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Best Tips for positive impact on Child Health and Life

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022


A child is a small kid who has not reached the age of puberty and is too little to make reasonable decisions. The child category includes young humans below the age of 11 or 12.

Human puberty age

According to NHS, the age of human puberty is between 8 to 14. For girls, the average age of puberty begins at the 11th year, and for boys, it can be at the 12th.

But experts say puberty age or time can fluctuate.

Some children can reach the puberty fast as compared to others. Whereas there are also high chances for some to get this level bit late compared to their fellows. (1)

Child Health And Parents Role

Parents and Teachers play a vital role in bringing up the child. Their influence can bring up the child in either a positive or negative way.

Teachers responsibilities are related to educational needs, whereas Parents responsibility includes providing all life-related facilities including health, and financial needs.

[su_quote]Proper influence of parents can help the children's health to flourish towards wellness[/su_quote]

The habits and behaving way of parents and house environment significantly impact the children personalities.

If parents live a sedentary life or frequently misbehave with children, they are high chances that their kids will negatively impact.

This type of parents behaviour not only cause upbringing problems but also deteriorate children's health.

Scientific research has found that a sedentary lifestyle leads children to physical and physiological disadvantages. Several issues like obesity, diabetes, hypertension and risks of developing severe diseases in later life increase much at the trouble-causing level. (2)

Too much rest, being lazy and avoiding physical activities leads a person to live an unhealthy lifestyle, and it is also known as a "sedentary lifestyle".

Child abuse because of parents also causes significant health issues for children. This type of mistreatment cause mental health issues for children like it raises the risks of early age depression, anxiety, stress and other mental health problems.

Because of the trouble-causing symptoms, mental health issues can be real problems at an early age.

A Canada based study led by experienced experts concludes that child abuse is associated with mental issues. Not just does it cause mental health problems, but it also increases suicidal intentions in children. (3)

Usually, closely related people abuse the children like parents, teachers, relatives, friends, or little ones.

Many high-intensity cases are reported in the media in which children suffer enormous health damage due to abuse caused by close living people. (4)

According to studies, primarily mental illness and substance-addictive parents causes most issues for their children. These caregivers should get the proper medical treatment, or people should report them to the authorities to reduce the damage to children's health. (5)

Only the proper upbringing of children in the required way helps their health flourish with adequate potential.

Because parents play a crucial role in a child's life, their positive behaviour can help improve their children's childhood health.

Childhood health matters a lot, so parents need to be cautious in behaving, upbringing and dealing with the children.

[su_quote]It is practical and helpful to learn about parenting before making the mind of conceiving the child[/su_quote]

Why does Childhood health matter?

Childhood health matters a lot. Excellent and influential children's upbringing makes them solid and healthy and decreases the possibilities of health issue vulnerabilities in their childhood and later life. (2)(3)(6)(4)

Childhood health matters in terms of health, but studies find that it is essential to perform well in educational and social dealings.

Bad health makes children achieve poor grades in education, which leads their careers to a difficult position.

Unhealthy children also face self-confidence issues like lack of confidence due to health-related problems, which causes them to fail to achieve. (6)

There are many chances for an unhealthy kid to face health-related issues in the later stages of life.

A healthy kid usually lives a more healthy, effective, valuable, beneficial, victorious life than unhealthy ones.

[su_quote]Childhood life matters a lot. Learning things at an early age is more effective as compared to later periods[/su_quote]

Negligence and child health risks

A weak, unhealthy kid can face several low to severe health-related issues. Here is the list of some diseases that can appear in children with troublesome health conditions:

  • Obesity (high risks)
  • Body weakness (high stakes)
  • Mental issues
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes risks
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Nutrition deficiency (high “)
  • Dehydration (high “)
  • Bones weakness (high “)
  • Diharria
  • Respiratory issues
  • Issues during pregnancy
  • Issues during birth
  • Coronavirus
  • Problems because of un vaccination like polio etc. (7) (8)

Tips to improve child health

Here are some tips for parents that can help their children health positively. All of the information and recommendations are explained along with the high authority citations of medical studies and researches:

Proper care to their Diet

A healthy diet plays a significant role in improving the health of children and adults.

