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Your 15 habits that increase belly fat

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022

Fat, what is body fat?

These are your body tissues which are also known as “lipids or fatty acids”. We can get fat from foods but mostly your body makes it with “triglyceride”, the combination structure of 3 molecules.

Body fat is very essential as your body gets calories or energy in the needy times, especially when you get less food to eat or you remain hungry for a long time. Even in the illness or injury, these tissues provide a lot of help.

It depends on the percentage of fat in the body that can determine your health status.

There are many tests that can help you know your body fat percentage. The basic way to calculate it is by using a body fat caliper. But more advanced ways like tests in laboratories give more authentic results.

Here are some tests that predict fat ratio in the human body:

1. Skinfold test (using calipers)
2. Underwater body weight measurement
3. X-ray
4. Bioimpedance Analysis
5. BOD POD (air techniques)

The high composition of fat tissues in the body can cause problems. As the normal ratio is good but too much is bad.

Many health and fitness problems can arise if you are overweight or have high fat on your body. Too much belly fat is highly dangerous to your body's organs like the heart, kidneys, lungs can face damage. [ 2 ]

Diseases or health issues like cardiac arrest, strokes, blood vessels blockage, heart attack, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, respiratory issues or lungs diseases, mental stress or problems, and much more problems can follow or affect a person who is obese or overweight. [ 1 ]

Obese people's health can be riskier because of the influential presence of fat tissues that can raise the probability of a cardiovascular incident, many times.

An obese person is more likely to die early as compared to a normal person who has more lean muscles but with normal fat ratio studies and researches concluded. [ 2 ]

The primary purpose of this article is to help people to get to know which main habits or factors contribute to causing a high-fat ratio on their bodies.

This article will explain the topic in 16 subheadings.

16 reasons why your body fat is increasing

Here are 16 factors that can be responsible for increasing the percentage of fat in your body:

Eating too much sugar

Sugar is part of the nutritional value of many foods. It naturally comes with natural foods like fruit, vegetables, dairy products, and meat as well.

Artificial techniques are also common in which manufacturers or producers add sugar-rich beverages or white sugar to increase the sweetness or taste of the food.

Mostly these techniques are used during preparing, processing, or refining different foods products.

Normal consumption of sugar is right, which is 37.5 g for men and 25 g for women. This value comprises all the foods sugar value that a person eats in a day. [ 3 ]

Eating more than that can be problematic and can raise fat in your body. White sugar, which is artificially made, comes with high empty calories with no reasonable nutritional value. It is used in many foods.

Too much sugar or white sugar contains foods that can increase obesity risks. Studies find that people who eat mostly sugar-rich foods are more likely to become fat as compared to those who don't overeat them or avoid sugar-rich refined foods. [ 4 ]

Fructose in sweet sugary beverages causes many problems. Not only high consumption of sugar can make you fat but also can cause type 2 diabetes and several other health issues. [ 3 ]

Too much-fried foods

Fried foods come with high calories that usually come from oil, which can contain too much value of unhealthy fats like saturated fats and trans fats.

Healthy fats are known as unsaturated fats that can help heart health.

Usually, most oil used for preparing foods comes with a high value of calories and unhealthy fat.

That is why if someone has a habit of eating fried foods, then the risks can increase to become fat in near future may increase many times for her/him.

As cheap oil contains a high quantity of saturated and trans fats, which can cause health issues.

Unsaturated-rich fats or healthy oil can be expensive as their price label can make them go out of the reach of the poor person.

Limiting the consumption of the fried food can help to lose extra pounds from the body and in most cases, this technique helps people.

Decreasing fat, carbs, and increasing protein, fiber value in the foods is a recommended way to lower the body fat if you are dealing with obesity or a high body fat ratio which can cause health issues and can be a problem in performing daily chores.

Researchers have found that modern type fried cuisines are causing health concerns as these are responsible for increasing obesity rates and making people fat.

They also find that people who eat less fried foods face fewer problems in maintaining a healthy weight, while those who have a habit of eating fried foods can face increased body weight problems. [ 5 ]

Fried foods cause obesity or make normal people fat, mostly.

