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10 evidence proof apple health benefits

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022


Apple is a health-friendly fruit that provides many benefits to your body. There are a lot of health benefits of apple that keep the doctor away from you. Keeping the doctor away means your risks of diseases may reduce by eating apples that is why your visits to the doctors can shrink. Eating apple health benefits are associated with a good healthy and fit body.

Apple is a fruit which is being cultivated in many countries for centuries. Apple's origin belongs to central Asia but now it is being cultivated worldwide. Many types and varieties of apples are produced in million tons worldwide. You can eat it raw or you may also cook it. It is also used to produce cider. Apple has great value in some religions and some human communities. Germans, Greeks, and Some European Christians have traditions that have links with apple fruit.

World wide apple production

According to the data of FAO worldwide production of apple is increasing with time. Due to wellness awareness and the health benefits of apple, the demand for this fruit is increasing every year. Almost 86 million tonnes of apples were produced in 2018. In 2018 worldwide production of apples was on 4 million hectares area, was increased to 87 million tonnes in 2019 China is the currently largest producer of apple fruit who add 20 million tonnes in 2019 to the worldwide production of this healthy fruit. (1)

Countries that produce most apples

Top countries that produce apple

  1. China
  2. United State
  3. Turkey
  4. Poland
  5. India

Apple health benefits

The Health benefits of apple are numerous. You may improve your health ranking by eating this fruit daily. These famous words “Eating an apple daily keeps doctors away” are correct for this fruit as apple provide beneficial good effects to our body that reduces the health risks. Here in this article, we will discuss the 10 health benefits of apple that may reduce your appointments to doctor.

Here are the top 10 evidence proof apple health benefits:

Apples are good for the heart

First of all, Apple is a heart-friendly fruit. It may help you against many heart diseases. Heart-related diseases are in the top list that causes most deaths in peoples.

High-value polyphenols and fibers in apples prevent many bad cardiovascular or heart-related incidents. Eating this fruit daily may help your heart against many mortality-linked diseases. (2)

Apple's health benefits on the heart are proved in many scientific types of research and studies. Flavonoids a group of phytonutrients is found in the apple. According to the meta-analysis of many studies, flavonoids may reduce dangerous heart risks likes strokes efficiently. Results of studies have found that high flavonoid intake is associated with 20 percent lower risks of strokes in peoples. (2)

It is not just a wordy statement that eating apples keeps the doctor away. These are true words and the benefits of eating apple provide great value to this statement. Another competitive study done by the most qualified medical staff found that eating apples and other fruits and vegetables may lower stroke incidents significantly. This was a 10-year study in which staff monitors the stroke-related cases in participants. The conclusion of this study mentioned the beneficial effects of apples on human heart health. (3)

Apple is one of the most consumed fruit in the world. Due to the increase in heart wellness information, production and consumption of this fruit is increasing as this fruit is declared as heart-friendly fruits by many researchers. (2)(3)

Moreover, apples also help against diabetes and bad cholesterol. These health issues contribute a lot to making the heart unhealthy. These benefits are discussed below.

Apple improves blood glucose level

Consumption of apples is associated with low risks of elevated blood glucose levels. Eating apples may reduce type-2 diabetes risks. Polyphenols and vitamins present in apple fruit prevent cell damage in your body. Some of these body cells, like beta cells, produce insulin in your body. With damaged cells, your body may face difficulty in insulin production.

A meta-analysis of several studies in which 85104 women and 36173 men participate concluded that eating apples and other healthy fruits reduce the risks of getting type 2 diabetes. These studies found that peoples who eat a lot of fruits including apples were at low risks of type-2 diabetes as compared to those who eat less. It found that fruit juices which contain high sugary nutrient may increase your risks of getting type-2 diabetes. So you may need to choose natural fruit instead of sugary processed fruit juice. (4)

As diabetes is causing havoc in people's lives that is why huge numbers of medical researches and studies are going on. Health experts are also trying to find some natural ways to control diabetes. They have done a lot of researches on foods and their relation to reducing diabetes risks. Some studies have found that apple which is rich in flavonoids is the only natural food that may prevent inflammation, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes in people. Researchers have also found that eating apples a day may help you to reduce 27 percent to 28 percent of your type 2 diabetes risks. (5)

Apple is good for mental health

Dietary antioxidants present in the apple may provide a lot of help to your mental health. Eating apple may improve your brain health as it is rich in flavonoids and other healthy antioxidants.

