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Beginner running plan that can help to hit 5k

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022


Running is a physical activity in which we use our legs to move the body faster than usual. To run, a person may need some fitness or health.

Most beginners can do some strength-related workout easily but for cardio workouts like running, they may face problems in showing reasonable performance.

For beginners who are planning to engage in running this article can be very useful.

In this, a running plan is given which can help a person to take the capability of running from zero to 100. Yes, 100 but it does not mean you can run for 20 miles as it is not possible because everyone can't run a marathon.

In reality, this informational guide can make you run 3 miles in a reasonable time without taking a single break during your activity.

The plan given below in the article is an 8-week plan which includes 3 days running or jogging per week and 3 days of rest from it, in which you may try strength or weight lifting exercises.

3 days/week of running can improve your stamina, endurance, and cardiovascular health whereas 3 days of weight lifting will improve your body strength or muscularity, and on Sunday or the 7th day, you can take complete rest from exercises.

Remember rest is crucial as it helps your body to recover and get change according to your activities.

Why do you need to follow a running plan

Following a running plan can be very useful for you to gain maximum fitness, it can help you to run easily.

Almost every hard task can be performed with ease but with the use of proper technique and with a good plan.

Just like that if you follow a running plan and one of which is mentioned below, you can easily run even for 3 miles which is almost 5 km.

People who do not follow any running plan can face it hard to run as they need to.

Because running demand some fitness that is why it is very necessary to gain some by starting from low intensity run towards high intensity.

It means you need to run a small distance in the first week and need to increase it for the next week and afterward.

Can this plan can cause injury?

No, not at all. The running plan mentioned in this article can be very useful and less risky for most of those who have no health-related issues.

People who have heart issues or blood pressure problems are recommended to take advice from the doctor before starting.

Because severe diseases can create issues if a patient starts heavy intensity exercises that is why it can be very useful and a very good step to make the contact with a doctor before getting engaged in running like activities.

Perhaps if you don't follow a running plan and start doing the high distance running in the beginning then that might cause injury or may make your health and fitness decline instead of improving.

Too much unusual running, in the beginning, can be bad for your legs and feet. You may start feeling serious pain in your leg's bones and your feet can hurt also due to it.

A high-intensity workout, in the beginning, can also make a great adverse impact on your heart health.

People who have no history of physical activities can put their lives in danger with it. Personally, the writer has observed and heard much news in which people have lost their lives due to heart attacks while trying to pass the physical army recruitment tests. It is very sad.

A healthy, fit heart can make a good effort in physical activities but for a sedentary lifestyle living person starting high-intensity exercises without practice can produce severe outcomes.

That is why it is very essential to start a workout plan by following an easy exercise plan first, then towards medium and at the end following some hard plan can be the best option.

How does this plan work?

This is an 8-week workout plan.

In this, you will engage in some intervals of brisk walking and jogging.

Jogging is a form of running in which a person runs at a slow to medium pace, whereas another form is sprinting in which athletes run at full speed by using maximum body effort.

Who can follow this running plan?

This running plan is suitable for everyone. Boys, girls, men, or women almost every person who has not any severe health issues may follow this plan.

To run properly you may need to have some running-related things which are mentioned below.

These can help your activity and may make you run comfortably even on a hard path like on the sides of roads.

Running on the road is not recommended but chose to run in parks, playgrounds, or at the running path.

Things you need for this plan

This plan is for beginners and that is why extra care is needed to follow this plan.

Some things or equipment you need to get started and these are very essential to get good results. Here is the list of 5 important things you need for this routine:

1 – Shoes

A pair of joggers or athletic shoes are needed. Shoes should be comfortable and lightweight as you will feel better in those.

Heavy weighted shoes may put stress on your feet and also can make you put in extra effort during your running practice.

The extra effort can make you tired before even completing the activity.

Never run barefoot because in this way you may get your feet injured.

Always buy shoes offline for running as you can try them by wearing whereas online shopping does not give this chance.

Normal-priced shoes can work very well, you may don't need expensive shoes for this activity. Always change your shoes when they run out of good condition.

2 – Suitable apparel

Cloth matters a lot during a run. A cotton-made cloth can cause issues as these usually absorb too much sweat.

Sweaty clothes can stick to the skin and may cause hurdles or feel bad.

Polyester, nylon, the spandex-related clothes are best but bathing and cleaning your cloth after running can be best as this exercise can make you sweat too much so not taking a bath after this can make you smelly and bacterial friendly.

3 – Water bottle

As you are a beginner and you may get thirsty early even after a minute of jog or run.

Two or three little sips can prevent your throat to get dry.

A dry throat can be a hurdle and having a water bottle along with you can make you free from this issue.

5 – Stopwatch

Because this is a time-based plan so to follow it you have to get a stopwatch or a mobile with that specifications.

These watches are easily available in the market.

Moreover, most latest regular watches and modern fitness bands already have stopwatches. So get one of these and start following the plan.

6 – Cap

Cap can control your hair and also can help you to keep solar heat and UV rays away.

Moreover, wool bennies are also a good option as these are suitable in the winter season.

