Never compromise in your exercise and diet as with these you may not get the fitness results that you want.

Remember when you consume protein after a workout then this important micronutrient helps your muscle to recover and improve. That is why always consume the right amount of protein from the diet at right time.

Animal-related foods like meat, dairy, eggs provide the best form of protein that works very well in activating your muscle growth.

Plant protein is also good but in muscle-building benefits, it can be left behind. Just make sure you are getting protein from both sources as these foods are very healthy especially when you consume them after preparing with health-friendly techniques.

Avoid eating too much frying foods but prefer steaming and boiling techniques to prepare foods.

Daily reasonable protein consumption is needed to gain muscle size in a limited time. Just make sure you are not consuming a lot of unhealthy foods but prefer healthy ones.

Regular weight lifting

Weight lifting is also known as strength training. You can use equipment like barbells, dumbbells or you can use your own body to perform these. Pushup is also an example of it.

The best exercise form that can increase your body muscles size is weight lifting. Studies say weight lifting or strength training is very beneficial for muscles gain.

People who mostly do these exercises usually have more muscular bodies as compared to others who mostly do cardio-related workout.

If you want good results in just 90 days then you have to do strength or weight lifting training 6 times a week.

One Day of rest and 6 times/week muscles workout can make your body muscles increase or develop in a reasonable size.

In just 20 to 25 days you can start seeing a good change in your body muscles.

Calories surplus

If you want to build muscles and increase size then you have to go for calorie surplus. Calorie surplus means you have to increase calories that you are taking from foods.

Every type of food provides calories or energy. Your body use calories to perform exercises and daily life routinely works.

Your inner body functions also need energy or calories to perform well.

Muscles of your body need these to build and improve their strength. That is why eating more than regular can be beneficial for your muscle goals.

Start eating more foods but avoid eating fried, sugar and sodium-rich, or too many refined, processed foods.

Always prefer natural whole grain and healthy foods to eat.

Remember if you start eating unhealthy foods which are mentioned above in the paragraph then these may increase your fat tissues instead of increasing muscles tissues.

No leg days skipping

Many have the habit of skipping leg exercises. Never skip your leg workout day. To build muscle in the fast and proper way you have to do exercises for your whole body.

Targeting only specific muscles can make others body muscle weak.

When you do a leg workout then your body testosterone boosts more as compared to when you perform upper body exercises. Testosterone plays a very important role in building muscle.

Moreover, your legs can shrink to a reasonable and noticeable size. Your upper body may look good but with thin legs, upper muscles beauty can shun away.

It can be good for you to perform leg muscle exercises. Squats, lunges, are some most common and well effective exercises that can increase your legs sizes.

Two times/day workout

One time per day workout can produce needed results but two times a day can further improve muscles development. Just be sure you are targeting one muscle only one time.

Like targeting one group of muscles in the morning and others in the evening can work best.

Try to target every muscle daily with the exercises.

Just be sure you are not following an extremely hard exercise plan on daily basis. as high-intensity exercises daily for a specific muscle for long time or daily, may cause injury or issues in gaining and improving muscles.

Just follow an exercise plan which is beneficial for all of your muscles but with less or medium Intensity.


Always keep your body hydrated. Dehydration which is the opposite of hydration can be a problem for muscle gain.

As muscles consist of mostly water that is why having enough water level in the body can help you a lot to build them more in less time.

Be sure you are drinking 10 to 12 glasses of water or 2 to 3 liters.

Water needs mostly depend on the environment, your exercise intensity, or how much your body has sweat. In a hot environment, a person mostly needs more water.

Consume meat

Meat is the pure form of protein. Perhaps there are very few foods other than meat that can provide benefits for your muscle gain.

If your diet consists of meat then your strength, power, and size of muscles can increase.

A vegetarian can't compete against non-vegetarian who eat mostly meat in terms of strength, muscularity, and also in sexual power. Fish, chicken, beef, are some most consumed meat types around the world.

These are rich in protein and other essential or beneficial nutrients.

Be aware as meat also has fat and cholesterol so always choose healthy ways to prepare them.

Avoid frying them but use boiling, steaming, and other related cooking techniques.

Eat eggs

Eggs are the pure form of protein. A whole egg can provide you 6 grams of protein. Egg white is pure protein and all of its calories come from protein.

Eating eggs in the breakfast can be more beneficial as during that time your body needs protein and consuming them that time may provide more value to your body.

Egg yolk also has protein but it comes with cholesterol also. That is why eating too many yolks is not recommended.

Supplements may help

Supplements like whey protein can help you to build muscles. Although these are expensive but athletes are finding them useful in muscle building.

Just be careful about these products as a large number of fake whey protein supplements are available in all markets, so buying them directly from the reputable company Store can be a good option.

Do Less cardio

Cardio improves your cardiovascular health that is why doing cardio-related activities like jogging, running, brisk walking, or HIIT workout can improve your health many times.

Just make sure you are not doing too much cardio. 15 to 20 minutes of cardio per day can be enough as more of these can cause muscle loss.

In daily life routine, you walk a lot to perform different work as walking is also cardio so you get a lot of benefits even your job-related works provide you opportunity for this activity.

Cardio is good but too much of it can be bad for your muscle gain purpose.

Never skip meal

Avoid skipping your meal as it can cause degrade in your physical progress. It is believed that an athlete's body needs protein after every three hours.

So if you want to get towards your muscle-building goals at a fast pace then avoid skipping meal time as with it your body will not get the main source that helps it to build muscles.

Breakfast and evening meal is most crucial as during that time protein in your body plays very crucial and needed role. During breakfast, your body got up from a 7 hours sleep and at the night after evening meal your body has to go for fast related situation(i.e 7 hours sleep).

Sleep well

Sleep plays a very important role in muscle building. You can't improve your muscle size if you are sleep deprived, Lack of sleep can reduce muscle size or promote muscle shrinkage.

During sleep, your body muscles recover and boost in size. That is why take well sleep daily especially at night.

Sleeping 7 hours per night can help your muscle-building goals. Your body takes a rest in sleep which is crucial for muscle gain.

With just one week of better sleep along with exercises and required foods, you can start seeing a considerable recognizing change in your whole body muscles.

Respect your “Time”

Time is everything. A person who gives respect to the time mostly gets achievements.

It also has very importance in muscle building. As eating on time matters a lot. Mealtime irregularities can cause muscle loss or may make it hard for you to get muscle gain.

The time limit also matters in exercises. 10 to 20 minutes of workout can be called as easy with less or minimum benefits but 40 to 50 minutes per day of exercise can take you towards your goal to achieve a good looking muscular body.

Just do moderate to little - heavy strength or weight lifting exercises and consume high calories diets like whole carbohydrates and protein-rich diets.


These tips are best to follow if your goal is to get muscles fast within just 90 days.

The main thing you have to focus on is never skip your needed exercise or eating routine. For more fitness-related knowledge you can check our fitness page.

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