Evidence proof health benefits of eating banana


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Banana is a famous fruit that is full of healthy nutrition. It is a flowering plant fruit that has many types. Different types of bananas have different tastes, sizes, and shapes. Banana has many health benefits. This fruit grows in clusters on the top of the flowering plant. Banana is health-friendly fruit for most peoples. Banana can improve human strength and fitness. Healthy and essential nutrients in bananas can help you against many diseases like heart diseases, blood pressure, kidney problems, and much more.  Banana is one of the most common fruit in the world. According to data 01 single average person in the United States eats around 27.38 pounds of banana in 2019. It is also one of the top-selling fruit in the world with different types of tastes. In 2017 united nation reports the huge number of exports of bananas approximately 114 million tons. 1

There are more than 1000 varieties of banana

The soil of 135 countries produces bananas. In these countries, a large number of peoples depends on the business of bananas. According to data of 2017 India and China were the main top producers of bananas. Together they produce 38 percent of bananas of the world.

Evidence proof health benefits of eating banana
Photo credit to Alexas_Fotos Pixabay

Here are the health and fitness benefits of eating bananas:

Consumption of banana improve digestive system

Bananas are healthy foods that promote good health for the body. Bananas are rich in fiber. The fiber in banana plays a very important role in improving the digestive system. Two types of fiber are present in bananas.

1.Resistance starch

Resistance starch is helpful for healthy gut bacteria. It provides food to these friendly bacteria which helps them to do their helpful work in the gut. Resistance starch decreases the ph level. It reduces the inflammation risks and helps the body against digestive health problems and other diseases like colorectal cancer 2 3 4


Pectin is a dietary fiber that is found in bananas. Pectin is very helpful for the goal of a healthy body. Some studies on this fiber show that pectin is very beneficial in preventing dangerous cancers including colon cancer.5 6 7

Moreover banana is rich in water and potassium. In diarrhea, a diseased person loses a high percentage of water and potassium. As a banana is rich in both water and potassium due to this it can provide help in recovering.

Eating bananas can help you to lose weight

Being overweight or obese can put you at risk of many diseases. If you want to get low risks of diseases then getting riding of extra weight is best for you. Eating bananas can help you to lose weight. As it is full of dietary fibers that can keep you full for a long time that sense of fullness will prevent overeating. Additionally, bananas are also loaded with healthy carbs that will also provide you energy. A study on 252 women who eat fiber-rich foods for 20 months concluded that risks of weight gain risks of weight gain can be reduced by eating fiber-rich foods. As the majority of women who eat fiber full foods lose weight during the study period. 8

Eating a banana can prevent heart diseases

Eating the right amount of banana can make your heart healthy. As it contains heart-friendly nutrients and antioxidants like potassium, magnesium, fiber, vitamin C, and folate. These nutrients are very helpful for heart health.  A 2017 review of studies found that consumption of fiber-rich foods was associated with a low rate of heart diseases. The review found that peoples who eat fiber-rich foods have a low risk of heart diseases as compared to those who eat less fiber-rich foods. Results also show a low level of bad cholesterol in peoples who consume a well amount of fiber foods. 9 Potassium in the banana is also very helpful for a healthy heart. A long period study on aged women concluded that potassium-rich foods can decrease the risks of several types of strokes. According to studies consumption of potassium-rich foods can lead to low risks of heart diseases in women. 10 Some other scientific studies also suggested the consumption of potassium and magnesium(also found in a banana) rich foods for decreasing the risks of high blood pressure, strokes and heart diseases.12 13 14

Bananas are easy to get

Evidence proof health benefits of eating banana
Photo credit _Alicja_ from pixabay

Getting this fruit is easy. As banana is one of the most common fruit in the world. More than 195 countries produce this fruit. Many countries get huge revenue from the export of bananas.114 million tons of bananas were exported in 2017 according to data 15  This healthy nutrition-rich fruit is easily accessible in many countries as compared to other fruits. So getting healthy benefits by eating it is easy for many peoples.

Eating banana prevent overeating

By eating fiber-rich foods like bananas you may get rid of the overeating habit. Fiber prevents overeating by increasing the sense of fullness. Eating fiber-rich foods can keep you full for 1 to 3 hrs. Fibers in bananas which are two like pectins and starch help by reducing appetite and prevents overeating. 16 17

Banana is Full of Antioxidants

Just like other fruits bananas are rich in effective antioxidants. Several types of antioxidants like dopamine and catechins are present in the bananas. The antioxidant in this fruit is very effective against cardiovascular, neurodegenerative diseases, and DNA damage. Eating 2 to 3 bananas daily can decrease the aging effects. Banana is considered a good and powerful natural antioxidants food source. 18 19 20 21

Bananas improve physical performance

Banana is good food for athletes. It is a famous fruit in the sports and fitness world. Athletes eat this food to enhance the performance in the game. Banana is full of minerals and contains fast digested carbs which provide energy to the athlete in less time. A study on male cyclists who were performing in a 57 km race shows that banana consumption during the game leads to a good improvement in performance. 22

Eating banana improve depression and mood

Eating bananas daily can lead to the improvement of depression symptoms. Banana is rich in tryptophan. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid for our body. Our body converts tryptophans to melatonin and serotonin. Serotonin improves mood and depression symptoms. Moreover, serotonin also improves sleep, appetite and relieves pain. Plus magnesium in bananas also plays a role against depression by relaxing the muscles of the body. A systematic review of the different studies shows Tryptophan as a natural remedy against depression. Tryptophan was found more effective than placebo against bad mood and depression. 23

Banana is good food for cancer survivors

Banana is one of the best food for peoples who are recovering from cancer. Banana is filled with healthy nutrients and is an easy swallowing food which will be very good for cancer survivors. Moreover, many studies’ results showed the link of pectin (found in bananas) with the low risks of colon cancer. 24 25