As pro athletes perform tough and calories killer exercise daily, that is why they may not get fat sometimes but too much fat consumption does not work-friendly to everyone even some athletes can face bodyweight problems due to it.

Rest friendly daily routine

Rest friendly daily routine can prevent calories loss or may increase body fat ratio.

A person who spends most of the day lying, sitting, or resting can automatically grow fat tissues, as the habits that one is following may cause a lack of participation in physical activities that are essential to lose or maintain fat at a healthy level.

Enjoying fizzy drinks

Fizzy or carbonated drinks are most responsible for health issues just like junk foods.

Because of the taste of these beverages, most people like to consume them on daily basis.

But it is found in many kinds of research that these drinks are promoting obesity and are increasing fat ratio with the dangerous speed in a person's body. [ 4 ]

Fizzy drinks usually come with too much sugar-rich content and provide very few health benefits.

Most things added in them generate no reasonable health benefits. But only tastes which can make you get caught in the net of problems which might appear as fat body or obesity, unhealthy heart, type 2 diabetes, kidney issues, etc. [ 6 ]

Avoiding exercise

Exercise is the best tool after eating healthy to remain fit and in lowering risks of diseases. These activities burn high calories and in return give you an improved fit, muscular body which not only performs well in daily routine works but can be beneficial for you to live a happy life.

The sedentary lifestyle can be called a living while avoiding exercises or physical activities and spending most of the time resting.

The absence of exercise in your daily life can make you unfit, fat, and unhealthy as well. [ 7 ]

Scientists have observed those people who do not exercise, and they found that most of the people have health risks and abnormal bodyweight as their body fat ratio is high which is not a usual case in a normal healthy body of a person who follows exercises plans. [ 7 ]

Eating refined foods

Refined foods are those which are produced by artificial methods.

To get these types of foods manufacturers food companies use the latest food-related machinery to separate or add nutritional value furthermore in natural foods.

In short, refined foods are obtained from natural foods with the help of different refining or processing techniques.

Usually, these foods contain a less healthy value of nutrients that are essential for our health.

In most cases, refined foods can come in high carbs, sugar, or fat value but less in protein and fiber value.

Too many carbs, sugar, and fat consumption can lead to an increase in body fat, whereas protein and fiber help in increasing lean muscle mass and lower the fat or body weight.

Natural foods like whole grain-rich diets are best to keep the fat ratio normal that is why avoiding refined foods and eating whole grain food is beneficial for your healthy body weight goals.

Not monitoring body changes

Another mistake is you are not observing physical body change that might appear in terms of body weight, appearance changes. In most cases, people observe their high-fat body percentage when they get fat.

It can be because they rarely measure the body weight as a person should be.

Monitoring your health status and doing medical checkups and measuring body weight, blood pressure, glucose levels can lower your risks of getting many diseases that can appear if you avoid taking these mentioned steps.

You may also need to understand that your body weight increases as your fat and muscles tissue grow.

It is not possible in normal conditions to increase muscles without increasing fat but it is possible to get fat without gaining muscles so be careful.


Overeating habits can make you fat and it is a hundred percent correct.

Overeating means eating too many foods that provide you unusually high calories, which can make you fat, overweight, and obese.

Binge eating is also an eating disorder in which a person can eat too many foods in a short period.

Body need to eat can appear several times a day in those patients and can be needed treatment for relief.

Issue of Binge eating can be common in those people who are obese, maybe they get into heavy body conditions because of this issue as many people avoid getting treatment for overeating issues.

You can solve overeat problems with treatment and proper care.

Reducing this habit can be useful for fat loss or weight reduction otherwise when you will consume too many unneeded calories, the fat of your body will go up as it should be.

High Alcohol consumption

Alcohol usually comes with less or zero calories.

But it can promote unhealthy habits and can make a person follow unhealthy food consumption habits. It can lower your testosterone levels.

Metabolism is associated with testosterone levels. High testosterone level increases fat burn, while a low level of these reduces this burn and can cause fat gain or weight gain.

Not just health issues, but you can face many difficulties in performing daily life works normally if someone is a regular drinker.

Med’s side effects

Many medicines can cause your body fat to grow unpredictably.