Having these 6 beneficial and helping things can make you run safer and you may achieve shining results in time.

Running routine for beginners – A valuable plan that works

Here is the plan that can provide a lot of help. 8 weeks plan with 3 days per week training can boost your fitness level that you can cross many limits of your's and may touch the 3 miles running capability.

Plan to follow for 3 days of the first week

  • 5 minutes of the brisk walk as a warm-up
  • 30 seconds jogging or running
  • 1 minute of brisk walking
  • Again 30 seconds of running
  • 2 minutes of brisk walking
  • 40 seconds of running
  • 3 minutes brisk walk
  • 50 seconds of running
  • 5-minute brisk walk
  • 1 minute of run
  • 5 minutes of the normal walk as a cool down
  • Take some rest and bathe. After that eat a protein-rich diet with carbs and fat also. Just take care of your diet as too many carbs especially refined carbs and highly fried foods are not suitable for runners or athletes.

Plan to follow for 3 days of the 2nd week

  • 5 minutes brisk walk
  • 1 minute of run
  • 3 minutes of brisk walk
  • Again run for 1 minute
  • 2 minutes brisk walk
  • Now 90 seconds of running
  • 3 minutes of a fast walk
  • Again run for 90 seconds
  • 4 minutes brisk walk
  • 2 minutes of jogging
  • 3 minutes of the walk as fast as you can
  • Again 2-minute jogging and after that take a 5-minute normal walk as a cool down. Eat as mentioned above in the first-week routine.

Routine for 3 days of the 3rd week

  • 5 minutes of full-speed walk
  • 3 min run
  • 2 minutes brisk walk
  • 4 min of running
  • 3 min walk
  • 5 minutes of running
  • 2 min of a fast walk
  • 3 minutes of running
  • 4 min walk
  • 6 minutes of running
  • 3 minutes of a fast walk
  • Again 6 minutes of jog and take 5 minutes of a slow walk and take a cool downtime or go for a bath or eat well afterward.

Routine for 3 days of 4th week

After 3 weeks your fitness may gain some a boost that is why you need to add furthermore minutes in your running routine.

  • 5 minutes of warmup with fast walking
  • 7-minute run
  • 3-minute walk
  • Again run for 7 minute
  • 4-minute walk
  • Now run for 5 minute
  • Walk for 4 minute
  • Running for 8 minutes and after that 5-minute walk as cool down and bath or eat well after the activity.

Routine for 3 days of 5th week

Now half plan has been completed.

  • Just like above do 5-minute walk to activate your body
  • Now run for 10 minute
  • Walk for 5 minutes again
  • Again run for 10 minute
  • Brisk walk for 3 minute
  • Now jog for 6 minute
  • Spend 4 minute time in a brisk walk
  • Now try 10-minute jogging again and cool your body

Routine for 6th week

  • Warmup
  • 10-minute run
  • 4-minute walk
  • 5-minute run
  • 3-minute walk
  • 12 min of jogging
  • 4-minute walk
  • 15-minute jog and cool your body

For 7th week

You may feel a very good boost at this stage. You should be eligible to go for 25 minutes of jogging. If not then consider trying upwards plans again.

  • Warmup as mentioned above
  • 20-minute jog afterward
  • 4-minute fast walk as you can
  • 10 minutes run
  • Aim 4 min walk fast
  • Now try to go for 25 min run. You can complete it if you have followed the above plan correctly.
  • After that cool down yourself

Final 8th-week routine

This is the final week of this running plan. You may get the ability to hit the 30 minute time during running. Most people can go for 3 miles in that time.

  • 5-minute warm-up. Be sure your body get activated well
  • Now run for 30 minutes without taking a rest or break
  • Chances can be great and you may find it easy to go for 30 minutes. If not then you can try the 6th or 7th-week routine again, so your fitness can improve.

Always remember warm-up and cool-down can minimize your risks but also can make your body work well to reach the needed running time.

Essential tips and guidelines

Here are some tips that can help you furthermore:

  • Always stop for rest if you feel workout too much hard to carry on.
  • Reduce your workout intensity if you feel it is not easy to run that specific time
  • Run with friends or colleagues as it can motivate you
  • Be aware of dogs or other animals as these can cause trouble especially in the morning or evening time
  • Avoid running in the dark as it is not suitable
  • A treadmill is also a good option. It can make you carry on your routine even on rainy days or in a lockdown situation
  • Be cautious about your health and avoid running without a doctor's consent if you have health issues especially heart-related.

Important Questions and Answers

Q. Is this plan legit?

Yeah, it works. You can modify it as per your needs.

Q. Who can follow it?

This is for almost every healthy person

Q. Where to perform this activity?

At parks, playgrounds, or jogging tracks

Q. Which food can cause running performance loss?

Too much calories consumption or regular overeating is not good and healthy. Heavy calories from foods can make you lazy, fatigue and can provide too much unneeded energy which may not get burn well even with a workout, and as result, you might gain weight.

Q. Is this routine can be called a cardio routine?

Yeah, running is a cardio workout. Best to keep the heart strong and healthy


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