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Why you should aim or maintain healthy bodyweight

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Table of Contents


Bodyweight means your whole body mass-weighted calculation. You can calculate it easily by using some weight measurement tools like a bodyweight scale.

Your body weight can affect your health and body image. Being overweight can cause many problems.


Too much body fat can put your health and life at severe risks.

Achieving a Healthy body weight is the best option to minimize several risks, problems, or issues associated with a person’s life

This article will discuss the importance of healthy body weight and you will know why to lose extra weight and what are the benefits of healthy or normal body weight.

Minimizes diseases

The main health bodyweight benefit is it reduces the risks of several severe diseases that can cause serious harm to your health or life.

Medical researched evidence concluded that the chances for a healthy weighted person to live a happy, healthy, and long life are very high as compared to a person who is overweight, obese, or his/her weight is in the unhealthy range. (1)

BMI method is used to calculate normal or bad body weight

A person whose BMI is less than 18.5 is considered as underweight, 19 to 24.9 BMI reading conclude normal weight whereas 25 – 29.9 BMI, bodyweights is considered as overweight or unhealthy and 30 or above BMI calculation shows that person is obese and is a very risky bodyweight condition that can trigger severe health issues or diseases. (2)

You can check your BMI here

After several studies and researches expert finds that being overweight and obese push the person towards mortality by opening the gate of fatal diseases

Expert says cardiovascular diseases, cancer, hypertension, diabetes, respiratory issues, kidney diseases are some of the top diseases that cause most fatalities worldwide, and having unhealthy body weight can possibly affect and cause health or life damage. (1) (3)

If you are obese then the possibilities for cancer to catch you is very high research says

Whereas having healthy or normal body weight can put you away from these health issues.


As research finds that people who are not overweighed or obese usually live a long life as their health remains less vulnerable to problems causing diseases. (1) (2) (3)

To reduce the risks of the disease, you need to achieve a normal weight. With exercise, healthy lifestyle, and healthy eating, almost everyone can easily reach their healthy body weight goal. (3)

Increases body beauty

It is a true fact that a normal weighted, fit person looks more beautiful as compared to overweight.

High body fat can make the skin dull, bulky and cause wrinkles that can deteriorate the natural beauty.

Not just that but too much fat on your body can reduce elasticity in your skin which plays a very important role in making you look more attractive and charming.

An overweight person’s face can become too heavy and big due to fat that which might cause loss of attractiveness.

It is in human nature that we like smart, normal-weight people more attractive and beautiful

That is why almost all actresses, models who work on the main screen of the media usually have healthy body weight as they know that they can’t achieve people’s attention without good-looking and attractive bodies.

Health bodyweight benefit is that a person can make relationships more easily with others whereas an obese person can face difficulties in making relationships or finding partners.

Women mostly face backlash from men as the majority of the normal men do not want to marry an obese woman

Studies say that losing abnormal weight increases body beauty, cuteness, attractiveness by improving skin health. (1)

In short by achieving a healthy weight you can boost your overall body image. (1} (2)


Keeps person active/fit

Why you should aim or maintain healthy body weight

Activeness is the key to success. If a person is not active he/she needs for success then failure is the must option that they can get.

Usually, overweight or obese people live a sedentary life. Their lifestyle lacks physical activeness.

Studies say being inactive for most of the day increases health risks and makes a person lazier which can increase bodyweight furthermore towards disaster level.

The main reason an obese person does not usually move much is that due to bulky bodyweight he/she needs to make heavy body effort

On the other hand, a normal person usually spends an active time.

Being active not only keeps the body weight at a normal range but also helps you to maintain it

Boosts sexual performance

One of the other benefits of having a normal body weight is that it is very good for your sexual health.

In a survey, experts ask normal-weight people and obese people about their sexual health. The majority of the people who say they are not happy with their sexual health were obese. (4) (5)

After many types of research, and studies researchers finds that being fat increases the risks of erectile dysfunctions in males and orgasm issues in females. They also find that as compared to obese, healthy body weight couples mostly live more active sexual life
Losing body weight to a healthy level can provide a lot of sexual benefits

Healthy person testosterone levels usually remain high as compared to overweight or obese person. Moreover, they also perform well in sexual activity and get the most satisfying feelings. (6)

Increases body attractiveness

Having a healthy weight improves your health but also makes your visible body image more attractive and improved.


An attractive person can get more attention from people whereas a fat person may not get positive attention.

Moreover due to abnormal body visibility fat or overweight people often face criticism and people like to teasing or calling them bad names.

Due to society's behavior, obese people mostly live a fewer social life. Researchers have found that due to the abnormal behave of people fat people are more likely to go depressed. (7)

It is fact that most people only judge others with their looks. Looks matter but personal behavior should be the top priority to judge the personality characteristics.

Improves lifestyle

Being a healthy person can improve your living or lifestyle. Basically, a healthy body only can be achieved or maintained with a healthy lifestyle.

Regular exercise and a healthy diet works best in achieving your health-related goals

Provide more job opportunities

It can be very tough for an obese person to get a reasonable job. As almost all companies are now preferring those who can do heavy work for their progress.

Too much competition is putting the lazy person aside

Normal or healthy bodyweight person can apply for almost all types of jobs but for fat or overweight people, there are many jobs related restrictions as they perform in those jobs which need physical activeness.

Army of other forces rejects the fat people as they consider them not eligible or fit to perform a soldier's duty.

Boosts skin color

Skin color boosts up with being active, fit, and having a normal or healthy body weight. A healthy weighted person's skin and color can be more improved and well looking.

Increases lifetime

Normal or healthy body weight reduces the risks of several diseases and improves your chance to live a long life. Whereas too much fat tissue or being obese increases the risks of early death studies says.


How to get healthy body weight

Here are tips to maintain or lose body weight:

  1. Daily exercise
  2. Healthy eating
  3. Sleeping enough
  4. Avoiding sugar-rich foods etc


Normal body weight puts serious hazards and improves your risks to get more progress in your life.

A normal weighted person can live a more happy and successful life as studies say achieving or maintaining a healthy weight and losing abnormal body weight is the best thing or work that you can do for yourself. (2)(3)(4)

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