Especially antipsychotics used to treat different brain disorders like bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, etc can make the patient or user fat, or obese.

Being fat because of medicines can make it hard to lose extra fat tissues.

As if you are on a high dose of meds and your only way to get help is by discussing your side effects with a doctor so he/she can prescribe other suitable alternative medicine for you.


Genetics also play an important role in determining the body appearance and body weight, muscles, or fat ratio. Children who have both fat parents are more likely to be obese.

Perhaps it can not be your fault but even obesity or too much fat because of inheritance can also be lost with healthy eating and exercise.

Eating Highly Carbs rich foods

Carbs provide energy to perform various daily works. This energy can get stored in your body and can turn into fat if not you do not use it as it needs to be. Too many carbs in your daily diet can also cause glucose problems.

High Modern junk foods consumption

Modern junk food is highly responsible for the rise of the obesity rate.

Many brands are selling unhealthy junk foods but there is no one to stop them as their business is touching the sky and they are generating too much money for their countries and that is why perhaps most governments are not taking actions against them. Science says junk foods are the most significant factors or habits of people that are making them fat, lazy, and unhealthy.

Avoiding walking

Walking is a way to cover the distance naturally by using own body capabilities. Instead of running or jogging, this activity is performed at low or slow speed and is less hard as compared to the previous two of its counterparts.

Many health experts recommend brisk walking as it can make your heart strong and healthy.

It burns calories, which can be beneficial to lose or maintain body weight.

Not enjoying walking and avoiding it can cause not just weight gain but health issues.

If someone does not use feet to cover the distance, then he or she can prevent a type of exercise that improves cardiovascular health but also lose and build calories and fitness, respectively.

A 30-minute walk can help you burn 100 to 200 calories.

Walking is cardio, if you don't enjoy walking, then you will also not like other types of cardio like jogging, running, HIIT workout in which fast leg movements are required and these activities plays a very crucial role in keeping the fat percentage lower or maintaining it at normal condition.

Some people use stairs, motorbikes, or an electric machine to cover even a small distance, which can be easy for a pedestal person.

Studies and researches about those people say these are more likely to face health issues like heavy fat composition or obesity, bad heart health, diabetes, and much more.

A physically lazy person doesn't live a long life as scientists or researchers have found.

So always cover the distance by using your feet if it is suitable for that.

Avoid using an escalator if you are healthy or your doctor has recommended you to exercise.

Too much sleep

Sleeping is a natural process and all living organisms need it to survive and we humans are no exception.

Medical experts recommend you sleep 7 hours per night if you are an adult person. Just like less sleeping causes issues, too much sleep can also cause problems.

When you sleep for a long unnecessary time, then your body will find less time to burn or use calories and energy. As a result, these can turn into fat tissues.

A review of many scientific kinds of research found that people who are taking a long time sleep daily are more likely to become fat if they follow their routine for a reasonable time period. [ 9 ]

Your body needs an active state so it can perform physical work, which is also very crucial for maintaining overall health.

Not giving time to exercises or remain inactive mostly can increase the probability of risks of getting the high composition of fat on the body.

Some people have the habit to sleep for 12 hours and when they awake, then they also spend most of the time sitting and in a lying position.

Science says these types of people not only get fat but their bad habits can be the health issue generator for them. Dangerous cardiovascular incidents are very common in rest-friendly people. [ 7 ]

As everyone knows, too much of everything is bad. Take an example of water.

It is impossible to survive without drinking it but if someone drinks it too much, then the health issues probability is 100 percent.

Some armed forces use different water torture techniques on their enemies and in one of them, they force to drink an abnormal quantity of water which can even kill a person.
Just like that, following extra long time sleep like 12 hours per night daily may be bad and can make you fat if your sleeping time is very long.

Note: Sleeping less also can cause hormones imbalance issues which might increase the need to eat and can cause overeating or eating disorders.


The mentioned things or habits are most common in obese people. Because of this, they gain high fat on their bodies that can trigger severe health issues, especially cardiovascular incidents.

Avoiding these habits can solve most of your health problems including can be good for your body weight management efforts.

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