A proper diet causes the improvement in cognitive and behaviour related functions, and its deficiency may lead to health disasters for children and adults, studies say. (8)

Poor Diet can also make a child aggressive, addictive and mental health patient. Children usually face more than 50 per cent health risks because of their diets. Insufficient, bad, improper and unhealthy foods cause the most trouble in the child life. (9)

[su_quote]Kids usually face more health risks because of their weak immunity as compared to adults. So a proper childhood health care helps children a lot for their adequate and essential growth[/su_quote]

Nutritional deficiency not only makes child health terrible but also cause severe long term consequences. Researchers find that a proper healthy diet protects children's health from various health-related vulnerabilities and reduces the risks of challenging issues later in life. (8) (9)

Breastfeeding at the early age of a kid is essential, as the researcher says. Mother's milk provides energy and transfers with many needed micronutrients that help the kid body develop fast with potential. Avoiding breastfeeding and choosing other options may lead to nutritional deficiency, affecting the child's body developing process. (8) (9)

An adequate amount of food works well for the children health. Providing them food with dense calories can make them obese, which usually raises serious health concerns. (10)

With just a healthy diet and exercise, the risks of obesity can be reduced several times. In a scientific study on obese children, experts found the impact of Diet and exercise on obesity or body fat. With the help of 6 months study, they conclude that just two months of proper diet and exercise plan is enough to see a good change in children body mass. Many children lose considerable body fat within just two months. After six months of study, most of the children involved in the survey lost big heavy fat from their bodies. (10)

Above mentioned studies conclude that a proper diet is needed for children to grow healthy. If your child is facing a reaction because of some foods, consider contacting a child health specialist or Physician.

Treatment on time

One of the main ways to improve the child health, wellness and good growth chances is to provide the required medical treatment and help on time. Providing treatment as soon as possible reduces disease-related complications and helps the diagnosis and treatment process.

Various medical researches concluded that early treatment helps the patient recover from the many mild to severe health issues. Depression, anxiety, and Mental disorders severity may lower at the early stage with the proper treatment. (11) (12)

[su_quote]Whenever your child seems lazy, ill or complains about some health issue, then visiting the health expert immediately can be the best measurement you make for your little one[/su_quote]

Children often get ill with various common health issues. Fever, persistent cough, constipation, diarrhea are some common diseases that affect children's health.

Sometimes these common diseases turn severe, which can provide health disadvantages.

To avoid the health difficulties to children health, getting in touch with the Physician can be the right and suitable decision to make experts says. (11)(12)(13)

According to UNICEF, 56 million children living in less developed countries can die because of a lack of medical help resources. (17)

Research to check the benefits of early treatment for influenza conclude that early medical treatments and therapies are very effective in lowering the disease symptoms and severity. (11) (120 (13) (14) (15) 

Although because of the easy access to medical help in most human areas, the death rate is going down. (16)

Opposite to the past, most children lost their lives in childhood because of a minor treatment available. Now due to medical innovations, the early age death rate has been reduced to a reasonable scale. (16)

[su_quote]In the least developed areas or poor societies, health risks are still causing problems. In African and Asian developing countries, many children suffer from health issues and even mortality because of the lack of food, medical facilities, and high inflation level. (17)[/su_quote]

Keeping them active

Another tip that causes improvement for your child health is exercise. Exercise does not only provide beneficial health-friendly results for adults but children also.

Studies say that physical activities or exercises reduce the stress level in children by lowering the level of stress-causing hormones like serotonin. (18)

Researchers found that being active instead of rest social life can provide maximum benefits against obesity, depression, anxiety, diabetes and respiratory problems like asthma. (18) (19)

These issues can also affect children's health badly, and research says exercise is the best tool against these health-related problems. (20)

Children suffering from neurodevelopment disorders and heart issues can also improve health due to physical activities.

According to health experts, daily exercise protects the child from heart issues. Highly active children face fewer cardiovascular issues, whereas inactive children usually face various risks, including heart or CVD issues. (20) (21)

So if you want to lower the health problems in your family, then promoting exercise can be the best option to consider.

Eyes on their activities

Keeping an eye on the activities of the children can stop the probability of harmful incidents. Being aware of your child activities can help you to take needed action to avoid the worst consequences.

It can be very beneficial for your overall family if you keep yourself aware of the people that have connections with your child. As a child's mind is not mature compared to an adult, it can be effortless to whitewash the child's brain.

With brainwashing, many problems causing people or groups to use the children for their evil benefits. Knowing what type of people meet or spend time with your children can be one of the best awareness you need.

Nowadays, social media or internet activities are also causing trouble for parents. So, in this case, keeping yourself aware of their online activities can also be very effective in reducing the troublesome consequences.

