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A complete exercise guide for beginners

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022

Exercise enhances health and fitness status. Doing exercise means performing any physical activity that improves our health and fitness and prevents different health problems like diseases. Peoples do exercise for good fitness, for longevity, for good health, for fewer disease risks, etc. An exercise is a free tool that can help you to live longer, better, and can make you healthier and fitter.

There is a huge difference between the health of an athlete and a common man. This difference is mainly due to the consistent workout routines of athletes.

This article will help you to start the exercise routine if you are new or old to physical activities. First, you need to learn why you need to do exercise. Let's know it:

Why Exercise

It improves Health

Physical activity is crucial for maintaining fitness and weight. It maintains healthy bone density and regulates the digestive system. It maintains muscle strength and joint mobility by reducing surgical risks and making the immune system strong.

Studies have revealed that exercise can increase your life span and quality of life. People who take part in the physical exercise have a low mortality rate as compared to those who don't take part in the exercise. An intermediate level of exercise could help increase lifespan by reducing inflammatory potential. Lack of exercise causes 7% of two types of diabetes, 6% of coronary heart disease & 10% colon cancer worldwide & lack of exercise causes 9% of mortality(premature) worldwide. (1)(2)(3)

It improves fitness

Exercise can increase strength and fitness. By increasing physical activity level exercise could help increase fitness. Muscle size usually increases by proper diet level and testosterone. Genetic variation is one of the important physiological differences between elite players and the larger population. Studies have uncovered that doing exercise in the middle stage of life can provide better physical ability later in life. (1)(2)(3)

A complete exercise guide for beginners

Here is a complete guide for new people or beginners who want to improve their health and fitness with exercise:

Check your Health and Fitness status

The first step you need to do before starting a workout plan is to take a look at your health and fitness level. A person who has no habit of doing physical activities is completely different from those who do some physical workouts sometimes or frequently. A completely unaware person from physical works needs to start an exercise plan with more care.

People who want to start exercise programs must need to look at their health status like if they have some diseases like blood pressure, heart diseases, lung diseases, cancer e.g they are recommended to take advice from the doctor.

An exercise with these diseases can cause health problems. Sometimes a completely natural look person also has serious health problems but their bodies don't show illness symptoms. That is why it will be very good for you if you do some health checkups before doing any hard physical activities or exercise.

Make your goals

Always makes some goals before doing any work. You may work faster when you want to achieve something. People usually start exercising to increase their fitness and muscle mass.

Some want to lose bodyweight, some may want a healthy body, and others may want to reduce the effects of diseases. Making some plans and goals before doing an exercise routine will help you to achieve those results fast that you want. Starting exercise without any goal will remove the consistency in your workout routine.

Doing exercise by just following your friend will not make you get a good achievement. You may stop exercising when your friend goes away from you. So make a goal before doing some sort of exercise.

Like if you want to build muscles or lose weight then write this goal in your mind. When you will have a goal then your chances to act physically and mentally for achieving your purpose or goal will increase.

Success with out goal has no meaning

Invest in some equipment

You may need to invest in some equipment, apparel, or other fitness-related things. People who go to the gym may don't need exercise equipment but they need sports apparel and healthy food to perform well at the game. In gyms, you will find equipment like machines, weight plates, barbells, dumbbells, and much more for your exercising routine.

If you want to go to the gym then invest in some type of sports-related clothes. Lightweight clothes are best to perform workouts. Prefer those clothes that are made with polypropylene. In the sports industry athletes mostly use polyester, spandex, and lycra-type cloths. These clothes are lightweight and they don't absorb sweat from your body.

If you want to do a workout at home then you may need to buy some exercise-related equipment. As you can do bodyweight exercises at home but for good results, you may need a combination of other workout types.

To perform an exercise at home you may need an exercise bench, a pair of dumbbells, barbells, sportswear, weight plates, and a treadmill. You can get exercise benefits with only dumbbells and benches also. If you are unable to buy a treadmill then don't buy it. Don't put a financial burden on yourself. Perform treadmill-related exercises like walking, jogging, and running on some sport-related ground.

