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For body fitness bodybuilding not right option. Know why?

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022

Body fitness

Body fitness usually refers to the body's ability to perform physical tasks.

Good fitness means excellent body capability to perform needed and essential physical tasks. Whereas its opposite bad fitness means the inability to score well in required physical body work-related goals.

Fitness of the body has very important while measuring the wellness status. A well-fit body usually has good health and wellness rate and an unfit body always stays behind for these qualities.

Examples of good fitness and bad fitness

To get in more detail of what is the difference between good and bad body fitness, here are a few examples to look at.

People who are well fit:

  • They can do cardio-related physical activities easily. Jogging, Running, Jumping, Rope Swinging, and other High-Intensity Workout-(HIIT) might not impose many difficulties for them.
  • Fit people usually face fewer health problems as they suffer least from the illnesses and their risks.
  • Natural and good fit people can do well in other activities like sexual needs. Healthy and fit people usually remain more sexually active and they get high benefits and satisfactory feelings from it.
  • Excellent fitness makes the person live a better and longer life. They can face and overcome life-related problems more efficiently.
  • Fit people can earn better as they can learn and do almost every type of work which a human can do. Almost all companies and firms prefer to hire people who have improved body wellness.
  • Well, fit people can face the change in life more efficiently and they feel shrunk stress while adjusting for the new situations.
  • A fit person can do more in physical workout thus can gain more advantages from exercises and physical tasks.

Unfit people:

Being unfit put you in the opposite category. People who belong to that category usually get opposite consequences as compared to the above-mentioned detail of fit people. Here are some signs of unfit people:

  • Opposite to fit individuals an unfit person cannot perform well cardio activities. They cannot jog, run or they can fail to achieve positive results in such and other high-intensity cardio works. Bad body capability related to cardio workouts also increases their risks for major diseases like Cardio Vascular-(CVD) complications.
  • Unfit people face numerous health problems. The high probability of facing obesity, diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer, and CVD risks decreases their life span.
  • Bad fitness also leads people to get failed in living a better sexual life. It is observed that Sexual dysfunction is highly common in both unfit men and women.
  • Due to numerous health issues, unfit people face more difficulties in living a better and happy life. Health issues can make their life span short, miserable, and full of problems.
  • A less fit body makes the person's ability insufficient to do well for physical tasks. That is why unfit people cannot do most types of physical tasks. They like to do works and jobs which needed stall positions, which is why they get fewer job opportunities and more earning problems.
  • Bad fitness may make a person do well in mentality-related works but for physical tasks or works, they can face severe difficulties. That is why the job scope for unwell people is short as compared to fit and well people.
  • Bad fitness can make it hard for a person to adjust for the change and according to the situation like in emergency type situation.

Now we are going to discuss fitness and its relation with the bodybuilding sport

What Is Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is known as a competitive sport whose main focus is muscles hypotrophy. People who take part in that sport are called bodybuilders.

Various resistance exercises exclusively weight lifting workouts provide focused assistance in bodybuilding. Athletes lift weight to gain maximum muscle mass or hypotrophy to gain better body structure and viewability.

Numerous international bodybuilding competitions are held around the world where people compete for the top positions. Internation competition-(Olympia) winner usually get trophy along with a huge sum of money. Also, a vast reputation and many sponsorships offer to come to the door of such athletes.

This sport is also chosen by many common people who want to look better and increase muscles hypotrophy-(muscles cells). Numerous people also join it to increase the strength and fitness of the body.

[su_quote]Bodybuilding is best for muscle building and good-looking body structure but the fact is that it has a two-way direction. One is the pure and healthy way and another one is the shortcut way. It is almost impossible to get in the well muscular physique in normal and healthy ways. The most bodybuilder who competes uses a shortcut to increase body capabilities in an illegal way such as Synthol, steroid, or related things. These substances make their muscle hypotrophy to the maximum level and push the body fat ratio to the lowest level[/su_quote]

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Bodybuilding is not fitness friendly

Bodybuilding's main focus is hypotrophy, not fitness. In this sport only well muscular physical appearance matters. Bodybuilder also put their main attention to increasing muscle mass and many of them do care about using bad tactics for maximum results.

According to the Wikipedia page on bodybuilding, this sport was developed just for the purpose of entertaining people by showing them big muscular human bodies.

"Eugen Sandow" is known as the Father of modern bodybuilding. He was the first man who introduce current generation bodybuilding sports techniques. He is also a person who organizes the first-ever bodybuilding tournament for the general public. With such type of tournament, he receive high publicity and his related business took heavy pace progress.

It is also a fact that the tactics of using Anabolic substances, steroids, and injections for the purpose of muscle hypotrophy were not common or widespread in the early generation of bodybuilding. In fact, after 1960 the use of these things prevailed and nowadays it is very hard to find a natural professional bodybuilder who competes at tournament levels.

Below is a clear explanation of why bodybuilding sport is not fitness-friendly and only focusing on it to get fitness goals may not be the suitable idea:

Clear Explanation

Fitness and bodybuilding have not well connected with each other. The daily life routine of a bodybuilder only involves getting high muscular hypotrophy with various techniques. They do not usually care about body endurance, stamina, which are crucial for fitness needs. There are many more reasons which make bodybuilders less fit as compared to other athletes of different sports like football, hockey, basketball, rugby, etc.

Here some reasons are explained that make bodybuilding sport less friendly for fitness motives and goals. And you should not consider it just for fitness-related purposes:

It does not involve much cardio

The main reason that makes this so unfriendly to fitness in it does not involve much cardio. Usually, bodybuilders hate cardio-related workouts as these are known to reduce body muscles.