Banana improve blood pressure

Banana is a very healthy choice if you want to lower blood pressure. Banana contains potassium and other healthy nutrients. Potassium is very helpful against high blood pressure. According to the American heart association 26, potassium is a very healthy option to fight against hypertension or high blood pressure. The good effects of potassium-rich foods also motivate the person to keep a distance from sodium-related foods. High consumption of sodium-rich foods is one of the main triggering causes of hypertension. Many studies and researches have proved the positive role of potassium-rich foods against high blood pressure. A study on 2609 peoples concluded that lower consumption of potassium-rich foods can increase the risks of hypertension. So it was recommended in study results that high consumption of potassium-rich foods can decrease the risks of hypertension even in those peoples who eat a sodium-rich diet and eating potassium-rich foods can lead to healthy blood pressure.27 A review of many studies and clinical trials also show the same results. Consumption of potassium-rich foods was associated with a low risk of high blood pressure and heart diseases. 28

Eating bananas are good for kidney health

Potassium is a leading nutrient in bananas that improve the kidney’s health. Hypertension or High blood pressure is one of the top causes that leads to kidney failure. Consumption of potassium-rich foods can decrease the risks of high blood pressure. Potassium not only decreases blood pressure but also maintains healthy blood pressure.

A study on 61000 aged women shows that fruits particularly the consumption of bananas was associated with low risks of kidney diseases. Women who eat fruits including banana and vegetables shows 40 percent fewer risks of kidney problems as compared to other groups who eat fewer vegetables and fruits. 29

Banana is rich in Healthy Nutrients

Bananas are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Nutrients found in bananas are very healthy for our bodies. Many of these nutrients like fiber, magnesium, iron, potassium are very essential for health and the body. These essential nutrients help the body to grow healthy. These micronutrients help the body against many diseases. Some of the healthy nutrients are mentioned below. (Nutrition values are according to USDA Data)


Fiber is a very healthy nutrient. It helps the body to function well. Fiber-rich food keeps the person full for longer thus it also promotes weight loss. A 100-gram medium banana contains 2.6 grams of fiber which provides health benefits to the body. Fiber improves digestive health and can also prevent constipation.


Magnesium is also found in bananas. A single 100-gram banana provides a 27 mg value of magnesium. This nutrient has involvement in many biochemical functions that happens in the body. Eating magnesium-rich foods like bananas can help you against many diseases. Magnesium in this fruit can make your bones strong which may improve your physical fitness.


Calcium is also found in bananas. About 5 mg calcium is present in a single banana (100g). Calcium plays a very crucial role in our body. For strong healthy bones and teeth’s calcium is very essential. Just eat few bananas daily and you will get calcium and other necessary nutrients for your body.


Adequate consumption of potassium can be beneficial for health. Potassium is not produced by our body. So to get this nutrient, consumption of potassium-rich foods is very necessary. 100 grams of banana provides 358 mg of potassium which is a good amount. Potassium assists the body in many functions like:

*Maintaining the healthy water level

*Helps the digestive system

*Helps the function of blood pressure, nerve impulses, heart rhythm

*Assist in muscle contraction and many more.

Eating bananas daily can add potassium to your body which may protect you from potassium deficiency. Deficiency in potassium can lead to kidney problems, diarrhea, vomiting, heavy sweating, and much more. Eating too much potassium is also not recommended by health experts.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays a very crucial role in maintaining and keeping the body’s health good. 8.7 mg of vitamin C is found in 110 g of banana. Vitamin C is also known as asboric acid which helps the body to function well. It helps in the development, growth, maintenance, tissue repairing, and various other functions of the body. Vitamin C from bananas and other foods can keep your body’s functions normal. Eat tasty healthy bananas daily and get the healthy value of vitamin C.


Carbs provide energy to the body. Energy from carbohydrates helps the body to function well. A medium-size(100g) banana has 22.8 g of carbohydrates.


.26 g of iron is present in 100 grams of banana. Iron is very essential for blood production as 70 percent of the overall body’s iron is found in the red blood cells. Deficiency of iron can lead to serious health problems


Phosphorous plays important role in the formation of teeth and bones. It helps to produce protein in the body. A single 100-gram banana provides a 22-gram nutrition value of phosphorus.


Zinc is found in the cells of the body. It helps the formation and divisions of the cell. Zinc improves immunity and also helps the body to heal wounds fast. .15 mg of zinc is found in bananas (100 grams).


Copper makes the red blood cells. It maintains and improves the immune system and cells of the nerve. 100 g banana contains .078 mg cooper.


Selenium improves immunity and helps the body to reduce oxidative stress. 1 mg of selenium is present in a 100ug banana.

Thiamin(vitamin B1) and Niacin

Thiamin and niacin help the body to convert carbs or food into energy 30. Thiamin .031mg and .665mg niacin is found in banana(100g) .


Riboflavin or vitamin b2 helps the body to get energy from fat, protein, and from carbohydrates. A small but effective amount(.073mg) of riboflavin is found in a 100-gram banana.


Folate helps the body in making red blood cells. Folate is very helpful in the development of unborn babies. Total 20ug folate is present in 100g banana.


Choline is an essential nutrient that our body mostly needs to perform metabolism-related functions. 9.8mg choline is present in a 100 g banana.

Vitamin A and Carotene

Vitamin A is essential for vision, the immune system, and for reproduction system. 3ug of vitamin A is present in banana(100g). The human body converts the carotene into vitamin A. 26ug of carotene is in 100 g banana.

Lutein Zeaxanthin

Lutein and Zeaxanthin are very helpful for our eyes. They act as a natural sun blocker. 100 g banana contains 22ug of these antioxidants.

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