Choose a gym that your pocket can handle

Always prefer that gym which will not put a bad financial burden on your pockets. Only get that gym membership that you can afford. By doing this your chances to do exercise with consistency will increase. It is also good for you to check the gym before getting its membership. Never pay at the counter before checking the status of gym equipment and machines.

Sometimes gyms charge more than their service quality. If you are a rich person then you may need to go for some expensive gyms as these types of fitness places offer more than usual gyms. Expensive gyms usually have high-end services, equipment, and other exercise-related things.

Do workout at home if you can't go to the gym

If you want to start exercise but you are unable to go to the gym due to some reasons like lockdown, coronavirus, or other reasons. Then do physical activities at home. You can do different exercises with your body weights and with a few exercise equipment at home. You just need a bench and a pair of dumbbells to perform some gym exercises at home.

Follow a workout plan

If you are new to exercise then you may not have any idea about a workout or exercise plan. A workout plan means you divide or make some arrangements for different exercises. You can make a plan that contains different exercises on different days. Change your workout plan with time as after some months current work plan starts losing its effectiveness.

Do consistence workout

Consistency is the thing that can grab success for you. Like a consistent hard work for exams can make you get good marks or consistent good results can help you to get a high chair in your company. Just like that consistency in your workout and exercise can help you to get the improvement that you need.

Remember you need to Warm up before exercise

Warming up the body before doing physical activities is good for you. A light warm-up will activate the muscles of your body which will improve your performance at exercise. Warm-up before a workout can also decrease the soreness of muscles. Try to do some walk, stretch-type things before exercise. (4)

Lift weight as they show impressive results

Lifting weights is a good physical activity. This type of workout is best for muscle building. Almost all athletes perform some type of weight lifting to enhance the muscle's performance. You can use your body weight also to perform such types of workouts. Most peoples do weight lifting by using dumbbells, barbells, weight plates, and weight machines.

Lifting weight is one of the best exercises for muscle building. Consider adding this type of workout to your routine if you want to join the world of fitness.

Don't lift too heavy

One of the main exercise mistakes that new peoples make when they start exercising is they try to lift heavy. Remember if you are new then you need to lift lightweight first. Increase your weight with time. Don't try to check your limits as muscle soreness due to heavy lifting at the beginning is not a good thing.

Take proper rest between sets

You need to make sets of different exercises. Like after performing 10 reps of push-ups, take some rest for 45 seconds then perform it again, and so on. Rest between sets will make your muscles relax and recover. It will also decrease the effects of tiredness.

Take help from your friends

Follow your friends who have habits of doing exercise. Go with them for the workout. Get help from them as they have some kind of exercise experience. A friend can guide you better as compared to a random gym guy.

Do cardio

Don't forget to add cardio to your workout. Cardio is best for your cardiovascular health. Cardio can make your heart healthy and can prevent many diseases. Walking, jogging, running, HIIT workout are some famous examples of cardio-related workouts. Try to do 15 to 20 minutes of cardio if you are new to the exercise world.

Do exercise even without equipment

If you want to do exercise but you are unable to go to the gym and due to some reasons you can't buy equipment to perform physical activities then you can do bodyweight exercises. Bodyweight exercises can be performed on the grounds or at home. Pushups, triceps dips, HIIT workout, jogging, walking, running are some exercises that you can do with your physical body.

Don't do too much exercise at the beginning

Never do hard and too much exercise at the beginning of your exercise journey. Some new peoples find it easy to perform a lot of exercise on the first day. But heavy exercise at the beginning can cost you very hard. Peoples who perform too much work out in the beginning usually suffers from heavy intensity muscles soreness.

Chest soreness, arms soreness, abdominal soreness, and leg soreness can cause huge troubles for you. Especially leg soreness is horrible as it can prevent you to sit on the bathroom seat properly. So always do less exercise with less weight especially if you are a newcomer.