The main goal of a bodybuilder is to get high muscle hypotrophy as much as possible. They don't want to go for those exercises which decrease the muscles mass.

Running, Jogging, Rope jumping, Cycling are a few examples of cardio workouts. These activities are clearly different from strength or resistance exercises. Resistance exercises like weight lifting are considered the best workout technique in bodybuilding.

Cardio exercises such as in the above-mentioned paragraph improve body endurance and stamina. Stamina and endurance have primary importance while calculating and judging someone's body fitness. These two fitness qualities cannot be increased much with just resistance or weight lifting training.

[su_quote]The reality is that cardio workouts build more efficient body stamina as compared to resistance training[/su_quote]

It involves overeating

Bodybuilding and fitness cannot be put in one single line. The outcome of building just muscles does not give essential a reasonable body fitness. Also, the overeating habit of muscle builders is not fitness-friendly.

Bodybuilders usually eat specific micronutrients in usually large quantities. Protein is the most consume micronutrient which helps muscle hypotrophy more than any other nutrient.

Too much consumption of these nutrient food increases health risks like obesity and kidney issues. In bodybuilders, heavy protein and other micronutrient consumption lead to a big muscular body. Heavy muscular bodies face more movement issues just like obese people. They cannot improve fast and may not run for a few minutes for which a common person can easily go for.

[su_quote]A big male bodybuilder cannot even put his hand on his back properly due to the big size of his bicep which prevents their arms to reach the body parts properly[/su_quote]

It is all about appearance

As is discussed above that bodybuilding sport is related to a person's physique and muscularity. It does not care about fitness. Even if you are a heart patient but have a good body shape and muscle hypotrophy, you can be easily allowed for local competitions or even in high-level tournaments.

It demands huge bodies

Modern bodybuilders have huge bodies which look very strange and unattractive.

A bodybuilder's huge body prevents and causes body movement issues. Huge bodybuilders cannot even reach even their ports body parts. You can check some videos on youtube in which some builders are shown to not be able to remove it or touch the parts of their body.

Heavy and huge bodies make them move slow and also cause them to lose the ability to perform cardio like running. Most professional bodybuilders cannot even run for a mile, in most cases they can gas out in just 2 to 3 minutes.

It is not a natural sport

The fact is that bodybuilding cannot be called a natural sport these days. People who are bodybuilder uses many processed and medication-type substances to enhance the body's capability of storing micro-nutrient that support muscle hypotrophy.

Also, many muscle builders inject oil, synthols, Anabolic steroids, and other muscle hypotrophy enhancement substances in their bodies to get bulky and heavy-looking muscles. Most perform such acts just for muscles but not fitness.

[su_quote]If you observe too many injections signs on someone's body then that person can be a bodybuilder or some type of severe disease patient[/su_quote]

To win the competition and to look better people usually use such substances which only improve the outside look of the body but cause destruction inside.

It demands too much rest period

Muscles do not grow during the workout but these body tissues improve, recover, and catch the growth during the rest period. During exercise, athletes burn and torture the muscles so their growth can boost up for needed goals.

To achieve maximum muscle hypotrophy bodybuilder takes extraordinary rest period as compared to other athletes.

A competitive bodybuilder will never make excuses in training, diet, and rest. These three things and the proper and essential follow the plan for them is considered as the key to achieving success muscle building.

Too much rest is known as associated with health and fitness problems. Many diseases and illnesses risks can rise up with heavy rest.

A heavy rest-friendly routine is also called a sedentary routine or lifestyle. It can generate very severe health-related outcomes and the person's body's health and fitness can be destroyed with them.

Then what to do

Bodybuilding was considered a health-friendly sport initially even at that time its benefits were excluded from most of the cardio-related advantages. After the introduction of muscle enhancement medications, illegal tips and tricks, and other techniques which cause health issues, this sport has lost its credibility especially in terms of body fitness and overall body wellness.

Even though resistance training does not give much stamina and endurance-related benefits but is done in natural ways like healthy eating and routines, the disadvantages related to health and fitness can be decreased much to a considerable level.

If you want to start bodybuilding then always follow health-friendly routines and lifestyle. Always eat healthy, natural, and never use shortcuts that can push you to an addictive person level.

Do resistance training but avoid excluding the cardio exercises from your workout plan. Do running less but never try to avoid it just because it causes muscle loss. You can do less distance running or can follow sprinting routines. In sprint routines, athletes run for short distance usually in meters and such type of running-related activities does not cause much muscle loss.

Consider adding one of these activities in your workout plan along with the resistance training.

The best thing you can do is stay natural, eat healthily, and never exclude cardio from your exercise plan. Do it less but never skip or avoid it. Your muscle hypertrophy and body fitness will be improved more with the combination of resistance training and cardio workout.

Related Topic to put a look

Is powerlifting good than bodybuilding in fitness perceptive?

As compared to powerlifting the bodybuilding does not increase the strength of the person but its definition just puts the main focus on muscle hypotrophy and does not care much about other qualities.

Powerlifter usually has more endurance and stamina than bodybuilders because they are trained for heavy workouts which involve some type of cardio also.

Whereas bodybuilding training does not involve heavy lifting or cardio. Also, powerlifters' bodies do not contain much muscularity but they keep a considerable fat ratio which improves their body elasticity and provides movement benefits that bodybuilder lacks.

Also, the use of steroids or performance enhancement-related products are strictly disallowed in powerlifting competitions, and ban or penalties are given as punishment.

So the conclusion is that powerlifters are more fit and natural as compared to bodybuilders.

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