There are many tools or software available which can help you to monitor their online involvement.

Keeping away from strangers

Strangers are one of those people who can cause harm to your children. Mainly these types of people disappear after causing loss to parents, and being a stranger can also make them hard to find.

[su_quote]Abductions of newborn kids from the hospitals are one of the leading criminal acts that the world is suffering from[/su_quote]

There are many cases reported in which strangers abduct infants from the hospitals. Usually, this type of abduction happens because of the carelessness of parents and hospital staff. Especially newborn children become the victim of abductions from the hospitals. (22)

It is essential to keep a strict eye on them until they grow into the life stage to protect themselves from the dangers.

Teaching them self-defense

Self-defense techniques mean ways that help your self protect. It is mainly used to counter the fight or problem that can harm you. If someone tries to cause trouble by fighting, then your answer by fighting back for your safety can be called self-defense. Any act for self-protection can be called a self-defense act or action.

Teaching the child self-defense techniques in childhood can be the best option.

During childhood, kids face many issues, and having self-defense knowledge can help them reduce safety concerns during troublesome situations.

[su_quote]Child experts also recommend people to give the learning of self-defense to the kids as that type of learning reduces their risks of injuries or related health issues[/su_quote]

Not just fighting but dealing with the self-issue raising situation mentally and verbally can also be included in the list of self-defense techniques. Having a good guide about these self-defense techniques makes children more effective to raise against troublesome people or factors.

Giving them importance

Giving the child the crucial importance is also very essential for their proper health growth. Children importance means spending time with them, meeting their needs, providing them love and financial help. Every type of attention that a child needs from you can be put in the category of child rights from the parents.

Importance to an only specific child and ignoring others can cause problems as ignored children can feel bad.

Studies say that improper attention and insufficient care can cause child health issues as stress, depression, anxiety and related risks are highly associated with it. (7) (8) (10) (12)

Millions of children are facing issues because of neglecting and irresponsible caregivers. Vast numbers of children usually leave their houses due to their parents' unsuitable and aggressive environment. (23)

Knowing their school life

School life creates a significant impact on the children's health, personality and overall life.

It is easy to forget college and university life, but it is not easy to forget school life.

[su_quote]Not just early education but good or bad incidents in childhood can affect a person for life[/su_quote]

There are many harmful factors at school that can play a worse role for your children.

Kid harassment, bullying and disrespect cases are not uncommon in educational institutes.

These factors can negatively affect the children, but proper and immediate acts by the teachers and parents can help much in this regard.

Depression can affect child health badly and its risks because of frequent harassment or bullying are very high, experts say. (11)

For the sake of child wellness, keeping yourself aware of what is happening in your kid's school can be one of the best measurements you can take.

After school time, your discussion with the child can be a very appropriate way to know how your kid spends the school time.

Keeping sensitive material away

Keeping the unsuitable and sensitive material away from the children can save them from various trouble-causing issues.

Violence, adult(Eighteen-plus), or related material can have risky impacts on children, especially those under 15.

Many countries have banned the sale of inappropriate or adult material to children, but such data is readily available for anyone, especially on the internet.

To counter such problems, you need to make practical measurements to keep an eye on your child's activities.

Avoid that cause child abuse.

Child abuse means violence against children that cause harm to them. Child abuse is the leading child health safety concern that affects millions of children from all over the world.

Most children face abuse from their parents, teachers, relatives and colleagues. As kids spend most of the time with them, that is why these types of people are usually found involved in such cases in most cases.

Abuse towards children raises many health problems for them. Stopping child abuse or protecting them is the best option to lower their health safety concerns.

Provide entertainment facilities also.

Kids love entertainment. That is why providing them entertainment facilities can also have a positive effect on their mental health.

Giving them an environment to enjoy life can make them happy and strong. Enjoying life with entertainment also makes a person happy, less depressed, which improves health.

Get them vaccinated

Vaccination or immunization protects children from various severe diseases. Due to these vaccines, billions of children are living less risky life. You can check the information about childhood vaccines on the CDC (Centers for disease and prevention) page.

Bottom line

Raising children can be very tough. In most cases, children can put the parents or caregivers in serious trouble, primarily due to health or other concerns.

Above mentioned tips are explained well with the citations of experts advise medical studies and researches. It is up to you about which information you find helpful and how you implement it for your family's wellness.

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