Wear sports clothes during exercise

Sportswear can increase your performance in exercise. As sports apparel is specially made for athletes. So using them during physical activities may enhance your physical activity and mood. These types of clothes generally do not absorb sweat. Sweat absorb cloth can increase the annoying effects during the game.

Drink water properly

Water has many health and fitness benefits. Our muscles and body are mostly made up of water. Drinking required water can increase your fitness and can help you to achieve your workout goals. Drink water before, during, and after the game. Especially in warm weather drinking the right amount of water is very essential as less water in the body can lead to dehydration due to exercise.

Always keep a water bottle with yourself. Even if you are doing other works keep a water bottle in your reach. The Us National Academies of sciences, engineering, and Medicine recommend 3.7 liters for men and 2.7-liter water for women per day. Water intake also depends on the environment and your workout intensity. (5)

Do exercise at the suitable time

Always choose that time which is suitable for you to perform the physical activities. Prefer a time when you have no work to do. By doing this exercise routine will not affect your daily routines of other works.

Sleep well

Sleeping well especially at night is best for your goal towards health and fitness. You must need to improve the sleeping habit if you want good results from your exercise routine. During sleep our body including muscles repair and build itself. A night of bad sleep can lead to an unhealthy body even if you start doing exercise. A 7 to 8 hrs sleep is enough for health and fitness benefits.

Exercise does not accept the "Alladin lamp" rule

Never hope for a fast, dramatic change due to exercise. If you want to start exercise then you need to spend time in months to see the change. Exercise provides changes and health effects with time. Exercise does not accept the rule of Alladin Lamp. You need to make some good time and effort before seeing the extraordinary results.

Don't use shortcuts

The use of steroids and other related bad products is considered a shortcut in the fitness industry. Never choose this way if your goal is towards a healthy and fit body. Always keep yourself natural. Uses of these unhealthy substances can make you a healthy patient.

Consume protein diet after exercise

Protein is one of the best nutrients for muscles. You may need to increase the protein consumption if you have made your mind to follow some exercise routine. Protein helps the body in muscle building. Perhaps protein is the top nutrients that muscles need to build themselves. Eat a protein-rich diet after the workout. Chicken, meat, milk, eggs, whey protein, and fish are some few sources of protein-rich foods. (6)

Eat healthy foods

If your motive of starting an exercise routine is to improve health and fitness then prefer to eat healthy foods. Avoid junk foods that can create horrible unhealthy effects on your body. Eat protein-rich diets with a combination of vegetables and fruits. Fruits and vegetables are considered healthy foods as they are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Improve your eating timing

Your old eating routine is not going help you much if you want to start a good change with exercise. For extraordinary results, you need to change the eating timetable. Eat less but more frequently like 5 to 6 times per day. Try to eat a protein-rich diet with carbs and some fat after every 3 to 4 hours.

Never compare yourself with other athletes

If you are new to exercise then comparing yourself with the experienced athlete is just a stupid step by you. An athlete who has been doing exercise for many years has fitness on a high level as compared to you if you are just starting. Athletes are not naturally special. A consistency in workout makes them special from common people. You can also become like them by the following consistency.

Hire a fitness trainer

It will be good for you if you hire an experienced fitness trainer for your exercise journey. A trainer will guide you properly to perform different exercises. Hiring a fitness trainer is best for newcomers who do not know about exercise. You will not only get a proper guide in doing various exercises but you will do workouts more safely and consistently. (7)

Provide some time to body for cool down

Cooling down the body after exercise is also a good step. Cooldown is very important because it brings the body to a normal state. It helps the breathing rate to become normal and also decreases muscle soreness. Do some light exercise like walking or some stretches. (8)

Bottom line

You may get some problems in making some changes. But only a little effort is required to make these changes for good health and fitness. Start your exercise journey today and improve your health status. These tips provide the best guide for people who want to start exercising for a healthy and fit body.

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