A Canadian community survey on Canadian immigrants concludes that eating fruits and vegetables improves the mental health of peoples. As most of these immigrants suffer a lot of mental and physical problems during their travel therefore this survey has huge medical value. According to this survey eating apples and other fruits along with vegetables may help the person to overcome stress, anxiety, and other brain diseases. (6)

High consumption of fruits like apples can provide a lot of dietary antioxidants to your body. To get benefits to try to eat 1 to 3 apples per day. These antioxidants are helpful for your brain as they help against Alzheimer's disease. (5)

Research affiliated with the Center for Cellular Neurobiology and Neurodegeneration Research and with other top medical institutes concluded that apple and its juice improves brain health by preventing oxidative stress. Oxidative stress mainly contributes to the decline of cognitive health and increases the risks of Alzheimer's in people as they start getting old. Alzheimer's is a neurologic disorder that kills brain cells and causes brain shrinkage. (7)

Studies have found that eating apples daily sufficiently improves the physiological symptoms associated with dementia. Dementia affects the person's memory, thinking, and problem-solving capabilities. It is a brain disease that mostly comes after the diagnose of Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's is the leading cause of dementia. This study also shows that eating apples daily does not help patients who are diagnosed with Alzheimer's but some above studies have concluded that this fruit can reduce the risks of Alzheimer's disease. (8)

Apple improves bones health

Bone-related diseases are increasing day by day. Health experts are sending warnings that osteoporosis a major bone disease can turn into a pandemic in near future. In osteoporosis, bones lose their mass. Almost 10 million peoples in the USA are affected by this disease and 34 million are on the brink of getting this disease.

It has been suggested that apples and other fruits consumption may prevent bone diseases like osteoporosis. Many studies have shown that eating the apple and its sugar-free food products may improve bone health. It is found that healthy polyphenols and other nutrients in the apple reduce the calcium and other acid's loss that makes your bones healthy and strong. (5)

“Apple is a fruit that prevents calcium loss”

Studies on animals have also concluded that phloridzin a flavonoid present in the apple helps in improving bone density and mass. (5)

It is good against cancer

Consumption of apple is good against some types of cancers studies says. Cancer is killing a lot of peoples every year. With proper care and diet risks of cancer may be reduced. According to researches, dietary antioxidants in the apple may help you against different types of cancers. (9)

A study in Italy on 6000 peoples for 2 years found that eating one or more apples per day helps the person against various types of cancers. The study found that daily apple consumption decreases the risks of cancers in participants as follows:

  • Prostate cancer (7 percent risks reduction)
  • Ovary cancer (24 percent risk reduction)
  • Colorectal cancer (30 percent risks reduction)
  • Esophagus and prostate cancer (22 and 18 percent risks reduction respectively)
  • Larynx and breast cancer (41 and 24 percent risks reduction) (50

Apple reduces bad cholesterol

Polyphenols and pectin present in the apple may help you to get a healthy cholesterol level. Eating a raw apple is more beneficial as compared to drinking processed juice of this fruit.

Some studies have found that raw apple is beneficial against LDL cholesterol. So this fruit may help you to get healthy cholesterol levels. But this study has also warned people that processed apple juices increases the bad (LDL) cholesterol as these juices are processed and lack many healthy nutrients. (10)

Human genes have similarities with rat genes. Some human genes are 99 percent similar to rats' genes. Studies on 40 Wistar rats in which they were fed an apple diet found that eating apple causes gain in HDL cholesterol in these animals. (11)

It is good for asthma patient

Apple is a very healthy and effective food against asthma. Dietary antioxidants present in the apple improves the lung's health and prevent them from diseases.

Studies have found that the health benefits of apple may help in reducing the prevalence of asthma in peoples. According to research eating only one apple, a day may help you reduce 10 percent of asthma risks. In a study, experts observe the health of 68535 women who eat apples in their diet for a fixed time period. Women who eat more apple shows less asthma-related incidents as compared to those who eat less. (5)

Another study concluded that eating apples may provide health benefits by increasing immunity. Apple is also found effective against inflammation as flavonoids present in apples help the body to reduce it. A good immune system and less inflammation may reduce your incidents of asthma and allergies. (12)

Apple reduces inflammation

Apple is very beneficial for reducing inflammation. Polyphenols, present in the apples have been observed to reduce intestinal inflammation in peoples according to some studies. (13)

It is believed that polyphenols, flavonoids in apples reduces inflammation and improve gut health

Some studies and researches on rats found that apple rich diet helps to reduce inflammation in this animal. As I have mentioned rats and humans have great similarities in DNA so these scientific studies have great value. (14)

It helps in weight loss

Apples are considered a weight-friendly diet. It contains a high value of dietary fiber and water content which helps the person to eat less. Whenever you eat fiber-rich foods then when those healthy nutrients reach your body they swole there and provide needed energy for a long time. Fiber reduces appetite feelings and prevents overeating. Overeating is the major cause of weight gain in people. Studies have also concluded that starting a meal by eating an apple may prevent you to eat more at the dining table. (15)

Studies have shown apple as a healthy food that may help you lose extra weight. A study in Brazil on dozens of overweight women found that women who eat apples daily successfully lose a significant amount of body weight. (5)

Apple has fewer calories but it is rich in dietary fibers that help the weight loss.

Apple boosts immunity

A good immune system helps you to fight against various health issues and diseases. If you want to boost your immunity then you may get it by eating apples daily.

According to researches vitamin C is a healthy vitamin that improves your immunity. This vitamin helps the immune system to fight against various health problems like pathogens and oxidative stress. Vitamin C is part of the nutrition list of apples. (16)


Apple is a God-gifted healthy food that prevents various health problems. “Eating an apple keeps the doctor away” are famous words associated with this fruit. It does not mean that eating an apple completely prevents your visit to the doctor but there is wisdom in these words that tell the person that eating an apple may give you such health benefits which can make you powerful against health issues.

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