Mistakes to avoid checking the blood pressure

Mistakes to avoid checking the blood pressure

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Good blood pressure is very important for good heart and overall body health. A person with normal blood pressure can enjoy life more than a person with blood pressure problems. Good blood pressure is a sign of good cardiovascular health. Blood pressure patients are more likely to get many dangerous diseases like heart diseases, kidney diseases. Patient with impaired blood pressure is more at risk of sudden death. Especially high blood pressure is famously known as the silent killer because it shows no early symptoms. It is sad to know that blood pressure patients are increasing day by day. If your blood pressure is in the normal range, then your cardiovascular health is excellent if not then you may be in trouble. Peoples often get disturbed when they see their high blood pressure readings. Sometimes peoples make some mistakes. These mistakes can change their blood pressure readings. So here is some advice that can help you to take real and authentic measurements.

High blood pressure is known as a silent killer


Here is what you need to avoid before or during checking the blood pressure:


Don’t smoke or drink


Don’t smoke or drink any beverage during the 30 min before taking measurements. Smoking and drinking before checking blood pressure can affect its readings. It is recommended to not smoke and at all because the regular smoker is more likely to get blood pressure problems.


Don’t take any meal 


Don’t take any meals before taking blood measurements. Eating before checking blood pressure can affect its measurements. Try to take measurements when you wake up in the morning. This time is considered best for checking blood pressure because in this time your stomach will be in empty condition and it will not affect your blood pressure measurements.


Don’t check after exercise


Never check the blood pressure after exercise or workout, try to check it before exercise. Checking blood pressure after exercise is not recommended because after exercise blood pressure usually rises. always try to check blood pressure before exercise. This will be best for you.


No medicines before checking blood pressure


Don’t take any medication before checking blood pressure. Most medications affect blood pressure. These can lower or higher your blood pressure and you will not get good measurements. Morning is the best time to measure blood pressure because at this time there will less effect of medicines in your body. Talk with your doctor and follow his advice because he knows best about your condition.


No tobacco or alcohol before checking


Avoid tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine before checking blood pressure. These things can affect blood pressure measurements. It is recommended that you should not try tobacco or alcohol at all. If it is your habit to use tobacco products or drinking alcohol then this habit can make you or worsen your blood pressure. By avoiding tobacco and alcohol you can decrease not only decrease risks of blood pressure problems but also many other diseases.


Don’t be in a hurry


Don’t be in a hurry in checking the blood pressure. Sit quietly for 5 min before taking the readings. Always remain calm before taking blood pressure readings. A hurry situation may be can affect your blood pressure measurements. By keeping yourself calm and quiet you will get authentic blood pressure measurements.


Keep your feet flat on the floor


Always use that chair that supports your back and keeps your feet flat on the floor. Keeping feet flat on the floor will help you in taking real blood pressure measurements.


Don’t cross legs


Don’t sit with crossed legs. Your blood pressure will rise when you will sit by crossing your legs. This can affect your effort in taking real blood pressure measurements.


Don’t contract your biceps


Don’t contract your biceps during checking the blood pressure. Your arms should be relaxed. By contracting your biceps you will not get real measurements because this position can affect blood pressure measurements. Always keep your arm relax and check your blood pressure in this position.


Never wrap cuff on clothes


Do not wrap the cuff on your clothes or fabric it can change the readings. Always use the bare arm for blood pressure checking. With bare arms, you will get real measurements because when you will check your blood pressure with bare arms then there will be no cloths layer that can affect blood pressure readings.


Use upper arm cuff device


The device with upper arm cuff is more reliable as compared to the device with wrist support cuff so always prefer to use upper arm cuff models to check blood pressure. These types of models are more preferred by health experts. These models are not so costly you can get them at an affordable price from the market.


Use good device

Don’t use a low-quality device always uses the device from a good brand. Low-quality devices don’t produce good results. They can produce results for some time but after some use, they will start causing troubles for you. By using good quality devices you will get real measurements. Good quality devices will also last long and low-quality devices will not.


Don’t talk during checking


Never talk during checking the blood pressure if you talk, then it can change your blood pressure measurements. Always take a blood pressure reading with no talk. With this, your chances of getting authentic blood pressure measurements will increase.


Bottom line


These tips can help you in taking real blood pressure readings. High Blood pressure disease is very dangerous. Always check your blood pressure daily with good techniques. By measuring with PROPER WAY you will know better about your health.

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